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Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media

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Smart Media
2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume 1

Working to Make the World a Better Place

2nd Quarter 2012


Page 4-6 Smart Medias Vision of the Future

CEO David Martin & Smart Medias pursuit in developing a global, fun, educational and collaborative social community designed to generate profits for its members and truly help the world

Page 7 Smart Media Embraces Causebased Marketing

Adopting cause-based marketing to do well and do good for charitable and not-for-profit causes

Page 19 Embracing Critical Causes

Pages 8-9 Introducing Home Page Pays 2.0

How Smart Medias new social network is committed to critical causes

Page 27 The Quiet Explosion

The behind-the-scenes evolving infrastructure of Smart Media

A preview of the incredible next stage in the development of HPP

Page 10 1 to 1001+

Pages 20-23 Smart Media Advertising & Branding

Page 28 Will People Think Less of Me?

Secrets to making the right decisions

The new definition of Viral Marketing

The perfect Smart Media advertising and branding solutions

Page 11 The Money is in the List

Many marketing gurus have claimed that a good list equals success. But what is the best way to build your list?

Page 24 A Revolution in Advertising

Getting the Top-of-Mind Awareness you desire

Pages 12-14 The Edutainment Revolution

The next revolution of Education: Why the world needs it and how to get there!

Page 25 The Worth of 20 Minutes of Advertising

Page 15 Smart Media Games Entertainment that Brings Families Together

The drawbacks of traditional advertising and the new advertising revolution

Page 29 Smart Media Values Social Responsibility & Code of Conduct

Enabling social values and responsibility with quality ethical standards

Creating an amazing game world to improve and help lives

Page 26 Why Do We Need a Plan B?

Five reasons most people will never be financially secure

Pages 16-17 Smart Points

Pages 30-31 Never Give Up!

Let Smart Points lead you to recognition, awards, prizes and purchases

Crucial thoughts on the keys to success

The first and only online rewards page 2 store where everything is FREE

Page 18 Smart Points Rewards Store

Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media

Welcome to a New Dawn!

i, my name is Robert Teunessen and I want to welcome you to the first ever issue of Smart Media Magazine. This issue will answer the question, What is Smart Media?

By giving great information in a beautiful format, that not only makes great reading but is also a wonderful gift. When you give someone this high quality magazine, you give them great value and this makes you look good.

There are articles on the Edutainment Revolution, Secrets of Ultimate List Building, Smart Points and my personal favourite, Never Give Up! You will see what we are doing to be a positive force for change today and the vision for tomorrow. If anyone ever wants to understand more about Smart Media, you should just hand them a copy of this magazine. As you read on, you will gain a sense of what a true milestone this issue heralds. The team that created this magazine is stretched across four continents and has overcome immense obstacles to leave you with this request: Join with us and make a positive difference by helping us make the world a better place, using a system with the most powerful tools on the planet Put a copy of this magazine in the hands of everyone who cares about helping themselves and helping others.

SmartWorld a Better Place Media Working to Make the

Robert Teunessen 1-616-777-0682

Smart Media

Working to Make the World a Better Place

Smart Media 2012 All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be used or reproduced without the express permission of Smart Media. All information contained in this magazine is for information only and is, as far as we are aware, correct at the time of going to press. Smart Media cannot accept any responsibility for errors or inaccuracy in such information. If you submit unsolicited material to us, you automatically grant Smart Media and license to publish your submission in whole or in part in all editions of this magazine, in any physical or digital format throughout the world.

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Smart Media
2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume 1

Working to Make the World a Better Place

Smart Medias Vision of the Future is to have hundreds of millions of people around the world participating in our Fun, Educational, Collaborative social community that is designed to generate numerous streams of profits automatically for its members.

Smart Medias Vision of the Future

Smart Media will also revolutionise the way that people can give back to the world and make the world a better place.
Several things Smart Media will change over the next decade:
Social Community: A Home Page social community of hundreds of millions Education & Entertainment: Millions participating in a unique synthesis of education and entertainment Causes: There will be millions more in the Smart Media community helping those who cannot help themselves Branding: There will be incredible new ways to help small businesses succeed and brand themselves Mobile: The Smart Media App will be on millions of smartphones & tablets Middle Class: A thriving global middle class that has been strengthened by Smart Medias efforts to help those who will help themselves

y doing so, we believe that Smart Media will become one of the great Fortune 500 companies in the technology marketplace and a company whose members are able to make a real, profound difference, both in their own lives and in the lives of others. Many companies try to do some of what we are doing, but most of them fail within the first 6 months to a year. Smart Media was founded in 2008 and is expanding more rapidly than ever before. Few companies can consistently deliver on their promises, but Smart Media has a track record of under promising and over delivering in both technology and value.

In a volatile world where change is the only constant, we all know that the really important things stay the same and the rest constantly need innovation to improve.

Here are Four things that Smart Media will not change:
Sharing: Smart Media will remain a technology company that shares its success Innovation: Smart Media will continue to innovate, giving average people the chance for a better life Vision for a Better World: Smart Media will always work to make the world a better place for humans
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Viral Expansion: Continuing to Virally Expand

Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media

Many things that Smart Media is changing today

Sharing: Smart Media is the only technology
company that freely shares its revenues and it is currently developing new ways to increase the revenue streams to its membership. Imagine if you had been able to earn revenue from one of the great Fortune 500 technology companies when it was just starting. Where would you be today, financially?

Social Community: The Smart Media Social

Community is all about two things; personalisation and sharing. The hub for all of this activity is Home Page Pays. HPP 2.0 (complete article elsewhere in this magazine) is where your personalised avatar lives in its virtual home; a place where you safely share through Smart Mail, Smart Chats, Smart Chirps and more; a place where your friends are easy to identify and connect with; a place where you can share your concern for world causes together, play games together, learn together and spend your Smart Points together.

Automated Profit: A
unique system that puts profit into the pocket of its paid members, when they are awake and when they are sleeping, is undergoing constant upgrades.

Middle Class: The Smart

Media system is already improving the opportunities available to the middle class to support them in securing the lifestyle they desire.

Social Awareness: In the

hectic, on-the-go world we live in, it is easy to zoom through every day without really knowing what is happening around you and where you can make a difference. Smart Medias current commitment to making the world a better place includes elements that are designed to capture attention and encourage the members of our community to take a deeper look at the good they can do and then show them actions they can take. Members of the community will notice the pervasiveness of social responsibility and social awareness in everything we do.

Innovation: From Home

Page Pays to unique proprietary games to new educational paradigms, Smart Media is committed to constant innovation.

Education & Entertainment: Beginning with great educational and training videos and now breaking ground in the edutainment arena, Smart Media is demonstrating leadership in every way. Unique, custom Smart Media games that define healthy edutainment for all ages, driving true global sustainability. Causes: Beginning with direct donations as a % of
revenue and then partnering with charities and Notfor-Profit organisations, Smart Media is taking action to make the world a better place. More than that, we are using technology to directly impact the global education crisis and the middle class that is declining in many parts of the world.

Smart Points: A unique reward

system for all members of the Smart Media Community. These points not only have both realworld value in the Smart Media Store and supporting charities, but in the virtual worlds where they can be exchanged for advantages in your virtual lifestyle.

Friendly Competition: Finding that fine line

that allows competition without anyone feeling like a loser has been the challenge for decades. It is recognized that games would be able to create a greater sense of community when this is achieved. Smart Media is closing the gap on this elusive goal in its proprietary, exclusive games. Not only will mastering the concept of Friendly Competition increase the attractiveness and replay value of a

Branding: With the highest impact at the lowest

prices, Smart Media is bringing the latest advertising and marketing technologies to support business persons (especially small business) everywhere. This program is being expanded even as this issue is published. Look for great innovations in this area.

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Smart Media
2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume 1

Working to Make the World a Better Place

game, but it will provide the perfect vehicle for delivering educational content.

Free Trial Culture: Our usage of the Internet has

created a free culture. This is a culture that does not buy until they try. Almost every technology product allows the prospective client to either try for a time period or to use a lite version of their product free. At the same time, the free version must deliver great value or the prospect will not convert to make a purchase. Examples of this range from Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Skype, Dropbox and millions of others. Following the example of other technology giants, Smart Media has created

a personalised launch pad (Home Page Pays) that is absolutely free and can be given away free indefinitely. Following the practice of giving away massive value in the hopes of conversion to a higher level of membership is a numbers game and the Smart Media numbers will provide the vehicle to achieve all the goals in this article.

HPP 2.0: The hub and centrepiece that all of these

activities revolve around is in a constant state of intense innovation. If you carefully look through the features in the article on Home Page Pays 2.0, you will be amazed at the value this free product delivers.

Why does Smart Media invest this level of effort and expense into their products?
It all revolves around creating a better life for you, your family and friends. Help us to create a better world and to make a difference that will continue on after each of us has left this life. Envision this massive community united in contributing to a better world through our new paradigm in education, entertainment and causes. Over the next decade, millions will have been served and given a chance at a better future including:

Those who could not help themselves - will help themselves Those who could help themselves - will be enjoying a better quality of life And those who wanted to help others - will be helping others
Smart Media may not be able to change everything, but we will make a global difference. The world will be a better place because we were here. We invite you to be a part of our mission to create a better world.

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Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media

Smart Media Embraces

Cause-based Marketing

mart Media is following in the footsteps of companies such as Marriott Corporation, Ben & Jerrys, Famous Amos (cookies), Yoplait, Cheerios, American Express and Apple Computer, amongst others in the Do Well by Doing Good model (term coined by Bruce Burtch) . Smart Media has committed to Cause-based (Cause-related) marketing in that effort. Cause-based marketing differs from corporate giving and refers to creating co-operative relationships

Do Well by Doing Good

between for-profit businesses and charities. These partnerships have typically resulted in greater gains for both the charity and for the business than either could achieve alone. The exact models that Smart Media will adopt have not yet been finalised, but here are some examples that other corporations have used: Ben & Jerrys Ice cream containers are mini-billboards that have championed causes both local and global The UK-based AquAid Water Coolers Donates 5.5% of turnover to supply clean drinking water to the people of Africa via the two charities Christian Aid and Pump Aid Yoplait Had their Save the Lids to Save Lives, raising $2 million in the campaign for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Cheerios Had the stamp of approval (the Heart Check) from the American Heart Foundation Singapore Airlines Used an online auction to launch the Doctors Without Borders campaign American Express Gave 2 cents from every AMEX card purchase towards a group of charities

These are just a tiny sampling of the group of companies that Smart Media is joining that demonstrates commitment to global social responsibility. These relationships have raised billions of dollars to help mankind create a kinder, gentler world. It lets everyone know that you are one of the good guys because you are part of Smart Media. This makes it attractive for family and friends to participate without reservation. It is another way for you to Do Good.

Smart Media has already committed to donating 1% of its revenue from banner ads to charity and the new HPP 2.0 overview page highlights charities and not-forprofit causes as well as offering the opportunity for paid members to highlight the brand of their favourite charity. The Smart Media team is discussing a multitude of ways to raise awareness of important causes. Whatever methods and models Smart Media chooses to implement in Causebased marketing, you can be assured that it will help our members Do Well by Doing Good.

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Smart Media
June 2012 Issue 01

Replace with David Tagline

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Replace with David Tagline

Smart Media

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June 2012 Issue 01

Smart Media
2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume 1

Working to Make the World a Better Place

ur vision of the future is to have a Home Page Pays social community with hundreds of millions of people. This true story of what happened for one of our Members, when she gave away Home Page Pays, is an example of how we will achieve this goal. ariette, who lives in Alberta, Canada, spent most of her working career in the field of medicine, including many years in Africa. She is a caring, giving person, so the chance to be part of a company like Smart Media, where she is able to give away something as wonderful as Home Page Pays to people all around the world, is a dream come true. ariette says, I finally have a way to truly help people in a meaningful way. Smart Media is not only for helping people create financial abundance.... it also helps people who need a positive change in their lives by spreading compassion, education and prosperity... all that is needed for peace, which I am very happy about. ariette gave away the HPP system as a birthday gift to Rosalina, one of her friends on Facebook. Rosalina registered and started using the HPP System. hen Marlette told Rosalina she could earn 25 Smart Points each time she gave it away, is when the fun started. In a couple of days Rosalina had invited an additional 127 new Free Members and in turn, received a total of 3,175 Smart Points (127 people x 25 Smart Points)! hose 127 new members also found out about Smart Points and they too started giving it away. In just over 2 weeks, Mariette had over 2,000+ new members... amazing!

True story demonstrating why Home Page Pays is the Ultimate List Building System on the Internet
Members roll up to the paid member who, in this story, was Mariette.



t gets even better...

ariette and her sponsor, Anita, noticed what was happening and they connected with Rosalina to ask her if she would like to upgrade to a Paid Member so that she could start building her own Free Member network and get paid when they used HPP. Rosalina thought that was a great idea so she upgraded. In that same 2 week period, she had over 400 Free Members of her own and also her first Paid Member. magine what is going to happen to this group over the next 6 months. Imagine how many Free and Paid Members they will have in their network. Mariette gave it away to Rosalina and in only 2 weeks she had over 2,000 Free Members on her first level, 400 on her second level and 2 new Paid Members. She had activated multiple income streams by just giving away a valuable gift to Rosalina on her birthday! here are many other stories we could share with you... yet this is only the beginning. ow is the time to share the exceptional gift of Home Page Pays with the world and make a difference!



page 10

t is important to understand that only Paid Members can build a Free Member network and get paid on the Internet activity of Free Members. Free Members are rewarded with Smart Points and matching prizes when they refer other members, however, their Free

Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media

Home Page Pays adds even more truth to this statement. Why?
t is very simple for our Paid Members to build a list by giving away unlimited value-packed Home Page Pays systems for free and develop a continually expanding database through the power of leverage. Businesses From the local corner shop to multi-national companies Many businesses give away product samples or promotional gifts that are branded with their company logo. This can be extremely costly. What if they were able to give away an unlimited number of HPP systems and whenever those people use the Internet, they see the business owners branding. Even better, the people they give it to for free can give it away to others! Not only does the business receive top-of-mind awareness, they are also able to earn an income whenever those Free Members use the Internet. Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) and Fundraisers Charities, Religious Organisations, Schools, Sporting Clubs, Non-Profit (Health and Other Organisations) Smart Media offers a dynamic and unique way to raise funds where the organisation WINS and their members and supporters WIN! NPOs, charities, schools, sporting clubs, religious organisations, etc., can earn money simply by giving away the amazing HPP system to their members and supporters. We have all donated to causes, but bad economic times means there is less or no more money to donate. No one wins, the supporter feels guilty, the organisations have fewer resources and the causes they represent suffer. What if people were able to support their favourite cause by simply doing what they do every day anyway, thus providing a constant stream of funds for that cause. How can Smart Media pay on all its Free Members? Smart Media earns revenue from advertising. Instead of pocketing all that revenue, it has chosen to make a difference in peoples lives all around the world by sharing that revenue with its members. Our unique promotional branding service offers anyone in business (small to large), anyone in the direct sales industry or any NPO even more diversity, with a better way to promote and brand themselves. They receive unsurpassed branding real estate allowing them to become more successful with their business or NPO and at the same time creating them another powerful and passive income source.

The Money Is In The List

Imagine it when any of your Free Members give away HPP, then those people give it away, and so on, everyone rolls up into YOUR database! And why wouldnt they want to give it away when everyone can receive lifetime membership of the unique HPP system that has an amazing FREE source of Entertainment, Education, Games, Social Networking and so much more, including the chance to Earn Smart Points and Win Prizes. However, what if there was a whole new meaning to the saying, The Money is in the List? What if you were actually PAID on all your Free Members who access the Internet though our HPP system without even changing their web browser?! What if you were actually PAID commissions when any of those Free Members make purchases of Smart Medias in-games and virtual goods? And this is just the very tip of the iceberg! If you fit into any of the following categories, it is likely you are looking to expand your client or member base in order to make or raise money. Direct Sales

Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Internet Marketers People in the Direct Sales industry are always looking for ways to build a list of good prospects. By purchasing a branding package, they purchase the branding rights to give away an unlimited number of free HPP systems to anyone all over the world. Every time those people use their computer or the Internet, they see the branding. It is the perfect gift. It benefits the receiver and rewards the giver, so everyone wins. Read the 1 to 1001+ story to see the power of this system.

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Smart Media
2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume 1

Working to Make the World a Better Place

here is change in the wind. A restless whispering that will no longer tolerate educational tyranny and mediocrity. This revolutionary unrest is different from those in the past, because you can hear an undertone of the laughter and giggling of students learning. he last true revolution in education occurred as a result of the Industrial Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment. Our current educational system was designed to raise the economic standards of an entire people and conceived to relieve many of the social ills of the 18th and 19th century. It was a revolution in its time, but is a poor fit for today. Unfortunately, we havent had a significant paradigm change since then.

speed and to be engaging, fun and content rich.


hy does there need to be a change so radical that it is termed a revolution? Consider this...

here was a study on creativity (NASA developed the test - administered to 1600 children) which demonstrated that 98% of children at Kindergarten age are creative geniuses, but as they progress through the current educational system that percentage drops and drops until at age 15 only 12% tested as genius, for the same group of children! The same test was administered to 280,000 adults and only 2% tested as genius in creativity.

page 12


ur culture, technology, society and children have all changed radically since that time, but our educational system has lagged woefully behind. Today, our children learn at the speed of the Internet, which is the greatest trend in human history. They expect their education to match that

s we follow their progress, they are not only less creative, most have learned to resent or lose interest in school and the learning process. Smart Media believes that if we are going to make the world a better place, we must start by making learning fun once again. his is far from a trivial undertaking but, Smart Media knows that it takes true commitment

Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media

to make lasting and important change in the world. What would this revolution have to look like? This revolution, at a minimum, MUST:

include all of the other skills and opportunities that a technology-rich world can provide, without our current limitations. verturn the stagnation and tyranny of the status quo. No amount of patching will fix the current system.

ake learning fun again, putting the excitement of adventure back into education! ncourage Collaboration, Social Sharing and Social Learning over individual effort. e free on a global basis. e available on numerous platforms, such as Windows, Mac and many mobile devices.



llow students (of all ages) to learn as fast as they are able and not to relegate them with artificial rules, such as age groups, or holding their learning back in order to stay in sync with the rest of the class. llow learning to occur at any place and at any time.

reate interactive adventures that attract, capture and retain the students attention.

e relevant with constant innovation. It is said, that by the time a college student finishes a degree today, in any technical subject, their text books, educational material and perhaps even skills are already outdated and obsolete. rovide the fundamental skills, such as Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, yet also expand to

e immersive! One of the most important attributes of getting an education at highest possible speed is for the student to desire and be able to immerse themselves in the topic. The more immersion, the harder the brain clicks over to try harder.
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Smart Media
2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume 1

Working to Make the World a Better Place

any people have asked why Smart Media formed a game company and why they create their own games. Now you know one of the answers! When you combine education and entertainment you get Edutainment. Smart Media is part of the learning revolution. any companies have been successfully selling their edutainment materials demonstrating that there is pent-up demand for these tools. For example, did you know that by April of 2012, the single Edutainment title, Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day, had sold almost 20 million units (the game lists at $20/game - see chart) o you know how much Smart Media will be charging for many of their edutainment

titles? Zero, nada, zilch, nothing for custom designed, professionally crafted Edutainment software. Additionally, this Edutainment games library will be constantly expanding. Can there be any question of their commitment to the new learning revolution?



very member of Home Page Pays will have free access to many of these amazing learning tools!

upport the revolution in education and be a hero in the eyes of your children and family members by giving them free and unrestricted access to these fun, immersive learning tools. Invite everyone to participate in Home Page Pays and be a part of making the world a better place.

Learn more about the revolution in Education by listening to Sir Ken Robinson describe what is happening while RSA illustrates it. And his original TED talk...
page 14

Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media

Entertainment that Brings Families Together

The First Point The Third Point

Smart Media Games

he third point of the Smart Media Mission is to Help those who want to help others be able to do so easily.


he first point of the Smart Media Mission is to Help those who can help themselves to improve

their lifestyle. mart Media Games contributes to accomplishing this goal by attracting and retaining free and paid

members with proprietary, top-quality, family-friendly games that are fun and rewarding, with both in-games success and real world benefits through Smart Points. The in-game advertising and product placement will provide another revenue source that will help our members improve their lifestyle. The only place that families can enjoy these exclusive games is as members of Home Page Pays.

he Smart Media Games support this through educating the player where they can make a real difference in the world; locating those who are in need and can be directly helped. This is game-play that can change the world... for the better. mart Media employs a significant number of highly skilled specialist programmers dedicated to the new Smart Media Games section. Our aim is to create an exciting selection of games exclusively for Home Page Pays that will include, but not be limited to, puzzle games, board games, quiz games, action/adventure games, educational games, memory games and more! Oh, and let us assure our readers once more that these will be fun games with incredible replay value, because if we cannot achieve these goals nobody will play them and help us achieve the Smart Media Mission.

The Second Point


he second point of the Smart Media Mission is to Help those who cannot help themselves to achieve dignity and improve the quality of their lives.

mart Media Games supports this by creating games that educate players about

the important causes around this world, raising their level of social consciousness. At the same time these games encourage (and reward) socially responsible actions both in the games and in the real world.

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Smart Media
2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume 1

Working to Make the World a Better Place

Home Page Pays is the only social community in the world that gives its members a constant stream of rewards points (Smart Points) for

The incredible and unique Smart Points system allows individual Home Page Pays members to accumulate Smart Points and then spend them in a variety of exciting ways. From low priced items such as music downloads, to higher priced items like watches, computers, cameras and much more; the choice and value is tremendous. There will even be items exclusive to Smart Media, as well as gift vouchers from merchandisers around the world. The Smart Points system is a continually evolving global concept created by Smart Media as an interactive environment, providing our members with numerous exciting benefits. Our global Smart Media family will love this expanding interactive

An exciting channel for member recognition, awards, prizes, as well as member purchasing power
environment. More and more they will share with others all the different ways in which to earn, win or even give away Smart Points. They will talk about the great products they have been able to purchase, highlighting their favourites, as well as the ones they are saving for. They will, of course, want to share the fun by inviting others to join the wonderful world of Smart Points possibilities; driving the ongoing expansion of opportunities and benefits which the system can provide.

page 16

Hitesh from UK, said, What a great way to start my day, I woke up to find out I had won $500 in the Monthly prize draw. I couldnt believe it until I checked my account and there was the $500. What a great company!

Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media

Ways to Earn Smart Points

1. As a Free or Paid Member
Surfing the Internet through Home Page Pays search engines Wherever you go on the Internet if you install the HPP add-on While using any feature on Home Page Pays By clicking on the Daily Prize box. Take advantage of this as everyone who
clicks will win at least 1 Smart Point. As an added bonus, there are also 100 Special Daily Winners who are randomly selected by the system and awarded Smart Points ranging from 2 up to thousands.

2. As a Free Member
Receive 25 Smart Points whenever you refer another Free
Member. We give Free Members their own personal Home Page Pays website that can be shared with their family, friends and associates. The more Free Members they refer, the more Smart Points they receive.

3. As a Purchaser of Our Super Value Package (SVP)

Receive 300 Smart Points as a free bonus every month with your monthly subscription.

Enjoy the option of giving away your Smart Points to your Free Members. Its simple to give them all to one member or custom distribute them to your other members as you see fit.

Ways to Use Smart Points

4. As a Free or Paid Member
In the Smart Points Shopping Store

When participating in Smart Media competitions The Smart Points system is taking the Within Smart Media Games very best features from other points To unlock additional Home Page Pays features systems, like the Fly Buys, Frequent announced by Smart Media Flyers and Shopping Voucher points systems and elevating those concepts to a whole new level. All other points systems require spending money to earn points. Remember, Smart Points are being offered to Home Page Pays members for FREE!
Earn Them! Use Them! Share Them! Enjoy the Rewards! page 17

Spread the news and share the Smart Points experience!

Smart Media
2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume 1

Working to Make the World a Better Place

Smart Points Rewards Store W

e are so excited about the upcoming grand opening of our Smart Points Rewards Store! This will offer members merchandise they love at really smart prices. Your Smart Commodity Investigator Patrol (SCIP) uncovered a great group of products from top online merchants to stock the Smart Points Reward Store. Smart Media members may purchase this wonderful merchandise using only their Smart Points. The Smart Points Rewards Store brings exciting new value to membership and to Smart Points. As your Smart Points accumulate, you will be able to navigate your way through the Smart Points Rewards Store, choose the great product you like and then make it

The worlds first and only online rewards store where everything is FREE!
yours, based on the number of Smart Points required to obtain it. SCIP will constantly be on the lookout for products that will appeal to our diverse community of Smart Media members; products that can be enjoyed by all members worldwide. Products will range from auto-intelligent digital cameras to innovative headphones and much more. Your Smart Points Rewards Store will continually expand and evolve in our goal to offer our members value, variety and a rewarding experience! How will YOU spend YOUR Smart Points?!

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Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media

Embracing Critical Causes

A new social network helping you help the world!
Smart Media believes that truly great companies embrace their social responsibility. We believe in both raising awareness of conditions that negatively impact the quality of life for people all over the world and taking action to improve those situations. This ranges from direct contributions to those organisations whose cause fits within our mission to raising- social consciousness of our members to global concerns. We are committed to enhancing our interactive social community by incorporating systems into Smart Media designed to automatically benefit the charitable causes and organisations we are passionate about - This is all of us making a difference through Cause-Based Marketing.

Cause-Based Marketing will always be completely aligned with the Smart Media Mission
Help people who can help themselves to help improve their lifestyle. Help people who cannot help themselves to achieve dignity and improve the quality of their lives. Help people who want to help other people to do so easily.
This mission is the driving force to function as a great company as well as presenting Smart Media as a community of members doing great things in the name of social responsibility and for the betterment of people around us. We want members to see, and others to know, that Smart Medias Cause-Based Marketing is working as a result of the companys efforts and members involvement. We will have global impact. Smart Media Games We are currently creating exclusive Smart Media games that can help people improve the quality of their education. At the same time, by incorporating CauseBased Marketing into these educational games, we will raise awareness of important causes, including game action suggestions for members to help support those causes. This is a huge Smart Media opportunity to spread our social responsibility message through the integration of education, games and causes. Donations to Critical Causes in the World Smart Media will donate a part of its revenues to the most critical causes in the world. In that respect, we will be giving a percentage of revenue from all Banner Ad Impressions and Smart Video Ads to some of the worlds top charitable organisations. We will focus on organisations that help people to feed themselves; a major step towards a solution to world hunger. We will also contribute to organisations that focus on education. A co-operative effort will be taken between Smart Media and various important causes that goes beyond just making a donation. Our goal is to create a formal relationship with charitable organisations in which our contributions and involvement make a positive, rewarding and heart-felt difference. Members will see a formalised marketing campaign on Home Page Pays and elsewhere, promoting our Cause-Based Marketing efforts. Benefits to Members The result of building these Cause-Based Marketing features into our community interface will allow members to be part of something meaningful that is larger than themselves; something that can proudly be shared with family and friends, attracting more people to each members HPP website... A Cause to Action! The support of these causes creates a self-perpetuating circle generating positive visibility and publicity for Smart Media and its members and allowing us to benefit the causes even more!

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Smart Media
2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume 1

Working to Make the World a Better Place

Smart Media Advertising & Brandin

The Perfect Advertising & Branding Solutions for . . .
Smart Media has 4 valuable products for those in Business, Direct Sales and Non-Profits

FREE MEMBER REWARD PROGRAM Why will Internet users desire to use Home Page Pays? Because it delivers incredible value for FREE! Members can participate in a variety of online social activities and entertainment. Families can access our educational videos and video games. Additionally, Free Members get the latest news, top videos and daily entries to win prizes and cash; all while having loads of FUN on their own or with family and friends! PAID MEMBERS RECEIVE SPECIAL GIVE-AWAY RIGHTS Promotional giveaways to increase brand awareness can be very costly, so imagine holding the rights to give away an UNLIMITED number of valuable Home Page Pays systems at minimal cost and whenever your Free Members use the system, your brand is in front of them, 24/7. As a Paid Member, all the Free Members referred by your Free Members (to infinity) will roll up and be added to YOUR database! Imagine a marketplace of 2 Billion Internet users! You can brand and promote on a system that not only spreads virally through the hundreds of millions of

people using the popular Social Media Networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, eBay & YouTube, etc., but also one that automatically PAYS YOU EVERY TIME through our advertising revenue sharing incomes!

BRANDING SYSTEMS Those purchasing the Basic $125 Branding Package

can set up their text in the Smart Media Back Office in minutes. Their brand is immediately exposed to all of their Free Members. Additionally, those purchasing the Super $400 Branding System have the ability to promote an unlimited number of websites and videos that can be organised into categories and sub-categories. They will also enjoy an unlimited number of text and video broadcast messages, as well as the special Name in Lights feature. Our Branding System delivers an enormous amount of online real estate to promote any businesses, programs, products, services and blogs of your choice. You can even promote non-profit organisations or fund-raisers. This is a one-time product purchase that offers on-going value for a mere $30 monthly subscription.

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Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media


Businesses shop to multi-national companies From the local corner

DirectMarketers, Affiliate Marketers, Sales Network

Internet Marketers

The Ultimate Marketing System:

Charities, Religious Organisations, Schools, Sporting Clubs, Non-Profit (Health and other organisations)
Advertising Through Smart Media:

Promote your product or services by giving out

unlimited HPP systems

Best advertising rates in the industry - advertising

on a minimal budget

Brand and promote globally, 24/7, at only $30 per


24/7 exposure that no other advertising medium

can offer

Change your branding at the touch of a button

with no additional cost

Easy to monitor ROI due to PPC & PPI real-time

tracking, reporting and statistics on ad performance Revision is simple and updates are almost real-time

Your Free Members are rewarded for using your

promotional medium; providing maximum exposure and top-of-mind awareness for possibly hours each day to the same person. What other form of advertising can do this?

Highest security protection against Internet fraud

and Pay Per Click fraud

Specific market targeting local, regional, national

and global

Incentives for Free Members to introduce others to

your branded system

Total control over ad campaigns and associated

costs - specific budgets for specific banners and no cost to change banner instantly

New customers become repeat customers Does traditional marketing media allow you to
interact with your customers? Imagine what you could do with the built-in Smart Chat, Smart Chirp and Smart Mail features!

Ads can be changed to promote new lines, adjust to

market conditions, etc. Versus Traditional Advertising:

Blast out special deals regularly by using the

branding, chat or mail features

Radio & TV Advertising - Very expensive and a

competitive market

Constantly drive traffic to sales pages using these


Billboards/Business signs - Do you really remember


Business cards, flyers, brochures - Do you keep them


ADVERTISING SYSTEM Our Paid Members can also advertise to all our Smart Media members by purchasing an advertising package for as little as $100. The bigger the package, the bigger the discount advertisers receive when a member views their ad or clicks on their advertising banner.

Yellow Pages - A massive cost to the advertiser Newspaper or magazine advertising You pay for it
regardless of whether or not it is seen page 21

Smart Media
2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume 1

Working to Make the World a Better Place

Advertising with Smart Media gives you 24/7 exposure and top-of-mind awareness that no other advertising medium can offer and is much more cost effective. You only pay when a member views or clicks on your ad! Even when you advertise on Google, Yahoo, Facebook, MSN or any other big online company, the only people who see your ad are people who go to those websites.

With Smart Media, you get the best of all worlds. Your branding or super branding is available 24/7 to your whole Internet database of Free Members whenever they are using the HPP system. At the same time, you can also advertise to Smart Medias global members by purchasing one of our advertising packages. What Smart Media offers outweighs what other companies can offer!

SM Advertising & Branding

Whether your business is a large industrial firm or a One Person Army (OPA), the principles of growing your business and increasing your revenue are the same. Marketing/Sales 101 When you want to build your business revenue, you need to focus on four steps: 1. Lead Capture/List Building Without a group of prospects that can be converted to clients, there is no business revenue and no revenue growth. 2. Top-of-Mind Awareness If your prospects are not aware of you or your company, then it would be pure chance that they would ever become clients of yours. 3. Relationship Building Every salesperson who has ever had success will tell you that the quality and quantity of your sales depend on your ability to create positive relationships. 4. Creating the Sale Once the relationship is built, the prospect will want to know three things: a. The benefits or value of doing business with you b. The features and advantages of your product or service over your competitors c. And the terms of buying this product and doing business with you Once they have decided to make the purchase, you need to have a method of closing the sale and acknowledging the purchase. This could be as simple as a handshake or verbal confirmation, clicking a yes link or signing a contract/ agreement. Smart Media offers a unique, leading edge, Advertising and Branding System (SMABS), that dynamically positions you and your brand as no other system can.

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Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media

Home Page Pays Branding System

Smart Media Members Video Branding System: Select your favourite thumbnail from any video that you upload, then put your videos into your category of choice. The Super Value Package gives you the ability to create as many categories and sub-categories for your videos as you desire, unlike most other online video systems. Your viewers only see your videos, so they are never distracted by another persons or companys video message. This Package also includes the ability to have an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories for your websites.

Here is an example of how visitors will see your videos. In the image above there are three folders and four video thumbnails. Clicking on a thumbnail plays the video at its full size. The Smart Media system does all the work for you, instantly creating a beautiful page for your videos.

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Smart Media
2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume 1

Working to Make the World a Better Place


Revolution In Advertising
Would you rather pay $40,000 for 20 minutes per month or a one-time purchase of $400 for 81.5 hours per month?
* 81.5 hours is an estimate based upon average monthly Internet usage

hat is Top-of-Mind Awareness (TOMA) and why does every person in business hunger after it? Regardless of whether you are a one-person-army building your direct sales or affiliate business, or if you are a small business owner or a corporate executive, TOMA is your path to success. Top-of-Mind means that when someone thinks about a product or service that you sell, your name comes to mind first. Whether you distribute a health related product, an online digital product or manufacture widgets, if your audience does not think of you first, you stand no chance to convert them from a shopper to a client (or member). dditionally, if someone might be even slightly intrigued by an opportunity or purchase, you will want them to try yours first. How is this achieved? Traditionally, we would advertise on television, radio and billboards and in newspapers. But, what would it take to achieve TOMA with each of these and is there a better option?


ets say that it would only take 20 minutes of showing your logo, product or service to achieve awareness. Although it is highly unlikely that you could achieve Topof-Mind Awareness with most people in just 20 minutes, lets see what research bears out in this example. f you ran your advertising over the next 30 days (trying to get at least the 20 minutes), what does research indicate about the length of time each person spends exposed to your brand? he conclusion is easy. Traditional advertising is high priced and probably does not deliver the length of impression required for TOMA. However Smart Media, in their digital online advertising, has created a system and package for all businesses that delivers the optimum Top-of-Mind Awareness for the smallest cost and risk with the maximum ROI. Additionally, business people will want to investigate the Smart Media Viral Lead Generation System.

How much would just 20 minutes cost us (ignoring high production costs)?

Research shows that the cost of traditional advertising can be 100 times that of digital advertising* page 24

A research comparison of the length of Impression shows that can easily be over 200 times more effective for digital online advertising*

Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media

The Worth of 20 Minutes of Traditional Advertising

20 - 30 second tv ads - 1200 seconds - 20 minutes in a local medium market of 100,000 people, not necessarily targeted and not including the thousands of dollars needed in production costs, could easily be $1,000 per ad or a total of $40,000.

20 - 30 second radio ads - 600 seconds - 20 minutes in a group of local stations will typically run as much as $16,000.

Assuming that a newspaper reader spends a full 5 minutes per page and assuming that you are advertising in a fairly well read newspaper in California - 4 days at $400/column inch for a 4 x 4 inch ad would cost $3200 per ad or $12,800 over 4 days.

Lets say you purchase an ad on a large billboard. Assuming the average motorist has about 5 seconds to notice and absorb some of your content and assuming this motorist passes the same billboard 4 times per day, they would get about 20 seconds of exposure each day, which would take about 60 days to get a full 20 minutes of impression. Depending on location, large billboards can range as high as $30,000 per ad for a 4 week run. We assumed that you get a bargain and get 60 days for $10,000.

Time Spent on Internet

As reported in February of 2012 by ComScore, the heaviest internet users in Europe come from the UK. U.S. Arbitron reported in April of 2012 that moderate Internet users (but they were also either heavy TV or radio users) were on the Internet 2 hours and 43 minutes each day - India, TNN, Desi netizens spend over 8 hours a day online: Survey March 2012.

Cost of Smart Media Package

The highest priced Smart Media Package is an initial $400 and a $30 monthly subscription, which allows you to constantly promote an unlimited number of websites and videos and give away a value-packed free system to an unlimited number of Free Members; a system that provides constant branding on Free Members browsers and many other TOMA approaches.
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Smart Media
2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume 1

Working to Make the World a Better Place

Are these four statements true about you? I do not earn enough income to be financially secure. I have not accumulated enough money to be financially secure. I am not accumulating enough money to be financially secure. I do not have enough passive cash-flow to be financially secure. And have you given yourself (and your family) any of the following reasons for your failure to achieve financial security? I dont have the time. My boss wont pay me enough. I dont have the knowledge or education. I dont have the skills. Nobody wants to hire me. (Im not marketable, too young, too old, too short, etc) I cant see how I could do it other than win the lottery. I dont have wealthy relatives who will leave me an inheritance. But, if you were really honest wouldnt the real reasons be more like... Im unwilling to try. Im unwilling to approach my personal and professional network. Im unwilling to work hard. I tried and gave up after setbacks. Im unwilling to change my beliefs about the way money is accumulated. Why We Need a Plan B We value financial security! For most of us this is very important and yet not achieved. We do not have enough financial security to ensure the lifestyle and Quality of Life that we want now and into the foreseeable future. Basically, our governments, educational institutions and other such organisations have conditioned us to work towards only one source of income, namely the job. There is nothing wrong with this, however, it is limited income and it engenders a limited thinking mentality. We need to actively look at creating other or additional sources of income that will provide options and encourage unlimited thinking and an unlimited belief in what can be done in life. What are the steps you could take today to start moving towards financial security? a. Would you be willing to become a free member of HomePage Pays? b. Would you be willing to join Smart Media as a paid member? c. Would you be willing to give away free HPP memberships to your personal and social network? d. Would you be willing to put in 4 hours/week on your own Smart Media business? If you answered yes to the above and act now, you have taken a huge step towards being financially secure.

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Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media

The Quiet Explosion

Smart Media has initiated a number of exciting infrastructure changes over the last few months. While most of these changes were unannounced to our Members, they will benefit the company, improve our processes and deliver increased value to our Members.

Hype vs. Smart Media Many companies continually throw marketing hype at their members. They make big promises about new innovations, even though, as so often is the case, the company does not have the resources to deliver on those promises. In the world of technology, inexperienced leaders will typically find themselves over-promising and under-delivering. The challenges of consistently delivering high quality results are insurmountable to them. Smart Media takes the opposite approach by committing huge resources to major projects, developing them in silence until just the right moment to release an announcement. Many of the largest and best run companies in the world, such as Apple and many top Internet companies, tend to keep very quiet about their progress until the moment they release a major update. Why do they do this? Because they are realistic. This is a proven formula for top technology companies. Leading technology companies realise the damaging effects of prematurely marketing themselves. Distinction The distinction may seem small at first, but it Is incredibly important and foundational to our success. The value to Members comes first.

It is often very difficult for us to remain low-key because we are excited about the changes we create and want to share them with our Members. For example, in 2012, we focused on a new era and delivered major innovations within the Home Page Pays system that Members never expected and were never promised. Creation of a mobile-friendly environment is on the horizon, but while we have yet to reveal our biggest updates, we can share some very important operational improvements. Member Support Smart Media has strengthened its ability to respond expeditiously to Members support questions. The Smart Media programming team enhanced the support interface and improved the entire support system. Additionally, we are training additional support personnel. The net result of these changes is shortened response times and improved solution effectiveness. Support Administrators have improved tools, technologies and systems to expedite the needs of our Members. This includes an evolved priority and complexity evaluation system that will shorten the speed to solution by as much as 1,000%. Server Expansion Due to the rapid growth of our Member database, Smart Media is

massively expanding its worldwide server infrastructure to support growth well into the future. The expandability of our systems ensures Smart Media a rock-solid technology foundation. Programming Team Fifteen new Programmers are working diligently on a secret Smart Media project. This will result in a much more powerful Home Page Pays. Free Members will dramatically increase their number of hours on Home Page Pays due to this innovation and Paid Members will reap the benefits. We will strategically unveil this and other secret projects when they are ready to be released. Administrative Assistants We have added Administrative Assistants to our support team who are working on many aspects of Smart Media with certain Leaders and our Creative Design and Programming Teams. They have become a very valuable asset to our team. In Summary Smart Media is a technology company with an opportunity for the masses. We will never stop expanding and getting better.

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Smart Media
2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume 1

Working to Make the World a Better Place

Will People Think Less of Me?

The Wrong Company can hurt your reputation... The Right Company can make people love you

Heres How To Tell Them Apart

The Direct Sales industry is a 38 Billion dollar industry with over 900,000 businesses. So why does such a successful industry struggle so hard at keeping new participants? What scares so many people away who could benefit from participating? With most companies, people have paralysing fears that are at the root of the problem. Of course, everyone wants to be liked and loved, but some people think that the direct sales model will make others think badly of them. Many people are afraid to approach family and friends because they fear that it will make them uncomfortable and that those people will avoid them and think less of them.

They might think within the Direct Sales model:

1. I must try to get them to buy products every time I see them. 2. I must try to pressure them into joining the business. 3. I must always talk about my direct sales opportunity at social settings. 4. Will they see me as a salesperson? Do they cringe when they see me? 5. I must try to schedule social meetings and then discuss business. 6. Will they question my motivation?

Individuals who are currently frozen with these fears can overcome them by finding a company with attributes and benefits that instead create:
The ability to give away high value products to anyone, with no cost to them or me. Products that would provide continuing excitement and value every day, still at no cost. No pressure on the people I have shared these gifts with to join the business. The ability for me not to have to personally sell to people who ask about an income opportunity. The ability for the people who get these free gifts to share them with others, just like they can on Facebook, Twitter and some of the other most popular sites in the world. 6. The excitment of knowing that when these people share your gift with others it will automatically expand your network of happy prospects.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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People who are frozen by What will everyone think of me? but who still want to enjoy the huge benefits , (income, fellowship, lifestyle) of Direct Sales, can use the guidelines above to find the companies that will bring them revenue as well as fun, happiness and respect.

Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media

Social Responsibility & Code of Conduct

Smart Media Values


t Smart Media, we believe that you cant have true freedom without responsibility and you cant have greatness without social responsibility. Our goal is to build a business that reflects and enables the social values that we believe in. We have a social responsibility to be aware of what is happening in the world and contributing to charitable causes and organisations for the betterment of society at large; to improve our own conditions and those of people around us.

he Smart Media code of conduct philosophy is growing a company with quality ethical standards. We comply with the laws and regulations of each country in which we do business. We always aim to compete fairly and honestly, observing all applicable anti-trust and competition laws. Just as importantly, we aim far above current laws in terms of quality of product and ethical standards.

n that respect, Smart Media will give 1% of the revenue from all Banner Ad Impressions to the worlds top Charitable Organisations. We will focus on organisations that help people to feed themselves; a major step towards a solution to the food problem. We will also contribute to organisations that focus on education. Additionally, 1% of the revenue from all Smart Media Video Ads will go to the worlds top Charitable Organisations. e endorse the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We work hard to help the environment and to be one of the greenest companies on earth. Naturally, we have an advantage as our products are digital and we are investing in solar and wind power in order to power our servers and infrastructure. e will create specific ways that easily enable our community of global members to be part of positive social change. This includes both Free and Paid Members using their e-Wallet funds to support certain charities, if they so choose.

hrough dedication to its social values and advocacy towards higher social values for all companies, Smart Media is working to make the industry a better place. This includes exposing unethical practices being carried out by companies or individuals and acting as a scam buster in helping to keep the industry clean.


mart Media believes that ethical companies attract ethical leaders and, with innovation and a solid foundation in technology, leads to a company designed to stand the test of time. Judy in Phoenix is thrilled to have found something that fits so well with her values. I believe Smart Media is in alignment with my values. When I saw this, I was so excited that I couldnt sleep well. My mind kept on thinking about all the different people to help out there in the world.
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Smart Media
2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume 1

Working to Make the World a Better Place

NEVER GIVE UP! corner! You never know what is around the
ello, my name is Carol, I live in Sydney, Australia and I would like to share a story with you.

oo many times I have heard people say that they were burned when trying to make money from business opportunities and they wont try again. It then amazes me when they say they have only tried with two or three companies. It is like they had the dream but because it didnt happen for them, they gave up. Did they ever look at the reasons they may not have succeeded? Many people will join a company and expect miracles to happen overnight, even if they do absolutely nothing. Others really make the effort but lack experience. hen I first started looking at alternative incomes as a single mum over 2 decades ago, I was definitely in the second group. I was very hard working but initially lacked any support and without the luxury of the Internet, found myself going through a lengthy apprenticeship with one company after another collapsing on me. However, attracted by the vision of residual income, I just knew I should never give up; one day it would happen for me and for friends I was making along the way. In those days I had no idea what criteria to look for in a company and would have a go at anything. hen I found a terrific mentor and a couple of years later we joined a company that became our vehicle to enormous success. I had proved to myself that it really COULD happen if you didnt give up on the dream!

hen everyone started using the Internet and business opportunities sprung up online, we all went through another apprenticeship and a completely new learning curve. Business opportunities came and went. In fact, over time, I have learned so much more from the failures than from the successes, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to join Smart Media as it met all my criteria that I look for in a company! already knew the company owner, David Martin, and was aware that he and his team of world-class programmers and designers developed security software for the banking industry. I knew he was creative and innovative, that he was working on something very special and had the funds to see it through to completion; although never in my wildest dreams did I expect we would be blessed with what we are now seeing come to fruition. It has me pinching myself wondering if this is all for real Well, yes it is, and without a doubt, joining Smart Media was the best decision I have ever made!

also love the fact that Smart Media is a technology company with a CEO who has chosen to share its wealth with the world through cause-based marketing and educate the world with our free educational libraries and educational games. ur diverse line of instantly deliverable virtual products offers exceptional value to a marketplace of 2 Billion+ people, because we really do have something for everyone who has access to the Internet. It is hard to imagine a marketplace like that and the timing could not be better before we become a household name!

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hen I hear people saying they were burned, I smile to myself and am so blessed that giving up never even entered my mind!

Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media

he company provides a simple system that includes free online marketing tools to create a large duplicating network.


hat is also exciting for me is what I am seeing happen for people who have never before seen success in this industry. Here is just one of many stories I could share with you. It is about a long-time friend of mine, who just happens to share my name, Carol. I am sure Carol wont mind if I share her Smart Media success story. ver since I have known Carol, she has tried many business opportunities but was never able to achieve an income from them. That was until Smart Media came into her life. She is like a different person and what seemed hard or impossible before, now comes easily to her. She is earning hundreds of dollars daily with new Free and Paid Members joining her team. People who would never listen before are joining her in Smart Media. She has team members who are achieving success. Whats more, she is having so much fun! What a difference it can make when you have something like Home Page Pays to give away. magine the buzz it gives me that I shared Smart Media with Carol and she is finally realising her dreams. magine if Carol had given up on those dreams because all those other things she tried had not worked. Instead, she trusted me and had enough faith to give it another try. Now she has the chance to create a lifestyle for herself that before seemed out of reach.

Sallie from New Zealand had been excited about other opportunities in the past but says, I can assure you, this beats them all. I cant express my gratitude enough to the person who shared Smart Media with me. Initially, it sounded too good to be true, however, my gut instinct caused me to check it out further then the light bulb went on! Even my husband, who had seen me struggling in the past with other ventures, was intrigued. It is such a clever concept that is structured to benefit everyone and is so different from anything I have been associated with in the past. We agree that Smart Media has been the best business decision I have ever made and I have no doubt that at last my goals will be met!


Stephen from Australia I have a powerful inner sense and know that Smart Media will become a household name and Home Page Pays will be the most popular social community on the Internet. All of my past successes were my apprentiship leading me to Smart Media and our CEO David Martin. No other company that I have reviewed or investigated comes close to what we have with Smart Media.

his is what I love about what I do and I know that I have found a rock-solid home with Smart Media. We offer so much value and for anyone looking to create an additional income or looking to set themselves up for life and through our participation, we will touch a lot of lives around the world. I could not recommend a better place to call home.

ome and join us I promise you will be amazed at how much fun you will have and how simple it is to achieve your goals!

Brian from Australia believes that what Smart Media CEO, David Martin, and his team have created is destined to become the greatest online free member program ever, by introducing a new dimension to the way of communicating, learning and playing online, with everyone a winner. He says, Smart Media, through Home Page Pays, is already providing people from all around the world with an opportunity to change their financial future. By simply giving away something of value for free, a person can shift their income paradigm from a world of limitation to a world of unlimited opportunity. Accordingly, in addition to being a magnificent stand alone opportunity, in my opinion, within the next 5 years, Smart Media, through Home Page Pays, will become the worlds pre-eminent online marketing program for all types of businesses and not-for-profit organisations. My suggestion dont hesitate dont procrastinate just get involved.

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Working to Make the World a Better Place 2nd Quarter, 2012, Volume

Smart Media

Smart Media
Working to Make the World a Better Place

SmartWorld a Better Place Media Working to Make the

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