Daily from 10h00 – 16h00 Free entry to all activities - The Exhibition and Demo Library are open all day for visitors Book donations can be made to the BOOK BANK - new and secondhand books are welcome!
Visitors should look out for the following activities All visitors: Children: Youth and Adults: The Exhibition, The Demo Library, The Photographic Exhibition, Family Literacy Programmes, S A Library for the Blind The Magic Tent, Storytelling Storytelling for adults, Book Club Sessions, Motivational Talks, Book Readings, Bookmaking sessions, Self-publishing your work, Book Debates, Media Literacy Workshop, ANFASA Workshop*, Digital Storytelling workshop (*R50 entrance fee) The Authors’ Programme, Book Readings, Writing Workshops, Selfpublishing your work, Book Debates, ANFASA Workshop* Book Club Sessions, Bookmaking sessions, Storytelling Workshops, Book Debates, Media Literacy Workshop, PASA Presentation, Digital Storytelling workshop Exhibition, PASA Presentation

Authors and poets: Teachers and Librarians:


AMBASSADORS AND GUEST VISITS: Motivational Talks and Book Readings
Aaron Moloisi Chris van Wyk Deon Meyer Jafta Mamabolo Kabomo Luthando Shosha McIntosh Polela Mfusi Hoza Mzi Mahola Ndumiso Ngcobo Nokuzola Bakumeni Nonkqubela Rasmeni Shaka Sisulu Thembelani Ngenelwa, Zolani Mkiva Zonke 1

OTHER BOOK WEEK AMBASSADORS Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse Shaka Sisulu DJ Sbu Bonang Matheba

BOOK WEEK EXHIBITION The Exhibition will showcase different programmes and products that encourage reading amongst children, youth and adults. Major and independent publishers will also exhibit, alongside a range of industry organisations and reading promotion initiatives. GETTING TO KNOW YOUR LIBRARY ... THE DEMO LIBRARY Are you shy to join a library in case you are not sure what to do…? Come and see how easy and fun it is to use your public library. For all ages! Adults welcome. The Demo Library is co-hosted by the Nelson Mandela Bay Library Services. SOUTH AFRICAN LIBRARY FOR THE BLIND BLINDLIB will be promoting their services to the blind at the National Book Week Exhibition. They will be giving demonstrations of their tactile books, which are also used to introduce babies and toddlers to books. They will also be bringing groups of children and youth to participate in games and reading programmes for the blind. DISCOUNTED BOOK SALES Bargain Books will be selling a wide variety of books for children and adults at greatly reduced prices. PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION An exhibition of photographs of South African authors, by Victor Dlamini

THE MAGIC TENT The Magic Tent is an exciting, educational and fun environment for children between the ages of 4 and 13 years to enjoy storytelling, magic shows and other activities! Children will also be encouraged to enjoy silent reading time while spending time in the Magic Tent. Storytelling - A homely environment for children to enjoy storytelling at its best! − Storytellers will provide exciting and interactive sessions for children in different South African languages. Using indigenous music, blended with contemporary themes storytellers will entertain children with stories that they will also help to create and enjoy. The Playground will provide ongoing activities for children to play and engage with. − Flag Making, colour-in and drawing, face-painting − Reading sessions by different South African children’s authors and National Book Week ambassadors. THE CHILDREN’S THEATRE Exciting presentations of storytelling in English and isiXhosa 2

National Book Week will see groups of learners between Grades 9 - 11 discussing books in front of an audience. The Book Debates are aimed at increasing the awareness and appreciation of South African literature, as well as strengthening school participation in National Book Week A total of nine books, written by prominent South African authors, have been selected for the programme. The books were distributed to schools and each school nominated two learners to read the books and participate in the programme during National Book Week. Each debate group will comprise fourteen learners from seven different schools. The participants will be examined on areas including the theme, synopsis of the book, characters, public speaking skills, ability to sustain a discussion and relating the book to life experiences. There will be a moderator for each debate session and the winning schools will be announced on Saturday 8 September, which is also International Literacy Day. The books that will be discussed are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Shirley, Goodness and Mercy by Chris van Wyk (Facilitator: Anita Shaw) ZOO City by Lauren Beukes (Facilitator: Nomakhaya Siwa) Spud by John van de Ruit (Facilitator: Anita Shaw) Heart of Redness by Zakes Mda (Facilitator: Lupi Ngcayisa) A Man Who is Not a Man by Thando Mgqolozana (Facilitator: Mandla Matyumza) Red Ink by Angela Makholwa (Facilitator: Buyiswa Msizi) Young Blood by Sifiso Mzobe (Facilitator: Brightness Mangolothi) My Father, My Monster by McIntosh Polela (Facilitator: Lupi Ngcayisa) African Delights by Siphiwo Mahala (Facilitator: Vista Kalipa)

The Book Debates programme will take place during National Book Week at the Gelvandale Library, the Motherwell Library and the Red Location Museum in New Brighton, from 4 – 8 September 2012. All are welcome. The winning schools will be announced on Saturday 8 September at the Red Location Museum.

SCHOOL POETRY SESSIONS The 30-minute interactive poetry sessions will be hosted for school learners and youth. The sessions will be motivational and seek ways to encourage learners to read and write more. POETRY SLAM A Poetry Slam consisting of ten competing slam poets’ one host/MC and One DJ. The poets will be competing for a cash and book price. The DJ will play beats in-between at the start of the show, inbetween breaks and at the end of the show. The projector will project the different sponsors and name of the show. POETRY SESSIONS Sessions will feature established and emerging poets


This programme will include the following workshops: − Bookmaking Session − Communicating with your children through reading − Community Publishing − Creative Writing Workshop − Drama Workshop − Family Literacy − Magazine Publishing − Making quality textbooks available for learners − Writing a biography / memoir

e-READER DEMOS Digital Story-telling workshop

Emma Matubatuba Fundiswa Tshazibana Mfusi Hoza Monde Ngonyama Mxolisi Nyezwa Nonkqubela Rasmeni Nosipho Kota Pumelelo Kota Zingi Maneli

Book Club Sessions will be hosted by the Department of Arts and Culture, as well as the NMBM Library Services.

10:00 – 11:15: SESSION ONE: NEW NARRATIVES IN XHOSA LITERATURE IsiXhosa was the first indigenous language to be available in written form in South Africa. The founding of Lovedale Press as the very first printing press in 1824 saw the emergence of Xhosa literature. Writers such as Rubusana, Jabavu, Mqhayi and other luminaries, are some of the pioneering voices in Xhosa literature and are canonized in African literature at large. Their successors such as A.C. Jordan, D.M. Jongilanga and P.T. Mtuze upheld the status of Xhosa literature and took it into the 20th century. What are the emerging narratives and which writers are the ringleaders in 21st century Xhosa literature? This panel looks into the future of Xhosa literature by taking a close look at the emerging writers and dominant trends in the new narratives in Xhosa literature. Facilitator: Mandla Matyumza Panelists: Dr Linda Kwatsha, Lukhanyo Sigonyela, Mlawu Tyatyeka, Nonkqubela Rasmeni 4

11:30 – 13:00: SESSION TWO: TRANSLATION AND MULTILINGUALISM South Africa is a diverse and multilingual society with eleven languages recognised by the Constitution. However, English continues to be a dominant force in official structures, including business, science and the publishing industry. What is the role of writers in upholding the constitutional mandate and ensuring that South Africa remains a multilingual society as professed by the Constitution? Translation plays a critical role in this process and this panel brings together some of the authors and role players who have been involved with the translation of literary works. They will assess the impact of translation and strategies that could be devised to ensure that the idealism of a multilingual society becomes a reality. Facilitator: Siphiwo Mahala Panelists: Deon Meyer, Dr Pamela Maseko, Thembelani Ngenelwa, Winston Mohapi

14:30 – 16:00: SESSION THREE: WRITING TOMORROW’S CLASSICS TODAY This panel examines the growth of South African literature and the waves that the new generation of writers is creating in the global arena. Some of the emerging literary voices have made their mark in the literary landscape globally, gaining critical acclaim and winning some of the most coveted literary prizes in South Africa and beyond. What can be done to ensure that their popularity is not a momentary hype and that they continue to engender wider audiences in South Africa and the rest of the world? This panel brings together some of the leading voices in South African literature to share their success stories and explore a variety of ways of ensuring that their voices are resilient and will resonate with generations to come. Facilitator: Ndumiso Ngcobo Panelists: Angela Makholwa, Chris van Wyk, McIntosh Polela, Thando Mgqolozana


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