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The Tree of Life is an eclectic model an autopoietic one about the development of social systems, economies and human

development eventually. My Great Teacher TD Lingo once said and applies to this diagram perfectly; You are a Tree with the roots down there in Anthropology and with the branches up there in Cosmology So what if there is a solution to world failing economical situation? What if there is a neat catch that no one actually considered before? There is, and this Tree of Life IS that model, which is developed by Emeritus, Dr. Prof. Sc. Ante Lauc. (There I am explaining shortly the 'Tree of Life' model in this introductory video clip:

No one in todays world Invests in people first, everyone invests in money or capital. Profit is what drives the economy and Greed. Thats why everything is failing down in monetary economy. This is by far the first mathematically (scientifically) explained and proofed model that shows how Investing in the people is at least 10 times more profitable then the usual investing in capital only. Imagine now just what kind of humane society we would be living in if the world bank the IMF the federal reserve and such and such actually DO invests in moral and intellectual and social capital FIRST?

GAU The society of free and moral, loving humans

We do believe in the power of traditional values, and our vision of future is an autopoietic society through integration of this power with scientific and technological achievements.

However, the only true freedom is the freedom based on morality. Without ethics there is no real freedom, only an illusion of freedom. Without ethics there is no creativity, only an imitation of creativity.

Transformation happens by integration of moral and ethical values with scientific theories and this Marriage between cold Scientific method and the warm Philosophical method naturally leads to the emergence of the understanding that Mind is a play and Love is a genuine social value in a community. A human being shall thus be the central strategic agent and processor of knowledge acquisition, production, and dissemination and creation. We all are a tool-using, culture-making, vision-exploring creatures and Yes WE Can create the Truth, the Beauty and the Goodness.

Currently we are enjoying The Dominator Paradigm (Dominator Culture) collective psychological style, we are now the product peddlers, with infantile obsessions with the thing fetish and materialism and this dominator paradigm is the prime cause of patriarchy, rape, hatred and murder of gays and lesbians, greed, loss of contact with, and destruction of, the environment, cruelty to animals, lust for power, slavery, Fascism, war, and genocide.

It is a mind-virus (meme or meme-complex) which arises and spreads by emotional and physiological, as well as cognitive and cultural means. A dominator paradigm is an unhealthy male ego paradigm, a control oriented, hierarchical, and oppression prone. We are clearly in the adolescence of our species and our full potential cannot be realized in the environment calculated to lock its members into the lower brain centers, into the competitive consciousness. To Survive and thrive in todays society one needs to effectively utilize his/her own snake brain to produce more computations and responses that are required from him/her by the Culture. Lowest brain centers are the antithesis of the highest brain centers, ones triune Brain cannot compute both reptilian and paleomammalian computations of lust, aggression, greed, need for power, sex, money, status and the highest brain centers of pacifism, empathy, altruism and higher morality.

You cannot be cooperative and competitive at the same time.

And so we are very proud to have qualities that are uniquely human jet those qualities are only manifested in those highest brain centers in anterior primate brain or frontal lobes, and those same qualities can virtually disappear as soon as one circuits into his/her own competitive parts, as is required by the culture we are living in and the education we are receiving, by the TV propaganda and so on and so forth. Do we want to grow and evolve into truth beauty and goodness? Of course not. Because this part of our brain, of our reptilian legacy wants to stay the same, it seeks comfort in the familiar, it avoids fear, its happy to dominate of conform and ultimately thats the job of the human ego. There is a little acronym you can use: (F.O.G.U) Fear Of Growing Up. Same can be applied to culture, which is composed of many individuals or groups of people. Its just a bigger boundary, same psychology underneath.

Mission: Freedom through love, truth and knowledge

Knowledge, the crucial commodity, knows no boundaries

Science does not know real love and without the connection with the soul can produce no real freedom. And as stated before, ..only true freedom is the freedom based on morality. Without ethics there is no real freedom.. Morality is a human capital and it consists of moral, intellectual and social component. Only through the application of moral and ethical principles, through love, truth and knowledge may we attain freedom, personal freedom, social freedom, and freedom as the human race, living in accordance with all Gods creation.

Project Goal: The Autopoietic University towards the Autopoietic Society

The goal of our project is to create an autopoietic University where we will all together learn how to live and love, where we will all together learn. A true Great Learning Society. Quote from Prof.Dr.Sc.Ante Lauc below:

Coming from small countries, which strived for ages, and still strive, through difficult times towards a fuller life, we realize that neither Croatia nor Bosnia and Herzegovina invested enough in the human capital. As true modernists we preferred to invest into material capital. Owing to the war this material capital is largely destroyed now but now we see that more and more people learn to prefer to invest in themselves, rather then in material possessions. The project is presently planned to be initially grown in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our plan is to establish a Global Autopoietic University (GAU) for Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This Autopoietic University shall be grown by people from around the world. We wish to mobilize exceptional individuals, those with the combination of best mind and heart, from all walks of life, be it Nobel Prize winners or exceptional craftsmen, priests, artists, scientists, businessmen or politicians. These distinguished individuals would teach, by giving lectures (audio, video, text), by individual mentoring and by teamwork with the pupils, a large population of students via the Internet. This knowledge transmission base would be integrated in the Global Autopoietic University. This University, linking all the teachers and students in an self-organizing structure, shall actually be a virtual university, where through the use of most modern communication and presentation technologies, through the Internet, and specifically through an Educational Grid, the integrated knowledge of teachers and students shall be accessible throughout the towns

and villages of Bosnia and Herzegovina, throughout the towns and villages of Croatia, and, naturally, throughout the towns and villages of the world. The Internet is a miracle in this sense, as it allows a huge and growing population in the world to be virtually on any place they wish. The emerging Educational Grid technology will be able to actually link all those people into one great project team, allowing not only common meeting ground or scheduled common lectures, but also, through the integration of e-science and e-learning, teamwork of the highest quality in all kinds of distributed experiments. The emerging e-society will be an autopoietic society, based on love, truth and knowledge, and will empower each such individual to express his personal freedom in a best possible way for all. Companies, organizations and communities which will participate in this project will gradually, through the interchange of knowledge and experience, become learning organizations, which is a prerequisite for survival through the modern chaotic economy. It is obvious that the better the human potential of the lecturers, employing the wisest moral, honest and knowledgeable professors and teachers, the better the students demand for knowledge and for learning. However, no professor or teacher can know more alone than with his students. Therefore it is obvious that a teamwork of teachers and students will produce the best new teachers, former students, in a purely networked autopoietic way, and will produce the best true knowledge and experience for the furtherment of mankind. And we all know that a good teacher is only the one which has pupils that surpass him or her. Closed Quote.

Autopoietic self-organization through true knowledge The development is produced and consumed whenever and wherever educated, free and creative people come together. In the world today we have a new quality, the Internet, which can ensure much faster development and much faster knowledge dissemination around the world than it was possible in any time of the past. Internet, especially through the development of Scientific, Social and Educational Grids, will become a catalyst of globalisation in a positive sense. Knowledge and experience transformed through the power of communication will reshape every product, every service, and every job throughout every country and the whole world community. The key strategic resource necessary for future prosperity has become an ethical and knowledgeable worker. Added value is produced by the difference between the private and the social rate of return of knowledge. This obvious relation is, unfortunately, still not properly recognized in non-Christian economics. The key question in economic development and investment strategies is: what is the rate of return from investment in human and/or physical capital?

The modern Chicago school of economy insists that the rate of return of both the investment in human and in physical (material) capital is the same. Following this theory, we have to invest 50% in each of these resources (intangible and tangible assets).

However, the postmodern Osijek autopoietic school has shown that the social rate of return is 3-25 times (depending on other variables) higher then the private rate of return. The methodology of this project is designed in such a way as to compose a strategy that will confirm and validate this discovery on a large scale. We shall be ready to invest more in the human capital (moral, intellectual, and social capital) to get a higher investment return rate, leading to development and prosperity. The ABCD model of the consumption/production of a society shows that there can be seen four types of individuals involved in social organization (economic, knowledge or other):

In the world today, not only in transition countries, but also in the most developed ones, we can see a strict stratification between the individuals of type C, which do not produce much, but consume a lot, and individuals of type B, which produce a lot, but consume meagrely. This stratification is obvious not only inside different countries, but even much more so in the stratification between communities, populations and whole countries in the global economy. Our aim is to attain the state A from the above model for all willing individuals, primarily not in the material, physical sphere, but in the sphere of knowledge, and through true knowledge in the sphere of full human freedom. We wish to attain a society where individuals produce a lot of freedom for others and consume a lot of freedom for themselves in an balanced, selforganized autopoietic way. The physical reality will soon follow this development. This we feel to be possible by reprocessing and restructuring acting entities and relations between them. To accomplish this goal we use an autopoietic approach. The autopoietic methodology enables the projecting and control of the growth and development of a self-organizing network of free individuals and societies. Such a system, from its very beginning starts being vital, self-supporting. The aim is to attain self-sufficiency as early in the process as possible. This, naturally, presupposes high total quality management, just in time production, ethical and, naturally, legal ways of protecting knowledge throughout the networks, and assuring of privacy of producers and consumers in general. In this project the greatest challenge for the lecturers and the recipients of knowledge will be to develop a spirit of learning instead of the spirit of teaching. Out of a generally allopoietic society, the result of an allopoietic approach currently operational, where everything is defined by outside forces (Capital and/or Government, pyramidal power distribution throughout the economic and social life), by using the power of computer networks we are able to design autopoietic organisations where almost everything is designed from inside (own heart and mind as the channel for God, own company, own country and state).

In autopoietic teams and organisations consumers and producers will be self-organizingly operationally closed owing to the knowledge base and the networking of people and resources. Our main objective is to, as much as possible, develop the level of knowledge necessary for competent decision making in the technological, economic, legal, and political area. A team of individuals, organizations and institutions, a team network, a grid of teams will be developed, dedicated to the improvement of higher education through the effective and efficient application of information technology following the rationale of the autopoietic theory (development of motivation, knowledge, teamwork etc., based on the idea that a true prosperous society can exist only if each entity gives more to the community than it takes from it). True knowledge can be achieved by education networks linking best providers of knowledge with the best learners. The teams shall consist of specialities (psychology, technology, economy, law etc.), and the projects they develop for the GAU, before and during actual implementation, shall be verified in workshops and conferences on national and international level.

Some criteria for estimating the quality of the individual projects, as well as for the whole Global Autopoietic University could be:

Reliability does the project actually work and give positive results? Validity does it improve the quality of everyday work and life? Accessibility is there the technology available making the knowledge accessible to everyone? Cost are the results free of charge or with minimal fee, is the project self-sustainable? Freedom does the project liberate rather than enslave? Create free time rather than soak it up, create quality of life (having, loving, being according to Maslow)? Universality is the project autopoietically spreadable through achieved communication, or is it just producing more chaos (producing an allopoietic situation)?

Phasing: Autopoietic method of project development

The project of the Global Autopoietic University as a whole, and the individual sub-projects will unfold in a series of (generally four) phases per cycle. However, the exact duration of the evolvement will depend upon participants, their motivation, knowledge, as well as the group dynamic, and the quality of the emerging network. It is obvious that, specially at the beginning, the teams and projects should need the help of the spiritual, academic, political and economic leaders. In the last phases the links and the network established between the project and the spiritual, academic, political and economic

leaders will enable a self-sustainability of the project, without an explicit conducting effort on the side of the project leaders in that area. Therefore the full project cycle is actually defined in phases divided into kairological units (the right time to do something), and not linearly or chronologically defining dates or occasions. It is important to note that an autopoietic project can evolve only through cyclical implementation of kairological moments. From our past project experiences we did effectively project an autopoietic phasing plan of proper kairological moments, which will be introduced into the linear timing depending on the variables known to bound the chronological timing of intended and intending individuals, using the autopoietic development method, with the stream of proper moments.

Conclusion: Towards a better future

I would like to present the results of the conducted research in the scientific project Synergy of human, physical and financial capital for autopoietic development in RH, approved by the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, as well as models and hypotheses on which we have designed strategy for our society. Variance of social development can be explained by the equation:

Y = ax1 + bx2 + CX3 + dx4 + ex5 + fx6,

where Y is an expression of full development, the coefficients af are the weights of independent variables, with the moral capital (motivation of employees) x1, x2 is intellectual capital ( knowledge and skills of employees), social capital (human relationships) x3, x4 for physical capital ( technical equipment), financial capital is x5 and x6 is environment of observation system. The relationship of these coefficients as follows:

a> b> c> d> e> f

With existing human, physical and financial resources, our research has shown that RH should have gross domestic product almost twice the current level. In this project we propose that in a short period of time (3-5 years) with increased motivation for work, higher knowledge level and organization capabilities, it is possible that wages could be two or three times higher.

The last research, we have conducted on a sample of 52 countries, with new data for year 2008, showed that the coefficients are in accordance with our expectations (Ante Lauc; Metodologija drutvenih znanosti, Osijek, 2000) : a > b > c. The variance of GDP per capita countries in the world, or the degree of development of countries is explained over 90% (R square coefficient is 0.92) with human capital (moral, intellectual, and social).

We got the equation: Y=18951+2192+893..

The greatest impact on GDP per capita for these countries has the moral capital (in the matrix of linear correlation coefficient is 0.91, in a multiple linear correlation a coefficient is 1895), then the intellectual capital (in the matrix of linear correlation coefficient is 0.88, in a multiple linear correlation b coefficient is 219) and, finally, social capital (in the matrix of linear correlation coefficient is 0.55, in a multiple linear correlation c coefficient is 89).

Every one of us personally, especially the managers in the economy and politics, as soon as possible should become the masters in the theory of motivation, learning the relevant knowledge and creating team organization. We could create a rich, happy, and free RH, but it requires the engagement of every individual, regardless of the job done. Human development will result in organizational, economic and

cultural development of the whole community. It is important to develop a shared vision and learning organization (according to Peter Senge) , which constantly need reprocessing and restructuring elements and relations within autopoietic entities and creating something better (need for good), more knowledgeable (need for truth) and on higher cultural level (need for beauty) than it was in previous iteration. Network of all teams from the institutions of local self-government (territorial) and business (functional) to the level of the state ( the ministries and parliament ) through autopoietic theory and technology will bring us to the permanent synthesis. Responsible people in government and parliament must recognize what is the basis for a much larger investment in the development of human potential of the Republic of Croatia, and it should be a priority in the development strategies.

The causes of economic, legal, and political problems are in the processes of investing primarily in physical capital instead into people, from which it follows that we must reverse the cycle and invest primarily in people who will owing to it develop their motivation and the relevant level of knowledge and contribute to overall progress, as seen from the two charts up.

Drivers of development should be the fittest and the most honest individuals and companies (they are located in quadrant B). If a critical mass of B people do not support this approach, but C players are still better self-organized and developmentally incompetent, RH will as a society and the state continues to falter and stagnate. From the current allopoietic paradigm of the social sciences we can not achieve autopoietic development, but with postmodern knowledge of the biosphere, noosfere, psychosfere and tehnosfere we can create new paradigms (self-organization theory, fractal theory, the theory of deterministic chaos and theory of autopoiesis) it is possible to create it. To achieve autopoietic society we need a network of project teams in companies and public institutions. Interdisciplinary teams should be composed of engineers (physical capital), economists (financial capital) and lawyers (human capital). Other professionals (psychologist, sociologist etc.) should contribute in a way that will lead to honest, intelligent and beautiful solution. For this we need a digital learning, where all the best in physics, chemistry, biology, philosophy, psychology, engineering, economics, law, political science and art will be transparent in sound, pictures, movies, and text over the Internet (see Global Autopoietic University GAU). The next graph through links will be developed and help anyone, anywhere, anytime to learn to live in LOVE and FREEDOM.