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A study for GK can be treated as the study of concepts along with being the simp le test of the individual's

memory. One must remember that he/she need not know everything which will come in paper but just try to know the easy connection bas ed on this GK study. There are some tips to be followed before actually starting the study as given b elow: Reading the newspaper: Daily. A newspaper which may help in acquiring more on th e happenings should be ignored like the Times of India as it may not be helpful for the Law School Test preparation. Selecting the paper related to Law is impor tant. Revising. The revision of the basics of Geography, History, Economics and Civics which is taught in 10th grade. One should concentrate on things like locations, people, names of places, various events with their synonyms known to general pu blic, dates, clear concepts with their applications etc. Revising again. This is the most important thing. Revising the revision is very helpful and this may be done before sleeping in order to get the exact glimpse o f whatever has been studied by him/her during the whole day. Making notes. Writing down things will be an added advantage since it actually g ives an impression of how much he/she can remember. It also helps to refer the n otes in case something is forgotten. Staying updated: The various study cases should be monitored and followed very c losely with the goal of understanding various sub issues involved, followed by t he thought process that leads to new developments and lot more. Facebook, twitte r will also help in staying connected with real time trending events. You CANNOT be bored: Being bored will be expensive since it will you cost the ma rks. On top of that GK is something special in the way that it will always help the individuals to stay connected to Law School, where personal opinions count a lot than considering Law as everything. Current Affairs: One can follow an order like referring to the Daily Newspaper a long with referring to the Weekly CG Compendiums and those that are circulated a s Monthly copies. Also when one follows a good Magazine filled with Current Affa irs like Pratiyogita Darpan it definitely fetches huge benefits of making him/he r updated to present level of GK. Devising new methods for easy learning: Funny stories can be made out of names a nd a group discussion will turn out very helpful and enjoyable. Also, questions can be made for each week, followed by a quiz. Always staying engaged is the key principle for the individuals to crack GK. Neg ligence is a curse.