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A Transmedia Publication from the Media Design Program at Art Center College of Design Essays by Philip van Allen, Bruce Sterling, Anne Burdick, Holly Willis, Brenda Laurel, and Nik Hafermaas

The New Ecology of Things

What happens when every object and space has a life of its own? That's the question taken up by The New Ecology of Things (NET). In an era of ubiquitous computing, NET provides a framework for addressing the complex design challenge of networked, computational things. NET surpasses the limited vision of 'smart things' with meaningful interactions designed to make the most of our very human experience in the world. NET grew from an interdisciplinary studio to an ongoing initiative in the graduate Media Design Program (MDP) at Art Center College of Design in California. The transmedia publication is a must -read / -see / -experience for designers, educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, social scientists, internet activists and anyone interested in the future of computation, interaction and communication.

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