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To Do This Task Navigate Orbit with your mouse Zoom with your mouse Pan with your mouse

Draw Draw an edge a certain length with the Line tool Snip off an edge at the last place you clicked Lock your current direction with the Line tool Change the number of sides in a circle, arc or polygon Draw a circle or an arc of a certain radius Select with the Select tool Add or subtract from what you've selected Select everything that isn't hidden Select everything inside a selection box Select everything touched by a selection box Select all faces with the same material Move with the Move tool Move a certain distance Force Auto-Fold (tell SketchUp it's okay to fold) Lock yourself in the blue (up and down) direction

Here's the Best Way

Hold down scroll wheel Roll scroll wheel Hold down Shift and the scroll wheel

Type a length and press Enter Press the Esc key Hold down the Shift key while drawing with the tool Type a number, then type s, and press Enter Type a radius and press Enter after you draw a circle

Hold down Shift Press Ctrl+A (Command+A on the Mac) Click and drag from left to right Click and drag from right to left Right-click and choose SelectAll with Same Material

Type a distance and press Enter after you move Press Alt (Command on the Mac) Press or key

Copy with the Move and Rotate tools Make a copy with the Move or Rotate tools Make multiple copies in a row Make multiple copies between Hide and Smooth with the Eraser tool Hide something Smooth something Unsmooth something Push/Pull and Offset Make a copy of the face you're push/pulling Repeat the last distance you push/pulled Repeat the last distance you Offset Scale with the Scale tool Scale about the center Scale uniformly (dont distort) Scale by a certain factor Make something a certain size Apply materials with the Paint Bucket tool Sample a material from a face Paint all faces that match the one you click Create guides Tell the Tape Measure or Protractor tool Press Ctrl (Option on the Mac) and click with Hold down Alt (Command on the Mac) and click the face with the tool Hold down Shift while you click Hold down Ctrl (Option on the Mac) while scaling Hold down Shift while scaling Type a number and press Enter Type the size and the units and then press Enter Press Ctrl (Option on the Mac) and use the Push/Pull tool Double-click a face with the Push/Pull tool Double-click a face with the Offset tool Hold down Shift and click with the Eraser Ctrl+click with the Eraser (Option+click on the Mac) Hold down Shift+Ctrl and click with the Eraser (Shift+Option on the Mac) Press Ctrl (Option on the Mac) Make a copy, type a distance, type x, and press Enter Make a copy, type a number, type /, and press Enter

to create a guide Walk around your model with the Walk tool Walk through things Run instead of walk Get taller or shorter instead of walking Change your eye height Change your field of view

the tool

Hold down Alt (Command on the Mac) Hold down Ctrl (Option on the Mac) Hold down Shift Select the Look Around tool, type a height, and press Enter Select the Zoom tool, type a number, type deg, and press Enter

How to Boost Productivity in Google SketchUp 7

Follow these steps for some of the functions in Google SketchUp 7 to improve your work rate, finish your tasks quickly, and move onto your next project. To divide an edge into a number of shorter edges: 1. 2. 3. Right-click an edge with the Select tool. Choose Divide from the context menu that pops up. Type the number of segments youd like and press Enter.

To resize your whole model based on one known measurement: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Select the Tape Measure tool. Press Ctrl (Option on a Mac) until you dont see a + next to your cursor. Measure a distance; click once to start measuring, and again to stop. Type a dimension for the distance you just measured and press Enter. Click Yes in the dialog box that pops up.

To set up your own keyboard shortcuts: 1. 2. Choose WindowPreferences (File Preferences on the Mac). Click the Shortcuts panel.

Google SketchUp 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts will make working in Google SketchUp 7 quick and easy. The following table shows you some of SketchUp's most common commands and the keystroke(s) that will get you there sooner:


Eraser Select Move Circle Arc Rectangle Push/Pull Offset Rotate Scale Zoom Extents Paint Bucket

E Spacebar M C A R P F Q S Shift+Z B