I liked the neck of the beer bottle as I felt his eyes on me I imagined his cock in my mouth the weight

girth taste it was like a flash back of wt never was for I had no idea who he was. All I knew was his eyes bore down on my wile my favorate rock band played, the music coursed thru me making me feel alive like all my nerve endings were clamoring for attention for that physical touch that might never come.

I could feel him getting close, should I go to him?, let him come to me?, wt do I do? It is so not new I've done it a million times a new conquest a nameless fuck a fly thru to Neverland a quick crash back. Was it all he would be?. He knows I know he is standing behind me I can feel his heat his energy makes my nerves tingle he rests his hands on my chair do I lean in to him do I dare feel him? I light a cigarette I canʼt stand being this aware! He leans in "can a bum a smoke darling" he purrs in to my ear my pussy twitches recognizing the command in his voice. My hands shake as I hand him the cigarette. My phone is on my lap and he reaches for it, shortly there after he places it back and there is note on it. Should I? It feels so wrong and yet his heat on my back feels so good. His hand lands lightly on my arm, encouraging me to read his missive, can they see? my friends, the strangers? can they feel wt I feel? His heat as it envelops me and takes my breath away!. “Come with me, take my hand" said the message. Were?, should I?I can't breath. Anything but him his hold on my shoulder gets tighter, I stand and face him. "Do you have a car? I ask "yes" I give my keys to Alice and take only my phone as I stand from the table and place my hand in his. we walk out of the club he shifts and places his hand on my lower back and my elbow , I can here Andy yelling were are you going but I don't look back, I can't or it will brake the spell. "Tell her you'll be back in an hour or 2" he said "she has my car ill call her in a bit" he simply nods. When we get to his car my phone rings "were are you" Andy says thru the phone "ill be back in an hour to pick up my car take it to your place" "who is this guy" "I don't know!" "Why did you leave with him?" "Because I needed to" he ushers me in to the car and closes my door. " You are nuts woman" "I know" I sigh but wt does she know, she can't tell how I burn how my insides are liquefying and wetting his leather seats and he has
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yet to touch me. He turns on the car and drives off the parking only to stop about half way out, he leans in to me I'm paralyzed. But not with fear. His lips touch mine like a soft summer breeze delicate barely there till its not, his hands snake thru my short hair as he pulls me closer to his mouths and tilts my head for better access, his tong swipes at my lips "open” he says and softly I let go. The taste of his mouth invades mine, sweet and tangy cold not much unlike the beer he was having. My hands go up to his head in the best moment, he growls in to my mouth as he softly disentangles my hands from his hair, only to place them behind me on the head rest "donʼt move them, or I will tie you up, ok?" Iʼm in shock! Would he really tie me up? Would I let him! Yes the mere thought of it has my panties so wet is uncomfortable. So I nod I dare not speak so I won't brake the spell. His lips are on me again taking feeding. My breathing is hard and labored as his hands slide from my arms down to breasts, his touch is barely there I lean in to his heat, his eyes snap back to mine as he suddenly lifts his hands of my strapless dress "I'm sorry" I said as I understood his silent command, he nodded and pulled my dress down to reveal my breast my dark nipples hard waiting wanting needing I needed his hands his mouth on me with me but he was testing me and I would soon loose if he did nothing. I needed to relieve the pressure in my core my pussy ached and I needed to move. But then his hand caressed my face and he looked in to my eyes "are going to behave, or will I have to punish you?" I opened my mouth to speak "don't lie to me and don't speak for every noise you make I will punish you. For every move you make I will punish you, you are mine. Do you understand that. Call your friends now give them this address it is were I'm taking you I will have you home by tomorrow at 12 so call whom you need to call" my hands shook as I called Andy "were the hell are you" she asked I gave her the address and told her I would not be back before lunch, I've had my escapades but not like these "ok, love you. Take care" as I closed the phone he extended his hand "is there anyone else you need to call" "my brother. I still live with my parents, but they are out of town" "call" I called my brother and told him I was staying at Andyʼs apartment "ok love you, take care" was all he said. His hand still extended I handed over the phone and he placed it in his pocket I opened my mouth to speak and then remembered the rules "say wt you need to say" my eyes went to my hands now
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settled on my lap "I ammo kind of need to have that were I can here it my mom can text or call at any moment and they get really worried when I don't answer" he nodded "I will have it with me and give it to you if I believe you need to answer ok?" I nodded" now sit up straight " he said as he placed my seatbelt on I tried to move my dress back in to place but he caught my hand "no!, those are mine not yours you have no right to keep them from me, now spread you legs and take off you panties I want you opened for me" I swallowed but did as he asked I could feel the color rushing to my face "aw such a pretty color, now make sure your dress does not hide you from me" I raised my dress to my hips were it now staid completely "place your hands on the head rest and thrust up you breast, yes that's it" wt are you doing this is nuts the security guard will see you! I looked down trying to hide my face but my hair was to short oh god wt am I doing, why is this getting me so hot. As if he could here my thought s his voice gentled "I know, but don't be afraid they can't see you even if they get really close. Trust that I would never do something to harm you, ok?" I looked at him and saw the truth in his eyes "I only want to please you, to give you what you need but you have to let go and trust me" I nodded, I have no idea why but I did I trusted him "I've been watching you for a wile" he said as he pulled the car out of the parking lot "I see you leave with these young pups that think they have what it takes to be with a woman like you. But they don't do they that's why they never stick around, did you know that. Its because they know you are lying to them, that you let them think you enjoy it but you don't." His hand left the steering wheel and landed on my thigh and started to ride up to my cunt, my recently waxed cunt that was so wt I could barely hold still on his leather seats. I whimpered as his fingers slightly slid up my inner labia to find my clit his fingers slowly caressed teased never giving more that a slight circle around and around that little nub. "Don't move" he said and I whimpered again as I threw my head back willing him to move closer, to press, to pinch, to slap. Anything would have been better than this slow burn. "When was the last time you took your time in sex" I did not answer, for how could I find words. " You will answer me when I ask a direct question" he said as he pinched my clit between to fingers with brutal force. I screamed and he let go "answer me" "I... I don't remember. Its always fast like a blur" "why" I can't answer that no way! He pinched
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My ass was wet from my own juices I wanted to scream! But I dared not. as I came back down.. tonight I will give you enough. I bit my lips as again his hands soothed away the pain from my breasts. Well the faster it happens the less I remember and the less guilty I feel" oh god I wanted to hide my head.. His hand traveled form my burning breast down to my aching cunt and slowly circled my clit. how was I now supposed to just come on command no less "its ok." he said again in a soft tone "ill make it happen just let go let me tell your body wt to do give yourself permission to feel. I had never admitted that before not even to myself "its ok. I could feel my cunt contracting as he places to fingers inside of me building me up. Feel as my fingers pinch your tight dark nipples feel the way your cunt contracts hungry for my cock" I whimpered and his hand landed on my breast with a slap "no more noises!" He snapped. " We are almost there" he said as he pinched my left nipple.again and this time growled lately me or I will spank you" oh god! No way! "I. my hard dick.. And feel the heat. close your eyes..." a soft moan escaped me and he laughed "you like it when I talk don't you" he pinched and pulled at my clit the pain was sharp and fast and soothed away with the same speed. I screamed again when he pulled out "keep that up and I will have to gag you" he said. The pressure on 4 of 37 . " Now listen very carefully. The streets were full of cars and I was ordered no to move. we are going to my house and we will be there in 5 minutes.' "Come" he said " come now!" As his fingers sped up the massage on my clit and I flew apart in to a tinny million peaces. If you fake it I will know and I will punish you and if you come before I give you permission to I will also punish you" this statement scared me most of all since the last time I had an orgasm with a man was almost 10 years ago I had been faking it before and since that one day with that one guy. My eyes closed my head thrown back my body was burning 'god I have never been this close please let it happen. the fire was burning inside.its just the faster it. I can feel your cunt calling to be filled by my fingers my tong. I want you to come for me wile I play with you. I always got this far but then "don't let it go " he said as if feeling my retraction "feel it. Enough for you to forget all your young pups and remember only me" he punctuated the last word by driving his finger up my extremely wet cunt. The air conditioner was on my heated skin making me shiver.

Do you want me enough to submit to me. Everything I will do tonight is for our pleasure and I really want you here. Suddenly all the lights in the house turned on and I could see him at the door he was talking to somebody! A man! Omg is he going to pawn me off to someone else? Will he bring the other man to play with me as he watched? God the things I get my self in to! But I wanted him I wanted wt he had given me a few min ago. should I make a run for it? I knew wt my friends would say. Jesus woman you don't know this man from peter and yet here you sit with your legs spread your breast thrust up to the sky and cream running down the crack of your ass just because he told you so you really are as nuts as they all say. Should I go. This is not a game. wt I did. That one orgasm had rocked the core of my existence and now I was addicted to it. give him all I was and have him make me over. who I loved. so I did not dismiss my staff. To go and submit to him. to feel. go! But the only place I wanted to go was to him to fall on my knees and feel his hard cock in my mouth. I looked outside at a huge modern house with big glass windows and a huge front yard. and then I will pull you out of the car. Ok girl were is he my eyes darted to the back of the car but I could no see him. And wait for him to let him tell me. But they are all of to bed now and won't bother us till morning" I swallowed hard. when. As if sensing my doubt he moved slowly with a feline grace to the car the other man had disappeared. Go woman. As he came around the car I tried to remember wt he had said. But if you think you can't or shouldn't I will get back in the car and drive you back to Alis's house" my eyes grew wider as recognition set in he knew my friends name. My eyes shot opened. To feel nothing but the trust blooming in my heret. then he must know who I was! Was this payback by some guy I had inadvertently rejected or hurt? "Yes 5 of 37 . Suddenly the car stopped and he took his hand away. But you have to answer your own questions first. and he placed his hand on my face and tilted it so I would look him in the eyes "I'm going to rearrange your clothes now.my clit changed form his fingers to the flat of his palm as if he understood I'd be sensitive but he would not let me go. I will not hurt you but I need you to trust that. Was he going to leave me here? Was I supposed to just stay till he was done with wt ever he was doing?. and wt. The car door opened and he squatted next to me "sorry I had not planed to bring you here tonight. I wanted to forget! Forget who I was. how.

That I was not in the business of depriving my self something I wanted. At that moment he looked more like a mischievous child than the dominating man he had shown me before. " I need you" was all I could say. all I knew was that he existed and that he was with me making me fall in to an abyss called lust. he looked me in the eyes and said “ my name is Michael. His smile turned in to a growl and he fisted his hand on my short hair and forced me to look in to his eyes "I want you" was all he said as he pressed his lips on mine with a kiss that obliterated all else. He stepped in between my legs and I could feel the erection he was hiding in his pants. but I grew tiered of waiting and tiered of seeing you with all your young pups. at least for the night. I could not wait for you to go home with one more man that was not me. So I acted today with no plan. The need to 6 of 37 .Victoria I know who you are. I don't like to share my things" ah! I am not a thing! "Don't speak unless it is to answer or I will slap you again" his eyes landed on my breast. The need for him to take control to own me. that I wanted him. Holding my hand he led the way thru the house white walls with bright colored paintings. With a swift nod he re-dresses me and pulled me out of the car. He sat me in one "do you want something to drink" yes more alcohol I thought " no alcohol I want to here thru out this night I will not let you drown out your feelings" ashamed that he could reed me so well I looked down at my hands that rested on my lap. It softened his face a brought a spark in to his eyes. and they rose to attention. I have been looking at you for quite some time now. It was all I could feel. possess me. you will be good and remember that wont you?” I nodded. red and yellow couches decorated the house the kitchen had a large island in the middle with 3 chairs. Arrrrg this pompous ass he knew I was weak. As I said before this is not the way I wanted this. a strong jaw bushy eyebrows a perfectly square nose. He was beautiful. he said "none of that" he smiled. In that moment I knew not my name where I was or what. It made me think of his taste it felt like forever since his mouth was on mine when for sure it had not been more than half an hour. I stared at him in awe his lips were perfectly defined strong. But dam it did I have to want it with him! Hmmm yes it was him I wanted I had seen him watching but I had never dared go to him and now he said it was my choice. The last choice I was to make. He came around the counter and grabbed both my hands in his and pushed up my chin "hey".

I might not be in the best shape ever. Our breathing was labored and his eyes were closed. I gasped and placed my hands over my mouth. just breath" I inhaled and all I could smell was the cent of my own arousal. it was one thing to fantasize about it but to go from that to submitting to a total stranger. but would it be any easier if I knew him. And your plain vanilla sex. If I loved him but hated wt he did would it be easier or harder to give up? And if I liked wt he did would I still be able to let it go tomorrow at 12. lifting me of the chair he carried me to wt I thought was his room. in the middle of the room a narrow plank of padded wood with legs spread like an A with straps falling from every peace of its metal legs. If he was part of my life I was not willing to give up if I failed miserably at submitting. "Trust me" he said and my body relaxed "I want to treat you to every dream you have ever had" he stepped closer and cupped my breast from behind. He groaned in to my mouth and his hand slid up my thigh to my ass. I should be more modest I thought as I looked at myself in the mirror in front and back of me. this was definitely not a bedroom. But choose now" I closed my eyes. Well honestly I was a loss. he pushed me away from him. if you don't want this I will give you back your clothes and take you back to your safe life. I had no idea. "Its ok. I leaned in to his heat sighing as I felt every pull all the way down to my core. I wrapped my legs around him and squeezed. was I willing to not experience it at all. My hands came up to the top of my dress and slid it down past my breast and hip. "I will give you pleasure. My breast were full and taut and the apex between my legs looked swollen and wet it was such a heady experience to see him standing there 7 of 37 . the shoes stay" slowly I got back up. but there was something hot about it. Even if I had to let it go at least ill know. I nodded "very well" he stood away from me "strip" he growled "now woman.press him closer was to grate. We kissed my hands in his hair pulling him closer impregnating my soul with his essence. No! My mind screamed. but. He stood behind me and brought my hand down. strip!" Again my eyes closed. Suddenly he growled again ad pulled me from his mouth. I looked around. tweaking my nipples. I started to squat to take off the satrapy sandals with 5 inch heals I wore "no. A small wood close stood next to a closed door. The walls and ceiling were lined with mirrors. This is your last chance. Wt to do. and his. there was a table with Stirrups and wt I surmised to be a swing of sorts. But itʼs your choice I will not ask again.

It made my pussy cream. He opened my cheeks and went around 8 of 37 . my jaw locked in an effort to not make a sound. My mouth closed on his next slap and this time he eased away the pain that was growing in to a tingle on my now warm read ass checks. His hand caressed by back all the way to the nape of my neck as he pressed his covered erection to my bare ass. He walked around me. I had hered about this. On command my legs spread to the with of the legs. making me feel like an object he wished to possess. it hurt so good a gush of liquid started dripping down my leg. He grabbed my left hand and pulled me towards the narrow plank placing me there he strapped my arms to the bottom rods with the leather straps that caressed my skin. My head swam as blow after blow landed on my ass checks with out time in between them " stop screaming. Another toy that decorated his expensive life stile. For now I was to busy trying to keep my pussy from convulsing I was so close to coming and I knew if I just managed to rub my clit on to something I would explode in to a million tiny particles. My legs started to shake and my feet were cramping but I said nothing it would go away eventually. no screaming no moaning. "Remember. or you will be punished" I saw my self in the mirror. if you don't stop I won't" he said calmly. Suddenly his hand slid from my ass cheeks to the slit in between my breath caught. He strapped anther leather belt to my hips and one to right below my breast. It felt odd but good as my breast were placed on either side of the plank my legs and arms held.fully clothed with his arms crossed over his chest wile he looked me over like a car in show room." spread them" he said as he placed his hand on my thigh. His hands slid up my right arm to my back and ass. Fantasized about it but never had a man placed his finger to my ass. why I have no idea! The fact that I was nothing but an object. my breast were full and I could see the reflection of him behind me "I'm going to punish you now" he said as he ran his hand up and down my back in between the straps that held me down "for all the things you didn't do in the car" his hand landed on my ass with a loud smack. Once more his hand landed sideways on my ass and I thought I would brake my teeth. And he rewarded me with a caress three more times it happened smack caress smack caress. I saw my self on the mirror it was bright red and my pussy was swollen two it looked shiny and creamy.

I felt to personal to private. I had no idea wt so I whined my jaw still closed shut. I don't know. no two ways about it. "You have to learn. can you honestly say that him eating you out requires more trust than all of this. Only to feel his hands on my hips steadying me. I sighed resigned to the truth my conscience had so clearly pointed out "I want to take you" he said as his tong swiped at my ass hole "but I won't" he punctuated the statement with a swipe from my clit all the way to my ass. Ill never be able to stand it if he sucks. Body is not yours. Please I'm so close" I wiggled my hips looking for his heat but felt nothing but the cool air of the room. This all of it is mine" he said to my pussy as his hands slowly ran up and down my legs on a barley there touch "pretty pink cunt is mine. "I. your.. Jesus woman wt the hell is wrong with you! You are strapped to steal bars and a peace of padded wood your ass Is the color of dark cherries and there is cream coating most of your legs. my whole body was shaking. Idiot youʼre already ruined. I had never particularly liked it when men ate me out. With my eyes opened now I could see he was kneeling. 'Yes!' The thought exploded in my head making his last statement get lost in the feel of it.. "I know you will like it" he said as he moved back to the place he was before "such a pretty little ass" my eyes were closed so I did not see as he ducked and place his face there. Yes!! I don't want him to. God I was so close! " Answer me" he said as I groaned when he removed his hand from me and stepped back. Your legs 9 of 37 . I was so hot my cunt contracted against his tong trying to keep it there make it go faster. or just stop all together. He owns you. "You have been a good girl" he said applying a bit of pressure on me "maybe ill reward you by taking you here" I sighed for some reason I knew he would make it good.and around with his finger. he would make me enjoy it "you would like that wouldn't you?" I said nothing just closed my eyes enjoying the rhythm of his finger on me. I lifted my head and wiggled my hips trying to get closer. Suddenly his tong was making way in to my tight cunt. it felt good his hand on me this that was so taboo it made me wiggle my hips looking for something. He lapped at my core not once paying any attention to my clit or placing his finger in me just his tong it was slow and hot and it was driving me nuts! "Please!" I screamed "no" was all he said as he kept up his slow torturing rhythm. and if he is good then he will ruin me for every other guy. he was so close I felt his breath on my hot still tingling skin. Oh god.

accept me" sliding his hand in between my ass cheeks. The question must have been in my face for he came closer and said "this is a penis gag. Then I felt him slide another finger the pain shot thru my spine. relax. and I felt it give. you want it but you are scared. I want to see you cramped full from all sides and if you are good I will let you suck me off with that pretty little mouth of yours. I relaxed. My whole body tensed no longer on the brink of an orgasm. I moaned as I felt each of the 3 bead come in. His hand slid down my back "its ok. but it felt right. He slid it back out and in and as it went the pain turned in to pleasure. and I screamed in to my gag as I clenched my body. when he turned around he held wt I recognized as a rope of anal beads and a green dildo. wile he tied the leather straps to the back of my head he went back to the drawer and grabbed the beads.breast all of you is mine. It felt good on my ass I always wondered and now I knew. It will hurt more if you fight it. The one digit came in slowly and retreated fast enough to tease but not to do any real good so I groaned "you will only come when I choose" he paused "for tonight you are mine and I will keep you here on the brink wanting and begging" he moved away from me towards the closet. I will place it in your mouth wile I play with my holes. He had given me that. Some thing started to make a humming noise my head shot up again 'more?!' I thought 'no' I shook my head and with it my whole body twitched my anal 10 of 37 . Now open" his hand was on my jaw and on command my body obeyed. so now all I felt was full. Accept it. my mouth fell opened and received the intrusion of the rubber cock. when he felt me give he shoved again this time it was sharper bigger. making me whimper again. pressing the cold gel on to my star. And for a wile I could feel it all the way to my neck like a shot thru the heret till the numbness took over. I shuddered "please" I mumbled thru the gag in my mouth "I know. He took the bottle of lube and dribbled some on his finger. Trust me to make it good for you relax" he applied pressure. He stopped and turned around again bent to the drawer and picked up another penis looking thing but small. each one bigger than the last " Yes" he hissed as his hands stroked my ass checks "soon you will be able to take me here" he massaged around the my whole now full of beads. I knew it was only his index finger. dildo and a bottle of wt looked like lube. Your orgasms are mine to take and mine to give" slowly he placed a finger inside my cunt. It wasn't exactly painful I just felt full.

He laughed. this time shoving it in my cunt slowly in and slowly back out. He swatted my ass four times before it really started to sting the fifth one was harder and made my head shoot up to look at him again he smiled and quirked his eyebrow and asked again as his hand caressed my now bright pink ass." His eyes closed and he inhaled remembering "it makes me want to do it again. Maybe I should stop playing with you beautiful cunt and concentrate on this ripe ass. his through-tie chuckle gave me shivers and again I shook. Slowly he pressed the rubber dildo to my pussy lips coating it with my juices "you are so fucking wet. The humming stopped but I was not lead of the hook yet. but suddenly I felt it start to vibrate at first it was 11 of 37 . Are you wet for me? Is this all for me" I stared at him thru the mirror. I thought he was going to eat me out till I came. I shook my head from side to side "no? Oh well!. But I said no more "more? You want more?" I bobbed my hered again slower this time catching his gaze in the mirror. He was stretching me and I could feel my cunt sucking at it trying to keep it inside. Maybe I should. "You like them don't you the feel of them in your ass. I nodded my head bobbing up and down making me dizzy. I wanted him to spank me again to feel the burn of his hand as it landed on my ass. I like it to I like seeing them there. my breathing was incredibly labored as I closed my eyes again and fought for control. I could feel my clit pounding with my heret beats. the dildo came and went in me as he pushed it giving me no time to recoup. But instead he kept his slow torture with the dildo on my pussy. He placed his hand on my lower back making me stop and breath. not to punish but to stroke the fire inside me. Should I?" This time I was to close to coming for him to stop. I guess ill stay here then doing just this till I get tiered" he still glided it softly thru my now swollen lips.beads moved and I moaned at the pleasure. He rubbed the rubber cock on my lips again so soft it was barley there I wiggled trying to reach it and again the beads in my ass played havocs with my senses. finally. suddenly he shoved.. I could feel it all the way inside. His hand came up as if to swat my ass again and he quirked and eyebrow. I shook my head again "no? What do you want then?" "More!!" I mouth it thru the gag.. Before I knew it he was on his knees again ´yes´ I thought. “don't you dare come” was all he said. My spit dribbled down my chin and my jaw hurt from the position it held. placing them. suddenly he stopped moving it and I thought for sure he would just stop.

He helped me get up. He let go of my mouth and placed a soft kiss on my nose. did I do something wrong? eventually the fight left me and I must have dozed for when I came to he was behind me. he removed them both and then massaged my calves and ankles. his hands caressed up my legs and hips my stomach. Did I displease him. then up the side of my chest and down my arms. but this kiss was different. he ran his had up my back all the way to my hands and untied them. he was giving rather than taking he was coaxing it felt like dance and I willingly gave. you are not to come yet. I knew it would be ten times what I had in the car. it was like it understood what he had said and would no longer follow my commands. my whole body was vibrating with the dildo in my cunt. and then with out a word he was on his knees un-strapping my shoes. but there I was on the verge of going nuts. He kept the pace slow his hands held my hips his fingers making slow leisurely circles. not until I get what I want” I needed to ask wt that was the gag in my mouth made it impossible.more of a buzz and then it went from that to a full on vibration shoved so far up my cunt I could practically feel it in my mouth. Slowly with out a word he kissed me. I had lost all sense of time a long time ago. and suddenly tears started to run down my face. why had he left me. All I 12 of 37 . I was on the edge and had no way to jump of. to find that release that my body was promised by his ministrations. I would secure it but I want to see if you can follow simple directions. and held me. the vibrations had stopped and my ass free. so I had no idea how long we stood there but eventually my legs started to shake. “I will come back” he said stroking my face. I hissed when my foot touched the cold floor and my leg muscles flexed. I hered him stand and felt his hand sliding up my back up to my head “open your eyes “ when I opened them he was kneeling in front of my face “I am going to leave you here “ my eyes bulged out of my face ´what! he canʼt leave me like this! this is nuts!´ yes but this is also his game and you are in it now so you might as well play. Not allowed to come because my body needed his command. I clung to his chest feeling the beet of his heret on my palms. I wanted to cry it was so frustrating. but his face was hard as stone as he said “you will keep the dildo inside. a watched him walk out. I had never felt so alone as I did now. when I come back we can go and have dinner “ my face must have given away my confusion because he answer my unasked question “no. my legs were free.

He squeezed my hand “are you cold “ no” I answered. his eyes spoke of something I was not ready to accept so I ignored it and smiled back. He placed me in the chair and kissed the top of my head.could do was stay still as he warmed my body again. I could feel his smile on my neck at my reaction. He pulled at my hand and sat it on the table between us “you ok?” I looked up to see he was slightly blushing “ about what happened in there I mean” It was so cute that he blushed he seamed so secure of him self just a few minutes ago. still holding my hand he pulled me to the kitchen there was a small square table with two chairs next to the island. his sent invading my lugs and looked up. And like magic he was back. ´ok” he said letting go on my hand and grabbing his fork. he pulled me towards the door and handed me a large gray t-shirt but my arms hurt still so he helped me put it on. I fidgeted with the edge of the shirt. on the table sat two tapered candles a vintage wine bottle and two plates of salad. figuring he said it as a random thing. he was smiling and it was beautiful. Soon enough the awkwardness was gone and we managed a conversation. the expression in his face was still amiable but his shoulders were back to its rigid state and the power ran true him and made me shiver. when we were done with the salad he brought out some rare stakes from the oven. my breathing has coming in slow and measured. To the left a huge square painting stood well lit. she said it reminded her of me when I was a kid. not looking at him as he sat and served the wine. I had not seen it before but it was a large hallway with 4 doors to my right and big paintings. I recognized the painter as pollock and searched for the signature. My mom gave it to me. him asking questions and me promptly answering them. but before I could zero in on it he came behind me his hands wrapping around my waist. then with out a word he held my hand and took me out in to the hallway. ´woman!´ I told my self ´eat and stop acting like a scared cat´ so I took one deep breath. ´thank god they 13 of 37 . you will meet her soon” I shrugged dismissing his comment. the canvas was littered with splotches of pink yellow turquoise and black and gray. “she sounds nice” “mom? yea she is. He stiffened a bit at my shrug and let go of me. The emotions that ran thru me were new and different. still not looking at him. again I nodded. “its beautiful right “ I nodded feeling the heat of his body engulfing me and wrapping my arms around his to hold him closer. and scarier than anything I had felt all night.

and Iʼm still the same person as I was before I met him. as he gently leaned back on his chair and sipped some wine. but the heret is a fool who wont listen to reason and he fell face first for the unattainable. “yes” he growled as he looked at my thighs now bare since the shirt had bunched up to my hips. but its over now. I hate when meet is all burned up´. “Why do you do it “ what?” I said a little shocked at the question since we had been laughing not two second earlier “why do you go home with them?” I quirked my eyebrow and held on to my glass pulling my legs up to my chest on to the chair.” “do you wish it was different” I chuckled “no. we were meant to be in each others lives. “I hope this is ok I can cook it more if you like” “nop” I smiled “its perfect” he placed my dish and sat back down. I know thatʼs not a good reason but its easier this way you pick them fuck them dump them and you never get hurt” “were you hurt” “once. I smiled “do you want to know the truth? or do you want to here what I always say?” ´oh shit!. I did it for the same reason I did it with you. but because of him I know I can love. did I just really say that. the wine was fruity and tangy. then I looked at him and said what I had barely ever admitted to my self. with a small sigh I let it all spill out knowing as I did I would regret it “I'm lonely. and in many ways it was good cause it thought me life is never fair and yet destiny is always right. guarded and somewhat cold with my men. but otherwise he remained still “and the other answer he asked “ I shrugged and stared at my glass for a minute. “ok. tell me both”. I knew I should not have had that third glass of wine. a long time ago. and the meet was delicious. as much as I knew I loved him I knew I could never keep him. I knew he was a free spirit. I loved him and it was awesome to share what we did. at least I can as soon as I stop being scared that I will feel my heret brake again. and they all hurt still with the same intensity. would I go back if I could? 14 of 37 . but do I still feel the same way about him? No. I smiled and looked at him “the memory of it does. just not the way I wanted it. because I was Horney and you asked” his eyebrow shot up in to his forehead.were rare. its really an awful feeling you cant just drown out” I finished looking at my glass “you say you were in love but it still hurts” he stated. “he saw the distress in my eyes and said “humor me. cause that would make both of us different and then what would be the point. the good times were awesome and the bad sucked ass. he never meant to hurt me. but we moved on.

a breath over his lips “I can always make you “ “yes” was all I said before his mouth captured mine in a hot demanding kiss. this camaraderie this ease. but in a flash he was on me his hands entrapping me between the table and the chair. it surrounded the tub by a good 10 inches on 15 of 37 . I just know enough not to ever want to put my self in that situation again. when he stopped and placed me on a hard surface I opened my eyes. I quirked my eyebrows as a question “date me “ even before he finished my answer was out “NO!” he was shocked by my determination because he dropped my hand and pushed back. he pulled me off the chair and in to his arms and started walking. We were in the bathroom. Where was he taking me now! his hands move from my ass cheek to my crack and I was jolted back in to the kiss. he stared in to my eyes the smile back in his face “why. are you scared” he said. Marriage is no longer an institution. his mouth a mere inch from mine “yes “ I puffed out. at all but how could I think when one of his hands was holding me on to him pressing my pussy on to the huge erection in his slacks and his other hand was drawing lazy circles in my ass as he kissed me senseless. I compare it more to a cruise in which you get on in one port and expect to be tired after a few days of fun and a few days of sunburn and you come out more tiered and broke for all you efforts “ at this he burst out laughing. I just sat there mesmerized. This was just to familiar for words! he was taking me back to the room! NO! I screamed inside my head but I opened my eyes and we had passed the door. he kissed me one last time and left me on the counter with out a word. Were ever he took me I would beg if I had to! and if he didn't give me what I craved I would just walk out! the complications of that scenario did not strike me as good. and I joined a tear escaped his right eye and I leaned in to wipe it away. the tub was surrounded by marble ARABESCATO CERVAIOLE. the reaction was immediate. When I went to take my hand away from his check he was still smiling.probably not. I have no idea what I was thinking but it felt natural with him. thatʼs all” “you seem pretty sure you are going to relive it” again I laughed at his comment “people don't respect relationships like they used to. polished. he leaned on to the Jacuzzi tub big enough for 3 and let the water pour from the faucet. He grabbed my hand and kissed my palm never taking his eyes of mine. I fell my pussy gush and I blushed “how about we make a wager? “ he asked mischief in his eyes.

My breathing got shallow as I studied him. is that clear” he whispered against my mouth ´dam-it not again!´ but a big part of me loved it the dominance in his voice the strength in his stance. he nipped and sucked at my neck like he wanted to mark me. strong and tough his hand gave no release when he finally got to my pussy he slowed. I wanted. Resting my head on the tubs edge I tried to rain in my emotions again.the sides and 20 on front and back a small fireplace stood between the tub and the shower and the toilet seemed to be in a whole separate area threw a door there were 2 sinks and I was currently perched in between them. to regain some semblance of normality. my hands itched to feel him. I felt the water move as he got in to the water but I did not open my eyes still 16 of 37 . “we are taking a bath. he caressed my outer labia so soft it was barely there. I nodded a second before his mouth landed on mine. his hands were on the buttons on his shirt. the feeling was so intense I looked away and closed my eyes. his right hand started to slide up my legs. but I knew better. But as I pushed my neck towards him he pulled back a satisfied smile on his face. my bear ass was cold as he stepped back to me and placed his hands on my hips. needed and desired this man. it had been a long time since I had allowed my self this and I wanted it for however long it lasted. his mouth devoured mine as his hands grabbed on to my thighs. he lapped on to my neck his breath coming in short pants but his touch had changed to a slow burning tease. you will not come. no matter what I do. the heat emanating from his body. this kiss was brutal like he wanted to eat me alive. and I stared as he unbuttoned slowly. I want to feel every part of you on me. the odd thing was I wanted it to. He was confusing me and I hated being confused. to touch him. is chest was built but in no way massive he had a wide back and lean hips. Unceremoniously he lifted my shirt and carried me to the almost full tub and placed me inside the hot water made me hiss a bit but ultimately it felt good on my abused legs after I settled in I looked at him again. his skin the color of honey slightly sprinkled with thin hairs. his mouth left mine and slid off to my chin and neck. it wasn't that love did not exist just that I had no idea how to have it and I hated that but accepted it. I felt uncharacteristically possessive. I had tried to have relationships after that one time. but I was a good time girl not a forever girl and that was that. I relaxed a bit as I reminded my self this was just him trying to prove me wrong.

well beautiful. still my hands stayed on his legs and I repositioned my self a bit he was on the edge but this was still my game I flexed my jaw and gathered as much spit as I could in my mouth as I got really close opened my mouth and shoved him as far as he would go up on my throat and swallowed tightened my lips against him which considering his size was not much of an effort since my mouth was full till the brim. and even thou my eyes never left his cock my hands touched his hips. I stared. I smiled and he grunted. I straightened and kneeled in front of him. waiting. not moving an inch. He just stood there. I extended my hand. tautly wound over muscles and bone. waiting for me to react. but the awesome part was that he was thin at the base thick in the middle and thin again at the head from which a small drop of precome spilled. it was as far as I was concerned. if I wanted him to take control I would have to drive him nuts. I wanted to feel his hands on my head to feel him posses me as much as I knew he wanted to do it if his fist were any indication. again I liked and sucked liked and sucked till his cock jumped a bit on my mouth I sucked on last time with a pop as I let go of his tip. He did not sit in the water as I expected. I had I thing for cocks I found them to be works of art and this was like a magnificent renascence undiscovered painting that I wanted to study like a curator. but he was letting me do this. Holding on to his legs I teased his cock with slow licks from root to tip wetting him with my saliva then I slowly sucked the tip and circled my tong ring around the head and the slit as I sucked. the Meer thought of him sliding in and out of me. when my hands left his legs and held on to the root of his cock wile the other gently played with his balls he snapped. He was shaved and not a single hair dared show up past his hip bone. He was tough but I was good. I swallowed three more times before I slit it out and repeated the process this time in short fast stokes and again one deep 3 swallows. I could see his hands flex as I let out a puff of air on to his rock hard cock. the feel of him stretching me made me moan as I liked the tip. his hands dug in to my hair and his 17 of 37 . it was large. he stood there as I stared. inhaling the musky cent.at a battle with what I was feeling vs what I wanted to feel. his skin was hot and silky. I was almost at level with his cock. My hands traveled down from his hips to his thighs the change made me shiver with him since his legs were sprinkled with hairs. I could not help it. again he groaned. my curiosity won and I opened my eyes.

He growled as his come spilled in to my mouth and I swallowed. sexy. Hot. He was caressing me. I barely ever got kissed after I blew a guy and if I did it was always a form of goodbye. he smiled moved to stand behind me and dropped in to the water I had barely noticed that the water was still hot and the jets on the sides were on bringing in more warm water I started to turn to look at him I wondered if he would let me straddle his face and finally let me come but instead he pulled at my hips and sat me in between his legs his erection trapped between his stomach and my back. no matter how much I told my self this was dangerous. I fell again and again in to the promises his kisses were making. sure those I was familiar with but beautiful to me was homely and delicate and maybe I read to many romance novels. it was hot. he kissed me then. This on the other hand. Men lately were a one-time deal I was used to it and my body had started to cool. This man really loved taking possession of my mouth. and I need more so I will take more kind of kiss. but beautiful women were different 18 of 37 . he parted my legs from behind and slid a finger from my ass to my cunt. but something told me this would definitely be a tough act to follow. I wondered if he could taste his come in my mouth. my back my hips taking away the sting from my scalp holding on to my ass he pressed me to his half erect cock again and I was surprised. I knew men found me attractive but beautiful was definitely not a word I used to describe myself. I moaned. he was salty and thick. god it was good my hands slid to my wet pussy as his cock started to deflate his hand on my hair tightened “MINE!” he shouted and my hand stopped on the top of my mound “You don't get to touch my pussy! got that?” he said with one last pull on my hair as he made me stand. I was such a fool. he kissed the back of my head and my neck as he took some soap an his hand and started to lather up my shoulders and breast “you are beautiful “ his compliment shocked me. and as I had proved over and over again I was helpless to stop it. he was hard again! well this had not happened in a long ass time. and regret would come as it always did with the sun and I would wrap it around me and wallow till I found another warm body to repeat the process with. “mine” he said again once he let go of my lips. he pulled at my hair to keep my head still as he fucked my mouth in short deep stokes.hips started to pump shoving his cock in to my mouth as I sucked. well it was a thank you. I moaned. but at least I was having fun being one.

so I can feel you silky skin against my hands and my face “ I moaned as his feather light touch circled my cit with one hand and with the other he circled my opening in soft lazy circles “you like the thought of that don't you “ I nodded. thatʼs when I realized I had closed my eyes. I screamed the assault taking me to the brink. so I took deep steady breaths as I closed my eyes. picking up not far from were it had been before. I saw his hand move in between my leg and his. “yes. to me. he said he wanted me now but he did not know me. He nipped and nibbled on my neck. applying a bit more pressure as it went around and around my body was heating up again. always feeling like a victim and my own insecurities I was a bundle of problems. the hand on my clit left me. no. as he whispered in my ear that I was beautiful and all the things he wanted to do with me. I was not doing that to my self again. don't you dare 19 of 37 . not because of him. I sighed and relaxed all I could do now was make memories and I was not going to let tomorrow rain on today so I laid there in his arms and soaked him up imprinting his heat and his sent in to my memory. not the real me. he knew I was close I could feel my body contracting against him but he would not let up. I did as he said as he grabbed more soap and he proceeded to wash me “I love that you waxed my pussy. I want you to keep it like this every time you come to me. and suddenly he bit down as he slid two fingers in to my pussy and one in my ass. and if all my friends were to be trusted I was just down right crazy. “I can sense you don't believe me but I am going to make you believe me sooner or latter “ he declared. and part my ass cheeks his finger started to follow the same lazy rhythm as it did on my vagina. “place your legs over mine” he whispered as his hands slid down to my pussy. I would to “ was all he said his rhythm not changing one bit. his fingers drew lazy circles on my soapy breast. and I was not about to shove them on him no matter how much he said he wanted it. I felt my heret drop do my stomach because I knew there would not be a later. it was because I was not the type of girl men kept.they had long wavy hair and tight breast their bellies were not full of stretch marks from fluctuating weight. but I knew he would not let me come yet. as if they had to tell me. you were born alone and you died alone in the in between if you were lucky you shared moments of happiness and burdened those around you as little as possible. “don't come little girl. between battling depression.

he didn't ask me to stop this time and the more I did the more he did. I took a deep breath and pushed my self of the bed looking at the wall. as the walls started to come down on me. See hard and fast is so much better than agonizingly slow and the pain of rejection. He slid up over me and covered me from bottom to top and I could feel all of him surround me. I closed my eyes and started to curl up un to a ball. I didn't want the god dammed condom! not really he had felt so f-ing good inside me and now he was walking away from me. god it was like I was a piano and he was Beethoven and the moans and screams coming out of me were the music we made together. suddenly I felt bad. suddenly he stopped and stood “ get back in the middle of the bed” I complied as much as I could with my body turned in to one huge ball of nerves. or that at least he would make me forget but getting pregnant was so not an option “ I dont wanna get pregnant. thats all . not even if I chose to let you come ok?” I nodded “ good “ he said as his mouth took mine again. I moaned and closed my eyes but he held my head “ look at me “ I slowly opened my eyes as I felt his cock on my opening and my body slowly give way to his intrusion “ you will always look at me when we are together like this. I tossed my head from side to side trying to control it trying to rain it in. my pussy landing in his face as his mouth latched on to my clit. I missed his heat the feel of him inside me filling me up. I moaned and screamed out his name... dripping water he trekked in to the room and tossed me on the bed unceremoniously he knelt town on the edge and pulled me to him by my legs. and he shoved all the way inside. and he caressed my cheeks “are you not ok with this?” I wished I was. he stayed still “dam you feel so fucking good and tight “ he whispered on my mouth “I smiled nervously and said “ it feels good because you forgot the condom “ “im clean.” he pushed in deeper and smiled “ I do “ he said moving as he looked in to my eyes. and the he grunted getting off me and muttering to himself with his back turned away from me. and I know you are always careful “ I blushed. He got out of the tub and leaned in to carry me.come just yet “ he said as he nibbled on my ear and fucked me with his hands. keeping my legs closed I started to move of the bed “ where the hell do you think you are going? “ my eyes shot up he was standing a few feet from the bed his 20 of 37 . you will not close your eyes. suddenly he stopped removing his hands from my body and pushing me to stand before I could groan.

arms crossed at his chest and his beautifully magnificent cock rapt up in a condom. his mouth had not left mine “ tell me “ he whispered “ tell me what you want “ he needed to here it as much as I needed to say it... I nodded “ I thought you wanted me to get a god dammed condom!” he screamed... Surreal “ I said. I looked back up at his face he had growled and ordered me around all night but he had never really raised his voice “ I ... I thought... am.. I should have told you were I was going and I'm sorry “ he finally said placing soft kisses on my mouth. well .. ah hell! I thought you had left ok. I started to shut down I deepened the kiss struggling for control. want . but he shook his head “no. he had built me up so many fucking times I 21 of 37 . god I cant do this! he has me flying all over the place my emotions are on hipper drive. and letting you think I was walking away from you! I'm an idiot and I'm sorry “ he said kissing my forehead and trekking down kisses thru my face “ I just went to the closet to get the condoms. I did!” I said back not as loud as he did but loud enough “ then care to explain to me were the fuck you were going?” “ I. “ I. I thought it pissed you off and you left! happy now!” he came closer kneeling on the bed next to me and caressed my face “no baby.. he felt the moment I let go for this kisses got deeper stronger dominating his hands started to explore again roughly like he wanted to mark me to remind me of my submission as he went not a moment two soon we were lying on the bed again and he was pushing inside.” I said kissing him in between words slowly he started shoving inch after agonizing inch inside me. but he got the message and started to pound hard in to me making me scream.. “ I. inside. and when I got back. you. not now... I'm not happy. for leaving you like that... he caressed “furious at my self... feel me “ he grabbed my hand and placed it over his heret “ this is just. like I wasn't on the edge and he had all the time in the world. be with me... me. tightening my hand against his pecs and letting go.. I gave in.. in fact I'm furious “ I flinched. well I thought you were trying to escape. I knew there would be hell to pay. not just yet.” “Leave?” he asked.. he grabbed my arms from his back were they had been scratching and placed them over my head holding them with one arm he slid the other to my hip placing me so he hit my spot with every slow thrust... I started to move and he stopped me tightening the hand on my hips. I was going to. but I had played before and I was still here a shadow of what I used to be but here none the less.... don't shut me out.

pulled the sheets against him and gave him a quick kiss in the forehead. oh good.. as I started to come down I felt his last few thrusts and his hands falling away from my body as he collapsed over me. my cell phone was in his pant pockets in the bathroom. thank good. pulled at my hand tucked me under his arm on his left side. to bad it was a one time thing “ I sighed went to the other room to get my dress and shoes they were still were I had left them on the floor I put on the dress and took my shoes. I waited for a few minutes holding on to the tears I waited till he fell asleep and the I took the pillow pressed it between us and left the bed. so I sneaked back in... “Jesus. I had gotten so comfortable with his heat that I just forgot. his hands on my hips he helped me rise and pushed me back on to his legs he took off the condom tied it and just threw it I watched it land on the floor next to the trash can. he must have seen it to cause he groaned. When I reached the kitchen there was an old man there. he shook his head “ I told him this was a bad idea “ he mumbled. that was probably the best orgasm in the history of orgasms. I need to come” “then come for me me baby” he said as his hand move in between our bodies and pinched my clit. “dam” I whispered as I left the room.. rolled over me and I swear it all went dark I could here my self screaming but I could no longer control it my body was on its own. not because it felt dirty but because I couldn't smell him on my skin any more because it hurt. I walked out of the room with tears streaming down my face. I walked back out and saw him sleep I couldn't help it so I got closer. the orgasm hit me like a freight train. as if he felt me he turned around his smile turning in to a frown. and promptly fell asleep. I had to 22 of 37 ... thatʼs when I notices he was still inside of me. I stayed for a few minutes and then my brain started to work again I started to get up but he held me.was so fucking close “please” I begged “please “ I panted “michael.. I headed back to the door and peaked in he was still asleep. Please” “please “ “ what baby? tell me what you want “ “I need. I the bathroom I took his wallet and my cell I called a cab and took a few bucks for cab fair I had left my purse at the club. I tried to speak to make a joke something to brake the spell but right when I was about to he kissed my clavicle and turned taking me with him to lay over him. I looked at my self in the mirror “ now you did it you idiot!!! “ I said to my refection in the mirror “ you are really deep in it this time “ I turned away from the mirror got in the shower and washed. I stopped in my tracks..

“ are you sure you don't want to go back in there?” he pointed to the hallway. the reasons I am leaving are many but none of them is because I think this night was a mistake “ “ then stay “ the old man said. I cant “ “ very well. when he handed me the paper and pen my hands started to shake Dear Michael: Im sorry I cant stay I honestly had the most amazing night of my life. I know thank you is not enough.. it was a fantastic idea “ I said in a whisper cleaning the tears from my face “ he snorted “ yea thatʼs why your walking out crying with your shoes in your hands “ “ no. and that is just not me. 23 of 37 . I told them.. “ no. but for now its all I have.. but I just don't have it to give. if you give me a few minutes I will drive you home.. You are amazing and you deserve somebody who can love you completely with out fear. “ I cant. I wish I could give you more. I wish I could but I just. when I was done the man put a stemming cup of coffee in front of me with some milk and sugar. yes I got another ride. don't worry he wont wake for a few more hours “ “ I already called a cab “ “ well call them back missy! after all its not every day and old man like me gets to drive such a pretty girl around “ I blushed and nodded I grabbed my phone an called the cab company and canceled the cab was almost here was I sure. no matter what he said there was no way I would survive this night again. I nodded and sipped my really sweet coffee.smile. he sighed “ very well. cant blame a man for trying “ he laughed sadly “ as soon as you finish that we can go “ “ is there somewhere I could leave him a note or something “ it was foolish for me to believe this was more than just one night. well.

if it hurts this much after one night imagine what it would be like after a few weeks or the two month mark of expiration my relationships seem to have. “hey” he said rubbing his eyes with a simile “ let me guess left your keys? “ then he stopped rubbing his eyes and looked at me. I kissed his cheek and said good-bye. I remember that he had bitten me and I placed my hand protectively over my mark. Know that I will always remember you and that. I smiled and shook my head “ its better this way “ “young people!” he said exasperated and shaking his head “ its a wonder anything gets done anymore “ . No she was doing the right thing. Andyʼs boyfriend and recent room mate opened the door in his scrubs. I sniffled cleaned my face and folded the paper. more of me. well you know.. I got to the building I sat there in a daze for a few more seconds. this felt good we had all been friends for years before he had the guts to tell Andy 24 of 37 . more time. he drove in silence and I looked out the window not really seeing anything. I did not realize I was crying till a tear dropped on the page. he sat with me on the couch and pulled me on to his legs. I must look like hell because his face was one of pure shock and horror “come here” he said pulling me inside “ what happened ? he asked frantically inspecting my arms and neck. I walked out with Walter to the garage and got in to a gray BMW. the tears kept streaming down my face as I gave him the address to Andy ´s apt. Got to Andyʼs an knocked it was already 6:30 but it was Sunday Brent. his mark I hunched over and cried. he was a doctor in the er.. better to cut and run now than have him run away in two months. xoxo V.Last night you wanted more. “ I can take you back if you want “ Walter said.

and barely had a drink all night concentrating on the sad movie I had picked out so I could cry as much as I wanted. quickly I brushed it away washed my face brushed my teeth and got in to the shorts and shirt Brant had gotten for me. I can get you some clothes and you can crash on the couch till she wakes up.? did he hurt you cause if he did id kill him!” “no” I shook my head “ he was amazing and kind and aw hell. but I had lived here before and it felt a lot better than grief. when I came out I felt much better. it will be over in a few minutes “ I said pointing at my face. not usual for me. but he shook his head “ nop I walked in a wile ago and she was out. I was just going to shower and crash my self if you think you will be ok” I nodded “ ill be fine. I stood on shaky legs “ is she up?” it was stupid to ask but I need some girly comfort. and ill ask her when Iʼm good and ready “ his comment about kids brought back what Michael had said “I do” as in I do want you to get pregnant? was he nuts? tears started streaming down my face again oh man this had to stop. “Jesus what happened V. I still had not talked about it past saying it was grate and it was over.how he really felt. By the beginning of the second week I felt better. yea. with the way you to are Iʼm glad Iʼm a man” I smiled those were common words and had been for years “ yea. big tough guy who is two scared to ask his best friend to marry him. I got up as Brent let me go.! have your own god dammed kids if you want them so much!. he well he made me feel! “ I could feel his surprise I had never said that about a guy before in fact I always said they did the exact opposite to me “ “ I donʼt get it why are you crying? “ I laughed at his tone of disbelieve “you are such a guy!!! “ I smacked is arm playfully “thank god for that. it seemed I was on autopilot getting shit done with out any emotions except for the flashes of memories and the emotions that followed. I knew I was in denial. I did poker night with the boys and movie and margarita night with the girls. I lost the 5 dollars I bet. and she could not be happier or more envious of what they had if she tried. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and was flooded with the memories of his taste. The week went buy in a blur. if its going to take you as long to propose as it did to kiss her Iʼm never having nieces and nephews “ “ dam it v. but people were walking on eggshells around me at the office I had made senior planner a 25 of 37 .

he even knows were you live if he wanted to find me all he would have to do is go there and look for you. I'm ok. Plus babe if he really wanted me he would have found me. “ come over and we will leave from here “ we hung up after that and I headed home. I just. you have to really let it go.. the sign of his utter possession. So I'm going out and I'm going to hunt and that is that “ Andy sighed and said “ ok “ More resigned than happy. do you think you need some time off to go somewhere and relax? I can distribute your parties or oversee your teem if you want to take off “ I shook my head “ no. on Friday that second week my boss called me in. are not going to keep throwing these pity parties any more “ I stood got in to the shower and washed all the makeup off my face neck and shoulders. this time was different “ it wont make you forget you know. Magdalena was a strong and tall woman n her 50´s but she looked not a day past 35. “ you are a giant colossal idiot “ I had crumbled to the floor in the mid of my tirade. I looked at my self in the mirror and started to cry.. and according to Luke her assistant for the last 10 years she had not had any work done. see if he would take you back?” as usual I laughed off “ ha. “ V. The more I primped and fixed my self up the worse I felt “ asshole!!” was all I kept saying. or you could embrace it and call him.year before and I had my own clients and staff. I needed a man and fast. not really I was just Horny as hell and my vibrator just wasn't cutting it. today I was trying to conceal it under what felt like 10 pounds of makeup. and unless you are keeping him from me he has not done any of the things he could do. I stared at my shower and picked my self up. “ I'm in a hunting mood “ I said trying to convince my self as well as inform her. I got out 26 of 37 . I need to work “ “ ok “ she nodded looking doubtful but let it slide. the bruises on my neck and hips were almost gone. but every once in a wile I caught myself caressing that spot. We talked business and I put her in the loop as far as all my events went. yea like when hell freezes over. yes sure maybe not now maybe not for a long ass time but you. she was a grate source of admiration for me and rarely called me in her office I sat there wile she asked me what was wrong I Said “ nothing “ because nothing was wrong. then I looked in the mirror “ he might have screwed you for other men but that doesn't mean you canʼt forget him. usually that would have gotten me a laugh and a ´ you crazy woman!´ but this time. At 5 I called Andy and asked her to call the girls so we could go out somewhere.

all the smiles around the table changes to faces of disbelief and then big broad smiles again. I reached Andyʼs just as Brant was leaving “ wow!” he said “you look. I had been careful not to show them. or is it a keeper?” that last bit made my jealousy flair but I tramped it down as my nails dug in to my palms. not that it had happened before but it was I guess an unwritten rule. After that we always called dibs and it ended at that. unless you want to come with and listen to all the gory details “ he cringed and shook “ nop. When I was done we were all a bit worse for wear and I got punched twice and then hugged twice “ its not to late you can go back “ I let out a large breath and shook my head. but today. I cant have 27 of 37 . I hadn't particularly wanted people to know. the place was small and it catered mostly to locals so we knew the wait staff and the most of the people who frequented the place. some guy had tried to sleep with two of us once and got a drink in his face from Erica and a kick in the nuts from Sofia. the were mine you see. I'm cool staying on this side of ignorance “ I laughed and gave him a hug and a quick kiss. these girls were my friends had been for some time now and if I said he was hands off he was hands off no matter whether I kept him or not. I took one deep breath and told the story the room the spanking the dinner the shower the orgasm to rival it all and my grand escape. spill whatʼs with the brands on your neck and can we borrow. as always I was the only one left single. ok. you look hot babe.picked out a particularly short skirt lace panties and braw and picked out a gold strapless shirt that let all my marks show. “ thatʼs just it you guys. I knew I would with gold platforms sandals on my feet and nothing more than eyeliner and a bit of lip-gloss I was out the door. We ordered our drinks. Soon we were all seated at the bar around the corner. I don't want to “ they were looking at me like I was retarded “ I cant do it again. and I see your letting it all hang out? “ I nodded “ Andy will give you the gist of it. Sophie was next to me and asked first “dish woman!!!” and consecutively “who? “ What? “ “ where? “ “when? “ . well dam. The 6 of us found a table and sat outside in a circle. and I usually liked it that way. maybe for the first time ever. today I would share and dish and tell all and when it was all said and done when it was no longer a secret I would heal. me going for rum and 7up instead of a fruity stuff the rest of them were having. after the drinks came Karen one of Andy's friends from work asked what was on everyoneʼs mind “ ok V. “ Dibs “ I said.

I would have never walked out that. taking a long sip of my drink I settled back in to the chair and waited “ good evening ladies “ he said. ´you can do this girl!´ I told myself. no fuckingg way!!! thats Michael Holt from HOLT industries “ being a stock broker she should know.. Don't I get at least a civilized salute form you. idiot” I had no idea what came from whom it sounded like a long winded sentence “ hello Victoria. he must have known what I was doing for he threw his head back and laughed making me jump a bit in my seat. Oh shit he is coming over here. hu? don't I at least deserve that “ he was right of course so I did my best acting I had 28 of 37 . thatʼs the guy. I rather leave him it was my choice my decision. frt-lauderdale and Tampa in small businesses.” I tried to breath and regain my composure. a tingle passed up my spine and my eyes were about to fall out of my face. But when he places one hand on the table and another on my chair I was caged but I did not move. the others noticed the exchange and looked around Fernanda a quiet girl by nature said “ shit. they all answered in return and then I could feel his stare on me. ill be fine. and now I will move on. I just. After all ill have you guys to tell me about your escapades..him walk away saying o shit sorry I had no idea you were that crazy or that kinky or that needy. its my life and I will live it like I want to” I would have stood up and walked out but Andy held my arm and looked not to far behind me “ Oh shit! “ I was about to turn my head when she tighten her grip in my hand bringing my attention back to her.” “ idiot” I hered Andy whisper under her breath “ Karen threw up her arms “ I cant fucking believe you!!! You get a hot ass guy to take you to heaven and back wile making promises for a close tomorrow and you want to give that up for what? the life you think you should have as a victim of your own decisions “ “Don't psychoanalyze me! dam it. you know the one you give all your puppies a soft smile followed my a thank you but I cant. I cracked my neck took a deep breath and squared my shoulders. I could here the girls whispering “ no way. sure maybe I wont sleep around as much but at 27 thatʼs a good thing and maybe I will find that plain vanilla guy that inspires nothing more than my ticking clock and ill get married and be content with my lot. Me I had no idea I could barely here anything except the rush of blood in my ears so I almost missed her next comment “ he and his brother own half of Miami. I knew he could see the bruising on my neck. I twirled my drink in my hand and pretended to ignore him.

of course you do I'm sorry if I was being rude. fuck said Sofia “Victoria look at me “ he said ignoring the girls. Karen and Sofia. my back straightened and I had to force my self to stay seated. my eyes collided with his. they were deep sapphire blue instead of their usual indigo. I guess if she calls and says she is stuck at an event that will end late I could swing by the house and make a suitcase for 29 of 37 . Michael these are my friends Andy.. its not like I could avoid it forever. All around us the bar kept going but my eyes never left his “ get up “ he said one more time. then I hered Amy speak again “but she does have a trip planned for tomorrow till next Sunday it was supposed to be for work but I could call her boss and tell her she is sick and she can call her parents and tell them she is leaving straight from my place if she goes now and picks up some clothes “ “ can you go get them for her “ “am. With these shoes I was able to almost reach the top of his head so I stayed looking at him as I pushed the chair and stood “happy now?” I asked “ not by a long shot “ he answered then he turned to look behind be to were Andy was sitting take her purse and her car. Was I not right is he not the perfect specimen for a hard ride “ I hered him growl and Fernanda gasped..” I smiled and looked at the girls “ this is as you have already guessed Michael. are her parents still out of town? “ “no” she answered I started to speak and the shut me up with a look. the one I was telling you about. my body recognized its master even if my mind refused to accept it. look at what he does to her! “ “ yea. I looked back at him and said “ don't you dare growl at me! “ I said in a very firm tone “ Now tell me what can I do for you dear. I closed my eyes and breath in my expression must have changed because I hered Karen whisper “ oh shit. and this was just his voice. he was angry I could tell his energy emanated from him in waves of anger. he pulled away from me and stood tall I had dismissed him and gone back to sipping my drink and twirling the glass when he finally spoke “ get up “ he ordered.done since high school and turned to face him with my drink in my hand and a smile on my face “ yes. Fernanda. I could not help it I looked. as you can see we are in the middle of a very long girls night and I still have some hunting to do “ shock covered his features and then it transformed in to anger. “ I said get up little girl “ oh shit I was in trouble now I shuffled my feet and then crossed and uncrossed my legs I was wet I could feel my juices dampening the lace of my underwear. And I did. Erica.

he told me to leave you alone. “ you might not want to want me. that I can make your knees so week you 30 of 37 . its not like I want you here “ he laughed and pushed my face up to stare at my eyes.her “ “perfect. decreed it in fact. and stayed away. they think I'm an artist “ “ as far as we are concerned you are a fucking wizard. needs what only I can give it. don't say that “ “ what you don't want them to know how I make. thatʼs what we will do. you call her boss ill call her parents “ I can call her parents Sofi said “ I'm dating her assistant so they are used to hereing from him delivering messages “ I opened my mouth again and again he looked at me. shit look at her! she is about to blow a casket and there she stands mute and stiff. when he touched me I shivered and herd Karen say “ shit thatʼs hot “ but his concentration was on me and he said “ did you really think I would not look in to you?. thatʼs true. Can you make her bark?” my eyes were about to bulge out of my head when he laughed and said “ no but I can make her feel. just from the sound of my voice. which to her seems to be much worse “ “dam you Brant! “ I said under my breath “ yes baby “ he said as he brought his hand up to caress my cheek. that if we stand here to long I can make you come with out as much as a kiss.. that I would not try to find out the reasons you walked out on me? “ “ I told you why I left. “ I lifted my hand to push him and he caught it and placed it against his heret and leaned in to y ear to whisper the rest even though I knew they were all straining to here. but this body “ he said as he ran his hand down my neck to the mark on my neck “ this body needs me. he placed a soft kiss on the mark on my neck and whispered “ you don't want them to know that you are wet right now. I shut it again “ o shit thats so hot “ said karen to Fernanda “I know “ she answered back “ he plays here lie a well strung guitar “ he laughed at that comment “ you here that babe. because no matter what you say this body is mine “ “shh. in the letter I “ he interrupted me “ ah yes that god forsaken letter. you even convinced one of the few men I hold real respect for to not let me come after you.. an I hate disobeying his orders almost as much as he hates taking mine “ “I thought he was just the driver? “ “oh he is. he told me I had hurt you enough with all my crazy domineering ways. but he is more like an old era majordomo/ vale and substitute father since mine was a bit of a workaholic “ “ oh “ I said I gathered up courage from god knows were and said “ maybe you should have listened this time two.

there was no lying to him ether so I closed my eyes and searched deep inside did I trust him? I don't know there are so many levels of trust. how much I had wanted to hear his voice feel his touch sense his sent how much my heart ached even thou I had tried to ignore it most of the time but at night alone when I had only the silence for company I had stopped lying to my self. but just because you want something don't mean you get it. maybe it was time to see why it hurt so much? ´ do I trust him with my heart?´ I asked and the floodgates opened I did not realize I was crying till his hands stroked away my tears “ baby no. and you love it. I'm not perfect and I will never be. don't cry please “ and at that I started to sob in earnest. so even thou I want you beyond any rational thought and just the thought of you makes me shiver with desire it does not mean I'm going to walk out of here with you and become what you want or need me to be. I couldn't take it if you did “ I 31 of 37 . you might not be ready to tell me you love me but admit that. I trusted him with my body and my pleasure I even trusted him with my safety but did my heart trust him? god I hated this. I remembered were we were abruptly and pushed away from him he held my head again “ don't push me away. tell me you are mine. introspection was never a fun trip to take. admit it to yourself that nobody else can make you feel like I do.need me for support and you cling to me like a rag doll. he pulled me against him and held me. you don't want them to know you belong to me and only me “ “caveman “ I whispered “ yes. I want you more than any logical explanation I have ever imagined. god this was getting to hot for public eyes I could feel every nip and lick on my drenched pussy if he didn't stop soon it was going to start trekking down my leg “ yes what baby. I thought of my life these past few weeks. well its just not rational “ I shook my head trying to get my thoughts back in order when he held my face and looked in to my eyes “ do you trust me? “ “ what does that have to do with anything? “ “do you trust me?” he asked again. I want to submit to you in every way I can and be able to drive you crazy so you will fuck me till I cant walk. tell me “ “yes “ I pushed and he backed off a bit so I could look him in the eyes and said it loud enough so the busy bodies in my table could here “ yes I want you. I hate feelings and emotions I cant control or rationalize and what I feel for you is. not now please. “ I shook y head in denial as my words betrayed me this time “yes “ I said as he nibbled on my earlobe and neck.

oh fuck I loved his stupid ass dint I. need desire lust trust and admiration he looked down at me and I smiled as I pushed him off me and said “ok. but that don't mean I'm leaving with you!” “I can always make you “ said I shrugged at looked at the girls and Brent who were giving me nods all around. “ I've been like this for two whole weeks because of you! “ he whispered wile I blushed “ well thatʼs a new one two “ said Andy never seen her blush that pretty shade of pink. he took it away and made me forget. maybe I do trust you. he groaned when I pulled his hair and his face came up. well this sucked I scowled. till he was tapping small kisses down my chin and neck and breathing me in. and this time he gave as much as he demanded. Suddenly I herd Andy cough right next to us and felt her tap on my shoulder. I slowed the kiss down reluctant to give up his mouth. and I groaned I would never live this down! and I would loose poker night with the boys. so I slid my hands to his back and held him to me. need . he looked back at me and spoke to them “maybe we should get together again and discuss this further.nodded. but right now this caveman has a very large problem to solve “ he said slightly pressing me to the enormous erection hidden in his jeans. he looked at me and smiled “ well I guess that whole no PDA rule is out the window “ I laughed and the others muttered their agreement. 32 of 37 . maybe it wasn't a forever kind of love just yet but there was everything else. just to prove the point “ Public Displays Of Affections “ “ Its a big no no in V´s book “ he lifted an eyebrow and asked “ are there many No no´s ?” he asked the girls “ you have broken about five already!! Sofi said in a chuckle. he kissed me then. and we all laughed a little harder as he blushed “ yea “ I kissed him again. and most of all trust. then I looked at his and smiled “ please “ was all I had to say before he scooped down and carried me out of the bar as everybody looked on with puzzled faces. Brant is going to be so sorry he missed this!!” “ no Iʼm not “ he said as he stood behind Andy. he looked a bit confused “ PDA?” he asked. I stiffened and he sensed my reaction but I put my hand in his mouth before he could speak. as I gave and gave al the pain and the sorrow all the need I had felt these past weeks. wait. what was this really for ever. he demanded surrender. as I could see the pain in his lovely blue eyes.

Michael and Paul. Hm this looks interesting she seems to be working extra hard to ignore him I wonder whatʼs going on there. It turns out being a Rich mans wife is a whole lot more work than I thought so over the years I have cut back on my work hours taking only parties here and there and have concentrated on doing my other job of organizing benefits and parties for the foundations my husband and his family participate in my mother in law is elegant and beautiful yet warm and nice. he is looking at one of the waitresses Carla I believe. he said it brought him luck and this year I had a gift to give him. the room was a new touch and his hands tightened on my hips. his brother are much alike in that sense except for Paul is now the only bachelor and enjoys it to much even thou he has been standing to still tonight. the only difference is he rather play with the old people and try to swindle money for the cause than play with me “ I pouted “ well is there anything I can do for you instead “ “ sure. Just when I was about to go find out. it´s been two whole years since that first night there are many reasons to celebrate first we had gotten married last year on this very date. you know you kind of remind me of my husband a bit “ “I do “ he whispered in my ear and I shivered “ yea. I discovered his dad is not so much a workaholic as he is obsessive compulsive once he starts something he has to finish it other wise it drives him nuts.Epilog. he flipped me around and tried to kiss me till my hand landed on his mouth and I reminded 33 of 37 . you see that wtie purse on the table that matches my beautiful white roman dress “ “anha” “ why don't you take it and me to the suite I have booked upstairs and have your wicked way with me“ this game we played before. big strong hand came around me and pressed me to a delicious male body “ mmm “ I moaned as leaned back and closed my eyes “ well hello there.

yes you do little girl “ we said our goodbyes and left for the elevators. the room was washed in soft yellow lights and the cent of gardenias permeated the air. he might see “ he growled. he trapped me between the back wall of the elevator and himself pressing his cock on to me. the elevator dinged and he abruptly let me go pulling me on to the corridor and to our suite. and now it cascaded down my back almost to my hips. Again I moaned he let go of my hair witch I had not cut in the two years we were together. cause no matter what the last thing I wanted was to lose my dominating man. I was super nervous. I grabbed the champagne glassed and handed them to him with out a word and grabbed the bowl of 34 of 37 . and groaned as he pulled my hair at the base and pushed me closer to him. I tried to get loose but he turned around as I was about to pull away a question in his face “ whatʼs up” he asked pretending to be casual. grabbed my arm and my purse and started running for the door. there was Champagne on a bucket and more in the fridge. I laughed at his little boy tantrum and said “ yes. I pulled back “hey wait your parent and the raffle I have to at least hand it off to someone else!” he stopped “I hate that you work these things seem we can never make a clean brake and mom always insist on hugging me. when the door closed I gasped as he pulled me towards him and I slammed in to his chest “ you owe me little girl “ he said before his mouth claimed mine.him “no. I submitted he dominated and we always managed to keep it fun in our lives there was a lot of love a lot of passion and everyoneʼs needs were getting met. my husband. we had gone to the room fooled around. even after all that time he still kissed me like I was water and he was a man two long in the dessert. But with out ceremony or applause I stopped taking the pills one morning and hadn't since it was almost 2 moths now since I had stopped and today I was going to see if that was the stupidest thing I have ever done or the smartest. and I always make it better “ he smiled and gave me a soft kiss on the lips “ yes. he kept insisting we were not getting any younger he was 35 and I was almost 30 and even thou my biological clock had been ticking I was having way to much fun just the two of us to change the game now. Well almost all. I smiled and let go of his hand and walked in to the kitchen and he followed I went about and got a glass of water. the night before it had all been whips and chains. but I love you. I moaned in to his mouth as my hands tangled in to his hair.

“ very well little girl you asked for it. he leaned down and took off my sandals and sat back. im glad you did as you were told. my hands that rested on the table behind the couch tangled in his hair and pulled him to me and he laughed as my hips started to undulate and grind on to his face I moaned and screamed and growled when again for third time he denied me my 35 of 37 . He knew I waited and kept it so as he came over sat on the white leather couch and took off his shoes and socks and lounged back he stared at me wile I stood there and looked him over. and he growled. he stared at me from the kitchen door holding the cups as I stood and waited. and I could feel his eyes on me “ are you gonna tell me whats up?” I shook my head no. he sucked and liked and sucked and liked over and over I could feel my juices running down his cheeks as my body got closer and closer but every time he took me to the edge he would change pace or place always teasing. stopping me in between his legs. it was to hot in the city to light an actual fire. instead we had the ac at full blast. but when I went to lie on his legs he switched the game and grabbed my hips instead. so I gasped as my pussy landed on his face his hands on my ass pushing me forward. “get up here “ he said but when I went to straddle his legs he pulled my hips forward on to his face. I itched to kiss every inch of him and worship him. to drive him so build in his lust that he would pound in to me and mark me were ever his hands happened to land even now the dress I wore hid his mark in the crevice between my neck and shoulder. I was still particular about this and even thou he had tried before I had never agreed to basically fuck his face. now come here and lay on my lap “ call me crazy but this was my favorite part. slowly then present yourself “ I did as he said and slowly slid the dress of my body turning around before I finished dropping it and bending down to show him my bear ass and cunt as I slid it off.cho chocolate and the bowl of strawberries and walked out the kitchen in to the living room on the tv a fire played on a loop. my breathing got labored. he was so f-ing hot I still had a hard time with the fact that he was mine. I reached back and opened my stance taking one leg out of the dress and opened my ass for his inspection the but plug that had been next to my dress was a small one used more to tease at this point than to do any real stretching but knowing he knew it was there was always a heady experience “ very good. Strip. I denied him nothing any more so this probably had him angry as hell.

thats kind of how I knew. Well truth is I haven't taken them since. when it came rolling the fourth time he let go of me and I landed on his hip.. ill make you scream and beg and give you nothing.. I closed my eyes and basked in it for a bit. and I talked to him yesterday" I knew 36 of 37 . he pulled me up and placed me on the carpet as he hurried to take off all his clothes. Well we are pregnant" for a second I thought he would faint and then he stood up wooped and hallerd pulled me up and spinned me around in his arms and finally he kissed me just the way I like it ferociously and not holding back at all. he confirmed it" " he didn't say. Mark was the family doctor and Peter's best friend " yes. at least I hope not" now I've done it the more I said the more confused he looked. Now as naked as the gods had sent him. When I looked at him again he was. " you remember like 2 months ago that I got the flue" his eyes squinted " well. I will lay here and play with these" he said grabbing my breast and squeezing " and I will slowly kiss every delectable inch of you.. so happy I could burst. My body may be running fast but my mind was still on the secret I kept " are you ready to tell me whatʼs up? " I shook my head " make love to me " " nop. I nodded. A final nail in my coffin. well honestly he looked a bit worried and apprehensive. the question clear in his face.orgasm.. here it goes.i figured they were not doing anything with the antibiotics so I might as well not take them" he still looked puzzled like I might be talking german for all he understood " I ammm. " its not a bad thing. After all I'm extremely regular " " did you go to Mark's? " both his hand on my belly and a glazed look in his eyes.. At least not till I get what I want" he punctuates with a kiss as his hand slid to my body and laid on my bellybutton. And as you know they are consequences to that" he looked down at his hand still lying on my belly and looked back at me. I smiled. He put me down on my feet and pushed away to look down on me " you sure?" I nodded. Time to make it real. This was my life and it was good and it was ok that it was good. " how long?" he asked " about a month and a week. I kind of stopped taking the pills. and his face lit up like a christmas tree " say it " I smiled " we are. no" I whispered as I reached up to stoke his face. I will torture you all night if I have to. " baby. I closed my eyes and imagined how it would look in a few months my belly distended with a symbol of our love and commitment. he slid down next to me and caressed the valley in between my breasts " I love you " he whispered.

But I will solve this on my own if you don't do it for me.he didn't mean it like it sounded but I was still gonna give him a hard time over it " well he is downstairs you could always go and ask him yourself" I snapped " but just don't expect me to be waiting. Well hell I don't want to hurt you or the baby" to cute! I thought but hell if I was gonna let that stop us we only had a few more months and then it was bottle and dipper duty.. and if its true that twins run in the family we might just get it double! " you cant hurt us at all. I smiled as his eyes snapped back to mine. And I slid my hands in to his hair and kissed him. Im sure I could always get one of the men downstairs to fool around with" before the words were fully out of my mouth his hand were on me pulling my head to his " mine! " he growled.. And he proceeded to kiss me and touch me any and every which way till we were back on the floor and finally he was inside me " thank you" he said as he started to move slow slow really f-ing slow. Yep life was definitely good.. and then as if on queue my orgasm reared back to life and he made love to me in earnest till we both lay sweaty and spent on the carpet and he held me to him as both of us fell asleep. Mercedes Landais 37 of 37 . I'm to Horney not to come even if you have decreed it!" that brought him back from daddy land and into caveman mode. He was gentile now like I would brake so I pulled his hair and nipped his lip " I don't ..

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