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5, 2012 Dear Grant Parents, My name is Ethan Medley and I will be teaching your child in physics this year. This will be my sixth year at Grant, and I have been teaching physics for the last eighteen years in the district. I try to keep physics a challenging class, but am very available to help kids who might occasionally find it too challenging. I eat lunch in my room on most days and stay late after school. Kids are welcome to drop by or set up a time to meet. We will spend the first semester on topics of mechanics and dynamics. Third quarter will be about waves, sound and light and fourth quarter will focus on electricity. Throughout the year, students will participate in weekly lab experiences to keep the curriculum real and hands-on. Two or three of the labs per quarter will involve thorough reports. Major tests will occur about twice a quarter. I use an online service for homework. They will get one or two assignments per unit. As each student gets a set of problems with unique numbers, I encourage them to work together. Please let me know if getting internet access is an issue and I will find a way to work around this or make alternate homework assignments. I have created a web site to allow students and parents to see unit goals, dates of major activities, exemplary student work, answer keys and occasionally other things. Please bookmark the site I hope you find it useful. I update it once or twice a month. It is also possible to access student grades online. I use the same service that most PPS teachers use, and there is a link to it on the website. The letter grade is based on the standard scale: 90-100A, 80-89B, 7079C, 60-69D, 0-59F. In calculating a total percentage, tests will be worth approximately 50%, labs reports will be worth approximately 30%, and homework approximately 20%. I allow students to retake major tests, though they can only get back half of the points that they missed. This gives them an opportunity to compensate for a poor test, but not a window for ignoring their initial responsibility. Lab reports that are late are penalized 10% per week, but if students request an extension responsibly I grant them. Asking on the due date, or by email the night before is not good enough. They need to plan ahead. I am excited to have your child in class this year. I always appreciate hearing from parents if you have questions or concerns. The best way to reach me is by email at, but you can also reach me by phone at Grant at (503) 916-5160. I look forward to a good year. Sincerely,

Ethan Medley