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Kimberly-Clark (www.kimberly-clark.com) is a leading brand in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space. They have been in business for 140 years and serve its brand in more than 175 countries. The main objective of this consulting assignment was to develop a strategy and roadmap for building K-C IT Services’ (ITS) capability and infrastructure to deliver applications on smartphones and tablets. Need of an Enterprise Mobility Strategy Mobility is a journey, not destination. The implementation of mobility solutions requires enterprises to build capability and strategy to synthesize many essential mobility requirements e.g. devices, networks, applications, integration with complex data systems, workflow, identification of the right mobile device management (MDM) and middleware (MEAP) platforms etc. There arrives need for an enterprise to identify its mobile users, understand their needs, assess various mobility parameters and their impact, and build a well-defined mobility strategy and roadmap for mobility adaption. Endeavour played a mobile systems integrator (MSI) role and advised K-C to articulate its mobility vision, strategy and implementation roadmap. Endeavour’s domain experts and thought leaders helped K-C executive management optimize their total cost of ownership (TCO) by bringing best mobility practices, vertical depth and mobility expertise. MOA Services Offered by Endeavour-The Mobility Company Endeavour’s Mobile Opportunity Assessment (MOA) program specifically caters to this need of enterprises. Endeavour is advising several fortune 500 firms and billon dollar brands to help them go mobile. We do this with our 3-step MOA process. Our vertical experts and mobility analysts assess your people, processes and technology from a mobility perspective and arrive to a welldefined mobility strategy and roadmap for mobility adaption and execution. Our Advisory Services include:            Mobility Vision, Implementation Roadmap Mobile Security Strategy Mobile Digital Marketing Strategy Enterprise Mobile Compliance (HIPAA, GxP, FDA etc.) Build vs. Buy MEAP – Identification, Selection, Integration & Migration Mobile Device Management (MDM) Mobile ROI / TCO Analysis & Telecom Expense Management Mobile Technology Validation (native vs. web vs. hybrid; SoMoClo; online vs. offline) People, Process & Technology Roadmap Mobile Applications Strategy (Internal vs. External)

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Case Study: Mobility Strategy Advisory for Kimberly-Clark As a 1st step towards mobility adaption, K-C decided to take a holistic approach towards mobility and build an enterprise mobility strategy and roadmap that could help K-C decision makers identify TCO and understand the ROI from mobile implementation before starting to invest into various mobile applications. The challenges include:  What is needed at K-C in terms of people, process and organization capability to develop mobile applications?  How to develop the IT Services (ITS) department’s capabilities and infrastructure to develop and deliver mobile applications?  Knowhow on Enterprise Mobility, the factors influencing enterprise mobility and their impact. What does it take to enable enterprise mobility at global scale?  Selection of the right device management tools; Build vs. Buy analysis of mobile middleware and device management platforms.  Building Mobile Software Development Life cycle for ITS.  Application Distribution Strategy.  Firm’s Global Mobile Digital Marketing Strategy, Needs and Application possibilities for consumers.  IT Governance – compliance against firm’s security policies.  Telecom expense management and data optimization.  Applications Strategy and Identification e.g. Internal vs. External.  What are the costs and ROI of enterprise mobile development? Mobile Opportunity Assessment - Endeavour’s Approach Endeavour followed a 3 step MOA process and worked closely with K-C executive management and various business teams to understand, analyse and recommend a mobile implementation roadmap for mobility adaption at K-C.

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Value Gained by Kimberly-Clark Endeavour helped K-C articulate a mobility vision, strategy and roadmap to establish an effective foundation for mobile application delivery at K-C. The deliverables were in the form of a strategy report, proof of concepts for quick-win applications, and phased wise implementation roadmap followed by an executive presentation to the K-C execution team. Below are the areas that Endeavour assessed and analyzed as part of this assessment. Mobile Device and User Management Strategy and Process Ensure that the introduction of new mobile devices is implemented seamlessly into the K-C ITS environment. This requires extending the existing infrastructure to enable Mobile Device Management, Mobile User Management, and key elements of application provisioning. Projects to evaluate several software productions and solutions available for BUY vs. BUILD decisions will need to be undertaken as a priority. Security Ensure that security policies, standards, and a framework are defined from Day 1. The goal was to ensure adoption of K-C ITS security policies already in place in the K-C Mobility environment. This is then implemented as a key first set of project deliverables along with first set of mobile applications being developed. K-C Mobile User Categorization The Mobility User (both internal and consumer) is defined and categorized, and a clear understanding of what they need in terms of mobile applications is documented to guide future development. Mobile Applications Strategy and Quick-Win Projects Over the short term, K-C needs to collect Mobile application needs based on its own categorization of users and other dimensions such as functions and type of applications (content, transaction workflow, and analytics). This should also extend to the consumer application needs. This starts with the development of the quick win application projects, and then extends to other applications. Define and Develop the K-C Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform Define the roadmap for building the K-C Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) and integration to both front-end and back-end K-C Enterprise applications. The MEAP will consist of both in-house developed modules and purchased tools and products that are integrated into the existing K-C ITS infrastructure.

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K-C Mobile Applications Development Process and Environment The Mobile Applications Development Process will include the following:  Life cycle and phase of mobile applications development at K-C  Applications Project Planning, Portfolio Management, and Governance  Applications Distribution methodology  Plan and Needs for K-C Test Lab and Development Environment Sourcing Model K-C’s people and skill building plan for growing mobile capabilities within K-C: Over the short term, this may involve outsourcing for key skills and then building over the long term to bring some or all aspects in-house. Cost and Budget Outlays to Realize the Application Mobility Roadmap The roadmap included a budgetary exercise to layout the cost aspects of developing the roadmap.

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