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word lias aeon nsccivva nerw ui mo death In France of Miss Annabel Rob­ erta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Roberts, a member of the New York Presbyterian Hospital unit at Etretat, France. Septicaemia is given as the Cause of death In the report transmit­ ted through the War Department. . Miss Roberts was gr *uated from Vassar College in, 1913 ^tered the Presbyterian Hospital. " gradu­ ated from the nurses' sc. %t in­ stitution with honors, and v ted night Superintendent. Orga*. a war service unit at the hob* eluded Miss Roberts, and May 141 year she sailed for France. The church and the Red Cross Com­ mittee of the borough will hold a me­ morial service for her.

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war, but was not< called into active service until six weeks ago, when he was transferred from Fort Slocum to Camp Upton: Though born in Caracas of Venezuelan parents Mr. Rinconea, who was 23 years old, had lived nearly all his life in this country arid became an American citizen on his Majority. He was educated at St. Francis Xavier's College, in Brooklyn. Before he enlisted he had been associated with his brother, Pedro R. Rincones, Jr., in an importing business in this city. Another brother, Miguel RinconeB, is a member of the Sixty-fourth j Infantry in Texas. " v ■

■ Mrs. May Banks Stacey.
Special to The Neto York Times, r CHICAGO, Jan. 21.—Mrs. May Banks Stafcey, widow of Colonel M. H. Stacey, died today at'the home of her daugh­ ter, Mrs.\ W . H. Muller, in Evanston. She was 76 years old and the head of the Rosicrucian Cult in American. Mrs. Stacey was a native of Baltimore. She claimed she and her two sons Were the only living lineal descenderits of Oliver Cromwell. One of her sons, Lieutenant Cromwell Stacey, was senior instructor at both Fort Sheridan officers* training camp!, f • At the time of her death Mrs. Stacey wore a ring which is said to have been made from a buckle on breeches which were once worn by Cromwell. Mrs. Stacey's father was a distinguished jurist. ; ■• ■ • :

Villiams of 3ed the enMiss Janet tit, William \ and Mrs. mat*, Ofylo. member of on, and is 'idan, Ala., y. e Day; INJf Tablet*
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v Two,Aviators Killed In Texas.
-S A N ANTONIO, Tex.. Jan. 2 1 Cadet Frank L. Seery was killed, and Cadet V. C. Dunham suffered injuries fro’m which he died at the* base hos­ pital. Fort Sam5Houston, in a collision of airplanes at Kelly Field this morn­ ing.- Seery was from Evanston, 111. Dunham’s wife lives at 17 Edmonds Street, Rochester, N. Y.

Knights of Columbus W ar Benefit.

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The.Gramercy Neighborhood Associa­ tion will give in entertainment and dance in the 69th Regiment Armory on next Saturday evening to raise funds for the Knights of Columbus W ar cltnp Fund. The entertainment will begin at Dowager Lady Lawrence. 8 o’clock, and many actors and Singers Dowager Lady Lawrence, widow of have promised to take part. A band of veterans of the 69th Military Band will Lord Lawrence, who was Viceroy of furnish music for the dance that begins India from 1864 to 1869, died recently in England, in her ninety-eighth year. at 11 o’clock. , Before her marriage, in 1840, she was a Miss Hamilton, the daughter of the A D TK R TISE M E N T. Rev. Richard Hamilton, Vicar of.Cutdaff, Donegal, Ireland. In 1842 she went to India With her , husband, who took part in the Punjab campaigns, and In tti* struggle whlcii ensued Ledy Law­ rence’s home wasi the refuge of many British families resident in India Whose homes iti the war-stricken region were 'beleaguered. .

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I Urgent need for Warm t£d Clothing for,the Navy and 'Army.. * .... ’ • ' . ' : 7 .,. Please send contributions to -the-" \

- • Baroness Wstitwarth.

‘ y

Comforts Committee

- NAVY U5AGUE, 509 5th Ave., New York.

The death recently of Lady Anne Blunt, Baroness Wentworth; is an­ nounced In British newspapers. She was a granddaughter of George Gordon,! Lord Byron, the poet, and as a girl de­ veloped iskill as anj artist with pen and ink. Some of her architectural draw* ingf were exhibited;in the Royal Acad-, emy in London. She'had traveled ex­ tensively in Arabia and .the East and spetit her last years in Egypt. B&ronr, ess Wentworth Wai approaching her

eightieth birthday, when she died.