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I had read stories and seen pictures, so I thought I was ready for it. But nothing could have prepared me for this. The sights were enough to make a grown man cry. And the smell… the smell was indescribable. I’m talking about La Chureca – the most hopeless place on Earth. La Chureca, located in Nicaragua, is the largest garbage dump in Latin America, spanning about 5 square miles. And hundreds of children call it home. These kids, many of them orphans, have nowhere else to go. They rummage through the mountains of trash, searching for anything they can sell – scraps of plastic and metal, old cans. And all too often, the kids of La Chureca also scrounge through this dump for food. Your heart would break if you saw these kids, rummaging through the trash for something – anything – that could make the hunger go away. Usually they end up eating scraps of food that even the dogs have rejected. Think of your own kids or grandkids. Think of how much pain you would feel if they had to live a life like this. When “the world” looks at the kids of La Chureca, they see dirty children with no future. But as a follower of Christ, I know that you see them differently. You see them as children of God with endless potential.

This boy was born in the garbage dump of La Chureca. He must work all day, collecting scraps of metal to sell for food.

I also know that your heart would soar if you could see the smiles on those kids’ faces when Operation Mercy Ministries comes along.

I started Operation Mercy Ministries 25 years ago to help the children of Nicaragua. This Central American nation has been ravaged by political unrest and civil war for decades. Because of the political climate, many charities either can’t or won’t operate here, making Operation Mercy Ministries one of the few options these kids have.

When you see this girl, do you see her as “the world” sees her? Or do you see her through Heaven’s eyes…as a daughter of God with endless potential?

We have feeding centers set up in several locations throughout the country to feed, clothe, and provide medical care for Nicaragua’s children. When these kids show up at the centers they feel comfort – for the first time in their short little lives. And they also feel the love of Christ. Jesus answered, ‘It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ (Matthew 4:4)

It’s sad but true – many of these children have never learned about Jesus and His love for us. At our feeding centers, Operation Mercy Ministries nourishes the soul as well as the body by teaching these “forgotten children” the love of Christ. Running Operation Mercy Ministries is tough and tiring work… but let me ask you: Have you ever heard a small child pray for the first time? When I hear those sweet children praying for the first time, or learning about their Savior Jesus Christ, it makes it all worthwhile. We’ve set up hundreds of Bible study classes over the years. And believe me when I say – nothing cures the ills that come from poverty and despair like the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But lately we’ve run into trouble, which is why I am writing to you today.
Nothing helps these children survive the rough conditions of La Chureca more than feeling the love of Christ that Operation Mercy Ministries brings to them.

The church we use as a feeding center for the kids of La Chureca was recently torn down by the government.

Perhaps officials were embarrassed that a church was doing more to help these kids than the government was. I refuse to watch these kids starve. I refuse to let them eat trash just to stay alive. With the help of a local pastor, we have found a new location to rebuild the church and continue feeding these children – body and soul. Thanks to pressure from Spain and other outside groups, we’re confident that the government won’t be able to tear down this church as they did the last one. The local residents are willing to help build the church/feeding center and have received all the necessary permits… but they need the materials. They don’t want to build the church out of trash, like they do their own homes. This House of God deserves better than that. The entire project will cost about $8,500. Normally, Operation Mercy Ministries may have been able to afford this. But food prices have risen more than 40% over the past year alone. Rice, beans and vegetable oil are all at or near record highs. Our resources are stretched about as thin as they can get right now. But I think you will agree with me, that the kids of La Chureca need to receive basic food and knowledge of the love of Jesus. Will you help me? I need two things from you: 1) Please pray for La Chureca. Pray that the government will stop hurting these children. And please pray that we can finish building the new church and feeding center here. 2) The Gospel of Christ is a call to action. Please put your prayers into action by making a donation to Operation Mercy Ministries to help us complete this church and continue feeding the children of Nicaragua. A gift of $24 will provide four months of medication to a sick child in Nicaragua. If you can give $50, that will provide Bibles for an entire Bible study class in one of our feeding centers.

This is the site of the future La Chureca church and feeding center. This center will save hundreds of lives and souls – but only if kind Christians like you will help us.

If you are truly blessed, and can give more, $250 will feed ALL the children of La Chureca for a day. Your gift, however big or small, will bring hope to the most hopeless place on Earth. If you make a donation of $24 or more, I will put your name on our Samaritan Roster, which I will proudly display in our new church and feeding center. I think it’s important that these children know your name, so that you can stand as an example to them of Christian love. This Samaritan Roster might not be much, but it’s our simple way of saying “Thank You.” These kids may never meet the strangers who gave them food, medicine, and knowledge of Christ. But when they look at that Samaritan Roster on the wall, they will see YOUR name, know YOU care and YOUR compassion will fill their hearts. And believe me when I say… those children will fold their little hands, close their eyes, and thank God for YOU… the stranger who cared. What more can you ask for? Please, join me in saving the children of La Chureca. We must move quickly and build this church and feeding center immediately. Every day we wait, is another day these forgotten children go hungry. The forgotten children of Nicaragua need you. Please let them know that they are not lost to God, and they are not lost to you. I hope to hear from you very soon. Your Brother in Christ,

Jim Woodall President P.S. Cecilia (right) has lived her whole life in the dump of La Chureca. Something as simple as rice and beans are enough to make her smile from ear to ear. The last thing I want is to let her down by not having enough food for her and her fellow “forgotten children.” Please make a gift of $24, $50, $100, $250 or more to Operation Mercy Ministries to help provide Cecilia and hundreds of children like her with food, medicine, and the Good Word of Christ. Thank you, and God Bless!

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This picture is of me and Francisca at our last Christmas party, sponsored by Operation Mercy Ministries supporters. When I met Francisca for the first time she was huddled in a filthy corner, sobbing to herself. clearly on death do or. ’s her own. She was in so much pain Francisca was that even taking a sip of water was agony.

She suffers from childho od

rheumatoid arthritis, making it impossible for her to move on Thanks to Operation Mercy Ministries, Francisca now has fo od, medication, and even a wheelchair so that she no longer has to lie on the dirt flo or of her humble home. When you are supporting Operation Mercy Ministries, you are saving the lives of sweet little children like Francisca.


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4841 Dillon Dr., Pueblo, CO 81008 www.operationmercyministries.com

Dear Jim, Please tell the children of La Chureca and Nicaragua that they are not lost to God, and they are certainly not lost to me! I will be there for them by helping you build this new church and feeding center they so desperately need. Please accept my gift of: o $24* – This gift will provide up to four months of medicine for a sick child. o $50 – This will purchase Bibles for an entire Bible study class. Many of these children have never owned a Bible before… your gift will change that. o $100 – This generous gift will feed forty children for an entire week! o $250 – This is enough to feed all the children of La Chureca for one day. What a blessing this would be! o Other $________ -- All gifts are greatly appreciated and needed more than you may ever know. Thank you. *If you give $24 or more, we would like to say “Thank You” by placing your name on our Samaritan Roster, which will be proudly hung in our new feeding center and church. You will stand as an example to these children of what it means to be a Christian.
Operation Mercy Ministries is a registered 501c3 charity, making your gift 100% tax-deductible. We understand that your gift is a sacrifice and will put it to the best possible use. Thank you.


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She lives in the most hopeless place on Earth…

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