ENGR Hamid Masood

House # 96, Bara lane swati gate Peshawar can’t, N.W.F.P, Pakistan. Phone: +92-91-5252850 Cells: +92333-5720044, E-mail: nopu83@hotmail.com, hamid.masood@ufonegsm.net

My Desire is to create a Truly Competitive Arena wherever I work so to keep myself active and alive, it gets really important for me to be more than just a participant’s am a highly professional individual with transmission experience. I have years experience purely in telecom sector. My Six years’ experience blends operation and maintenance, technical expertise in various transmission systems like…... and management of staff and resources.

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Leadership capability to mentor, guide and manage teams. Experience in handling with clients across different situations Ability to provide unique and innovative solutions for critical network issues Handling emergency situations adhering to both internal & external SLA Incident management and analysis through development of policies and procedures Good interpersonal/communication skills in a team based environment

WORK EXPERIENCE:  Sr. Executive NOC Team Lead (FM, QM) in UFONE Etisalat.

(Feb 2010- Current) Working in Technical Department, Islamabad)

Responsibilities & Experience.
Transmission engineer with extensive experience in Fault management, Asset management, Configuration management, Performance management, Security management and software management. Proficient in an assortment of transmission technologies, including IP/MPLS, ATM, Frame Relay, DWDM, SDH/PDH, TDM/FDM. Proficient in analyzing device logs and relating them with protocols used to identify the problem. Transmission skills include:
HUAWEI’s Quid way NE80E, NE40E MPLS Routers and S6500 Switches: 1. Troubleshooting of VPN services on HUAWEI’s NE40E routers 2. Troubleshooting of BGP routing protocol on NE40E routers 3. Troubleshooting of IS-IS Inter Domain routing protocol on NE80E and NE40E routers 4. Troubleshooting of OSPF on Label Edged (NE40E) Routers (LER) 5. Troubleshooting of ACL on Label Edged (NE40E) Routers (LER) 6. Troubleshooting of IP based Trunks using POS technology on Label Switched (NE40E & NE80E) Routers (LSR)

7. Excellent understanding of infrastructure at the logical and physical level, including: TCP/IP,
Ethernet, Frame Relay, DSL, DNS, 802.11 and authentication protocols

Alarm monitoring and escalation of alarms on the BITS 27. S3500 Switches and Firewalls: 8. Troubleshooting clock related problems. NE20E Routers and S9300. Operation and maintenance of GPRS traffic on NE16E and NE08E routers 9. Operation and maintenance of Transmission.HUAWEI’s NE08E. HLR. Configuration and Troubleshooting of BTS/BSC/PSTN/Inter-MSC traffic through HUAWEI’s Optix OSN 3500/1500 and Metro 1000 19. Configuration and troubleshooting of BTS and BSCs through RTN 600 version 22. Troubleshooting of microwave links 1+1 protection trough RTN IDU 620 version 23.729A compression on Nortel Network’s proprietary Unacked Framer Trunks 14. SCP. Operation and Maintenance of Optix OSN T2000 server’s NEs and implementation of E1s and STM-N ports both Electrical and fiber optics connections 33. parameters changing and alarm monitoring of MW links on NEC MW network Haris Stratex Microwave Network: network Synclock BITS for Clock Source: 26. Configuration and troubleshooting of SNCP service on SDH Microwave links trough Optic OSN 3500/1500 20. reviewing FM (Fault Management). Configuration and troubleshooting of AAL1CES based signaling links on Passport 7480 15. NE16E. parameters changing and alarm monitoring of MW links on Harris Stratex MW . NSS. Configuration and troubleshooting of Voice E1’s using G. OSN optical power levels checks and setting the abnormal links apart through designed MS Excel macro Huawei Optix T2000 RTN Microwave: 21. S9306 and S3500 Switches 10. Operation and maintenance of PTML Engineering LAN traffic on N20E. Proactively network alarms monitoring. BITS hardware boards issues in coordination with BSS field operation teams and support teams Key Job Responsibilities: 28. STP and ITP traffic through KEYMILE’s PDMUX HUAWEI’s Optix OSN 3500/1500/Metro 1000: 18. Configuration and Troubleshooting of BTS/ BSC/ PSTN/ NMS traffic through KEYMILE’s PDMUX 17. SMSC. Alarm monitoring and escalation of MW alarms NEC PNMSj Microwave Network: 24. Software loop back testing. Responsibility of monitoring surveillance task. Configuration and troubleshooting of VR of Passport 7480 KEYMILE’s Programmable Digital Multiplexers (PDMUX): 16. IN and VAS terminals management traffic through Huawei Quidway S3900 switches 11. Strong commercial experience in firewalls with working experience on site to site VPNs NORTEL’s Passport 7440/7480/15000 Multi Services Switches: 12. escalation & troubleshooting of various transmission networks 29. End to end Testing and cross connection. 32. escalations to management and follow up to resolve outages 30. Reporting the status of any service affecting alarm to field operation team through SMS and also through phone call for proper troubleshooting action 31. Troubleshooting. 24x7 monitoring. Troubleshooting. fault ticketing RTTS (Remedy Trouble Ticket System) and dispatching technician 25. Configuration and troubleshooting of ATM based Voice E1’s between PTCL Exchange and PTML MSCs 13. Configuration and Troubleshooting of MSC. Radio.

Designation of macro for generating the STM-1 link utilization report using Huawei N2000 server for IP/MPLS Network. Islamabad) 1. MPLS. Planning and implementing policies and solutions to improve the stability and security of the corporate network 44. audits and planned outages scheduled overnight within outage windows 36. OSN End-to-End links. Media allocation verification and media record labeling on End-to-End Sections between KEYMILE’s PDMUXs 51.  Assistant Manager Technical AN ELTEK VALERE. Coordination with International Support teams to lodge trouble tickets 39. BSS and Regional field operations teams for troubleshooting 40. Support & Coordination with other teams for network expansions and VAS projects 41. 2. BTS/BSC and PSTN trunks traffic through PDMUX/ATM/OSN. Telenor 2000 sites batteries installation. Traffic record labeling on PQ-1 level tributaries of whole OSN Network to determine the exact amount of traffic impact during outage period 53. IS-IS. Allocation of Network resources required to provision service in response to Customer and/or network requirements 37. Working on different projects. Presentations on Network connectivity. Engineering LAN. Using this macro can generate the report within 10 minutes which on the other hand could take up to one hour if it is generated manually. Configuration & Fault management via Network Management Systems (NMS) 38. Responsible for troubleshooting and timely resolution of faults/issues in IP network supporting OSPF. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) management for ATM. Manage the whole operation team. Optical Fiber and Ethernet networks 46. BSCs management traffic through MPLS 50. MPLS TE Tunneling etc 43. Working closely with the vendors and 3rd party service providers on network changes. ATM virtual circuits & Frame Relay DLCIs configuration ensuring quality of delivery (meeting customer expectations) 35. 3. IN/VAS nodes traffic. Configuration of SNCP service for SDH Microwave interfaces Accomplishments include: 48. Voice circuits.34. Abnormal links can then be rectified in coordination with BSS teams. Labeling current media ports of KEYMILE’s PDMUXs with far-end media ports to determine the far-end of the current port even if we don’t have the section available between end-to-end media ports 52. Coordination with IT Network team for daily LAN/WAN. IT traffic. Coordination with NSS. GPRS traffic through MPLS. Network Diagrams. BGP. internet and office email access issues 42. traffic flow charts and network management 47. creating there average based on four hours power level data so that a single value on optical port gives you the information about this port’s value for four hours. ( May 2009-Feb 2010) Working in Technical Department. Understanding of GSM architecture and determining that how this architecture is structured in PTML Network 49. Clock Source. Comparing this value with the threshold optical power level and copying the link into abnormal links list if the optical power level is less than the minimum threshold value. Designation of macro for monitoring the end-to-end OSN optical power levels between the fibers. PDMUX. Producing reports and providing statistic reports to determine the quality of service available to customers 45. . 54. MPLS/VPN services. Supervising the whole installation of MGW power from ELTEK side. Understanding connectivity diagrams of SDH Microwave links. AAL1CES circuits. Microwave.

To prepare plan for the ATP of On-Air sites and deliver the sites to the operator safely. BSC & micro BTS sites. 13. To maintain and check the quality of installation according to the Operator requirements. spectrum Analyzer. 2. Quality.IMPACT) and other power equipment. I have installed all kinds of VSAT which includes 1. IN. IDIRECT. 6. (March 2006-April 2009) Worked in Ufone Project (O&M Department. Parameter audit of all the sites.DANYO. Management in Technical Organizations . Carrying out Coverage. implement. Testing Telecom Equipment I can easily handle the universal Stationary Battery Analyzer from MIDTRONICS. 17. 19.8mtrs.Shelters. Independently develop the responsibilities and specifications for projects by identifying project phases and elements. commissioning and operation of ELTEK (AIRCON. IPSAT. and Handovers test using TEMS in idle as well as dedicated mode to ascertain the Design criteria.4. Bert Meter. 8.SALTAC. Monitoring the Installation.8m.2m. 10. Trainings • • 1: Management Trainings: I have attended O&M Management Training for Team leaders. and UPS). and transmission entities installed in the whole north region. Multi Meter. reviewing vendor/contractor bids and preparing cost estimates Send different reports regarding network to customer on regular basis. To manage and control team & work load and to update daily progress report. I have ground knowledge with proven track record on configurations and installations of modems such as Com tech. studying project/client/vendor requirements. NE80) and a host of others. Setup of counters and formulas to generate daily statistical reports of KPI’s and monitor effects of changes. and communicate effective operational procedures for improvement of network quality to enhance customer satisfaction. The purpose of this type of periodic maintenance is to check each & every equipment at the site to prevent any instantaneous alarms on GSM site to improve the QOS of GSM operator. NSS. In A/Cs(GOODMEN. Islamabad) Huawei technologies 7. 12. 5. 14. Frequent meetings with customer to address and feedback different on going issues. take help from project teams. including BSS. Knowledge of Various Features of Ericsson and their optimum settings to improve RF Performance. To check battery backup. 16. Cell Reselections. RG modems. 15. 9. Monitoring the troubleshooting of ELTEK rectifier systems and their applications.4m and 3. Coordination between customer and internal team to ensure the timely deliverance as per 11. reporting of the external alarms correctly. Preventive Maintenance: To do preventive maintenance with a team on routine basis for BTS. Huawei Routers (NE40.  Deputy Regional Manager (O&M). Responsible for Operations&maintenance of entire network (Ufone). To maintain the weekly progress and update the statistic data of installed sites.LG) and LC(MULTILINE.HAIER.IMPACT). site master. 18.FGWILLSON.TELLHOW. 1. SLA. I have been involved in the installation of VSAT in hilly areas of Pakistan. SPD. Conduct and perform the pattern test of different telecom and DC power equipment to customer. Completely handle the outsource venders In DGs( IEC. Proactively develop.

SC Electrical (Power) Engineering from N. 3500. and BSC 32. 1997. 1st Division. NWFP. Organizational Behaviors Problem Solving and Decision Making. Quality control brief training from PIQC (Pakistan Institute of Quality Control).620) Special Training on OSN series of huawei equipment in which huawei OSN (1500. Training on Huawei BTS (3012A and 3012AE). ACADEMIC: .W. 1st Division 2001-2005 BSC Electrical (Communication) Engineering from N.03. UFONE cow (BTS on wheel) training. Pakistan. Making it happen… Time Management… 2: Technical Trainings: • • • • Training on NEC(V4.• • • • • • Brief PMP training……with 35 PDUs certificate.P University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar.1983. 6000. 1 Division.1998 Metric (Science) Peshawar Board.NEO) and Huawei Microwave(RTN 610. Peshawar. 7500) and DWDM BWS1600. st 1999.W. IDENTIFICATION: Date & Place of Birth: 21.P University of Engineering & Technology Peshawar 1st Division.2001 FSC (Pre-Eng) Peshawar Board.F. Marital Status: Married Sex: Male 2007-2009 M.F. 2500.

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