In the beginning, God said “let there be light” And it appeared as He declared it Later on He made the great lights The sun to rule the day, the moon and stars the night…(1) In times past, God spoke to the fathers through various means Through prophets, priests, judges and kings Abraham His friend, Moses his servant, Elijah the prophet, David the king Each of these men unique in His plan and partakers of His will…(2) But all of these men as wonderful as they are Were not to be compared with the Sun of Righteousness in His day For they were swallowed up in the cloud and overshadowed by His brightness When they appeared with Him in glory on transfiguration day…(3) Yet God was not done with His show and display In His heart was something more to come For in the beginning He made both night and day Each with its own features and significance…(4) Now it is clear that after the day comes the night And thus after the sun comes the moon and the stars So also in God’s plan, after Christ hath shined in the day We who come after are being prepared for the night…(5) We know that God who said at the beginning “Let there be light” Hath now shined forth within our hearts To give the brightness of the knowledge of His glory Fully resplendent in the face of His Son Jesus the Christ…(6) This light shining in us has a sure purpose As sure as the light from the Sun to the moon For the glory of the latter is a product of the former Just as our light is a derivative of His Light…(7) His desire is that we shine forth that which we’ve received To a world covered with and groping in darkness For like He said to them then, He says to us now Freely you have received, freely you should give…(8)

In the revelation to Daniel, we encounter a unique verse “Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky And those who lead many to righteousness Will shine like the stars forever”…(9) So my friend, are you shining? Are you wise? Is your light radiating through the night? Are many turning to righteousness through your life? Is your light making a difference in the world of dark?...(10) Are you speaking to men about God? Are you also talking to God about men? Or are you keeping silent about your Lord? And watching men slip off to an eternity in hell?...(11) The Lord has placed us here on assignment To shine the light all the way through the night For He has paid the ransom for all men’s lives And has commissioned us to show them the path of right…(12) So let us shine whilst the time is now For all the light we have received is for the earth Moreover, all of creation is eagerly waiting For our manifestation as sons of God and sons of Light…(13) This is our duty as the star-lights of the night For as He is so are we on the earth Very soon our work will be done and our time will be up And we will rise to receive our reward…(14) This reward is preserved in heaven by God For those who have heeded His word Living out the light and turning many to Christ Shining brightly as the stars forever and ever!...(15)

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