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Colostrum may playa significant role in healU1care in the future as it has remarkable uses in muscular-skeletal repair and growth. It is a source of major growth factors namely, transfonning growth factors alpha and beta (TGF- a and 13), and insulin-like growth factors 1 and 2 which have significant muscle and cartilage repair characteristics. The growth factors In Cow Colostrum promote wound healing which has praCUcal ImpllcaUon In trauma and surgical patients.

The bacteriddal property of milk was recorded in the scientific literature as earty as the late 19th century. In 1940's, colostrum was given extensivelyforthe treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. In 1950's it was used for its antibiotic properties prior to the development of sulpha drugs and penidllin, infactAibert Sabin, disscovered that colostrum contained antibodies against polio and recommended it for children susceptible to polio. The orginally isolated anti-polio antibodies were from bovine Cowcolostrum. In 1970's, it was found that colostrum contained immunoglobins which are used to combat viruses, bacteria, and yeast infections. In 1980's the colostral components, such as proline rich peptide (PRP) was discovered which was tested for its use in for autoimmune conditions. In 1990's, colostrum was found to inhibit the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers. In 1992 - Kummer et al., showed thet colostrum from non-Immunlsed gastrointestinal disease in infants.

r----------. Cow Colostrum tremendous possibilities for providing"'" to
offeni unpanllileled support the immunesystem that may be the deciding factor in the body's war against illness"



There have been no reported or known contraindications, side effects or allergies with Cow Colostrum as it hasbeenusedfor manyyears, and eventhosewith lactose intolerance have no problem due to Cow Colostrum. It Is biologically transferble to all mammals and Ismuch higher in immune factors than human colostrum. It an be used as food supplement for improving body composition, increasing athletic preformance, redudng diarrhoea in persons with immune-deficiency syndromes, in nonsterioclial anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID-s) induced gastrointestinal distrubances, and in acute phase response that occurs secondary to surgery. Specific hyperimmune Cow-Colostrums are effective against Cryptosporidia, H. pyloria, measles, rotavirus, and Shigella sp., and therefore has clinical utility in conditons associated with these Infections. This Isour attempt to explore the potential uses of Cow Colostrum In healthcare.

cows can


In 2000's IGF-1 and other -natural· growth factors used for anU-wrtnkle and enhanced Immune response was discovered from colostrum.

Cow colostrum Is considered as a replacement for human colostrum amounts from humans formedical purposes.

as It Is difficult to obtain large

"'-----~-""":":':'"~-:--~~-_/ Use of cow colostrum - Historical aspects
Cow-Colostrum or -Gau-PIYU8h- as it is called in sanskrit literally menaing cow-nectar.lt has been used in India for many years for treating illness by Ayurvedlc Physicians, from thousnads year back, thats why, Holy Cow has been worshipped in India from the vedic days.

Colostrum Is the first milk producted by the mammary glands of all mammals during the ftrat 2-4 days after birth and Is a rich source for nutrients and componanta such as growth factors, immunoglobulins, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

In Ayurveda. In western counb1es also, It has been used for the treatment ""-.. of rheumatoid arthritis, pallo and gastrointestinal diseases. ./'

/'Cow Colostrum has been used In India for many years for treating IIIne~

3.Cow Colostrum vs. Human Colostrum
The vital nutrients in Cow Colostrum are identical to human colostrum in their molecular combination and are not species specific, and studies Indicate that all species benefit from the immune boosting properties of Cow Colostrum with no reports of allergic reaction till date. Cow Colostrum is biologically transferable to all mammals, and is much higher in immune factors than human colostrum. Analyses of immune and growth factors from Cow Colostrum showed that the levels of these factors were significantly higher in the Cow colostrum (Table). For example, human colostrum contains 2% of IgG while Cow Colostrum contains 77% of IgG, the most important of the immunoglobulins found in the body. Otheraspects Include: Components in Human and Cow Colostrum

Fat (%)


. . . .M

c.rbohydrUl; (%)



"""'" "',
19'\ (mglrnij

IllG (mglml) IgM (mglni)

..2.', ."


"'" " a.t


CowColostrum contains glycoprotlens and trypsin Inhibitors that
prevent digestive juices of humans from destroying the immune and growth factors in colostrum ensuring its effectiveness. It helps in stimulating and regulating body functions in both normal and immunocompromised conditions.


G _ .....

._._- • • • •



; " After more than 10 years of research, scientists now ""\ believe that Cow Colostrum Is the most " natural alternative for human consumption. /



160 Colostrum - References
Antonio, PhD, CSCS, Jose. Muscle & Fitness. May 1998. BODY BUILDING SCIENCE- From the Weider Research Group. Can Cow Colostrum Enhance Levels of IGF-1? Studies indicate that bovine colostrum supplementation can increase levels of IGF-1. Gil, Angel, Sanchez-Medina, 1981, Journal of Dairy Research, Vol 48 Vol. pp 3544. "Acid Soluble Nucleotides of Cow's, etc.": Cow Colostrum was found to contain seven different nucleotides which are important for normal cell function and repair.
Breese, et. aI., Jour. Gerontology (aging) 1991 V 46 P B180-7: Influence of age and long term dietary restriction on IGF-1: "Study of relationship of IGF-1 and lifespan: Demonstrated a decrease in relative IGF-1 concentration with age, as well as dietary restriction. Indicates aging associated with reduced levels in plasma IGF-1 and other GH levels." Implications as antiaging. Bhora, et. al. Jour. Surg. Res. 1995 V 59 P 236-44: Effect of growth factors on cell proliferation in human skin. "The failure of chronic wounds to heal is a major medical problem. Studies suggest an important role for growth factors in promoting wound healing. Conclusion: Fibroblast growth factor IGF-1 and .=--~epithelial growth factor are importantforwound healing." '-------------'

Colostrum has a virus antibody that acts against viral invaders. A wide range of antiviral factors were acknowledged to be present in colostrum. This research was done at the US Government's Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. - Dr. E.L. Palmer, et. a/.; Journal ofMedical Virology

Joumalof Virology

Ballard et. a/., Biochem J. 1983 V 210, 243-249: Effects of anabolic agents on protein breakdown: "Protein degradation is inhibited by Cow colostrum. Anabolic agents such as trenbolone, diethylstilboestrol, and testosterone do not alter rates of intercellular protein breakdown." Ballard, Francis, Geoffrey, 1983, Journal of Biochemistry, Vol. 210 pp. 243-249: "Effects of Anabolic Agents on Protein Breakdown in L6 Myoblasts": Describes how protein breakdown in tissue due to injury is inhibited by several anabolic agents especially an insulin-like substance (lgF-1) found in Cow colostrum.
11oo JCHlrnal.. 81010gl..1(ho .. ;,'"

Colostrum contains Non Specific Inhibitors that inhibit a wide range of respiratory illness, notably Influenza viruses. Colostrum is specifically cited for its unique effectiveness against potentially deadly outbreaks ofAsian Flu viruses that emerges from animal/human mutations. -Drs. Shortridge, et.a/.; Journal of Tropica/ Pediatrics Human clinical study: Immune factors in colost , when taken orally, are effective against disease-causing organisms in the . testinal tract. Ingestion of bovine colostrum's immunoglobulins may be a n metho roviding passive immunoprotection against a host of g -associated dise causing antigens (viral and bacterial). -Dr. R. McC/ead, et. a/.; Pediatrics Research Colostrum stimulates the lymphoid tissue providing benefits in aged or immunodeficient people. Nature has used the oral route for the development of the immune system since the origin of mammals (safe and effective). Oral administration of immunofactors is simple, inexpensive, and free of side effects and may be vastly beneficial in veterinary and HUMAN medicine, to correct immunodeficiency. -Drs. Bocci, Bremen, Corradeschi, Luzzi and Paulesu; Journal Biology

Seyedin, Thompson, Bentz, et. a/., 1986, Journal of Bioi. Chemistry, Vol. 261, pp. 5693-95: Reported Cartilage Inducing Factor-A in colostrum and its apparent affinity to Transforming Growth Factor B (in human and Cow colostrum), and its relationship to cartilage repair.

Francis, Upton, Ballard, McNeil, 1988, Journal of Biochemistry, Vol. 251: 95-103 (printed in Great Britain): "Insulin- Like Growth Factors 1 & 2 in Cow Colostrum": Two growth factors similar to insulin were purified from bovine colostrum IgF-1 found to be identical to the corresponding human growth factor. In this experiment protein synthesis was increased and protein breakdown was reduced by administration ofthe Cow colostrum extracts. Prevention of rotaviurs infection by Cow colostrum antibody against human rotaviruses. Ebina T, Sato A, Umezu K, Ishida H, Ohyama S, Ohizumi A, Aikawa K, Katagiri S, Katsushima H, ImaiA, et. a/. Lancet 1983 Oct. 29-2 (8357) : 1029-30

Molecular munology

PRP, in bovine colostrum, has the same ability to regulate activity of the immune system as hormones of the Thymus gland. It activates an underactive immune system, helping it move into action against disease-causing organisms. PRP also Suppresses an overactive immune system, such as is often seen in the autoimmune diseases. PRP is highly anti-inflammatory and also appears to act on T-cell precursors to produce helperT-cells and suppresserT-cells. -Drs. Staroscik, et. aI., Molecular Immunology


Aayurveda Tips:


(Cow-Colostrum) :

Aayurveda Tips
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गौ-पीयष (Cow-Colostrum) : गौ माता का मनु को वरदान य ू
गौ माता से मानव को एक वशेपदाथ उपहार व प मलता हैगौ-पीयू(Cowहम ष ष Colostrum) एक गाय सत होनेे क उपरा त एवंध दू वण से पहले घं म जो 72 ट ू पीला, गाढ़ा य पदाथ ा वत होता हैउसे गौ-पीयू(Cow-Colostrum) या , ह ष थानीय भाषा म खीस कहत ह. गौ पीयूक मा ा लगभग 36 ल टर होती है ष . मानव म पीयू वण मा दो दन तक ष ह होता है उसक मा ा अ य प होती है ूगाढ़ा, दखने पीला तथा हाथ से और . पीयष म छने अ य धक चकना होता है म . ू गौ-पीयष म ऐसे य घटक असं ू ह: े य ह जो मानव क लए लाभकार ह, इनक सं 90 या

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इन 90 त व म मख त: ये म ु ह : 11 य ु 1. Immunoglobins: शर र पर क टाणओं मजबू से ती सामना करत ह. ु का 2. Lactoferrin: ये र म लौह त व को मजबत करत ह, सजन कम करत ह. शर ू ू 3. Proline Rich Polypeptide (PRP): PRP गौ-पीयष म पाया जाने वाला सबसे ू



Aayurveda Tips:


(Cow-Colostrum) :

Daadi Maa Ke Nuskhe Acidity 1. Take a tiny piece of jaggery (gur) every hour. Just keep it in the mouth and slowly suck it till acidit... Natural Benefits of Bengal Gram. (Channa) Bengal gram is one of the most widely used lentil. It is available as whole, split or as a powder. Whole Bengal gram are reddish brown in ...

लाभकार त व है शर र क रोग- तरोधक शि त को बढाता है र म एंबाडीज , यह , शर ट / एंजन क को शकाओं बढोतर करता है एंबाडीज क टाणओं कसर क ट म ये ट ु और को शकाओं न ट करते HIV से सत मर जो म CD4 को शकाओं बढोतर को ह, क करता है . े 4. Growth Factors: गौ-पीयूम कई कार क ोथ फैटर पाए जात ह इनमे ष IGF1 एवं IGF2, EGF, TGF Alfa TGF Beta, DPGF, NGF, और GFG मख ह. ये सभी ु ोथ फै शर र क को शकाओं काय सचा टर का प से चलाने सहायता करत ह. म ु 5. Leptin: यह शर र म भू को नयंत करता है ख , थाईराइड ं क वकार दूकरता थ े र है , चयापचय को नय मत करता है , िजससे अगर कोई यि त मोटा या दबला है वह त ु अपने सामा य अव था म आ जाता है . 6. Hydrogen Peroxide: यह त व शर र म नई को शकाओं नमाण करने का म सहायक होता है टाणओं न ट करता है साथ ह चयापचय को भी नय मत ,क तथा ु को करता है . 7. Phytic Acid: यह अ यंशि तशाल Antioxidant (एंओ सीडट) है कै क त ट जो सर को शकाओं् ू को न ट करता है त म लौह क अ धक मा ा को सह करता है व यमर ,र . 8. Myoinositol: इसे मन B-8 भी कहा जाता है एक तरह से वटा , यह दमाग को ठं डक और मजबती दान करता है यकृ को पि ट दान करता है तथा त . ू ु

Ashwagandha and Its Benefits... Ashwagandha has been used as a sedative, a diuretic, a rejuvenating tonic, an anti-inflammatory agent, aphrodisiac and an immune boost... े खे दाद माँ न ु ... क े ब च क लए शहद लाभकार है े |इसक नय मत से से च वन ब को अ छ नींक साथ द े ह कफ क सम या से भी राहत मलती है | िजन ब च को सोने पहल... से

9. Transfer Factor: यह 44 अमीनो ए सड का भ डार है शर र म रोग जो शि त को आ चयजनक प से देह. बड़ा ते


10. Vitamins: गौ-पीयूम वटा मन A, E, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Nicotinic Acid, ष और Pathothnic Acid पाए जात ह जो मानव को हर बीमार से द व थ होने ज म मददगार होत ह. 11. Minerals: मानव शर र म कु ख नज त व क आव कता हमे ह रहती है छ शा और े गौ-पीयूम पोटा शयम, सो डयम, कि शयम, मगनीज, लोर न और फा फोरस जै ष से मह वपू ख नज चु ा म पाए जात ह. ण र मा े ा े द ु भर क वै नको ने नया गौ-पीयूको लगभग हर बीमार क उपचार म सफल बताया ष है प रणाम भी दे ह, न जाने और ख कतने रोगी गौ-पीयूसे ह ष असा य बीमा रय से े मि त पा चु ह ..िजन बीमा रय पर गौ-पीयूक सफल प रणाम देे ह उनमे क ष े ख गएँ ु मख ह : ु ट बी, ए ल ु HIV, वायरल इ फ शन, कै जा, े सर. सद , जकाम, खां अ थमा, ए झीमा. सी, ु े जोड़ो और ह डय का दद, सो रयासीस, ह डय क अ य रोग सू अ सरे कोलाइ टस जन, टव सरवाईकल, ल ु डसआडर बर खूक कमी, खूका बहना ज द बंन होना न न द खूक नस का बंहो जाना न द े े वचा क सभी कार क रोग े आख क रोग जै- आख का सूापन से ख ऑपरे से वाल कमजोर और ज म शन होने लाि टक सजर े गभाशय क रोग, मा सक म क ट या र त का अ धक बहना े दमाग क रोग - अ झायमर, याददा त कम होना े दय क न लकाओं नस क रोग और सभी कार का मधु , मोटापा या दबलापन, भू न लगना मे ह ख ु अब यह गौ-पीयष को एक कै ल क प म बनाया गया है खाने स ु सू े जो म वधाजनक और ू आसानी से व त उपल ध है हर .

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(Cow-Colostrum) :

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े ु इस क सल का आ व कार वग य राजीव द त जी क े से टर भटकर रणा डॉ िज ह ने व का थम सपर क यू बनाया था, नेकया है ु साल पहले व , कछ जब ु ं टर महारा म वाइन लू ला था तब इस कै ू का योग रामबाण क तरह हु था, फै सल आ और िजन लोग ने कै ू का योग कया था उ ह यह रोग छु नह ं इस सल भी पाया था. बहत से डया चै म इस बारे खबर भी सा रत क थी. दे इं ट वी क मी नल म खये डया ु एक त काल न रपोट :

Remedies for Obesity Intake of fats and carbohydrates in excess results in obesity. Lack of exercise, physical work also helps in accumulation of fat in the bod...

इस कै ूको ले कै है सल ना से ? े े 1 से साल क ब चे 5 : आधा कै ू2-3 बार त दन, पानी क साथ सल े े 5 से साल क ब चे कै ूसबह और 1 शाम त दन, पानी क साथ 11 :1 सल ु े े 12 से साल क ब चे 16 : 1-1 कै ूतीन समय त दन, पानी क साथ सल े े बड़ क लए रोग य द ती अव था म है 4 कै ू दन म 4 बार, पानी क साथ त सल े गं रोग म 2-3 कै ूएक दन म 3 बार, पानी क साथ भीर सल े नरोग यि त सदा ह नरोग रहनेेलए 1 कै ू दन म 3 बार, पानी क साथ ले क सल सकता है . (10-80 मल ाम / शर र का भार) अभी तक इस कै ूका कोई द ु रणाम (साइड इफ ट ) सामने ं सल प े नह आया है दा हु , पै ए ब चे ले बजुतक इसका से कर सकत ह. सेकर ु ग वन े अ धक जानकार क लए नीचे गए मोबाइल नं पर कभी भी सं कया जा दए बर पक सकता है . इस कै ू को अभी तक ख ु बाजार म नह ं सल ले लाया गया है े , कवल वयं क ह इसका से व चार सार और ब का दा य व नभा रह ह .. वैयह कै ू पू व व म उपल ध से सल रे कराया जा सकता है पक कर : , सं Mobile : +91 9318010311 - Mr. Harshit
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