Chapter One: As Days Go By Laura Lee Winslow sat cheerfully with a smile on her face at the end of the

dinner table, facing the back door of the kitchen. Sitting there in the kitchen was her favorite spot and nobody could take it away from her – not over her dead body. Laura was reading her favorite magazine and not once did her eyes leave the page that her eyes were currently focused on. Slowly turning the page, she chuckled softly after reading one of the paragraphs toward the bottom which continued onto the next page. “Here’s a recipe for hot ‘n’ spicy spare ribs. Maybe Dad could see this recipe? It’ll probably get him out of his rut,” Laura finished with a sarcastic grin and a habitual flick of her wrist. Looking at her watch, it was 7:22 am. Both of her parents had already left to go to work and 3J and Richie caught the bus to school, so she felt a little less worried now that only she and Steve remained in the house. Dressed only in her slippers and her blue robe, Laura was surprised that she was up that early. But she had to be up bright and early in order to make it to her first class on time. Almost through with her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice, Laura sighed as she knew that she would not be able to afford the tuition at Harvard. Other schools that Laura had in mind such as Columbia University, Northwestern University in Illinois, University of Michigan Ann-Arbor, and New York University did show interest in her. But she did not feel as excited when she received their acceptance letters. Laura knew that nothing could compare to how her heart fluttered and her emotions overwhelmed her entire body when she received the letter stating that she was accepted to Harvard. Shaking her head, Laura decided to return to the present and turned to the next page to skim through what was there. Humming one of her favorite songs, Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose”, her eyes followed every word of a particular macaroni and cheese recipe that caught her eye. Laura was aware that she was becoming more and more of a cook herself now that she was engaged to her current fiancé Steven Q. Urkel, and reading recipes nowadays began to pique her interest. Hearing a low growl bark repeatedly in the distance caused Laura to turn her head over her right shoulder. Seeing who came through the kitchen door gave Laura’s chest a warm, fuzzy feeling as the growls repeated a few more times before they came to a stop. Looking up at

the man standing a few feet in front of her, Laura looked into his eyes and waited for what he was going to say. “Good morning Laura Lee!” The man exclaimed in his trademark high pitched voice, bending over to kiss his fiancée quickly on the lips before walking over to the kitchen counter. Dressed in his blue robe, tan pants and his dinosaur slippers, the cause of the growling noises sounding with each step he took, Steve Urkel peeked into the refrigerator. Loudly humming “Zippity Do Da”, Steve took out a jar containing his mung beans, one raw trout, the milk, and a few other important ingredients he was looking for from the refrigerator one by one, placing them on the counter beside him. He couldn’t go a day without having his favorite breakfast drink – his brain food smoothie. “Good morning Steve,” Laura said in an almost hypnotized tone, resting her chin in the palm of her hand. For some reason, all she could think about was the man in front of her. “I wish those professors would stop being so easy on us,” Steve remarked, reaching up into the cabinets above the sink to grab the blender. “No homework on the first day? Puh-leeeeeeeeeease! Now we may not complete every chapter the way the syllabus has it planned out…” Steve sardonically muttered, rolling his eyes. “Steve…” Laura casually stood up from her seat, placing the magazine she was reading on the table as she slowly eased her way up to where Steve was standing. She regretted talking as he jokingly shushed her and continued what he was doing. “Shhhhhhh! Not while I’m pouring…” Steve whispered, pouring the right amount of milk he needed into the blender with the trout, mung beans and other ingredients that Laura could not recognize. Laura smiled and shook her head, not believing what just happened. He’s still the same old Steve. She thought to herself, placing a hand on her hip. After a few minutes of using the blender, he was finished and smiled at the light green smoothie in front of him. Pouring some into a glass, he licked his lips a few times before taking a sip. Smacking his lips to absorb the full taste of the smoothie into his taste buds, he frowned and shook his head. “Needs more mustard…” “Um, Steve? I was wondering if you could drive me to school today? My car’s in the shop and won’t be available until tomorrow.”

“Sweetums, you don’t even need to ask,” Steve reassured her, patting her on the shoulder. “We can go in an hour.” “Thanks a lot Steve,” Laura thanked her fiancé with a quick peck on the lips. “Well, in that case,” Steve put on his “cool” face, strutting around behind the kitchen’s island with his “cool” smirk. “I’ll drive you to school every day, baby.” “You just hurry up and get ready to take us to school,” Laura giggled and smacked Steve playfully on the shoulder, sitting back down in her seat at the dinner table. “No sweat my pet,” Steve set his glass full of brainfood smoothie down and walked up the stairs. Laura heard Steve’s usual stumble on the sixth step, followed by his usual ‘Something needs to be done about that step! For some reason it just hates me!’ and smiled a little. She was glad that things were still the same, at least for now until they become married in a few more months. Laura’s dream of walking down the aisle in front of her closest friends and family members was going to become a reality and she could not wait. What made it more special was the fact that she would be married to someone that truly loved her for who she was, accepted her strengths and weaknesses and would not even think of taking advantage of her – something that the boys in the past that she was involved with would not consider doing for even a second. Hearing the telephone ring situated on the wall by the kitchen door, Laura was stirred out of her perfect daydream of saying ‘I do’ to her wedding vows and having Steve Urkel as the newest addition to the Winslow family. Walking over to the telephone, she picked it up and placed it to her ear, surprised that someone would be calling this early. “Hello…yes, this is she…yes I know a Maxine Johnson…she was out in Detroit with my friend Waldo at a cooking competition and…oh my God…God please, don’t let this be true…this must be a mistake…” Laura’s voice began to tremble, as did her hands that were gripping the telephone tightly between her fingers. “Oh my God…” Laura drudgingly hung up the phone after the other person on the line hung up. She began to bite her lip and sniffle, trying her best not to release any tears from her eyes. The impact of the news was still heavy on her heart as she roughly leaned against the wall by the telephone, crossing

her arms. Laura sighed, looking down at the ground. It seemed as if time stood still and everything around her had stopped and ceased to move. She did not notice a cheery Steve Urkel, fully dressed and ready to go, descending the stairs and walking over to where she was standing. Laura felt that she heard him say his usual ‘Hidey ho’ but to her it only came out as a bunch of muffled syllables. “What’s wrong, Laura?” Steve asked, waving a hand in front of her face. He had attempted to call her five times previously, but this time it appeared to work as she looked up at him with eyes that were sparkling with fresh tears. “Steve…it’s Max…” “What about her?” “The hospital in Detroit called…they say she was shot twice…and she’s in critical condition…” “Oh my God…” To Be Continued…

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