The Origin of Corruption

by John Paily

Corruption sets in because of our "self". When we humans become self centered, we loose our connection with consciousness and intelligence. We then live in illusions and step into darkness, disorder and destruction. When we become self centered, we in fact are obstructing proper flow of life energy within but also in the system of which we are part. The evil and death forces now makes entry into various realms of the system. Eventually this leads to collapse of the system or death. The world we see is reflection of failure of we the humans to know the Truth. Death cannot be the ultimate winner. Thus in near death situation, as the system peaks in disorder, the consciousness of human beings will be stirred and there will be mass awakening and revolt. This is what we are witnessing around the world. The "Anna" and "Baba" movements are parts of this awakening. They will prevail, because human by Nature are made in the image of God or Truth. The President and Judiciary are key components of a democratic system. They take the place of soul and consciousness of the system responsible to give life and sustains life. They are supposed to awaken and act when the whole system is in danger. They can be equated to autonomic control system [autonomic nervous system] of living beings, which comes into effect when the system is in danger. The governing system or government is only secondary system that is responsible to sustain proper flow and balance of the system. It could be compared to Central Nervous System. The "Traders and business people" comes as tertiary component of the system, which needs to be controlled. When the evils enter the governing system and people in governing system become self centered and when they become slave to traders,

the flow gets strangulated with increasing black mass. Wealth becomes accumulated with one or two percent of population, who resort to any means to accumulate more wealth. The honest primary producer and large majority of honest consumers begin to feel the strangulation or death forces. Approaching the critical point, the soul and body begins to react. Initially this reaction would be towards the government or the central nervous system, then it will turn its face to the higher level and begin to knock the door of Judiciary and the President [consciousness and intelligence of the system]. This is so because they are responsible, for sustaining the vital aspects of the system. I believe, the future revolutions, will be aimed at knocking the door of the Judiciary and President. The present judiciary largely depends on proofs, which the rich and powerful evils in the governing system manipulate to their advantage. Modern science has evolved to develop lie detector and other means to facilitate the judgment that are more real. The use of such technologies itself is suppressed by the evils. We may not need to use lie detector test, for the system it self is heading towards a conscious awakening. All Judges and Presidents, however corrupt he is, when cornered by Consciousness, will stand for Truth. Darkness and evil cannot rule for ever, it will die a natural death and the system will see Light. Democracy is Good, but in the absence of Truth or True knowledge, it can take a negative orientation. This negative orientation, however stresses the individual to develop information, awaken to Truth and Change at individual and collective level thus forcing a change in the system from top to bottom. This is the beauty of democracy. We are in that critical period of global change. Democracy and the governing system needs to be understood from the living perspective. Governing system or central nervous system

is responsible for sustenance of the system in justified manner facilitating the flow. When it fails, the system is endangered. In this critical state the autonomous system over rules the central nervous system and takes the action save life. Modern world is slave to material world and its force. It exist in the ignorance Truth and true knowledge of the system in which it exist. Democracy in these situation is taking a negative path. When Truth is known democracy can take a positive path with structural correction that plugs the entry and flourish of the evil and facilitate proper flow. The flow is central to Life and all the organized systems. Below is a Flow chart of the system.

The figure is self explanatory. When human mind gets disconnected from his consciousness and intelligence within that sustains the flow and life, it becomes self centered and becomes slave to material world. The flow now gets constricted stressing the system. In a social system, it reveals the picture of traders and business man amassing wealth at the cost of primary producer and consumer. In time the system gets constricted and begin to collapse. The role of governing system is to resist this tendency of individuals in the system and facilitate the flow and maintain the health of the system. This is shown in the fallowing figure.

The role of governing system is to resist the tendency of accumulation of black mass or black money or negative energy that leads to constriction of the flow. It is duty bound to protect the flow and enhance it. But when the governing system and its occupants become corrupt and slave to traders and business man, the system begins to collapse. Situation becomes augmented when, judiciary and President fails to connect to its consciousness and intelligence

and fails to act from this realm but exist as slave and subservient to government. If one were to analyze the root, one will find the beginning of this deterioration in the spiritual and intellectual or light world. It could be visualized as deterioration of knowledge or light, when people in spiritual and intellectual world, loose connection with their consciousness and the intelligent field within and becomes mind centered and become slave to material world. They then try to rule people in the name of God or unseen force, creating religions, idol worship and so on. In a democratic system the people are given freedom to chose. Freedom exist both spiritual and physical realm. Democracy at its root is designed for information building and evolution back to knowledge or light. For example a leader proposes certain plan and people endorse it, he becomes receiver of its feedback. Irrespective of whether the result is positive or negative, it is a information that helps the system to evolve. When the decision becomes negative, it is the people who becomes stressed and it forces the people to evolve making correction. This is beauty of Democracy. Today the whole world at individual and at collective levels is being stressed to evolve to know Truth or Light or Knowledge and bring a dramatic change driving the darkness and evil form its thrones. I feel there are serious flaws in the democracy we fallow 1] In a multiparty democracy the processing of information slows down. It creates chaos and delays the information development. 2] In a democracy where the Judiciary and President and the enquiring agency responsible to uphold Truth and Justice exist as a subservient to government and incapable to act from freedom, the system fails to work to come alive in its dangerous states. To me it is as good as shutting or suppressing the autonomous nervous

system that controls the vital organs that act in case of critical situations and control vital organs. The corruption, deterioration is not only the problem of India, it is a universal problem. The whole world is in critical state and is going through uncertainty. This is manifesting as revolt, war, terrorism and taking self destructive path. The system it self is stressing us to awaken to our consciousness and intelligence and act to bring change. The movement against corruption and black money are parts of this awakening. Some people question the intent of these people who are leading it. But I believe there is a force that is leading the awakening, all one needs to think is whether the path and movement is right or not. People with evil intent will fall in the way. More than corruption, I am concerned about two facts 1] Vitiated natural forces that is manifesting as increased natural catastrophes threatening human existence. The earth is reacting to our ignorance of principle and design on which she functions. We are paying a huge price for our ignorance of energy cycle in which we live and our reckless exploitation of nature with out knowing the Truth. More about it is written in small article "A critical thinking on Global warming and climate change and increased natural catastrophes" - 2] The instability of earth and its environment is affecting all ecological system and the living beings in it, specially human beings. The instability of human mind is being exploited by religious people to advance their number and power. The world is endangered by religious people who are selfish and fail to liberate people in Truth, but go to any extent to protect their empire than working to build the Kingdom of God. All major political decision of nations are influenced by religious people and their dogmas. Evil is working through the unenlightened self centered religious people.

Consequently the world is slowly polarizing in the name of religion and gearing for war and self destructions. We must note that world has already developed weapons of mass destruction that can destroy earth in minutes. It is disgusting that when the world has deteriorated to this extant, religious leaders are not making any substantial effort to evolve to know Truth. They work against the very basic principle of spirituality. Foundation of spirituality speak of selflessness, Truth and Justice and Love. It is disgusting in a country of Lord Krishna who led the war to uphold Truth and Justice, spiritual leaders are largely silent to the peaking of corruption, untruth and injustice. Only way the world can survive is to evolve science to know the Spiritual Truth and thus God beyond religion so that humanity can awaken to Truth and grow beyond religion to understand oneness.