Career Management Is Your Ticket To A Better Career Path

Career management is a lifetime endeavour, and thus entails commitment on your side. You cannot work hard to reach your goals for just one year and then take a break the next; this only lets you lose any success you have gained in the first place. Always remember, success is not rewarded to those who sit idly; it is something you work for and strive to maintain.

Recruitment 101: Things You Need To Know About Executive Search Executive Recruitment: Benefits For Both Hiring Companies And Candidates Executive Career Coaching: Companies’ And Employees’ Sure-Fire Way To Success Tips On Choosing The Best Professional Resume Writing Service For Your Needs Interview Coaching Tips For The First-Time Applicant Pave The Way To Success With Career Management How Can Outplacement Services Benefit Employees? Talent Management Services: The Future Of Hiring How To Look For Good Professional Resume Writers On The Internet Three Things That Business Coaching Can Do For Your Company

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Recruitment 101: Things You Need To Know About Executive Search

When it comes to hiring staff, a lot of people tend to think that recruitment can only be done one way: by posting advertisements on job boards or newspapers. This type of passive recruitment is better known as contingency staffing, and it is usually acceptable for entrylevel or junior positions (or intermediate level jobs, in some cases). However, contingency staffing is not adequate if you are looking to fill in higher-ranking positions, such as those for senior managers and executives. This is because these individuals are usually not exposed to such advertisements; a person with an impressive set of credentials is most likely to be happily employed already and thus unlikely to apply for other jobs. In this case, companies can only hire them through executive search. Executive or retained search, which is also known as headhunting, is a type of recruitment method that involves directly approaching suitable candidates with the company’s offer. This is a particularly good method to attract senior candidates, and it is usually done in a discreet manner. There are many advantages to working with executive search firms, the most important of which is the fast turnaround. Headhunting helps companies to get results in much less time. With contingency staffing, a company will have to write an advertisement, post this in the appropriate job boards, and then wait for applicants to submit their resumes. This initial process takes time, but the waiting does not end there. Once resumes are submitted, recruiters will have to sort through them, find suitable candidates and then schedule interviews. More often than not, a majority of applicants to such postings may not be suitable for the job, particularly when the opening is for a high-ranking position. As such, this makes contingency staffing a truly inefficient and time-consuming process for hiring senior managers or executives.

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With executive search, on the other hand, recruiters can just source from their pool of talents for people who are suitable for the position. This effectively reduces the amount of time spent on searching for candidates and companies can proceed with negotiations quickly. Another benefit that comes with executive search is getting a guarantee of quality. Unlike contingency staffing, most executive recruiters already possess verified information regarding their recommended candidates, and this eliminates the need to do further research. Executive recruiters keep tabs not only on the talents already in their roster, but also individuals who show promise as leaders in the industry. This way, companies can be sure that they will get high-quality hires, whether they appoint an experienced executive or one who is new to the job.

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Executive Recruitment: Benefits For Both Hiring Companies And Candidates

Finding a suitable candidate for a senior position is definitely more challenging than filling in entry-level or junior positions in a company. After all, the chosen senior manager or executive will have profound influence on the company’s future; a good employee will most certainly ensure the company’s success, while the wrong hire can spell disaster for the business. As such, it’s best to get the assistance of experts when it comes to filling in senior or executive positions, and the best way to do this is by working with executive recruitment firms. One of the main benefits of executive search is that it can effectively shorten the whole hiring process. A company that has an opening for a senior position need only notify the recruiter about their requirements, and the recruitment company can just source a qualified candidate from their readily available pool of talents. The hiring company will just have to review the credentials of the recommended candidates and decide whether or not to pursue with negotiations. This eliminates the need to spend time and precious resources on posting job advertisements, sifting through the resumes of hundreds of applicants, and then verifying data for each candidate considered. Executive recruitment also keeps companies from wasting time interviewing unsuitable applicants. In addition to saving time and resources, another benefit that companies can enjoy with executive recruitment is getting high-quality employees. One of the main drawbacks with using contingency staffing for executive positions is that companies will most likely not be able to reach top quality professionals who are truly fit for the job. Executive recruiters, on the other hand, can ensure the quality of their recommendations simply because they will seek out the best people only, and they know who these people are because they keep track of industry leaders and perform intensive research on the market. In some cases, executive search firms may also provide career coaching and further training for their candidates for up to a year after they have been hired. Such services ensure that executives and managers hired through these firms perform well.

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However, the benefits of executive recruitment are limited not only to hiring companies; senior managers and executives will also enjoy some benefits, too. Partnering with a search firm can help open up new opportunities for improvement, and anyone who wants to further their career will benefit from knowing about vacancies for more challenging positions. Executives can also benefit from the services of executive search firms, such as career coaching. Having a career coach will not only help executives perform well in their current positions, it will also allow them to make steps towards greater accomplishments.

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Executive Career Coaching: Companies’ And Employees’ Sure-Fire Way To Success
Hiring the best talent to lead your company is definitely a good way to ensure the success of your business. However, this alone is not the key; constant improvement, flexibility, and the ability to recognise and correct mistakes in management are far more effective in securing positive growth and development for the company. As such, companies would truly benefit from offering executive career coaching for senior members among their employees. But while it’s true that companies will benefit from this service, it also stands that those receiving it will enjoy enormous gains as well. One of the main benefits that executive career coaching can offer senior managers and executives is an objective approach to their careers. This is because a career coach is dedicated solely to the success of the person in his field of business and does not have any biases nor is swayed by any outside influences such as the expectations of friends and loved ones. This way, executives can assess their career histories objectively, find their strengths, and make the best use of their talents. Any deficiencies found through this selfevaluation can then be easily addressed through further training or education. This exercise benefits companies by providing them with workers who are highly productive. After all, a person whose talents are utilised wisely is most likely to produce more high-quality output. Another benefit that executives and senior managers can enjoy with executive career coaching is better work-life balance. Career coaches, as mentioned earlier, are indeed committed to the success of their talents; however, coaches also recognise that the key to success also involves success in personal affairs. As such, a career coach will help executives manage their work affairs well and even recommend stress management seminars when needed. They can also help company leaders recognise signs of fatigue and burn-out and thus recommend time for relaxation whenever it is deemed necessary. This, of course, adds yet another benefit for employers; leaders who are satisfied with work and personal affairs will be more productive, and in turn be more agreeable when dealing with juniors in the

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workplace. This positive interaction among company executives and employees results in an overall increase in satisfaction in the workplace. Lastly, executives and senior managers who are productive and satisfied with their careers are more likely to stay with their employers. It’s been said previously that hiring the best talent to lead a company is one of the keys to the success of a business, but what’s even more important than hiring the best people is making them stay. With all the benefits that executive career coaching can offer to senior employees, companies can be sure that their high-quality executives will be leading the company in the years to come.

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Tips On Choosing The Best Professional Resume Writing Service For Your Needs
These days, it’s no longer enough to just create your own resume, hoping that your writing skills and career history are enough to catch a potential employer’s attention. Because the competition in the job market is so tight, applicants are advised to turn to an expert on resume writing to ensure that their documents stand a chance against those of others. One of the easiest ways to look for a professional resume writing service is by turning to the World Wide Web; a simple query on a search engine will yield more than a handful of choices. However, that’s where the problem lies. There are just so many resume writers you can hire — how do you choose the right one? For every ten companies offering services for professional resume writing that you find on the Internet, it’s very likely that at least one of them will be a scam. It’s important that you avoid such companies, and the best way to do so is to check out reviews for the company on the Web. Take a look at their website; are there any testimonials posted on the page itself? Of course, having comments from so-called customers is not enough; it’s best if you read through these messages. Do they offer specific details about the company’s services or are they vague about the company’s merits? If it sounds like you’re reading a sales pitch, then it’s likely that you’re looking at a scammer. Another way to determine whether the professional resume writing company you are considering offers high quality service is through the prices of their services. A writer who is really good is bound to ask for a reasonable price for his services, so be wary of companies whose services are very cheap. Such companies are just like factories — they rely on large numbers of low quality output to earn profits. Don’t be enticed by the low price only to end up with a shabbily produced resume. If you are browsing for professional resume writing companies on the Internet, you will eventually visit websites for more details on product offers. It is particularly important to check out a company’s website because how organised it looks will reflect on your resume. After all, if a company can’t organise its website to look neat and usable, Page 8

how can they do that for your resume? Lastly, you should never fail to check out the company’s credentials. Check out who‘s behind the company and whether the writers they employ are certified in professional resume writing. It’s even better if the company head is an expert in HR or a CEO himself because that means he has the necessary experience in not only writing, but also picking out a good resume for hiring. If you can’t find any of these details on the company’s profile, it’s best to stay away and look elsewhere.

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Interview Coaching: Tips For The First-Time Applicant

First-time applicants are often advised to create the perfect resume so that they can receive more invitations for interviews. Of course, it is a wise move to spend time and effort on drafting an exceptional resume; after all, it offers potential employers a sneak peek into your qualities as an employee. However, your efforts for job hunting should not stop with this document. You should also pay attention to your performance during interviews. To help you make the perfect impression on your dream employer, discussed below are some interview coaching tips from the experts. Practice with an expert: A lot of people tend to come to interviews unprepared, thinking that they can probably just wing it. But whether you graduated from university with multiple honours or if you’ve received recognition for research on a highly lucrative topic, even the best credentials cannot save you from anxiety or mental block that can happen anytime during the interview. The best way you can learn how to deal with the stress of interviews is by recreating the same mood and atmosphere by practicing with a professional. Interview coaching is best done with an expert because they not only help set the right mood, they can also evaluate your performance objectively. Practicing with close friends or loved ones, on the other hand, may not be as fruitful: the casual conversation is nothing like the feel of a job interview, and they can sugar-coat comments on your performance to avoid hurting your feelings. Try to exude the qualities that employers want in an employee: Evaluate how you speak or act during interviews. Do you sound confident, ambitious, and enthusiastic? It’s important that you do, because these are the qualities that are most likely to impress a potential employer. On the other hand, avoid sounding aggressive or arrogant — such qualities can ensure that the recruiter won’t call you, or even worse, just cut the interview short. In addition to watching the way you act or speak, also make sure that you come to the interview on time and follow any instructions that have been given to you; tardiness is not a quality that employers like because it indicates shoddy work etiquette and it also shows your lack of enthusiasm for the job. On the other hand, your capability to follow directions may serve as a reflection of the strength of your intellect.

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Pay attention to your appearance: New applicants tend to focus more on their credentials, often failing how their appearance can affect their image. Interview coaching experts state that it’s best to look keep yourself neat and wear appropriate clothes for the interview. After all, your eagerness for the job won’t be as convincing if you show up looking slovenly.

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Pave The Way To Success With Career Management
Working in the field of business these days is a far more competitive endeavour than in the past. There are various jobs that you can take at any time in your life, but if you make the wrong decisions or if you do not have a concrete plan, your career may end up going nowhere. Already, there are many professionals who suffer from bad career choices, and if you don’t want to be one of them, the best thing you can do is manage your career wisely. Listed below are some of the most important career management tips to help you start paving the way to your success: Figure out exactly what you want. This is the first and most important thing that you should do for you to lay out a plan for your career. Of course, this is also the most difficult; a large number of professionals — both young and old — tend to have problems finding out their goals for their career. What you can do is take some time to sit down, evaluate your strengths as a worker, determine the fields of business that you are most interested in, and how much you want to achieve. Do you want to be a highly sought-after graphic artist? Would you like to start your own business in baking? Do you want to become CEO of a multinational company? Not everyone can figure out what he or she wants so quickly, so if you do not have any concrete goals yet, make sure that your career management plans are flexible enough to accommodate any changes in the future. Be an active participant in your career. Always remember that how your career turns out depends on you and your decisions. What you do (or do not do) will dictate the way things go. If you decide to take responsibility for a certain project in your company, its success will be attributed to you. If you decide to take on a more challenging job in another part of the world, you will gain lots of knowledge and wisdom from the experience. If you pass up any opportunity to learn, you also pass up on opportunities to succeed. Commit to achieving your goal. Career management is a lifetime endeavour, and thus entails commitment on your side. You cannot work hard to reach your goals for just one year and then take a break the next; this only lets you lose any success you have gained in the first place. Always remember, success is not rewarded to those who sit idly; it is something you work for and strive to maintain. Page 12

How Can Outplacement Services Benefit Employees?

With today’s tough economy, not all employees in large companies can rest easy about the security of their jobs. Even establishments that have experienced massive success in the past can experience problems that may eventually lead to downsizing in the company. When this happens, redundant employees may suffer from a variety of hardships related to losing their jobs: some may feel depressed at the loss of their source of income, while others may become angry and feel that they have been unjustly dismissed. To make parting with employees much easier, some companies offer outplacement services as a form of support. But how exactly can this service benefit employees? One way that outplacement services can help an employee who has just been laid off is by offering psychological support and counselling to help ease negative emotions. It’s quite common among people who have lost their jobs to feel depressed or angry; the former may spring from the anguish from losing their income and worry about the future, while the latter happens when employees feel they have been treated unfairly. Providing an outlet for these emotions not only helps the employee find hope and gain motivation to look for a new job, it also helps maintain good relations between companies and their personnel. Having a good relationship with employees can be of benefit in the future, particularly when companies can once again expand their group and re-hire their old employees. Another way that outplacement services benefits employees is by helping them formulate a plan for their future careers. This is done by assisting the employee in evaluating their past career, as well as determining their fields of interests. In addition to finding a suitable career path, employees can also be enlightened with regards to strengths and weaknesses as a worker. Knowing all of these things — interests, strengths, weaknesses — can help employees decide on their next career goals. Who knows, such an evaluation may open up new career ventures that they have not considered before.

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Of course, outplacement services do not stop with helping employees find a new career goal — this service also gives them the necessary tools to achieve it. Once career evaluation is done, the employee can use the information gleaned from it to build a new marketing portfolio. Outplacement providers also help laid-off employees create a winning resume so that they can be given more invitations for interviews much faster. In addition, employees can also receive interview coaching and other job hunting guidance from outplacement providers. All these services ensure that the unemployment period is substantially shortened and that the road to recovery is much smoother and free from obstacles.

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Talent Management Services: The Future Of Hiring

The business of recruitment has come a long way. In the past, each company had a “personnel department” which was responsible for hiring new employees, distributing salaries, and ensuring that company personnel receive all the necessary benefits. As time passed, this system evolved and is now more commonly known as the human resources department. HR departments are no longer simply responsible for hiring and doling out salaries and benefits; they have become more involved in choosing the right recruits to fit in with the business’ principles, and then training them and developing job roles that cater to the company’s needs. For a long time, this has been the strategy among companies, but the business of recruitment is entering yet another era, and companies are turning to talent management services for all their recruitment needs. What exactly is talent management and why is it fast becoming an essential function in business? Talent management is defined as a strategy wherein an organisation anticipates its human capital needs and formulates a plan to meet those needs. In the past, the HR department is considered a separate entity from the rest of the company, but with talent management, the process of recruiting is integrated within the company itself. In this hiring strategy, recruiters are not limited to those people in the HR department; managers and other senior members serve as core players in attracting or retaining talents in the company. Because the company’s employees are involved in this kind of recruitment, using talent management services ensures that the right person is given the right job. Talent management involves regular evaluation, perhaps a yearly interview with managers, after which senior members can report on potential employees and recommend those who are more fitting for a job. This system ensures that only the most qualified are given a certain position, which ultimately leads to increased productivity and better quality output in the long run. For the employees, on the other hand, being placed in a position that makes the best use of their talents can help increase satisfaction in the workplace.

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Better utilisation of talents and increased employee satisfaction eventually lead to another benefit: retention of top talents. This is a particularly important advantage for companies, since top-performing employees can help ensure the growth of the company in the future. Employees, on the other hand, can feel more empowered with the use of talent management services. Since the future of a career rests on performance, employees can be motivated to assume greater responsibilities and achieve more. Lastly, using talent management services can help reduce employee turnover. Since the focus is now on retaining and developing core members of the company, the HR department no longer has to continuously find new hires and orient them. This ultimately saves the company lots of time and resources that may have been wasted on the wrong hire.

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How To Look For Good Professional Resume Writers On The Internet

These days, when you need to look for a certain service, it’ very likely that you’ll turn to the Internet first before checking out other avenues such as the yellow pages or even the classified ads. This is an understandable trend, of course— there is no other medium for advertisement that is quite as up-to-date or with such a wide coverage as the Internet. If you are a new job applicant, the Internet is a particularly useful resource for job hunting tips, advice on today’s industries, and even for finding ways to boost your chances in the job market, such as hiring professional resume writers to create an eyecatching and impressive resume for you. The Internet will indeed be able to provide a multitude of companies and resume writing institutions for you to choose from, but because there are so many, a lot of applicants may find it incredibly difficult to select one. So how do you go about all these choices? How do you know if a certain company’s professional resume writers can be trusted with not only your resume — the most important document needed to jumpstart your career — but also your money? Since you are already on the Internet, the first thing you can do to evaluate a company’s credibility is by visiting its website. Is the website clean-looking, well-designed, and organised? Can you easily find the company’s product and their corresponding packages as well as other crucial information like the company’s profile? If you answered yes to all of these, then you’re already on the right track. After all, if the company’s website is easy to navigate and very user-friendly, then maybe their professional resume writers can apply the same organisational tactics to your resume. On the other hand, if the website is confusing, you can’t really expect them to make a small document like your resume much clearer. While you are browsing the company’s website, also try to check for testimonials from previous customers. A website that is laden with numerous testimonials that only vaguely describe the company’s merits should not be trusted. What’s even worse is if the testimonials sound like a sales pitch and come from anonymous or unnamed clients! Steer clear of those. A good company can back up the quality of their work with specific and detailed comments from real people.

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Lastly, always check the company’s profile. Who heads the group? Does he or she have any experience in hiring like an HR expert or a CEO? Are the company’s professional resume writers certified? How many years has the company been in the business? Answers to questions like these can help you determine whether you are dealing with a high-quality service or not.

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Three Things That Business Coaching Can Do For Your Company

Building a business from scratch is by no means an easy endeavour. But even if you manage to set up a business successfully, this doesn’t mean that there will be no more trials for you to face in the future; once you have established a new company, you will then have to work even harder than before to maintain it and make sure that it can withstand the many challenges that will be thrown your way. What’s more, you will also need to improve your services for your company to grow. These might seem like incredibly difficult tasks, but there is a way for you to lessen your burden and ensure positive growth for your company: business coaching. Simply put, coaching is a service that aims to help individuals improve their performance and achieve their greatest potential in the field that they have chosen. Business coaching is the same, but this kind of coaching places focus on all things related to running a business. This kind of service can benefit all types of companies, whether it’s a massive institution that is already known throughout the world or a fledgling business that has just been built. But how exactly can this kind of coaching help companies and the people who own them? The first thing that business coaching does for entrepreneurs is that it helps them set clear goals for their companies. This is a very important benefit since knowing your objectives can help you determine the methods by which you can achieve them. With a coach’s help a business owner can set goals not only for the development of the company, but for his own success in life as well. This way, both companies and their owners can be assured of fruitful futures. Another benefit that business owners and companies can enjoy with business coaching is that it helps lessen conflict in the company and finds ways for greater and continuous Page 19

improvement. This is because a coaching involves regular and frequent evaluation of the company’s performance, allowing owners to determine their core strengths and weaknesses, and then formulate ways to improve the company overall. A business coach also offers an expert yet unbiased perspective that can help owners be objective in assessing their company’s needs. The last benefit that companies can get with business coaching is enhanced overall productivity, quality, and satisfaction among owners and their employees. With a clear set of goals and constant improvement, it’s no surprise that the company will achieve this. A lifetime commitment to maintain good work habits and offer high quality service ensures that your company will prosper and grow bigger in the long run.

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