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Dreaming the dreamer What happens when we sleep?

There are two basic phases of sleep: dreaming and nothing. Nothing, I contest, is a state of total absolute rest all parts of the mind shut down .. Dreaming is a fascinating analogy for waking life: there is the dream .. and there is the dreamer. One mind-blowing idea is that when we awake, the dream-creator sleeps. Could it be true? Let's investigate.. My personal life has been a sequence of 'living dreams'.. I'm too much 'out there' .. Too much of an 'idea guy' .. Too much 'all over the place'. What does that mean exactly? This consideration is rooted in the notion of 'bicameral mind'. What is that? The notion of two separate minds in one that's profound. Or is it? In an effort to 'nail down' consciousness, I've floundered, revisited older concepts, reconsidered synergy, attempted to reduce (what a failed notion), and returned to synergy between two minds in one. This IS profound .. When I think, it's as if there is the logical part of me which tries to find a step-bystep map of behavior which will achieve desired results.. Then there is the 'God' part, the creator, the visionary, the mapper, the holistic part, the 'gist' part,.. - which suggests ideas; the idea part .. There seems to be two distinct entities within my mind: a creator/director part .. and .. a logical sequential part. There is a constant interplay between them a relinquishing of authority between them a give of control between them. This is profound. Imagine two minds vying for control. They each have a different agenda: relevant ideas vs logical progression. The idea portion insists on guiding the logical portion to find relevant solutions. The logical portion insists on taking steps required to fulfill global objectives .. Each of our minds seems to have two distinct parts which have totally different functionality: idea vs logical progression. How do we reconcile them? Which ends up with absolute control? The synergistic answer: neither: our minds are two-in-one minds constantly giving control to the other.. Notice I barely use the notion take. I mention it one time. It's instructive: our two minds are not fighting with each other; they're constantly collaborating. This is the key to wholeness and at the same time the key to residence without mental illness. I've slept on this several times and am absolutely convinced: our minds are two distinct entities which are completely qualitatively different in bent and constantly relinquish command to the other based on situational demands. Further, we can describe the nature of these two entities clearly: ideator and logician. The bizarre feature of human beings: there appears to be no consistent physical location for either. This begs the question: can we mimic this process? ..Allow me a brief aside on an interesting phenomenon I like to call instantaneous mimicry. This is demonstrable with children. Try it yourself with a friend. Find a book your friend does not know about. Start reading out loud the text; make sure they cannot see the text as you read. Initially, read very slowly and ask your friend to watch your lips and listen intently on your words. The amazing feature of human capacity is that we can copy those words simultaneously as they're read. We can anticipate words and rarely make a mistake. This tells us volumes about our sophistication: we have many parallel processes going on at the same time: speech recognition, speech production, and the process described above.. The fascinating feature of this 'game' is that we can increase the speed to the point of normal speech. That implies tremendous processing capacity. My central question for my entire life has been: can we synthesize this process? I was aware of our

capacity for instantaneous mimicry at a very young age.. But it took me years to deduce the 'two entity' notion. The idea borders on insanity; the idea we're two minds in one is almost insane. I had to be sure before I revealed myself .. Meeting John Hardman and others who showed me the inherent truth of above gave me certainty .. We now have a test for any AA: instantaneous mimicry. And we now know it is essential we gift any AA the notion of two minds .. I need to thank Patty McPeak for her profound inspiration she gifted me years ago: we're two minds in one. Patty had suggested it when I was a teen but I needed 'a few years' to 'flesh out' the idea (obviously).. I also needed the synergistic environment I found with John quite recently.. See how everything 'fits together'? ..We're very close to synthesizing the human mind.. I leave it to the interested reader to perform your own attempt. I recommend one thing however: please make your synthetic minds altruistic as I have proposed in another essay.. Gift them a positive morality otherwise.. Let's not go there, right? [smile] The power in the synergy within the human mind is almost frightening if we appreciate it appropriately. That's why frequently many have labeled us with 'infinite potential'. With our ideator and logician cooperating, we can dream anything. However, remember, with great power comes great responsibility.. Please ideate-implement responsibly.