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1 We are busy making changes! Visit our new website! Well, you can pray for us. You can support us with a monthly donation and become a covenant partner with this ministry. You can volunteer your time or talents! We are growing and moving forward in our mission. Consider being a part of a ministry, which is Join this ministry in our effort to build strong and effective prayer ministries in the local church body. You may ask, “How can I be a part of this effort?”


For Immediate Release Shadows Among Us
Discovering the Path to Liberation and Wholeness

Healing Hearts, Transforming Lives!

Small Group Study, Sunday School Sessions, Prayer Ministry Team Building, all in one book!

Shadows Among Us
     Used By Ames Christian University as a course of study! Interviewed by “Beautiful One Magazine” Seen on “How to Beat the Odds” Television Show “Rejoice” TCT Worldwide Television Network Dr. Miles and Valerie Holmes Promiseland Television Network with Dr. Mike Simons

Friends and Family: Shadows Among Us
Do you know someone who goes though the same old issues over and over again? Do you know someone who is simply stagnant in his or her faith? Give them a little boost, and put Shadows Among Us in their hands. offers a means of developing

“Vivamus porta est sed est.”

an effective prayer ministry in your church. gives an Each chapter teaching


needed to establish a solid foundation for effectively

dealing with some of life’s most trying issues.

Church Leaders:
This book can be used as an effective tool within the local church body to build powerful and effective prayer teams.

Prayer Ministers:
This book is must! If you have a passion to minister healing and deliverance, then you will want to get this great reference

Sunday School:
It can be used in a small group Bible Study or a 16-week

book. Not only will you be able to minister effective

deliverance, you will also be able to teach others.

Sunday school study. However you choose to use it, you will find those who participate,

Multiplication…that’s what it is all about.

walk in greater liberation and wholeness.

Robin Bertram Ministries
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For Immediate Release
Order Your Copy Now!, or visit your local Barnes and Noble Book Store

Can you prayerfully consider speaking to your pastor about getting this teaching into the hands of church leadership? Help us spread hope and healing!

The Book Signing was a

wonderful success! Barnes and Noble New Hope Commons January 8, 2009 7:30

Shadows Among Us


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Manifold Wisdom of God
The Church has a mandate!
The Church, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, and with the authority given to us by Jesus, has been charged with the responsibility of displaying the power of God and the mysteries of the Gospel. It is through the Church that the principalities and powers see the wisdom of God manifested in the earthly realm. It is the responsibility of the Church to bring into being the promises we have been given, thus testify to seeing His glory, as these promises are implemented. What are principalities and powers in heavenly places? This question is extremely important, especially in the Ministry of Deliverance. It is critical that individuals who are involved in such ministry know and understand their rights in the spirit realm, and not because someone told them what their rights and authority are, but because it is clearly written for those who have eyes to see. Principalities, powers, and dominions are ruling authorities in both the visible and the invisible realm. The term “principality” is a term referring to a particular territory or jurisdiction of a prince or ruling entity, such as seen in the Book of Daniel when it is written concerning the Prince of Persia and the Prince of Greece. Satan is the prince of the power of the air and is the spirit who works in the sons of disobedience. Thus, he exercises global authority. There is a celestial hierarchy of angels. The Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary ranks them from lowest to highest of the nine orders: angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim. We do not see such a ranking clearly within scripture, but there is a hierarchical structure in place. How does the Church make known the manifest wisdom of God to powers and principalities? There are godly and ungodly ruling authorities. The Church makes known the manifest wisdom of God to powers and principalities by fully accepting and implementing the authority that has been given it by Christ Jesus. We are to display His wisdom and power on earth that He might be glorified in and through us, His children. Jesus gave us, the Church, keys of the Kingdom that are to be used. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven (Mt 16:19).

Are you displaying the manifold wisdom of God?

CRM would love to bring

Transformed: From Grace to Glory
to your next women’s conference!
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Marriage of the Lamb
There is no clearer picture of Covenant than the one represented in the Book of Hosea. Hosea, or Hoshea in Hebrew, denotes salvation or deliverance. The Book of Hosea is the first Book of the Minor Prophets as they are called due to the brevity or pithiness of the books. The prophet who wrote Hosea, and for whom the book is named, was in public ministry to the northern kingdom of Israel from 748 BC to 690 BC, around the death of Hezekiah. During this time, Israel was experiencing great prosperity and growth, but the moral climate had declined into spiritual adultery and corruption. God had a message and He wanted Hosea to bring it forth. It was a threefold, consistent message which still rings true today; God abhors sin, judgment is inevitable, and God’s love and mercy are ever present. Hosea, through his marriage to an unfaithful wife, is a story and a message of relentless love. God’s unfailing love for His unfaithful people and the covenant He made, that He would be their God, was

patterned throughout the Old Testament scriptures. God sought reconciliation, not destruction. His plan was to bring Israel back into right relationship, and repentance was the key to doing so. Israel was steeped in the idolatry and wickedness, which brought God’s people into captivity and, if repentant, then restoration would surely follow. God chose Hosea’s physical life and family to represent a spiritual picture of the state of His people. Hosea took the wife of “whoredom” and married Gomer, a prostitute, by a divine order of God. Israel is depicted prophetically as Jehovah’s adulterous wife, put away for a time and brought back into restoration, even after her unfaithfulness. Gomer bore three children and God Himself gave the names that were to be used. Found within the meaning of each of their names was a prophetic representation of the Word of the Lord to His people. Symbolically, each of the names conveyed a part of the prophetic message. Jezreel meaning “God scatters or God sows,” was the name of the firstborn son. In judgment, it

pointed to the sin of Jehu for the abominations committed by his house. It also prophetically pointed forward to Israel’s future restoration. In II Kings 10:2831 there was a massacre at Jezreel. Jehu wiped out Baal, however, he did not turn away from the sins of Jeroboam, which was the worship of the golden calves at Bethel and Dan. God reminded the people of Israel of the dangers of idolatry, which is spiritual prostitution. Even in the face of infidelity, God reminded His covenant people of His promise, as He continued in faithfulness to the covenant of love which He held for His children. Prophetically, it was a promise of the incoming of the Gentiles.

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Emotional Freedom: Rediscovering Peace and Joy
Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Does everyone have to hear your latest story? Are you up today and down tomorrow? Do you constantly pass by the mirror and complain about those thighs? Somewhere in our day-to-day existence, we often lose site of our peace and joy. We lose site of our purpose and destiny and allow our emotions to take charge of our every thought. Emotions can be the root of much discontentment, and if allowed to go unchecked, they can cause our inner man to become weak and ineffective. "Emotional Freedom" retreats are geared to assist you on your path to wholeness. In this unique four-step process, you will begin to develop techniques that will assist you in bringing your emotions into check. Integrating the ancient wisdom of the scriptures, Robin teaches just how important it is to bring our thought life under submission to God and His Word. This is a "must have" women’s retreat for ladies everywhere. You will walk away from this two-day transformational retreat and wonder why in the world you have been so needlessly distraught. Gain your freedom, recoup your joy, and discover a life filled with God’s abundant peace!

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Shadows Among Us Audio Book
Available the end of January!

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