 Please pray for the Thomas family as they grieve the loss of their beloved father and grandfather, Jim Thomas. Pray also for Jim's wife as she copes with this difficult adjustment after 60+ years of marriage. Pray that the Lord would raise up the perfect Head Teacher for our childcare, and that those in leadership would recognise His choosing. Please pray that the renovations to our facility would move ahead with excellence, and would end up being considerably under budget. Please pray for Frazer Noble as he works to complete his PhD studies in the coming months. Praise God! He answered our prayer for an outreach leader to work with Aeran Jung in a resounding way! Please pray for Jemma (our new leader), and the dance outreach that she will be heading up. Continue to pray for peace in Syria. In recent months, hundreds of thousands of people have fled surrounding countries because of the violence. Pray for believers in these nations who are ministering to the displaced. Pray that God will intervene and that the people of Syria will put their trust in Him.

West Harbour Alliance Church 145 Moire Road, West Harbour, Waitakere 0618 (09) 416-8991

Pastoral Team
Pastor Matthew and Sharilyn Mordaunt 832 3922

Elders Board
Jacob Lauaki – Joh Remiens – Barry Thomas

Executive Committee
Tom McKean (Treasurer), Naren Nanjan, Pauline Thomas, Matthew Mordaunt, and a representative from the Elders Board.

09 September 2012

Church Office

416 8991 Pastor Matt’s office hours are 9am – 11.30am Tuesday-Friday. If you would like to drop by outside these hours, please ring the church before you come.

ROSTERS for September 2012
Date 09 16 23 30 Preacher

Matt Matt Joel Matt

Worship Leader Tom Tom Matt T.B.A.

Pianist Sharilyn Aeran Aeran Sharilyn

Media Pauline Sophie Paul Thomas


Lawns Ofa Barry Barry Barry

Judy Raquel Keren Dianne

Are you new to this facility?
We know that it can take a lot of energy to attend a new church, so please note that:  Information on who we are, as well as on all of our ministries are available online at Each week, we share a cuppa together after the service, and would love for you to stay for a chat.

Communion 16 September – Jacob Lauaki 07 October 2012 – Matt Mordaunt
If you would like to include any bits and pieces for the weekly Newsletter, please email Pastor Matt at:, or phone the church office. Helping people move from brokenness to wholeness in Christ “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; He rescues those whose spirits are crushed” Psalm 34:18

10.30am – Morning Worship
Led by:
Tom McKean

If you know what those acronyms mean, then you should probably go! On Sunday, September 23rd from 7:00 at the church, we will have our annual general meeting of the membership. This is an important, and mandatory meeting of the membership where we look at the ministry and finances of the past twelve months, while also looking at what is projected for the coming year. Annual Reports will be available in early September. Please note: These reports and the AGM is open to anybody to attend. Stars Party at Westgate Baptist For years now, the combined Massey area churches have come together to bless the community with a community carnival called "Stars Party", and with over 2,000 people expected to come, we'll need some help! Volunteer sign up sheets will be made available in early October, but in the mean time, please be collecting good-quality used children's clothing for the clothing give-away. A box will be provided at the back of the Sanctuary for your donations. Christchurch Support The rebuilding of Christchurch is slowly getting under way, both with people's homes and their hearts, and for nearly two years, the people at Burwood Community Church have been doing what they can to bless and support those around them. Nearly a year ago, the Alliance sent a team of people to Christchurch to help BCC, and this November, we're going again. The team has been capped at 20 people max, and the cost is estimated to be $200. Funding will be made available to offset costs, and if you would like to participate, please let Pastor Matt know by (or before!) September 9th as interest in this trip is high. A Dance Revolution! The Youth in Massey love dance. The people at WHAC love Jesus, and so, from September 16th at 5:30, we're going to bring those two things together in a Hip Hop class at the church. This ministry is free, and is open to anybody aged 5-18. If interested, please talk to Aeran Jung today!

Speaker: Matt Mordaunt
Thank you for joining us today and you are warmly invited to stay and enjoy some morning tea. If you would like to talk to or pray with an Elder, we encourage you to make yourself known to one of the Worship Team and they will assist you.

Ages 3–7 Ages 8 – 13 Our Kid’s Club is divided into two groups, for age appropriate lessons. During the renovation period the Sunday School lessons will take place at Phyllis Charlton's home (22 Tatyana Place, Massey) from 10:15am 11:45am. All the children are invited to join in. We would like to thank parents for dropping off and picking up their children. If the children are more comfortable staying with their parents, they are also welcome to remain in the service.

BIRTHDAYS COMING UP ..... Ryan Lim-Yip - 12 September Matthew Mordaunt - 19 September Barry Thomas - 20 September Betty Olsson - 28 September MEETINGS COMING UP....... Executive Committee Annual General Meeting 19 September 2012 23 September 2012

Reorient: Prayer
Join us in the church 13 September, 7:30pm Focus: Genuine and effective outreach through WHAC

Home Groups
Mordaunt’s: Thomas’: 20 September and 4 October th th 20 September and 4 October
th th

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