Real Juice

Real has been the preferred choice of consumers when it comes to packaged fruit juices, which is what makes India's No. 1 Fruit Juice brand. A validation of this success is that Real has been awarded ‘India’s Most Trusted Brand’ status for four years in a row. Today, Real has a range of 14 exciting variants - from the exotic Indian Mango, Mausambi, Guava & Litchi to international favorites like Pomegranate, Tomato, Cranberry, Peach, Blackcurrant & Grape and the basic Orange, Pineapple, Apple & Mixed Fruit. This large range helps cater different needs and occasions and has helped Réal maintain its dominant market share. Made from best quality fruits, Réal does not have artificial flavours and preservatives, and offer your kids not just great taste, but also FRUIT POWER - the power of fruits… the power to stay ahead. Loaded with the power of Vitamin C, Réal fruit juices have all the necessary nutrients that keep you active all day long.

In this fast pace world no one has time for making fresh juice daily so then entered the market packed juice and one the most gift to the consumer needs of juice. The various packing are  200 ml pack which has a cost of Rs. Its low price makes it demand more in the market. 18  1 Liter packs which has a cost of 65 – 80 which depends upon the flavor and the concentration. There are various packaging of real juice with effects the demand of the juice. Price of commodity. The 200 ml pack which is a handy pack is famous for it’s easy to carry and drink ease.Determinants of Demand Real Juice. There are various factors with determine the demand of product which are 1.The price of the commodity is an important factor in demand of the good. the packed juice introduced by Dabur has been one of the no 1 juice in the market. The 1 liter pack which has different prices has different demands due to different prices as due to law of demand .

The demand of juice is more in middle and high class of the society. mango . Taste and Preference – The taste and preference of the consumer takes and high effect of the demand of real juice. litchi etc so different flavors have different demand . and so is In the case of Real juice. During this time the company comes up with various packs of different variety. The advertisements show that how juice is good for health. Guava. The juice is consumed in the breakfast by the working class people of both middle and high class. people gift each other juices. orange. 3. 6. 4. . fight between breakfast and work etc. grapes . Festive Season . Bipasha basu also advertises real products in which she is shown telling that real juice makes her active and healthy.2. the consumers can be divided into 3 classes’ lower class. Income of Consumers – The income of the consumers has a really strong effect on the demand. pomengrate . they both are considered the main players of the market. Competition – The main competitor of Real Juice is Tropicana . middle class and high class. 5. Advertisement – Real Juice has various advertisements like having healthy breakfast. The Tropicana has a market share of 48 percent and the Real has an market share of 52 percent which makes the Real Market Leader. the real juice is available in various flavors like Apple .The demand of the Real Juice increases during the festive season like diwali . Various gift packs are launched by the company to promote their product and increase their sales.

 The advertisement really effects the mind of the consumer  The law of demand says that with increase in the price the demand of the product decreases but we have seen that price of the juice have increased but the demand is same and increasing with time. .Conclusion  Real juice is the highest demanded juice in the market in the packed juice segment.

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