GVI Volunteers assist the Fiji Red Cross in the Provision of Aid to Flood Victims

Nadi, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands


On March 30th 2012, the western division of Fiji was hit by the worst flooding the country has experienced in recent history. As many as 11,000 people were displaced by the floods and the estimate on business and property damage has been estimated in the multimillions. In response to this disaster, GVI Fiji contacted authorities, district officers, and the DISMAC (governmental agency for disaster relief) to enquire into ways GVI could use its resources to support the relief efforts. GVI was put in touch with Red Cross President Dr. Mohammed Yunush and plans were made to deploy 23 volunteers and 6

staff to the mainland to aid Red Cross volunteers with disaster assessments and aid distribution. Over a five day period the GVI and Red Cross volunteer teams interviewed and assessed the needs of over 900 families in 9 different settlements, distributed three truck loads of disaster ‘black packs’ , clothing, hygiene packs, water de -contamination kits, blankets, and other much needed relief items. GVI volunteers tripled the number of aid workers available on the ground and helped to cover an unprecedented number of families in a short period of time. The Yasawa Trust Foundation provided the team with a rental van which

Help Support on going flood relief efforts ww.gvi.org/disaster-recovery-fiji
aid required and aid distributed for reporting to the Red Cross office in Suva. Red Cross staff reported that GVI volunteers helped to improve the data entry system significantly and that the changes were very useful for the way that data was reported. Branch President Dr. Mohammed Yunush, wrote a letter to GVI directors thanking GVI for helping the branch during the flood disaster management operation. GVI Fiji and the Red Cross will continue to collaborate where possible and build upon the productive relationship established during this recent disaster. To help contribute to ongoing disaster relief efforts in

gave the Red Cross a reliable form of transport for the week. This first hand experience of the flood damage, its effect on individuals and the severity of the widespread impact gave volunteers an undiluted view into this recent disaster. Each volunteer was thanked personally by Red Cross coordinators and the branch president and all were invited to join the Red Cross as ongoing volunteers. The disaster assessment methodology that the team learned is used worldwide in all Red Cross operations. In addition to Assessment and Distribution support the GVI team assigned two administration assistants to the Red Cross headquarters for the duration of the GVI collaboration. GVI provided two laptops which were used to record data on -

response to the March 30th flooding please visit our Flood Disaster Relief Charitable Trust initiative via the above link. All support is greatly appreciated.


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