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French Shore Academy Course Information Sheet - Math 2201

Teacher: Mr. Fudge Email: Blog Site:

2012/13 I Course Introduction The prerequisite for this course is proficiency/familiarity with the objectives covered in mathematics 1201. The main goals of Mathematics Education are to prepare students to: Use mathematics confidently to solve problems Communicate and reason mathematically Make connections between mathematics and its applications and Become mathematically literate adults.


Senior High Math Courses. Stream Advanced Level I Mathematics 1201 Level II Mathematics 2200 Level III Mathematics 3200 Mathematics 3208 Mathematics 3201 Mathematics 3202

Academic Applied III Textbook. Principles of Mathematics 11 IV Topics Covered: Unit I II III IV V Mathematics 1202

Mathematics 2201 Mathematics 2202

Topic Inductive and Deductive Reasoning Mathematical Inquiry Properties of Angles and Triangles Acute Triangle Trigonometry Radicals

Suggested Time 10 Hours 6 Hours 13 hours 9 Hours 18 Hours


Statistical Reasoning Quadratic Functions Proportional Reasoning

12 Hours 16 Hours 10 hours

Specific outcomes are available upon request. IV Requirements/Expectations for each math Class: IV Math textbook is required for each regular math class. Student will bring a workbook. Students will bring a graph book or graph paper when required. Students will bring a scientific calculator, pencil(s), straight edge and any other supplies necessary for class. Consistent and diligent effort both in and out of class.

Evaluation Scheme: Category Alternate Assessments Percentage Assignments (10%) Journals (5%) Project (10%) Class Observations/Antidotal/Games (5%) Test (25%) Quizzes (5%) 15% 25%


Midterm Exam Final Exam


Evaluation Guidelines. Test/assignments, etc. must be legibly completed in pencil. Work done in pen will not be accepted. Assigned seat work must be completed on time. Spot checks of homework will be done at random. Assignments must be submitted on loose leaf and have a proper cover sheet. Assignments must be submitted at the beginning of class on the due date unless otherwise indicated. Students absent on the day of a test or when an assignment is due should follow the guidelines outlined in our school evaluation policy. Test and assignments may contain items from previous units. Students will be given at least a minimum of five (5) school days in advance of

any units or cumulative test. Students will be given a minimum of five (5) school days to complete major projects. Results for assignments and projects shall be returned to students no later than three weeks from the date of their administration. Results for unit test shall be returned no later than one week from date of administration.


General Comments. Students requiring extra math assistance should avail themselves of tutorials provided by the math teacher. In situations where students experience a high level of difficulty with the math program, it is expected that they will seek additional help - School tutoring program, private tutoring, etc.