October 2010, Marketing Management

Lozenges: Strepsils in India

Title: Lozenges: Strepsils in India
Publication Date: April 3, 2011

Prepared by: Anil Yadav, 10PT2-06 Puneet Taneja, 10PT2-35 Dr. Punit Ghai, 10PT2-36 Radhey Sham, 10PT2-37 Part-Time Post Graduate Programme in Management October 2010 Batch Management Development Institute Gurgaon

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October 2010, Marketing Management

Lozenges: Strepsils in India

Title:1 Lozenges: Strepsils in India......................................................1 Contents...............................................................................2 1 Acknowledgment...................................................................3 2 Introduction.........................................................................4 2.1 Lozenge............................................................................4 2.2 Strepsils...........................................................................4 3 Literature Review..................................................................7 4 Objective and Problem...........................................................8 5 Methodology........................................................................9 6 Analysis, Results, Discussions and Conclusion...........................10 6.1 Analysis..........................................................................10 6.2 Results...........................................................................11 6.3 Discussions......................................................................13 6.4 Conclusion.......................................................................15 7 Implications.......................................................................17 8 Limitations.........................................................................18 9 Future research scope..........................................................19 10 References (List of public sources used).................................20 11 Appendices.......................................................................21 11.1 Survey .........................................................................21 11.2 Survey hard copies .........................................................22

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who makes all things possible. .October 2010. Dr. for their valuable time and support. And to God. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India 1 Acknowledgment We would like to acknowledge and extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following persons who have made the completion of this report possible: Our Professor. Our family and friends. Chimnmaya Kulshrestha for her vital encouragement and support.Page 3 of 22 - .

Research found that when Dybenal was used in conjunction with a chlorinated phenol derivative developed by Boots. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India 2 Introduction 2. United Kingdom. .4 dichlorobenzyl alcohol (Dybenal). However. Over the years the integrity of the original Strepsils formulation has been maintained.2. Cough tablets have taken the name Lozenge. or eucalyptus oil. amylmetacresol (AMC). Although this meant the demise of a versatile and cherished part of the Strepsils brand heritage. the original formulation has been supplemented by the introduction of a few major variants across most markets as well as several local market variants. troche. “Menthol” aids in the treatment of congestion with the inclusion of a double dose of good old Aussie eucalyptus. The first flavour variant to be introduced was “Honey and Lemon” in 1974. medicated sweet intended to be dissolved slowly in the mouth to lubricate and soothe irritated tissues of the throat (usually due to a sore throat). the compensation was an immediate and obvious renewal and updating of the brand’s image.Page 4 of 22 - .1 History Strepsils was first developed by the famous Boots Company in Britain in 1958. They come in a variety of flavours and are part of the Boots Healthcare International (BHI) brands that Reckitt Benckiser acquired in 2006. Non-menthol throat lozenges generally use either zinc gluconate glycine or pectin as an oral demulcent. As of 2010. possibly from the common cold or influenza.1 Lozenge A throat lozenge.October 2010. The rising costs of tin plate in the 1980s necessitated the replacement of the famous Strepsils tin with foil blister cartons. it is the largest-selling sore throat product in the world. During the 1950s it was established that the chlorination of phenols increased their antiseptic activity and it was suspected that chlorination of benzyl alcohol might form a compound that would also be very effective. cough drop.2 Strepsils Strepsils is a line of lozenges manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser in Nottingham. From its inception as a sore throat gargle in 1950. based on their original shape. the combination provides an effective formulation. Several brands of throat lozenges contain dextromethorphan. an anesthetic. or cough sweet is a small. This suspicion was confirmed with the development of the compound 2. Over time the Strepsils packaging has been modified to meet the demands of an ever changing market and to maintain a competitive price position. Lozenges may contain benzocaine. simply because its effectiveness has not waned. giving consumers the choice they want for treating their sore throats. This was followed in the 1980s with the introduction of “Orange Vitamin C” and “Eucalyptus and Menthol”. the range has grown to a wide range of both lozenges and sprays. 2. 2.

Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India 2. Reckitt overhauled two brands . Lignocaine provides longer lasting relief from a smaller dose. More than anything else.5 Strepsils in India Following the acquisition of Boots Healthcare brands Strepsils. 2. The latest development has seen the release of Strepsils Sugar Free with a herbal lemon flavour. Strepsils. Strepsils Plus Anaesthetic Lozenges were launched.4 Brand Values A throat lozenge. now as always. "We have planned significant investments for the brands. however.2. Not surprisingly.with new positioning. When consumers have a sore throat. 2. to take them . by its very nature. Strepsils has developed line extensions which provide the consumers with more treatment options for sore throats. communication. be reasonably palatable and will help reduce the bacteria which can cause sore throats. Strepsils Plus is no exception and comes in a cooling mint flavour. Strepsils brand values have been built and strengthened with the passage of time. will always be a grudge purchase. packaging and variants. Lignocaine. consumers do not spend much time thinking about or comparing the different brand promises of throat lozenges while they are healthy.2.October 2010. reliable and very effective way to soothe a sore throat.Page 5 of 22 - . Strepsils positioning across all markets has never wavered. it makes sense for them to want a product they can be sure will soothe the discomfort.200-crore Reckitt Benckiser India put them on the fast track. It is suitable for more severe. the anaesthetic used by many of Strepsils’ competitors. This is just as effective as the rest of the Strepsils range.2. and suitable for those looking after their teeth or their calorie intake. comfortable. it is these values which have seen Strepsils maintain its position as the first choice for sufferers of a sore throat since 1958. 2.2 Recent Development In the 1990s.2. Clearasil and Sweetex late last year. painful sore throats. The introduction of a very effective local anaesthetic. Compared to Benzocaine. the Rs 1.throat lozenges Strepsils and anti-acne cream Clearasil . The genius of “Strepsils Works” as a brand promise is the fact that it is demonstrably true. In the initial phase. is not just due to the effectiveness of the pharmaceutical ingredients but also the developers’ ability to present them in pleasant tasting lozenges. provided improved pain relief to complement the proven efficacy of the original Strepsils formula. In 1994. The success of Strepsils formulations.3 Promotion One of the key elements in the continued strength of Strepsils has been the discipline shown in the way the brand values of Strepsils are presented. is a palatable.

200 crore. Meanwhile." .October 2010. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India to leadership positions in the categories concerned. in following year. its third brand. Nurofen analgesics. which was added to the UK-based Reckitt Benckiser's portfolio following its 1. "Momentum is picking up and we plan to improve our rate of growth this year.Page 6 of 22 - ." Admitting that Lifebuoy had eaten into Dettol's market share to a small extent. The 40-year-old Strepsils was repositioned as a first aid formula for the throat. "We plan to add variants to Dettol with thorough consumer insights. A similar relaunch exercise was undertaken for sugars substitute Sweetex. The company had set aside a budget of Rs 10-15 crore for marketing to be spent on the two brands." On HLL's strategy to reposition Lifebuoy as a germ fighter and occupy the space which the Rs 350-crore Dettol had ruled all these years.9 billion pounds takeover of Boots Healthcare. was brought to India the following year. "We are not taking Unilever lightly. exceeding its original target of Rs 1. Reckitt Benckiser India had set a higher double-digit growth target.000 crore)." These brands were being marketed and sold by the Boots-Piramal joint venture till September 2006. After exceeding its turnover target for year 2006 by Rs 200 crore (it did Rs 1.

It was an effort to make Strepsils at par with Vicks as perception of the people about Strepsils was of a medicinal tablet due to its Strip – Packing so not to use at your own. in the form of a lion trying to roar but due to sore throat it could mutter only “Meow” and then it pops – up a Strepsils and it starts roaring again. At that time Vicks was available over the counter and was packed in a rectangular green cartoon having a poly pack of 12 droplets. . established its products Burnol (Antiburn). Rather Vicks used the advt. no need of medical prescription. Strepsils follow the suit. This advertisement started generating volumes but at the same time Doctors stopped prescribing Strepsils as now it has segmented itself in the over the counter segment. instantaneously. After placing the Strepsils in a particular segment. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India 3 Literature Review The Boots India Ltd. “Vicks ki goli lo. in strip packing in late 1970’s. People connected with the advt. Consumer used to get associated with the Vicks Brand as Vicks was successful in establishing its other products for the cure of common cough and cold.October 2010.Page 7 of 22 - . Vicks was very successful in establishing its droplets in a segment where customer can ask for it. by placing its advt. Boots was also manufacturing and selling Strepsils in India. Boot’s thought of placing a new product in the segment which can be entertained and prescribed by the Doctors also. Brufen (AntiInflammatory) and Digene (Antacid). khich – khich dur karo” so no need to go to doctor for common cough and cold.

it was packed in a set of four tablets in aluminum/strip packing.October 2010. But unfortunately product was neither hit among doctors nor among masses. The colour of “Chirana” was “Dark Orange” and it was available only in one colour means every effort was towards placing the new product in the segment where buyer purchased as per prescription. After few years Boot’s India kept Strepsils only and discontinued with Chirana. very few know the name behind the Brand. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India 4 Objective and Problem Boots named the product “Chirana” and to give a feel of its medicinal value. The samples of Chirana were liberally distributed among the Doctors and Private Practitioners. People do recognize these with the name Vicks. • . • Still a lot is desirous on part of Boots’ as P&G was successful in establishing Vicks as its Brand for various products being used for curing common cold and cough.Page 8 of 22 - . But Boot’s with its experience started coming out with various flavours and changed its packaging style to suit the taste of masses.

73 respondents were surveyed.October 2010.Page 9 of 22 - . Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India 5 Methodology We have used primary methodology. Refer Appendix for Survey. profession and gender. The statistics were analysed and conclusion of the results came from perception of the people based on age. .

There are four critical elements in marketing the products and business. What your product is. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India 6 Analysis. services. This happened not only with Strepsils. They are the four P’s of marketing. quality. Probably the lacklustre approach by Boots and its inability to meet the consumers’ demands with changing times led to its gradual downfalls and all its products started diminishing from market. but also with other products of Boots such as Digene. It remained unsuccessful in sensing the changing consumer demands and changing competitive environment and could not switch to a suitable pricing strategy.1. function. 6. Hence. you might think of what you offer as a bundle of goods and services. Its product’s price remained higher than that of other alternates available in the market. But with the passage of time. options. Here. Your product’s appearance. Results. and brand name. The product was meant to serve the Indian consumer by providing a quick and easily available remedy for seasonal sore throat and other related health problems. in strip packing in late 1970’s. established its lozenge. Thus. The Boots India Ltd. However.3 Place The right product at the right price available in the right place to be bought by customers. 6. On the contrary. which was outdone by Vicks.1 Analysis Marketing the business is about how it is positioned to satisfy the market’s needs. this may be a signal of low quality and not part of the image you want to portray. features.1. “Price” refers to how much you charge for your product or service. there are elements associated with your product that customers may be attracted to. “Place” refers to the distribution channels used to get your product to your customers. But it could not keep pace with the reducing price demands when other low price substitutes entered into the market.2 Price The right product offered at the right price. Burnol and Brufen. Boots started with a price differentiating its product from other similar products.Page 10 of 22 - . and support make up what the customer is actually buying. Apart from the physical product itself. such as the way it is packaged. Other product attributes include quality. It had the desired contents.1.1 Product The right product satisfies the needs of target customer. it took a toll on Boot’s market share. 6. taste and other attributes to attract the consumers.October 2010. . warranties. Boots could not catch up with the competitors and could not creat a brand name for itself. will greatly influence how you distribute it. Many small business owners feel they must absolutely have the lowest price around. “Product” refers to the goods and services you offer to your customers. Strepsils. So they begin their business by creating an impression of bargain pricing. Discussions and Conclusion 6. Determining your product’s price can be tricky and even frightening.

People started getting it conveniently from all pharmacy stores without prescription and they started connecting with it. what they can use it for. This can be attributed to their easy access to market and kind of easy.Page 11 of 22 - .2 Results We found the following results after our analysis• Among the adolescent users. Boots took the route of promoting its product through Television in order to gain access to regional as well as national consumers. Very soon. for example. you own a small retail store or offer a service to your local community. its price and its place. • • As depicted by the data. and so you will be supplying directly to the customer. It is how you let people know what you’ve got for sale. People connected with the advt. Businesses that create or assemble a product will have two options: selling directly to consumers or selling to a vendor. instantaneously.4 Promotion Informing potential customers of the availability of the product. Further to this. it’s their propensity to use the lozenges as a mouth freshner after smoking that leads this age group’s inclination towards the usage of lozenges. It was an effort to make Strepsils at par with Vicks. Boots lauched its product Strepsils as a prescription drug and it was sold through medical practitioners as a prescribed medicine in early years after launch. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India If.October 2010.1. 6. More readily a product is available. You want the customers who are looking for a product to know that your product satisfies their needs. and why they should want it. more the . convenient and readymade remedy that lozenges offer for their health problem. then you are at the end of the distribution chain. 6. we find that the percentage of lozenges’ users is more as compared to other age group caterories. it started selling directly through counters and came out of the perceived image of a prescription drug. The purpose of promotion is to get people to understand what your product is. consumers are greatly concerned about the availability of the product. “Promotion” refers to the advertising and selling part of marketing. It placed its advertisement in which a lion tries to roar but due to sore throat it could mutter only “Meow” and then it pops – up a Strepsils and it starts roaring again.

we can very easily differentiate between Vicks and Strepsils in terms of availability. Vicks is available at every ciggarette shop. This majorly depends upon the availability of the product when taste of two products is similar. Secondly. Vicks came up with many falvours such as ginger. • As shown in the survey results. On the contrary. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India consumers become accustomed to the product and hence more they become inclined towards it when it comes to a purchasing decision. thus exceeding Strepsils. grocery shops. pharmacy stores. it’s very hard to find Strepsils at any other place than pharmacy stores. This makes Vicks an easy option for the consumers and hence it supercedes Strepsils in terms of sales. Vicks capitalised on this as they had other products with the same brand name “Vicks” such as Vicks Vaporub whereas strepsils did not have any such edge to cash on. . which was in the market with same taste and flavor for years. general stores. orange.Page 12 of 22 - . a major percentage of people base their decision to choose a product on the fact whether they can associate themselves with other established product with the same brand name. mint etc.October 2010. • Taste/flavour also plays a role in developing a penchant of a product in consumer’s mind. In the case presented.

Brufen (AntiInflammatory) and Digene (Antacid). as seen with human beings. is seen in the case of products.At the Introduction (or development) Stage market size and growth is slight.3 Discussions The Boots India Ltd. in comparison to Vicks. Boots was also manufacturing and selling Strepsils in India. Strepsils. Product life cycle (PLC) has to do with the life of a product in the market with respect to business/commercial costs and sales measures. tools and processes. Vicks was very successful in establishing its cough tablets in a segment where customer can ask for it. in strip packing in late 1970’s. At that time Vicks was available over the counter and was packed in a rectangular green cartoon having a poly pack of 12 tablets. A similar life-cycle. The product life cycle goes through multiple phases. undergo . marketing costs may be high in order to test the market. no need of medical prescription. and requires many skills. involves many professional disciplines.Page 13 of 22 - . of a product's life cycle and the accompanying Market introduction stage. The four main stages characteristics are: 1. it is possible that substantial research and development costs have been incurred in getting the product to this stage. 6. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India • Different age groups surveyed gave a noticeable weightage to price of the product also. In addition. established its products Burnol (Antiburn).October 2010. is costly and hence score low when it comes to consumers’ choice.

perhaps. established its lozenge. 2. Strepsils was growing and people had accepted the brand. 3. Strepsils. Strepsils started off very well as a prescription drug and people started consuming the lozenge believing in the quality. People started getting it conveniently from all pharmacy stores without prescription and they started connecting with it. the most common stage for all markets. the best option may be to withdraw or end the product.The Maturity Stage is. it is cheaper for businesses to invest in increasing their market share as well as enjoying the overall growth of the market. both marketing and finance become key activities. it is in this stage that competition is most intense as companies fight to maintain their market share. Profits arise due to an increase in output (economies of scale)and possibly better prices. At this stage. Maturity stage. Growth stage.October 2010. Here. Strepsils started off as a prescription drug and it grew when it started selling through counters. significant promotional resources are traditionally invested in products that are firmly in the Growth Stage. Products at this stage have to be carefully monitored to ensure that they start to grow. The Maturity Stage is the time when most profit is earned by the market as a whole. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India launch promotion and set up distribution channels. . The Boots India Ltd. content and efficacy of the medicine.Page 14 of 22 - . It was meant to serve the Indian consumer by providing a quick and easily available remedy for seasonal sore throat and other related health problems. Otherwise. taste and other attributes to attract the consumers. since any significant moves are likely to be copied by competitors. It is highly unlikely that companies will make profits on products at the Introduction Stage. in strip packing in late 1970’s. It had the desired contents. Any expenditure on research and development is likely to be restricted to product modification and improvement and perhaps to improve production efficiency and quality. Marketing spend has to be monitored carefully. The product was introduced keeping in mind the market size. consumers’ needs and potential for the product. Here.The Growth Stage is characterised by rapid growth in sales and profits. Accordingly. quality.

October 2010. we conclude the following1. major chunk of customers had moved to the competitor’s product owing to the availability of various flavors. By the time Strepsils sensed this. 6. The actual situation is in sync with consumers’ perception. product differentiation. Through its Marketing Strategy it was hit among the consumers and picked up very well. Burnol or Digene. promotion and pricing strategy opted by both products. It’s still available. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India Saturation and decline stage. But after that. reducing the overall amount of profit that can be shared amongst the remaining competitors. . Product. We strongly feel that whenever Boots' competitors came up with other substitues it just shied away instead of repositioning its products or coming up with new improved products or placing a new product in the market segment which was it was already present in. Place. The competitors entering later into the market caught up this aspect and came up with various flavors in their lozenges whereas on the other hand Strepsils followed later on and could not sustain its competitive advantage. 3. its major competitor Vicks and other brands can be readily found on aplenty at the pan/cigarette shops. People perceive that the product available at pervasive cigarette shops is cheaper than the product available mostly at the medical shops. As the market share dropped. Instead. 2. 4. In our opinion initially Boots India correctly identified the needs of the consumers and to satisfy those needs Strepsils was originated. it was acquired by Reckitt Benckiser.As indicated by the survey. Based on our survey. As the survey indicates.Page 15 of 22 - . cheaper markets. depending on whether the product remains profitable.4 Conclusion We sifted through the product history of both Vicks and Strepsils and compared the origin. Ultimately. to transfer production to a cheaper facility.Strepsils could not correctly identify all the places where it should have been available to its target consumers. at pharmacy stores or we can convincingly assert that it is perceived by the consumers to be available only at medical stores. Care should be taken to control the amount of stocks of the product. a company may decide to end the product. It may be possible to take out some production cost. Boots’ saturation or decline may be attributed to inability to react to the changing competitive environment. At this stage. a major proportion of people give weightage to the price of lozenge. People also weigh different flavors that come with lozenges.In the Decline Stage. On the contrary. Strepsils could not keep pace with its competitors and with the changing market scenario kept on loosing its share to other major competitors. availability of the product also plays a great role in the success of a product. Price.Apart from the product’s effectiveness. In the case presented here. the market is shrinking. Boots withdrew itself whether it’s the case of Brufen. penetration. The scant availability of Strepsils at easily accessible outlets coupled with its price has led to the overall decline in its market share. great care has to be taken to manage the product carefully. majorly. sell the product into other.

Promotion. lesser number of people are getting exposed to the product. Our conclusion in this regard is. Strepsils could have maintained its market share and stayed in competition by focusing on the above mentioned aspects.October 2010. people have started perceiving that it is available only at medical stores and therefore. . Since Strepsils’ presence is very less as compared to other competitors’ product. who entered later in the market spotted the need of the day and captured the market by working on all important 4Ps.Page 16 of 22 - .Although people get a lot of information about lozenges from media but we have seen from the survey that the major promotion medium for lozenges is word of mouth and a person’s past experience. Other competitors. This has taken a toll on Strepsils’ market share. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India 4.

Page 17 of 22 - . Here the product lifecycle of complete product is discussed. People who filled in the survey & others who are directly/indirectly influenced by our research report tend to give attention to lozenges category & may be more aware about brand existence & usage pattern of lozenges. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India 7 Implications Following can be the implications of our research • Based on the consumer preference of taste.October 2010. Price & also the vailibilty of lozenges a new category or space of lozenges could be created by Reckitt & Beckinson. • • . so the company can actually target the stage which is really affecting the sales of stepsils vis a vis Vicks & take the corrective action.

data was collected for small sampe size.Page 18 of 22 - . we did not find enough time to approach the respondents and get the survey filled in front of us. the price is less as compared to other commodities. of respondents. Hence. There could be following limitations while carrying out entire exercise: • Since we are working professionals. we found it difficult to creat an interest among the respondents while giving their opinion on the choices. Moreover. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India 8 Limitations We selected the primary method of data collection and carried out a survey in the form of a questionnaire. Therefore. Due to the time constraints. result might have been different from what we have concluded. • • • • . We could not cover the intended no. Bigger sample size would have helped us to analyse the results better. of respondents. In case of large no.October 2010. We did not have enough to time go and make the respondents understand the questions completely. We could not communicate the actual intent and purpose of the survey and hence our conclusion may not be perfectly aligned with the actual thoughts of the users. The subject and product choosen by us might have looked miniscule and also is used in case of seasonal health problems. result could have been more coherent and closer to reality.

October 2010. So our study can actually be helpful in future course in following ways: • So our current study can give kickstart to detail study for launching a new product in the empty space of the category. Other brand in lozenges category say Halls. consumer preference & growth factors. • . & our main focus was usage pattern of strepsils against the usage of vicks.Page 19 of 22 - . could reposition its product as per the market space. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India 9 Future research scope We carried out the research on the usage of lozenges.

indiatimes.superbrands-brands.economictimes.com/2007-04-19/news/28441187_1_reckittbenckiser-india-dettol-global-brands .com/Media-investors/Category-performance/Health-Care http://articles.com/volII/brand_strepsils.wikipedia.rb.htm http://en.org/wiki/Strepsils http://www.Page 20 of 22 - .October 2010. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India 10 References (List of public sources used) • • • • http://www.

do you take medication at your own? In case of cough. The personal details or the results of the questionnaire will not be divulged. Your source of information regarding Lozenges Do you have a preferred brand for lozenges? If yes. do you try home remedies first? If any child in your family is having mild cough/cold. possibly from the common cold or influenza. Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India 11 Appendices 11.1 Survey A throat lozenge.g? Strepsils /Vicks/Halls? Do you use them? If yes then how frequently do you use them? Do you keep them with you all the time? Sometimes prefer to use them as Mouth-freshener.e. 1/2/3? If any child in your family is having mild cough/cold. please specify the brand – Your preferences about lozenges are through: a Advertisements (media) b Friends c Attracted due to packaging Due to some other associated d product e Past experience f Brand loyalty Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Occasionally Occasionally Occasionally Word of mouth Yes Vicks Yes Yes Yes Yes Vicks No No No No No No No No Regularly Regularly Regularly Media No Halls No No No No Halls Literature Strepsils Strepsils . do you prefer to go to a doctor? In not then.Page 21 of 22 - . or cough sweet is a small. This questionnaire is purely for the academic purposes.October 2010. Cough tablets have taken the name lozenge. based on their original shape. do you prefer lozenges? How often do you let your child have these Lozenges? If yes. do you consult doctor first? If any child in your family is having mild cough/cold. Name Gender Profession Age 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Are you over cautious about your health? In case of mild cough and cold. do you prefer to have home-made remedies? Do you go to Chemist to get any Expectorant/Anticough? Or do you purchase medicines off the shelf? Have you heard about Lozenges tablets e. medicated sweet intended to be dissolved slowly in the mouth to lubricate and soothe irritated tissues of the throat (usually due to a sore throat). cough drop. troche. i. please rate as per preferences.

the lozenges’ prices are reasonable? Do you check the ingredients of the tablet? I love __________ because Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Vicks No No No No No No Halls Strepsils 11. then which colour do you prefer? Does taste/flavour of tablet matter? Does size of the tablet matter? Do you feel.October 2010.2 Survey hard copies .Page 22 of 22 - . Marketing Management Lozenges: Strepsils in India 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 g Perceived effectiveness Do you think colour of lozenges contribute towards your preferences? If yes.

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