Temple Israel of Riverhead

July/Aug. 2012
Volume #1 8


Tammuz/Av/Elul 5772
Issue #6

490 Northville Tpke., P.O. Box 1531, Riverhead, New York 11901-0954 Email: TempleIsraelRH@optonline.net www.TempleisraelRiverhead.org

Temple Office: (631) 727-3191 Rabbi’s Study: (631) 369-5997 Rabbi William Siemers

Summer is here!

In This Issue Shabbat on the Beach Bar Mitzvah Garrett Richter Bat Mitzvah Emily Blumenthal New Member Barbeque High Holy Days Information 2 3 3

Please Join Us Bar Mitzvah Garrett Richter Bat Mitzvah Emily Blumenthal New Member Barbeque Book Club

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Services on the Beach High Holy Days Selichot

The High Holy Days Are Fast Approaching Details Inside
Temple Israel of Riverhead 1 July/August 2012


Temple Israel of Riverhead

Shabbat on the Beach
Friday, July 20, 2012, 6:30pm Kenny's Rd. Beach, Southold A light supper will be provided. Bring a beach chair!
In case of inclement weather, services will be held in the recreation

room of the synagogue - at the Cutchogue Presbyterian Church for more information call 727-3191

Driving directions from Temple Israel of Riverhead to Kenny's Rd. Beach, Southold: Take Northville Tpke/CR-43 north for 3.1 miles. Turn right on Sound Ave, continuing on CR-48 for 13.5 miles. Turn left on Kenny's Rd, go 0.8 miles (if you've reached Tucker's Lane, you've gone too far.) Take the 3rd left on Leeton Dr. (if you've reached the end of Kenny's Rd., you've gone too far.) Go 0.1 miles to Kenny's Rd. Beach.

Temple Israel of Riverhead


July/August 2012

Services will begin at 9:30 AM. Please share in our joy as Garrett becomes a BarMitzvah on Saturday. 2012. Lorraine and Richard Richter Dear Temple Family. August 18. August 11. followed by a Kiddush in the Social Hall. 2012. Services will begin at 9:30 AM. followed by a Kiddush luncheon in the Social Hall. Please share in our joy as Emily becomes a Bat-Mitzvah on Saturday. Linda and Richard Blumenthal Temple Israel of Riverhead 3 July/August 2012 ..Please Join Us as Temple Israel Celebrates Two Mitzvot in August! Dear Temple Family.

Pillsbury. Please start clipping. or you can call Terri Milligan to make arrangements for pickup." "Mr.Tell and Kvell Lexa Smith is graduating from Westhampton Beach High School.COM Temple Israel of Riverhead 4 July/August 2012 . Tepper claims that he donated ten thousand dollars to the synagogue. Tuesdays and Fridays 10am-2pm. Eligible products include General Mills products. Do you have a member of this congregation named David Tepper?” "I know him well. We ask that you not bring them to the shul during Shabbat. and others. "I work for the Internal Revenue Service. number 4 in her class of approximately 250 students. and I'm here to make sure he did. Her parents. A Little Humor "Rabbi. Betty Crocker. Box Tops for our Hebrew School The Religious School is now collecting boxtops." says the visitor." says the rabbi. "but I can tell you one thing: he will!" Nella Hahn. LCSW PSYCHOTHERAPY GROUPS INDIVIDUALS COUPLES 212-888-2888 NELHAHN@AOL. Jim and Barbara Smith. are very proud of her. She will be attending Boston College in the fall." "I don't know if he did. They can be dropped off at the shul during office hours.

Debbie Sterne. P. Sunday. Becky & Daniel Games and food for kids of all ages RSVP by August 5. Box 1531. and their children. his wife. Egalitarian Congregation 490 Northville Turnpike at Ostrander Ave.Barbecue! For prospective and current members. 2012 2:00 p. NY 11901 TempleIsraelRH@optonline.net (631) 727-3191 www. Temple Israel of Riverhead A Conservative.TempleIsraelRiverhead. Come schmooze with Rabbi Siemers.O. Riverhead.org Temple Israel of Riverhead 5 July/August 2012 .m. August 12.

Israel. at the end of which the town would revert to the control of Alaska. schemers. chess fanatics. it appears. and obsessives of every description. NY Times review Come join the Temple Israel book group! A light dinner will be served. where by statute they were allowed to make their home for the next 60 years. hard-boiled mystery. thugs.Book Club Tuesday. didn’t work out … [there’s an] enormous cast of cops. alternative-reality. set. in Alaska. July 31 at Cynthia Schulman’s house The Yiddish Policeman’s Union By Michael Chabon A screwball. Please RSVP to Carol Levin at levin_carol@yahoo. large numbers of Jews were relocated to Sitka. Temple Israel of Riverhead 6 July/August 2012 .com for directions and to coordinate supper. The impressively wacky premise is that after the Holocaust. rabbis. for maximum incongruity.

Tickets are issued for specific seats (as in a theater). According to the Temple’s long-standing practice. we make High Holy Day seats available at no charge to needy individuals and to full-time college students. 4. To be courteous and fair to everyone. If a member or non-member of Temple Israel is demonstrably in financial straits. 3. Inter-married Spouse Members and Individual Members may purchase tickets for themselves. Tickets cannot be purchased for non-relatives at the member rates. 2. We are all working diligently to make our High Holy Day services meaningful and dignified. The Temple offers High Holy Day tickets at reasonable cost to those who support Temple Israel and Judaism by being or becoming dues-paying members. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to the spirit of our ticket process. Tickets are non-transferable. all but a few seats are reserved in advance. we willingly make special arrangements. The High Holy Day Committee Temple Israel of Riverhead 7 July/August 2012 .Dear Fellow Congregant: Looking forward to the High Holy Days. Each year. their spouses and children at the member rate. please call Annette Grubman. If you have further questions. Each person attending High Holy Day services must have a ticket. we thought you would like an explanation of Temple Israel’s High Holy Day ticket process. 631 765-2351. 5. please do not assume that an unoccupied seat is an available seat. and you are expected to occupy the seat designated on your ticket. we ask that you consider the following information when ordering your tickets: 1.

............... For members in good standing....... Please check which services you will attend (helps us to plan seating for all): Rosh Hashanah: First day. Late reservations may not be accepted.. evening.................. Name_______________________________________ Phone #______________________________ Address__________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________ Email address _________________________________ I am a paid-up member of Temple Israel and wish to reserve seats for the 2012 High Holy Days........ Please use the form below to reserve the number of seats you would like........... Second day... Mail form with your payment by August 1.... September 26 Children’s services are available each day for ticket holders only... Yom Kippur day.. (dues must be current).... NY 11901 Mail before August 1........... Complete all sections that apply on the form below. I enclose a check for the following seats: _______ Number of non-members at $325 per person = $______ I am a member of Temple Israel and would like to purchase pew seats................. Please contact me about selecting and purchasing these seats.. Temple Israel of Riverhead PO Box 1531.. Riverhead.....High Holy Days 5773—Reservations for members and friends due August 1.. Kol Nidre......... I enclose a check for the following seats: ______ Member seats...September 25 Yom Kippur: Wed. Temple Israel of Riverhead 8 July/August 2012 .... September 16 Kol Nidre: Tue..... .. You will receive the complete schedule along with your tickets. we offer first choice for seat reservations............ High Holy Days 2012 Rosh Hashanah begins: Sun..... including pew owners................. including unmarried children to age 26 living at home ______ Unmarried children between 13-21 ______ Under 13 years old Children’s Service _______ Regular Service _______ at $95 per person = $________ at $65 per person = $________ at $35 per person = $________ at $135 per person = $________ ______ Immediate family of member residing more than 50 miles beyond Riverhead Names of all ticket holders and relationship: I am not a member of Temple Israel of Riverhead and wish to reserve seats for the 2012 High Holy Days. morning.... We only issue tickets after receiving payment............. evening.

Ari Ben Mordechai) of those family members for whom you have purchased tickets to our High Holy Day Services. 2012. 2012 Temple Israel of Riverhead 9 July/August 2012 . NY 11901 Deadline: August 1. Shira Bat Avram. Please mail this form by August 1. English Names Hebrew Names Please mail this form to: Temple Israel of Riverhead PO Box 1531 Riverhead.Ticket Holder Names for High Holy Days Dear Members and Friends: Please list below the English and Hebrew names (for example.

Box 1531 Riverhead. you may have the names of the departed inscribed in a beautiful Yizkor Service Booklet. Tzedakah—the giving of charity—is an integral part of the Memorial Service. NY 11901-0954 631 727-3191 PLACING NAMES ON THE YIZKOR LIST—YOM KIPPUR We will memorialize the names of the dear departed during the Yizkor Service. including names in the memorial plaques.William Siemers. Temple Israel of Riverhead 10 July/August 2012 . All names in the booklet and on plaques will be read during the Yizkor service. please send a donation of $18 per name. Riverhead. To have names memorialized in this booklet. PO Box 1531.O. In that spirit. NY 11901 by August 1. with names printed clearly. as we have done in the past. 2012 or enclose with your ticket reservation. Memorialized by Example: Congregation Temple Israel In Loving Memory of Rabbi Chaim Gerlitz_____________ Submitted by: _____________________________ Total donation $__________ Please make your check payable to Temple Israel of Riverhead and mail to Temple Israel of Riverhead. Mail this form. Rabbi 490 Northville Turnpike P. According to tradition. along with your check.

High Holy Day Flowers—Donations Requested If you wish to help beautify the Temple during the High Holy Days. we are preparing again our annual memorial book containing the Yizkor Memorial Service. Donor: _______________________________________________________ In Honor of Rosh HaShanah In Memory of Yom Kippur __________________________________ Deadline August 1. please look for Yizkor Book information with the High Holy Day mailing later this summer. and the names of our members’ departed loved ones.00) and/or for Yom Kippur ($360. NY 11901 Will you sponsor the Yizkor Book. The book will acknowledge your sponsorship and memorialize your loved ones. Temple Israel will be very grateful for your assistance. 2012 Please make checks payable to Temple Israel of Riverhead and send your donation to: Temple Israel of Riverhead PO Box 1531 Riverhead.00 donation. Temple Israel of Riverhead 11 July/August 2012 . If you would like to sponsor this Yizkor Book’s printing. you may do so by donating the flowers for Rosh HaShanah ($360.00). You can sponsor the printing of this book with a $900. This Yizkor Book will be distributed to Temple Israel’s worshipers during Yom Kippur’s Yizkor Service and then used for memorial services conducted at other times during the year. If you would like to inscribe your loved ones’ names in the booklet as we did last year. 5773? For the upcoming High Holy Days. special readings and meditations. please call Annette Grubman as soon as possible (631 765-2351).

.Operation Isaiah 5773 High Holy Day Food Drive This is the fast I have chosen… to share your bread with the hungry…Isaiah 58 Operation Isaiah is a High Holy Day Food Drive initiated by United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism to give congregations an opportunity to help their local communities. Stay tuned for details. need a little refresher on how it’s all done. As we gather together on Kol Nidre evening. Recommended donations Bar Soap Canned Fruit Canned Meat/Stews Canned Ravioli Cereal Chili Disposable Diapers Evaporated Milk Instant Coffee Instant Hot Chocolate Juice (cans or boxes) Macaroni & Cheese Mix Pancake Mix Peanut Butter (plastic jar) Powdered Milk Rice Soup Spaghetti Sauce Syrup (plastic bottle) Tea Toilet Tissue Tooth Paste Tuna Coming Soon. or are simply a beginner. we ask each congregant to bring at least one pound of non-perishable food to the synagogue to be donated to the food pantry operated by the Long Island Council of Churches in Riverhead. then this is for you. Davening FOR DUMMIES If you feel a little out of place at services. Temple Israel of Riverhead 12 July/August 2012 ..

Plant a Tree in Israel You can have a tree planted in Israel for a donation of $18. if you see something you'd like. glass platters. All checks should be made out to Sisterhood.Our Judaica Shop If you need Shabbat or holiday items for yourself or for a gift. kipot. children's books and toys. they can get it for you. Shabbat-To-Go. if you need ideas for a gift. acquiring new items several times a year. and candlesticks are all there. Contact Sheila Muller. just call Annette at 631-765-2351. 631-7224711. you will find them right in the Temple. or suraelka@aol. at PO Box 2433. Kiddush cups. they will be happy to suggest something in your price range. Aquebogue. NY 11931. or you can use PayPal from our website. or Phyllis at 631-734-7511. menorahs. Seder and matzoh plates. Our Judaica Shop boasts a large inventory of beautiful items. Annette Grubman and Phyllis Van Dyne operate the Temple's Shop. For more information and personal service. perfect for your occasion and recipient. Or. Temple Israel of Riverhead 13 July/August 2012 .com. many of them displayed in the Social Hall's glass cases. cookbooks. These dedicated ladies will also fill special orders. Temple Israel of Riverhead.

or a special birthday. in Patchogue. except during the summer. The cost of a leaf is $180. BJ’s and Costco also have pareve cookies in their bakeries. For further information. and also a fitting tribute to the memory of a loved one. frequently provides the food for our special events. when pareve items are offered.net 631-744-7551 Temple Israel of Riverhead 14 July/August 2012 . dairy bakery all year.Leaves on the Tree of Life An engraved leaf on the lovely Tree of Life which graces our Social Hall is a joyous reminder of a Bat or Bar Mitzvah. please contact Phyllis VanDyne at 734-7511. an anniversary. The Best Yet Market on Route 58 carries pareve cookies and cakes. Bagel Patch. a wedding. and the Riverhead Waldbaum’s bakery is kosher. YOUR AD COULD GO HERE Contact Allen Silver asilver9@optonline. also. Kosher Food For Our Events Beach Bakery in Westhampton Beach is a kosher.

Contact Florence Abrams at 3905 Amen Corner. NY 11901. or to convey sympathy and support." or “You have our sympathy." “Get well soon. 727-3929. 5 for $18. Temple Israel of Riverhead gratefully acknowledges a contribution to its Golden Book Don’t forget to mention the bulletin when patronizing our advertisers! Temple Israel of Riverhead 15 July/August 2012 . not listed in the Bulletin. Wishes are inscribed each month in the Book of Remembrances. All checks should be made payable to Temple Israel of Riverhead.Golden Book Cards A thoughtful Golden Book card is a great way to say “Mazel Tov!. Riverhead." “Thinking of you." It’s a special way to give your congratulations on a special event. You can also purchase Golden Book cards for self-mailing. Minimum donation is $5 each.

Waldbaum's. delivered directly to the temple. You can purchase a card by contacting Lorraine Richter (653-9028) or Lana Anker (lana410@aol. Temple Israel of Riverhead 16 July/August 2012 . or click on the link on our website.com) The Temple profit is directly from the supermarket. Food Emporium. Donate an old car to Temple Israel for a tax deduction. and be sure to mention Temple Israel. This money comes as a check directly to Temple Israel each month. Please contact Jaime Siegel or Lorraine Richter for details. It’s easy—just call (866) 392-4483. Peninsula Wines and Liquors offers wine at discounted prices.Ongoing Silent Fundraisers for Temple Israel Gift Cards are available for your favorite supermarket. and King Kullen . We sell cards for Shop & Stop. is donating 5% of the cost of any dry cleaning dropped off there. Be sure to designate Temple Israel of Riverhead as the recipient. Anyone needing wine or liquor can contact Jaime Siegel. Ask for Jim Cari. Sponsors Needed We need sponsors for our Shabbat speaker program. Main St. A percentage of the cost is donated back to us each time you buy. A&P. Pea Pod. located at 712 E. so you have full value of the card. The cards also make wonderful gifts! Vojvoda's Cleaners in Riverhead. or call Peninsula Wines directly at 516-374-0900. This supports the Temple at no additional cost to the membership.

Ronald Eisenman on the loss of his father. Hilda—Sandy. return to good health. Lori. Condolences to Mr. Safe trip to Israel to Rabbi Siemers and family—Jaime Siegel. Refuah Shelumah. Renee Chizever. Condolences to Roberta and Rodney Bogash and family on the loss of her father. and Bruce Thompson. and Bruce Thompson. Robert Kirschner on the loss of his mother. and Mrs. and Mrs. Hilda Kirschner—Renee Chizever. Happy and healthy anniversary to Richard and Lisa Israel—Jaime Siegel. Renee Chizever. Get well wishes to Eva Sanders—Florence and Harley Abrams. Bernie Eisenman—Sandy. Best Wishes From Segal and Siegel Temple Israel of Riverhead 17 July/August 2012 .TODAH RABAH! Contributions to Golden Book Of Remembrances To Eva and Arthur Sanders: a happy and healthy wedding anniversary—Jaime Siegel. Condolences to Rochelle Lenahan and family on the loss of her mother. Jack and Roz Coladner. Jack and Roz Coladner. Lori. Condolences to Mr. Bernie Eisenman—Sandy and Lori Thompson. for Woody Goldstein—Jaime Siegel.

Temple Israel of Riverhead 18 July/August 2012 . & Mrs. Yahrzeit for Bella Kagan—mother of Bruce Kagan. Yahrzeit for Larry Levy—brother of Victoria Drescher. Yahrzeit for Sanford Hefter—brother of Robert Hefter. Yahrzeit for Reuben Joseph—father of Gary Joseph. Richard Richter. Your contribution will be acknowledged in the next issue.TODAH RABAH! Donations to Temple Israel of Riverhead Donation—Mr. but your name does not appear. & Mrs. Douglas Milligan. Mr. This is probably because your donation was received after the Bulletin went to press. Sponsoring end-of-year Religious School Havdalah Program—Mr. Note: You may have made a donation. Mr. & Mrs. Donation for Handicapped Access—Dr. Donation for the 5772 Kol Nidre Appeal—Michael and Alice Ganz. & Mrs. Chris Kaplan-Walbrecht. Victor Seitles. Martin Van Dyne. & Mrs. Yahrzeit for Lillian Hefter—mother of Robert Hefter. Yahrzeit for Robert Cohen—husband of Roberta Cohen.

& Mrs.& Mrs. Sheldon Wander Friday Evening 7/6 Saturday Morning 7/7 Friday Evening 7/13 Saturday Morning 7/14 Friday Evening 7/20 Saturday Morning 7/21 Friday Evening 7/27 Saturday Morning 7/28 Friday Evening 8/3 Saturday Morning 8/4 Friday Evening 8/10 Saturday Morning 8/11 Friday Evening 8/17 Saturday Morning 8/19 Friday Evening 8/24 Saturday Morning 8/25 Friday Evening 8/31 Saturday Morning 9/1 Temple Israel of Riverhead 8:04 PM 8:00 PM Mr. Richard Blumenthal in honor of Emily's Bat Mitzvah Mr. Richard Richter and Mrs. & Mr. Steve Rosmarin in memory of Marvin Rosmarin 7:53 PM Mr.& Mrs. & Mrs. Gary Joseph 19 July/August 2012 .SABBATH SERVICES Friday Evenings at 7:00 PM Saturday Mornings at 9:30 AM July/August Day Date Candle Lighting 8:07 PM Friday Oneg Shabbat Hosts Mr. Mildred Strassberg Dr.& Mrs. Richard Israel 7:37 PM 7:28 PM 7:17 PM 7:06 PM Dr. Howard Levine in honor of Howard's birthday Mr. Diane Richter in honor of Garrett's Bar Mitzvah Mr. Andrew Gordon 7:46 PM Ms.& Mrs.

May their memories be a blessing.YAHRZEITS We remember these lives on the approaching anniversary of their passing. July 2012 Tammuz/Av 5772 7/17 7/18 7/19 7/19 7/19 7/20 7/20 7/20 7/20 7/20 7/24 7/25 7/25 7/25 7/25 7/26 7/26 7/28 7/28 7/30 7/30 7/30 7/31 7/31 Arthur Greenberg Bertha Silver Leonard Crowitz Lawrence Goldstein Charles Leon Sarah Alper Jerry Fishtahl Charna Leon Max Mendel Lipetz Kalman Slaw Irving Sonkin Elli Adler Moses Schwartz George Wiesen George Wolborsky Barney Brander Eugene Levy Eric Goldwyn Samuel Rosenfeld Lylla Colbert Joseph Field Paul Siskind Abraham Millman Henry Raffe Tammuz 27 Tammuz 28 Tammuz 29 Tammuz 29 Tammuz 29 Av 1 Av 1 Av 1 Av 1 Av 1 Av 5 Av 6 Av 6 Av 6 Av 6 Av 7 Av 7 Av 9 Av 9 Av 11 Av 11 Av 11 Av 12 Av 12 7/3 7/3 7/3 7/4 7/4 7/4 7/6 7/6 7/7 7/8 7/8 7/9 7/10 7/10 7/14 7/14 7/14 7/14 7/14 7/15 7/15 7/15 7/17 Jacob Donneson Doris Gerstman Ruth Spector Gussie Greenberg Jerome Wimpfheimer Morris Yesowitz Sabina Horowitz Ruth Rothman Robert Katz Vera-Jean Brown Ada Wolpin Rose Mathews Jacob Korosteshevsky Isidore Salberg Herman Arnold Herman Greenberg Irving Lustig Elsie Rudver Murray Talsky Mae Sacks Shirley Saperstein Anna Sulitzer Bella Carasso Tammuz 13 Tammuz 13 Tammuz 13 Tammuz 14 Tammuz 14 Tammuz 14 Tammuz 16 Tammuz 16 Tammuz 17 Tammuz 18 Tammuz 18 Tammuz 19 Tammuz 20 Tammuz 20 Tammuz 24 Tammuz 24 Tammuz 24 Tammuz 24 Tammuz 24 Tammuz 25 Tammuz 25 Tammuz 25 Tammuz 27 Temple Israel of Riverhead 20 July/August 2012 .

Temple Israel of Riverhead 21 July/August 2012 . August 2012 Av/Elul 5772 8/1 8/3 8/3 8/4 8/5 8/5 8/6 8/6 8/6 8/6 8/8 8/8 8/9 8/10 8/12 8/13 8/13 8/14 8/15 8/19 8/20 8/21 8/21 8/21 8/22 8/22 8/22 8/23 Rose Goldman Eva Acard Eugene Gaster Dora Harding Max Harding (Abraham) Robert Van Dyne Larry Chizever Joseph Jack Goldberg Lawrence Ketover Bryn Zaglin Stuart Friedlander Israel Mask Estelle Faden Rachel Israel Yetta Geller Isidore Scheinberg Gladys (Goldie) Van Dyne William Doctrow Gerson Kaiserman Evelyn Friedlander Harry Shapiro Rose Kaplan Clara Steiner Jacob Wiesen Esther Greenberg Selma Mottus Mordecai Gimpel Sandberg Leota Doctrow Av 13 Av 15 Av 15 Av 16 Av 17 Av 17 Av 18 Av 18 Av 18 Av 18 Av 20 Av 20 Av 21 Av 22 Av 24 Av 25 Av 25 Av 26 Av 27 Elul 1 Elul 2 Elul 3 Elul 3 Elul 3 Elul 4 Elul 4 Elul 4 Elul 5 8/23 8/24 8/24 8/24 8/24 8/24 8/24 8/25 8/25 8/26 8/26 8/26 8/27 8/27 8/27 8/28 8/29 8/29 8/30 8/30 9/1 9/1 9/1 9/2 9/2 9/2 9/4 9/4 Helen Tepper Bella Anker Moishe Kleinburg Rivkah Kleinburg Shayna Layah Kleinburg z'Chahryah Kleinburg Dora Tepper Dorothy Sadoff Alan Segal Allan Mainzer Eleanor Zipser Racille Zuck Jack Kaplan Bertha O'Mally Rose Topal Mary Faine William Ritigstein Adrienne Salberg Lorraine Berkowitz Annette Joseph Avraham Kleinburg Reuben Lipetz Harry Schiff Ida Horowitz Morris Kaplan Bernard Schackman Hannah Hochheiser Sharon Kaplan Elul 5 Elul 6 Elul 6 Elul 6 Elul 6 Elul 6 Elul 6 Elul 7 Elul 7 Elul 8 Elul 8 Elul 8 Elul 9 Elul 9 Elul 9 Elul 10 Elul 11 Elul 11 Elul 12 Elul 12 Elul 14 Elul 14 Elul 14 Elul 15 Elul 15 Elul 15 Elul 17 Elul 17 Don’t forget to visit our website to view the items you are expected to bring when you are hosting an Oneg. May their memories be a blessing.YAHRZEITS We remember these lives on the approaching anniversary of their passing.

July 2012 Mon 2 3 4 5 Sun Tue Wed Thu Fri 6 7:00 PM Services & Oneg Shabbat Sat 7 9:30 AM Services Temple Israel of Riverhead 9 10 7:15 PM Board Meeting 11 12 13 7:00 PM Services & Oneg Shabbat 14 9:30 AM Services 16 17 18 19 20 6:30 PM Services & Oneg Shabbat at Kenny’s Beach with NFRS 26 27 7:00 PM Services & Oneg Shabbat 25 21 9:30 AM Services 23 24 28 9:30 AM Services 30 31 Book Club meeting 1 8 22 15 22 July/August 2012 29 .

Bar Mitzvah Garrett Richter followed by Kiddush luncheon 18 9:30 AM Services. Bat Mitzvah Emily Blumenthal followed by Kiddush 12 2:00 PM New Member BBQ 19 July/August 2012 26 .August 2012 Mon 1 2 3 7:00 PM Services & Oneg Shabbat Sun Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 4 9:30 AM Services Temple Israel of Riverhead 6 7 7:15 PM Board Meeting 8 9 10 7:00 PM Services & Oneg Shabbat 13 14 15 16 17 7:00 PM Services & Oneg Shabbat 20 Bulletin Submissions Deadline 21 22 23 24 7:00 PM Services & Oneg Shabbat 25 9:30 AM Services 27 28 29 30 31 7:00 PM Services & Oneg Shabbat 5 23 11 9:30 AM Services.

September 2012 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 9:30 AM Services Temple Israel of Riverhead 3 4 5 6 10 7:15 PM Board Meeting 11 12 Bulletin Submissions Deadline 13 14 7:00 PM Services & Oneg Shabbat 17 9 AM Services 19 Rosh Hashanah. 20 24 25 6 PM Kol Nidre 26 9 AM Yom Kippur. 5 PM Tashlich. 4:30 PM Mincha/Neilah. 7 PM Break-the-fast 27 15 9:30 AM Services 16 6:45 PM Erev Rosh Hashanah 21 7:00 PM Services & Oneg Shabbat 22 9:30 AM Services 23 28 7:00 PM Services & Oneg Shabbat 29 9:30 AM Services July/August 2012 30 . 6 PM Mincha/Ma'Ariv Sun 2 7 7:00 PM Services 8 9:30 AM Services. Selichot & Oneg Shabbat time TBA 9 24 18 9 AM Services Rosh Hashanah.

net Richard Israel Lisa Israel Jaime Siegel Terri Milligan Jaime Siegel Florence Abrams Annette Grubman Rob Brown Annette Grubman Phyllis Van Dyne Jaime Siegel Barbara Smith Barbara Smith 664-6584 727-3568 744-7551 727-5500 x11 727-5500 x10 653-3985 924-2953 653-3985 727-3929 765-2351 298-2608 765-2351 734-7511 653-3985 664-6584 664-6584 Officers: President Barbara Smith 1st Vice President Jaime Siegel 2nd Vice President Lorraine Richter Treasurer Secretary Richard Israel Elaine Lissauer Trustees: Harley Abrams Richard Blumenthal Robert Brown Andrew Gordon Lynne Gordon Lisa Israel Terri Milligan Sheila Muller Lee Ann Silver Bulletin Committee: Elaine Lissauer Allen Silver Lee Ann Silver Yahrzeits Temple Israel of Riverhead 25 July/August 2012 .For Information: Advertising and Public Relations Book Club Bulletin Capital Campaign Cemetery Custodian Contact Education Fundraising Golden Book High Holy Days House Manager Judaica Shop Membership Oneg Shabbat President Programs and Events Ritual Committee Shalom Teens Social Hall Special Gifts Trees in Israel Tree of Life Waldbaum’s Certificates Lisa Israel Sheila Muller Jaime Siegel Howard Collins Sheila Muller Phyllis Van Dyne Carole Jones (Office) Lorraine Richter Corky Segal Sue Lustig Manana Boter 727-5500 x10 722-4711 653-3985 779-3042 722-4711 734-7511 727-3191 653-9028 727-2542 744-8373 594-1042 Barbara Smith Cynthia Schulman Allen Silver asilver9@optonline.

S. NY 11901 Permit No.O. Box 1531 Riverhead.Temple Israel of Riverhead 490 Northville Turnpike P. POSTAGE PAID Riverhead. U. NY 11901 NON-PROFIT ORG. 26 TIME SENSITIVE MAIL PLEASE DO NOT DELAY TEMPLE ISRAEL OF RIVERHEAD is affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism CALENDAR HIGHLIGHTS July 20 6:30 PM—Shabbat Services at Kenny’s Beach August 11—Bar Mitzvah Garrett Richter August 12—New Member BBQ August 18—Bat Mitzvah Emily Blumenthal September 8—Selichot September 16—Erev Rosh Hashanah September 17 & 18—Rosh Hashanah September 25—Kol Nidre September 26—Yom Kippur Temple Israel of Riverhead 26 July/August 2012 .

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