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The Port of Halifax and CN: together we give you fast, reliable service at highly competitive rates – so you get your goods “from ship to shelf” faster.

The Port of Halifax and CN give you the most efficient ship-to-rail connections between ports in India, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Caribbean and key North American markets.
Cut vessel transit miles
The Port of Halifax is 1,500 nautical miles closer to India (via the Suez Canal) than any North American west coast port. It is also one full day closer to Southeast Asia (via Suez) and Europe than any other North American east coast container port. Shipping via the Suez Canal to Halifax provides impressive transit time advantages. And that’s just the beginning of the value proposition.

There’s capacity to spare at the port, the terminals and on CN’s mainline
The port is refreshingly congestion-free, so you get berthing and port services quickly. There’s always room to manoeuvre at the terminals too. In fact, there’s no waiting for anything at the Port of Halifax. We keep your shipment moving along smartly every step of the way, right onto CN’s mainline, for daily train service to and from major North American markets.

Competitive pricing: the bottom line is more value for your dollar
Competitive fees for both port services and shipping with CN impact very favourably on your bottom line. These attractive rates are backed up by a team of professionals completely dedicated to making every shipment a successful transportation solution.

Ship via Halifax and slash your transit times between India, Southeast Asia and Europe and North America Enjoy no congestion and capacity to spare – from harbour to final destination The bottom line: a streamlined solution, with every aspect of the move priced competitively


Get fast, reliable and economical access to 40% of the North American population. The advantages begin with up to 30 hours saved on transatlantic vessel transit times when you ship via Halifax.






From / To Halifax Montreal New York/New Jersey Norfolk Savannah Bilbao 6 days 7 days 7 days 7.5 days 8 days Le Havre 6 days 7 days 7 days 7.5 days 8 days Gibraltar 6 days 7 days 7 days 7.5 days 8 days Antwerp 6 days 7 days 7 days 7.5 days 8 days Rotterdam 6 days 7 days 7 days 7.5 days 8 days Bremerhaven 7 days 8 days 8 days 8.5 days 9 days Valencia 7 days 9 days 8 days 8.5 days 9 days Gioia Tauro 8 days 10 days 9 days 9.5 days 10 days

From / To Halifax Montreal New York/New Jersey Norfolk Savannah Based on a cruising speed of 20 knots Mumbai 16 days 18 days 17 days 17.5 days 18 days Colombo 17 days 19 days 18 days 18.5 days 19 days Chennai 18 days 20 days 19 days 19.5 days 20 days Singapore 20 days 22 days 21 days 21.5 days 22 days Ho Chi Min City 21 days 23 days 22 days 22.5 days 23 days Laem Chabang 22 days 24 days 23 days 23.5 days 24 days

Halifax is the first North American port of call for westbound, and last port of call for eastbound voyages.


Get the “cool” advantage.
Updated infrastructure at the Port of Halifax includes an impressive 1,000 reefer plugs and expanded terminal power – a major advantage for any shipper handling perishable or temperature-sensitive shipments.

For many shippers, Halifax is the first choice for cold cargo The Port of Halifax can handle 1.4 million TEUs Balanced import and export traffic benefits shippers


All the capacity you need. And more.
Unlike some other eastern seaboard ports, Halifax has capacity to spare. That translates into savings, as there are no delays waiting for berthing. At current capacity – 1.4 million TEUs (twentyfoot equivalent units) – Halifax terminals could almost triple container volumes, and with minimal expansion and efficiency upgrades, could handle 2.5 million TEUs. That’s just one fact that makes Halifax appealing to importers. And to exporters taking advantage of diverse and ample opportunities overseas.

For imports or exports, Halifax helps you deliver the goods
In 2007, the Port of Halifax handled almost 14 million metric tones of cargo. The variety of cargo transiting the port includes pulp and paper, consumer products, machinery, ceramic products and iron/steel products. Balanced import/export traffic and the ample supply of containers available at the port provides you with the opportunity to optimize the logistics and economies of two-way shipping.

Your shipments clear customs in seconds
CN is recognized as the industry leader in electronically expediting transborder shipments. When you provide us with shipping instructions electronically, we’re able to expedite the entire customs clearance process for you. We provide data to all the parties involved: Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), ocean carriers, other rail carriers, customs brokers and any other partners in the service delivery chain – with electronic shipment status notifications. You can trace your shipment online across the entire CN network and connecting railroads.

The port at a glance
Operating and navigability advantages at the Port of Halifax include: • ice-free harbour, with no tidal constraints • closest eastern North American port to the open ocean • lowest pilotage costs on the east coast • the deepest berths on the east coast • depth at the terminals is 16-plus metres • handles post-Panamax vessels and has super-post-Panamax cranes at both container terminals

The port provides a complete range of facilities and services, including: • on-dock, direct-to-rail discharge, avoiding rehandling • 24/7 service at the terminals, adjacent to CN's mainline • 9,000 TEU storage capacity • one million square feet of transload, distribution and warehousing space • temperature-controlled warehousing • terminals to service bulk, break-bulk, RO/RO and project cargo • more than 15 companies in Halifax specialize in marine-related transload, distribution and warehousing services • stable, skilled, reliable workforce • services at the port include bunkering, provisioning and shipyard • two tug boat companies are available for optional service

The Port of Halifax is the only seaport on the east coast deep enough to accommodate fully laden, post-Panamax vessels.


Fast, double-stack service right from the port Excellent connections to key consumer markets Highly competitive rail rates to key North American markets

CN’s speed, capacity and reliability give you the competitive edge.
Get your goods to market faster
Our accelerated service to major retail markets gives you a transit time advantage you can count on. Every day. That’s because our highcapacity, double-stack and congestion-free mainline runs right from the port. There are no unnecessary delays with handling. Your shipment leaves the port quickly and our seamless intermodal service keeps that shipment moving smoothly – and quickly – right to its final destination.

Use our connections to make yours – on time
We apply the discipline and precision of scheduled railroading to our intermodal operation. That assures you of reliability. We have intermodal terminals where you need them Our intermodal terminal in Halifax has a capacity of 150 TEUs and facilities for reefer and heater refueling. Other intermodal terminals in our North American network are also strategically located near major urban centres, railheads and highways. So you can get your goods to virtually every major market in North America.

Great service. Great rates.
We enhance our market reach with streamlined transit times and competitive rates. You enjoy the benefits of consistent JIT delivery. And you get real value for every dollar.


Fort Nelson Prince Rupert Dawson Creek Fort McMurray Prince George Edmonton

Saskatoon Regina Winnipeg Thunder Bay Sault Ste. Marie Duluth Minneapolis/St. Paul Sioux City Omaha East Peoria Springfield St. Louis Green Bay . Hearst

Transit times from Halifax to major markets


Calgary Moncton

42 hours
Quebec Saint John



Toronto – 38 hours

Detroit – 93 hours

71 hours



93 hours
Jackson Baton Rouge New Orleans Mobile Pascagoula

With a capacity of 286,000 pounds and double-stack capability, we provide intermodal service between Halifax and key cities, including: • Montreal • Toronto • Detroit • Chicago

From port to markets representing 43% of North America’s buying power in less than four days.
We give you speed to market that rivals any other eastern North America port. Our rail transit time to Chicago – the third largest city in the United States, with a metropolitan area population of 9.7 million – is just 71 hours.

CN is working with Environment Canada as well as numerous provincial and state environmental agencies to develop CO2 credit evaluations for shippers exploring modal shift. The objective: provide carbon credits to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint for customers shifting traffic to rail. The Port of Halifax is an environmentally friendly port. The Halifax Port Authority is ISO14001 certified.


Get the speed and efficiency you want Get the capacity and capability you need Profit from highly competitive rates

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