HALL, PAR GREEN The meeting commenced at 19.35 and the Chairman, Mike Freemantle, welcome David Attwell, the Senior Countryside Officer from Cornwall Council, Jolyon Sharpe from Cornwall Council,Paul Mason, the Beach Ranger, David Hughes, County Councillor and Caroline Wildish, Chair of the Parish Council. APOLOGIES for absence were received from: Marion Shepherd, Brian Nathan, Allan & Jenny Edwards, Jenny Baker, Dell Netherton, Eve Ross, Bernatd Thorn, Jo Tagney, Peter Young, Esther Larkin and Jan Rahemtulla. MINUTES OF 1st HELD ON 21ST SEPTEMBER, 2010: Mike went through the Minutes page by page and there were no questions. Sue Reardon proposed that they were a true record of that meeting, Michelle O'Shea seconded and the meeting agreed. MATTERS ARISING NOT ON AGENDA: There were no matters arising OFFICERS' REPORTS: Chairman’s Report Mike Freemantle said that the Group had remained upbeat and positive during the past year and that our successes should be celebrated and our disappointments reflected upon. It had been a busy year and he thanked the working Committee's efforts. He thanked:Jules for her 2 years’ work on Minutes and Newsletters Jan Phillips for dealing with funding, the Treasurer's job and the Schools Poster Competition. Michelle O'Shea for running the website, designing posters and for making Newsletters attractive. John Page for work on events, risk assessments, press releases and the Access Group. Adrian Wildish for inspecting the beach and liaising with and informing Cornwall Council and Paul Mason Richard Parks who quickly became involved in events and the Access Group following his co-option. Jane Richards for advice on maritime and environment issues and Plymouth Community Research Grants. Mike said that FoPB had kept the beach in people's minds whilst reaching agreements in Committee on a democratic basis. Funding was work in progress, but thanks were expressed for sponsorship by Tesco and to local businesses for their support in giving prizes for raffles. He particularly wanted to thank Gilbert and Rhona Masters for their funding of the printing of leaflets and was pleased that nearly £500 had been raised for the beach seating fund, for which he was hoping that there would be matched funding. A new policy on seating is awaited from Cornwall Council. He was particularly pleased with the good contacts developed with Paul Mason, the Ranger, with David Attwell the Senior Countryside Officer and with Martin Eddy the Community Network Officer. The Par Beach Working Group arose out of the Community Day in February and consisted of representatives from FoPB, Cornwall Council, Par Community Association, Parish Council, Eden Project, the Sensory Trust, Park Leisure and Groundwork SW. There had been regular contact with all of these partners.

With regard to events, a lot of hard work had gone into organising these with many successes, but some disappointments from which lessons had been learned. There was a hard core of members who turned up regularly to the working groups, and did a very important job. In the coming year there would have to be a review of just how many events can be offered to our members. However, all the events raised our profile and FoPB had enjoyed a lot of coverage in the Press. Plans for a tour of the Docks, a visit to Wingz Bird Sanctuary, a Wildflower Walk and a Quiz were likely to be included. Ideas for events would be welcomed. There had been an open Parish Council meeting to discuss Public Rights of Way across the site. It had transpired that the quickest way for paths to be designated ProW was probably for Cornwall Council and Park Leisure to re-negotiate the lease. The Committee had tried to delegate some jobs to non-Committee members but had not met with much success. This will be a priority for the coming year and FoPB would have to cut its coat according to its cloth. There were lots of things that could be done by members and Mike asked everyone to think ‘How can I help?’ and contact him. Mike had tried not to single out individuals to be thanked, but he had to mention Brian Nathan, a stalwart on work parties, the the making of compost bins and collection of seaweed. In addition Jenny Thomas had taken on the majority of driving the student involved with the plastics project to the 5 beaches being studied and to assist with data collecting. Both Brian and Jenny had worked in all weathers and their contribution was much appreciated. Lastly, Mike thanked the Committee for their support during the year and the members for their continued support. He invited questions from the floor. Jenny Thomas wondered if there could be a subsidised car parking fee? Jules said that FoPB had written to the Council about a season ticket available, which had been done, covering all Cornwall Council car parks, but it was very expensive. Jan added that all work parties took place in the winter when the car parking was free. Dave Patterson asked what was included in ‘Par Beach’. Mike replied that it came up to the south side of the Haul Road and was between the cliff at the eastern end and Par River in the west. Treasurer's Report Jan Phillips began by thanking Mike for all his legwork, literally, by donating funds raised from his cycle ride – Land's End to John O'Groats – to the seating fund, and for all the other things he had done on behalf of FoPB and the meeting indicated its agreement. FoPB was solvent and in a reasonably safe financial situation. However, it was essential to receive a sustainable income to cover outgoings. The total income for the year was £1,754.42 of which £449.84 had been ‘ring-fenced’ for beach seating. Membership fees, donations and events had brought in £1308, and bank interestof £1.07 had been received. Assets were currently £2,485.59 but the insurance was due to be renewed soon. Janthanked Richard Croome for going over the accounts and for storing tools for us. The accounts would be audited free of charge at her workplace. Roger Burris asked what had been spent on the Seaweed project and what had been done. Jan replied that we had to purchase timber, wire and staples to construct the bins and some expenditure was made for work on the Café Project and the Plastics Project. Mike said he would try to reclaim expenses for the seaweed composting project from Plymouth University.

MEMBERSHIP FEES There was a recommendation not to increase the fees this year, but to consider a small increase at the 2012 AGM. ELECTION OF OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE Chair –Mike Freemantle had agreed to stand and was proposed by Jules Jonklaas and seconded by Adrian Wildish. As no one else stood, Mike was declared Chair Secretary – Regretably, there were no nominations for Secretary. David Hughes suggested that someone be appointed to this post from the Committee. Treasurer – Regretably, there were no nominations for Treasurer. Richard Croome said he would support any new Treasurer and help with reports, but would not be able to take on the office. Mike expressed his disappointment at the lack of response from the meeting to would try to fill these posts. Committee Members Jan Phillips was proposed by David Hughes and seconded by Sandra Freemantle. Richard Parks was nominated by Bob Rosser and seconded by Penny Parsons John Page was proposed by Michelle O'Shea and seconded by Richard Parks Adrian Wildish was proposed by Sandra Freemantle and seconded by Penny Parsons Michelle O'Shea was proposed by Ken Schneider and seconded by Barbara Schneider. Theresa Cock was proposed by Jenny Thomas and seconded by Sonia Clyne. There being no further nominations or volunteers, the above were confirmed as being members of the new Committee. Mike Freemantle welcomed Teresa as a new member of the Committee RESOLUTIONS No Resolutions had been received and none proposed at the meeting. ANY OTHER BUSINESS Chris Retallack asked if Radio Cornwall or TV could be contacted to promote the FoPB. John Page replied that he always sent details of events to the local papers, Radio Cornwall etc. Mike said he had been on Radio Cornwall last year to talk about the FoPB but that perhaps it was time to do it again. John Page said that we did get good press coverage generally. There being no other business, the meeting finished at 20.35.

Balance brought forward on £ 01-Sep-10 2,918.27 Bank balances as at 31-Aug-11

General income Received for Seating Fund Total income received Total expenditure Carried forward

1,304.58 449.84 1,754.42 2,203.60 2,469.09

Savings account balance Current account balance Un-cleared cheques

1,601.17 822.76 -

Cheques banked not cleared Cash/cheques in hand

45.16 2,469.09

FoPB assetts Seating fund Total carried forward

2,019.25 449.84 2,469.09


Balance b/fwd Membership income Membership donations Other donations Grant aid Bank interest Event/other income Total Income £ 2,918.27 £690.00 £45.50 £200.00 £1.07 £817.85 £ 1,754.42 Total Admin Equipment for events Support events Educational resources

£842.73 £650.31 £556.32 £154.24


Date 08-Sep-10 29-Sep-10 26-Oct-10 17-Nov-10 17-Nov-10 14-Dec-10 19-Jan-11 28-Feb-11 23-Mar-11 05-Apr-11 16-May-11 25-May-11 07-Jun-11 30-Jun-11 05-Jul-11 20-Jul-11 26-Jul-11 09-Aug-11 Sum £29.00 £77.50 £146.00 £20.00 £53.00 £16.00 £39.00 £62.00 £208.00 £8.00 £30.00 £45.00 £28.00 £163.00 £30.00 £100.00 £23.00 £95.00 Number 100011 100012 100013 100014 100015 100016 100017 100018 100019 100020 100021 100022 100023 100024 100025 100026 100027 100028 100029 100030 100031 Total banked £1,172.50

Cheques drawn
Payee Jan Phillips
Michelle O'Shea Colin Bazley Mike Freemantle Gott Hall Jan Phillips

£57.40 £43.19 £ 42.93 £74.99 £15.00 £440.33

BTCV Insurance Jan Phillips Mike Freemantle Jan Philips Mike Freemantle Mike Freemantle spoiled spoiled Pema Wainwright Gott Hall Michelle O'Shea headland printers Mike Freemantle Mike Freemantle Brian Nathan Cheques drawn

£215.63 £34.24 53.60 £69.28 £25.85 £26.32 £180.00 £40.00 £22.99 £251.00 £14.00 £26.66 £20.40 £ 1,653.81

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