Product and service analysis

Description We chose that name for the reason that is very catchy and unique and different where people will be curious on what our business is all about. At the same time, our name can be remembered and recognized easily. We will operate Sensei, a single unit, medium-size café serving healthy, contemporary style food. The café will be located at M.L Tagarao st. corner Allerey st. near the Maryhill College. Our set up is different completely modern, high standard of service with personal touches and cool dining area. There will always been many other technological features adding from time to time, secured WI-FI network. The menu is moderate sized, and moderate-low priced offering a collection of Filipino traditional food and American items with a theme (healthy, flavorful, and familiar. Our goal is to create the image of light satisfying and still nutritious food. Food production and assembly will take place in the kitchen of the café. The chef will exercise strict of sanitation, quality production, and presentation or packaging over the kitchen and service staff. There will be three ways a customer can purchase food. They may sit down at one of the 54 seats in the dining room and get full service from a wait person. A separate take-out counter will service those who wish to pick up their food. Most take-out food will be prepared to order with orders coming from either the telephone. Delivery (an indirect form of take-out) will be available at the certain times and to a limited area. Features Sensei café is located at allerey corner M.L Tagarao st. Brgy. V Lucena City. Sensei offers a relaxation atmosphere where customers can: 1. Dine and sit in a comfortable sofa chair with small table and drink their favorite coffee and eat their luscious pastry. 2. Meet with their friend to unwind and drink coffee and taste our p[astries in our unique table settings. 3. Read magazine and newspaper for free. 4. Check their e-mail, gaming have a free access with their laptops (WI-FI connection) 5. Scanning, typing, and printing jobs are also available. 6. Listen to our unique music which gives worry free atmosphere. 7. Meet with their friends, clients or business partner while zipping coffee with matching pastries.

because this is along the highway and it is in front of Maryhill College and other offices in the city. we also offer comfort foods like pastries. Environment Although the café industry is very competitive the lifestyle changes created by modern living continue. take-out from the café. Sensei café are after the safety of the clients that’s why the food and service that will it offer will be approve by the BFAD and sanitation permit.Comparison The area is our advantage to others. Our café is registered in Department of trade and Industry and also registered in Department of tourism. We also offer different types of beverages like tea. More and more people have less time. milkshakes etc. Our café business is engaged in offering different types of coffee (hot and cold). Since we’re in the food and beverage service industry. we will be targeting our customer by the foods and services that we offer. table service at the café. Our secondary targets are the daily passer. sandwiches. business person in Lucena City. Trends are very important and sensei cafe is well positioned for the current interest in lighter. The price and menu is also our advantage because we will offer original and authentic recipes for reasonable and affordable price. Approximately about 10% of . 25% from government employees. The disadvantage is that the culture in Lucena traditionally the people is used to eating oriental noodles. II market analysis Target market The market for sensei café products covers a large of diverse and densely populated groups. It is located at the heart of the city. There will be three ways of purchasing products. Some considerations The materials and supplies will be coming from the local market and selected dealers. The sales percentage of our target market will be 35% on teachers and students. healthier foods at moderate to low prices. 25% from families and 15% from religious groups because we have a set of lunch and dinner for them. The area is also a main road that different person passes by. The target markets of sensei are primarily the teachers and student. Our café provides the needs of our customers at affordable and reasonable prices. and delivery to home or offices. pasta and even the Filipino traditional foods. it is an area where people pass by and it is located at the front of the Maryhill College and other school and offices near the heart of the city. resources and ability to cook for themselves.

Advertising and Other Promotional Activities . The projected size of the target market is 85%.the target market’s income/profit will be spend on our product and service.

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