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Life is full of celebration, and we can’t think of a better reason than recovery.

To honor our patients and the changes they’ve made in their lives, Brighton Hospital alumni are invited to Tune-ups three times a year. each Tune-up gives our alumni the chance to socialize and features inspirational guest speakers, coining ceremonies and plenty of camaraderie.


aFTerCare programS

FamiL TreaTmenT y

part of recovery involves aftercare, something we feel strongly about at Brighton Hospital. research indicates that people are less likely to relapse if they maintain regular aftercare appointments, attend 12-step meetings and obtain a sponsor from a 12-step program. our aftercare team schedules outpatient aftercare for our patients prior to their discharge from Brighton Hospital. We also provide routine telephone monitoring of our patients post-discharge to follow their progress.

ouTpaTienT mediCaL CLiniC

Following their discharge, patients have the option of returning to Brighton Hospital’s outpatient medical Clinic. We can refill prescriptions, evaluate medications, complete lab tests and urine drug screens and attend to non-emergent medical conditions. We can also make referrals to physicians and specialists who are knowledgeable about recovery.


if you are planning an intervention or need referrals to interventionists, please call our Customer Service representatives. We can make arrangements for on-site intervention space and/or schedule an assessment time.


The Brighton Family retreat is an annual event empowering family and friends coping with an addicted loved one. For more information, visit our website at:

in order to serve our prospective patients as efficiently as possible, our Customer Service representatives will request clinical information to be faxed for our assessment team’s review to determine if the patient appears to be appropriate for treatment at Brighton. Following screening, we will call back to schedule a patient assessment.

opiaTe TreaTmenT program

Brighton Hospital, a non-profit treatment center, maintains reasonable costs for treatments. Some individuals pay privately for their care, some have insurance coverage, while others use insurance and then pay privately for longer stays. When scheduling an admission assessment, a Customer Service representative will complete a thorough verification and discuss the details of your insurance plan with you and the extent to which your stay is covered. We accept most commercial insurances and managed care plans.

12-STep programS

in order for patients to become familiar with 12-step recovery while in treatment, Brighton Hospital offers 12-step meetings on-site, including alcoholic anonymous, narcotics anonymous, Kleptomaniacs and Shoplifters anonymous, Sex addicts anonymous and al-anon. We also encourage our patients to attend appropriate groups following their discharge.

For patients who require extended treatment with medications used for treatment of opiate dependence (Suboxone™ or naltrexone), we offer extended outpatient treatment. it includes an individualized interdisciplinary treatment plan, medical monitoring with a physician and group therapy. groups are available in the morning or evening.

LiCenSe and aCCrediTaTion

LengTH oF STay


This weekly evening group is designed to answer basic questions about chemical dependence. The group offers support to those close to any person in addiction or recovery who are also dealing with the affects of addiction in their lives. Chit Chat meets Wednesday evenings and is facilitated by one of our family therapists.

patients are admitted using criteria set by the american Society of addiction medicine (aSam). our inpatient programs accommodate stays up to 30 days and include individualized treatment in detoxification, rehabilitation, and/or domiciliary partial hospitalization. research has shown that longer lengths of treatment contribute to a favorable outcome. Length of stay is determined by medical necessity criteria set forth by the american Society of addiction medicine, along with patient progress and motivation. We coordinate with insurers throughout treatment. each patient’s length of stay differs based on where they are in the recovery process. We encourage prospective patients to contact their insurers so they understand their substance abuse treatment benefits.

pHySiCianS, ouTpaTienT CLiniCS, eap’S, LegaL reFerraLS and oTHerS

please have prospective patients call our Customer Service representatives to complete the initial intake and schedule their assessment appointment. patients are welcome to call from your office.

Brighton Hospital is state-licensed and accredited. We are accredited by the Joint Commission on accreditation of Health Care organizations (JCaHo) and are also a member of the national association of addiction Treatment providers (naaTp).


FriendS and FamiL y

Friends and family are welcome to call to give initial information about a prospective patient. Whenever possible, we like to speak to the patient to obtain as complete a history as possible for the intake process.

Brighton Hospital is a member of St. John Health and part of Southeast michigan’s largest behavioral health services network. Brighton Hospital is also a member of ascension Health, the largest private Catholic health care system in the united States. Brighton Hospital employees are members of Teamsters Local 337 .

BrigHTon naTionaL addiCTion FoundaTion

The mission of the Brighton national addiction Foundation is to fight addiction throughout the nation by fundraising to support the highest standards of practice in prevention, treatment, aftercare, and addiction research programs conducted by Brighton Hospital. The BnaF advances this mission primarily through philanthropic relationship management and cultivation with donors and grant makers. Through its board and staff, the foundation pursues major gifts and grants from individuals, corporations, charitable foundations and other organizations. The Foundation also conducts fund raising events to benefit patient care, new programs and facility development at the hospital. planned gifts through bequests, trusts and estates are also encouraged, as are gifts made via Brighton’s website, For more information call 810-225-2542 or e-mail

Clean + Sober
2 Words. 12 Steps. 30 Days. = A New Start. 888-215-2700 or 810-227-1211 Admissions: 800-523-8198 810-220-5514

w w w. b r i g h t o n h o s p i t a l . o rg

it’s often said that one person can make a difference. in 1950, Harry Henderson was that person. When Harry, a businessman and civic leader, chaired the michigan Liquor Control Commission, he saw the human and social consequences of alcohol abuse and addiction. He felt compelled to do something and in the process founded Brighton Hospital, a freestanding chemical dependence treatment center located on 92 beautiful acres in Brighton, michigan. one of Henderson’s colleagues was Bill Wilson, co-founder of alcoholics anonymous. They believed addiction is a physical, mental and spiritual disease that can be treated with medical intervention, counseling and a strong spiritual life supported by 12-step programs. This principle still guides Brighton’s treatment philosophy today, though our treatment of alcoholism has evolved to include all forms of chemical dependence. one day at a time, Brighton Hospital’s team serves as a competent, compassionate, innovative and respectful treatment provider for individuals with chemical dependence. We’re here because you’re here.

aBouT BrigHTon


The first step toward treatment at Brighton Hospital is completing and submitting an admission Form and faxing it to 810-227-2029 or mail to: Brighton Hospital, 12851 Grand River Rd., Brighton, MI 48116, Attn: Customer Service Representative. a Customer Service representative will review your use history and insurance benefits and call within 24 hours to schedule an admission assessment. if you cannot complete the form or prefer to speak with someone instead, call a Customer Service representative at 800-523-8198 or 810-220-5514 to obtain the necessary information. representatives are available from: 8 a.m.-11:30 p.m. Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Weekends Brighton Hospital offers daily admission assessments. When patients arrive for admission, they receive a thorough nursing and addiction assessment and a complete health and physical exam. a member of our team of addiction medicine professionals then meets with patients individually to discuss the level of care needed to treat their addiction.

WHo We TreaT

Brighton Hospital is a freestanding treatment center and we treat those who are: • age 18 and older for detoxification, rehabilitation, domiciliary partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and halfway houses. • age 13 to 17 for adolescent intensive outpatient care • Have a primary diagnosis or history of substance dependence • are medically and psychiatrically stable

aduL inTenSive ouTpaTienT program T
intensive outpatient programming is a level of care designed for patients who need more support and guidance than traditional once-a-week outpatient counseling sessions. it consists of group therapy and education for three hours at a time, three times a week, usually for four weeks. Brighton Hospital offers day, afternoon and evening sessions.

addiTionaL programS

adoLeSCenT inTenSive ouTpaTienT program


detoxification is required when an addicted person’s body becomes physically dependent on alcohol, drugs or certain types of prescription medications. in order to minimize the physical and psychological symptoms that occur when the body is deprived of a drug, Brighton’s treatment team utilizes alternative medications and medically monitors each patient. inpatient detoxification prepares a patient to fully engage in the next level of care in their treatment process, usually rehabilitation or domiciliary partial hospitalization.


admiSSion To BrigHTon HoSpiTaL

Whether it’s one or several areas of your life that have been impacted by your use, treatment at Brighton Hospital is an important step on the road to recovery. Chemical dependence is a disease, not a personal weakness, and we know recovery is possible based on the thousands of patients we have treated.

all patient care is individualized and includes input from physicians, nurses, therapists and case managers. The treatment team meets regularly to monitor each patient’s treatment and progress at all levels of care, including medication monitoring and education about the disease concept. We believe mending a life means treating the whole person: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We are experienced in treating dependencies of many types, including alcohol, stimulants (cocaine, methamphetamines), opioidsates and other depressants (heroin, ooxycontin™, prescription pain killers), benzodiazepines (valium™, Xanax™, Klonopin™), other prescription drugs and marijuana. many people suffer from addiction to two or more substances simultaneously. our skilled medical and counseling staff are able to handle these more complex addictions. We also address other behaviors. (Please see dual diagnosis treatment ). The type of treatment a patient receives depends on many factors, the amount and frequency of use, prior treatment history and motivation to change. all levels of care prepare patients to return to independent living.


rehabilitation is an inpatient hospital level of care and is recommended when a patient needs a highly structured environment. medical and psychiatric issues and other complicated factors may require a patient to receive this level of care. rehabilitation may also be recommended if a patient has had treatment in the past and has been unable to maintain sobriety despite these efforts. Treatment includes daily group therapy, educational lectures and videos, recreational therapy, and counseling three times a week.

The adolescent intensive outpatient program (a.i.o.p .) is designed for teens that need more support and guidance than traditional once-a-week outpatient counseling sessions. it consists of group therapy and education for three hours at a time, three times a week. during the comprehensive assessment process, the adolescent will meet with a physician, a nurse and a therapist. The multidisciplinary team will determine the treatment most appropriate for the individual based on the substance used, physical and mental health, family relationships and academic performance. The adolescent will then receive an individualized plan of care based on his or her needs.

HeaL proFeSSionaLS TH reCovery program

addiction is like a falling drop of water on a still lake: the resulting ripples touch everyone. We also know that recovery is hard work and deserves recognition. Brighton Hospital acknowledges both of these realities with our unique programs. For more information regarding registration for events, visit

FamiL and FriendS y

We know that chemical dependence is a disease that doesn’t discriminate, even when it comes to a person’s occupation. our treatment team is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of health and legal professionals through the Health professionals recovery program. Brighton Hospital coordinates this effort with state monitoring programs to help patients maintain licensing while in treatment.

30-day CLergy reCovery program

HaLFWay HouSing
HenderSon HouSe For men
at times, a person’s living environment may threaten the ability to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle. When this occurs, it may be recommended that an individual be in an alternate living situation to help solidify the gains made in treatment before returning to independent living. Henderson House is a 16-bed men’s halfway house designed to meet this need. residents have daily classes and individual counseling once a week in a cooperative environment while they also work or volunteer and an opportunity to attend an array of on-site 12-step programs.

domiCiLiary parTiaL HoSpiTaLizaTion program

The 30-day Clergy recovery program is a very unique, “one-of-a-kind” program in the united States. Treatment is focused on the clergy and the particular issues the clergy face. Treatment is confidential and counseling is conducted with the in-house spiritual counselor which includes a daily spiritual service, lectures and discussions specifically for the needs of clergy in recovery. Clergy will develop skills to cope with secondary trauma and perfectionism, learn practical methods of self-care and develop techniques for dealing with guilt and shame.

it is estimated that for every person with the disease of addiction, 6-10 people have been affected. Families and friends of our patients need their own recovery as much as each patient does. in order to create a strong recovery system, we encourage anyone in the patient’s life wanting to learn about chemical dependence to join us for our Family and Friends program, a comprehensive series of lectures and discussion groups occurring two consecutive Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. We encourage attendees to complete the program, even if the patient has already been discharged from inpatient treatment. While we have no open visiting at Brighton Hospital, there is plenty of shared time with each patient during the Family and Friends program.

HoLiSTiC HeaLing

Though it’s called partial hospitalization, patients stay overnight on campus. This level of care may be recommended when patients need a structured environment to maintain sobriety but with less clinical intensity than rehabilitation. along with daily group therapy and educational sessions, partial hospitalization patients participate in weekly counseling and 12-step groups.

duaL diagnoSiS TreaTmenT

at times, patients may have a substance dependence diagnosis along with mental health diagnosis. They may have self-medicated their symptoms with alcohol or drugs, making it difficult to determine if the addiction or mental health issue is primary. an untreated mental health condition will make a person more vulnerable to substance abuse. Likewise, relapse will worsen a mental health condition. our treatment team includes psychiatrists and knowledgeable staff who can help patients manage their mental health and chemical dependency simultaneously.

Women’S HaLFWay HouSe

nearly half of all patients at Brighton Hospital are women. Those who graduate from our treatment programs face the obstacle of finding a sober housing option that will help them solidify the gains made in treatment before they return to independent living. To address this need, Brighton Hospital has opened a 16-bed women’s halfway house on its campus. Here, women will benefit from daily educational classes, weekly individual and group therapy sessions, volunteer service opportunities, job skills training, an array of on-site 12-step programs.

Brighton Hospital has been an innovator in the use of acupuncture to reduce patients’ residual withdrawal symptoms. our treatment includes recreational therapy, exercise, yoga, meditation, music therapy, and gardening. This approach allows patients to find new strengths or rediscover forgotten ones to help facilitate healing and recovery. in addition, our dietician provides personal and group education about healthy eating and nutritional needs in early recovery. our campus includes the Ludington peace Center, where patients are able to attend daily lectures and meetings.

Brighton Hospital also offers substance abuse assessments for individuals who have lost their michigan driver’s license and are preparing for their license reinstatement hearings. our assessment includes a screening tool, a urine drug screen and a comprehensive evaluation completed by a clinician.

miCHigan driver’S LiCenSe reSToraTion aSSeSSmenTS