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Cheffins - La Carte Menu

Fresh Homemade Soup of the day Pan fried Jersey Scallops
Always good, fresh and very tasty, served with crusty bread Served with fresh garlic and Parsley butter Oriental sprouts salad, Chinese plum sauce, sweet and sour compound King prawns, Crab claw, Gambas, green lip mussels and fresh squid 4.90 1.50 each 7.90 9.90 7.70 6.90 6.90

Crispy Confit of Duck Leg

Hot fruit de Mer in Garlic butter

Poached fresh Asparagus with warm soft Egg Butter Garlic Chicken Sate

Warm hollandaise, parmesan cheese and sun blush salad

Butter garlic fried chicken on Asian bean sprout salad with peanut sate sauce Served on a fresh mango and honey mustard sauce

Cajun Spiced pan-fried fillet of Smoked Haddock Millionaires Prawn Cocktail

King Prawns, crayfish tails and Greenland prawns, crunchy iceberg, smoked paprika and creamy sun blush tomato cocktail sauce With condensed fresh apricot dressing, and olive oil toast Angus beef, cream grain mustard dressing, baby salad and fresh parmesan fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil Grilled Chorizo sausage, black pudding, creamy feta cheese, olives, sun blush tomatoes and poached asparagus, with a fresh basil and honey mustard dressing

8.90 6.90

Cheffins creamy Chicken liver pate Beef Carpaccio Cheffins Tapas


7.50 1.50 each 6.90 6.90 7.90 6.90 6.90 6.90

Fresh Gambas Two Ways Moules a la crme

Plain with mayonnaise dip or Tossed in Hot garlic chilli and lime butter Fresh moules poached in shallots garlic, parsley, fresh lemon and finished with cream

Served on a fresh pesto herb salad

Grilled Baby Red Peppers filled with hot goats cheese Smoked salmon and smoked Halibut plate Pan fried Lambs Kidneys

Served with horseradish cream fraiche, caviar and light herb salad

Sauted in butter, red wine, shallots and veal jus

Smoked Duck Caesar Salad

With croutons parmesan olives & Creamy Caesar Dressing

Grilled Baby Goats Cheese Grottin

Served on a fresh pesto herb salad with toasted chopped praline.

Cheffins - La Carte Menu


Char-grilled Rib Eye Steak ( Grade A1) Irish

Prime Irish rib eye steak chargrilled with hand cut chips grilled mushrooms ,tomato and buttered garden peas


Fresh chicken pieces with and array of fresh fish and shell fish, served with crunchy garlic bread

Cheffins Classic Chicken and Seafood Paella


King prawn and chicken kebab

Fresh Corn fed chicken and shelled king prawn kebab, chargrilled served with sun blush tomato and fresh garlic butter, home cut chips Fresh asparagus, petits pois, button mushrooms, sunrise tomatoes and fresh baby spinach finished with crme fraiche 15.00


Spring Asparagus Risotto


Sauted medallions of rib beef, draped with king prawns in garlic butter, roasted potato wedges and roasted vine tomatoes

Prime Rib of Beef king Prawn Surf and Turf

18.50 13.50

Fish and Chips

Golden fried crispy battered fillet of cod with mushy peas and tartar sauce

Fresh Gressingham Duck Magret

Lean cuts of suckling Duck, pan fried and sauted in Butter, deglazed in finca Shiraz/Melbec & finished with fresh juicy summer berries

16.50 15.50

Malaysian Spiced Sea food Curry Sea Bass

Fresh cod, king prawns, coconut cream, tomatoes and fresh herbs and spices Fresh Sea Bass sauted in Jersey butter Served on crushed new potatoes topped with fresh Jersey asparagus and Jersey butter hollandaise


Roasted Vegetable Tart

Crispy puff pastry case filled with roasted Mediterranean vegetables and served with a fresh herb salad


Chefs Chicken and Bacon Salad

Crunchy baby gem leaves topped with croutons pan-fried corn fed chicken, grilled bacon poached asparagus, olives and tomatoes dressed with creamy honey mustard dressing

14.50 15.90 15.90

Slow Roasted Suckling Rib of Pork with plenty of crackling

Sage and onion stuffing roast potatoes & market vegetables

Fresh Grilled English lamb chops

Served with fresh market vegetables

Cheffins - La Carte Menu

Banana and Praline parfait
Ripe bananas and caramelized hazel nuts blended with fine jersey double cream go in to make this delight, served with praline dust and caramelized bananas

6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00

Bombay sapphire Gin and tonic jelly Caramelized crme brulee tart Sticky toffee pudding Warm Rhubarb tart

Brought together with the very rich blue berry compote and jersey cream With crme anglaise and fresh berries Butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream This warm tart is brought together by the vanilla and almond frangipane and served with crme anglaise and clotted cream ice cream

6.00 6.00 6.00

Strawberry and lemon mousse

With Chantilly cream and fresh blue berrys

Warm Chocolate gooey pudding

With ice cream and crme anglaise


Cheese and biscuits
A great selection of cheeses from around the world accompanied by celery, green apple, quince jelly and cold green grapes