Jää-ääre jäär

or let’s learn Estonian

Being polite
Tere [’teh-reh] Aitäh [’eye-ta ( a as in tariff)- hh] Palun [’paa-loon] Vabandust [’vah-bun-duh-st] Head ööd [’he- (e as in heritage)-ahd ’erd (as in nerd)] Hello Thanks Here you are / please Sorry Good night

Normaalne [nohr-’mahl-ne (e as in nest)] Tehtud! [’tehh (e as in nest)- tood Mis mõttes? [mis ’mo-(o as in moan)-tez] Normal / Very good / FUBAR Done! / I’d like to show some progress WDYM?/WTF?/What’s on your mind?

Work & play
Ma ei teadnud, et speci muutmine teile nii palju tööd juurde toob [mah ‘ey ‘the- (e as in heritage)-ahd-nuhd, ‘het spec’ee muht’myneh tayleh neeh bahl’you tehd you’rdeh tohb] I didn’t know that changing the spec would generate so much extra work for you See ei ole minu süü [seh-ay ’oh-leh ’mee-noo ’syy] It’s not my fault

Ma olen väga elevil võimaluse pärast selles projektis sünergiaid leida [mah ’o (o as in off)-lehn ’va (a as in vat)-gah ’eh-lay-vil voy-(o as in moan)-ma-luh-seh ’pair-ahst ’sel-les ’proh-yect-ees ’suh-nehr-ghee-eyed ’lay-duh] I am very excited for the opportunity to find synergies in this project (Irony alert!) Kaheksa õlut, palun [kah-eks-ah ’oh-loot paa-luhn] Mis toimub Eestis, jääb Eestisse Eight beers, please

[mis ’toy-moob ehs-tees yab (as in yap) ehs-tees-seh] What happens in Estonia, stays in Estonia

By Andrus Purde - http://purde.net Kudos to Silja Ild for phonetic assistance. The lecturer will take absolutely no responsibility of what’s written here.