MicroGrants supporting Sustainable Living Activities in SCI Branches / Groups

You are planning a weekend-workcamp in a local biological farm? You would like to arrange a debate/movie evening in a local theater to raise awareness on environmental challenges… You are interested in organizing a local training over a weekend to train volunteers to act as eco-messengers… The MicroGrants are for you! The objective of the MicroGrants is to provide micro-funding (up to 150 euros) to enable volunteers to realize small initiatives at the local or national level.  Selection of the Initiatives We will select initiatives based on two criterias: - their relevance to the topic of “sustainable living”, - their impact (i.e. how you plan to involve more people, have a long term beneficial effect), - its additionality. We also invite you to consider the balance between the footprint (negative impact on the planet, e.g. printing…) and the handprint of your initiative (e.g. reducing energy consumption of a building, additional awareness). Timeframe: The MicroGrants will be distributed on a first came/first served basis. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis during autumn (from 20 th September and until 20th December): you can send us your short description of your initiative any time and we will confirm whether your initiative will be supported by a MicroGrant within a week. Reimbursement - Reporting We will only expect you to fill in a brief evaluation form after the initiative has taken place, to send us your bills as well as 3-6 pictures of what you have done. We will be reimbursed through your national branch, max. 3 weeks after the report was sent.

MicroGrant Funding – Infosheet 2012

GAIA Working Group

Please fill the following pages of the application and send it by email to: gaiawg-microgrants@googlegroups.com

Description of the initiative
Name of the Initiative: Date(s) of the Initiative: Location: Total Amount requested (up to 150 Eur):

Short description of the project (5-10 lines)

Short description on how the project meets the requirements (5 lines max. for each question): relevance with topic "sustainable-living”


impact: how will you maximilize the benefits in your local community/branch?


additionality: what will this project bring to you/your branch that could not have be done without this funding?

MicroGrant Funding Applicaiton Form 2012

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GAIA Working Group

Please provide a short overview of the budget for your initiative. This proposed budget is only a draft and the different costs might change according to your needs once your project has been approved. In “type of cost”, you can mention for instance “local transport”, “paint & materials”, “food and drinks”, “printing”… You can include any costs related to the initiative (for instance also food & drinks for the preparatory meetings) and occurring after the confirmation of the MicroGrant. Type of Cost Unit Price Number of Units Cost / Currenc y Cost in EUR

Total: Do you have additional funding? (this is not a requirement) If yes, please precise the source of funding: ………………………..

…….. EUR Yes / No Amount: ……. EUR

NB: the reimbursement will be done on the basis of the receipts/bill provided and up to the amount requested in the application (max. 150 Eur in any case).
MicroGrant Funding Applicaiton Form 2012 Page 2/3 GAIA Working Group

Contact Details of the Coordinator(s) of the Initiative
Details of the 1st Coordinator of the Initiative
Full Name: Skype account (if any): Email: Role in national branch:

Details of the 2nd Coordinator of the Initiative (if any)
Full Name: Skype account (if any): Email: Role in national branch:

Branch Confirmation
Please note that your application will not be considered if this section is not filled!

We confirm that the initiative …………..……….. is organized within the frame of our national SCI branch/group and that the branch/group will handle the reimbursement provided through pinkslip.

Name of the branch: ………………… Stamp of the organization: Name, position of the person signing: …………………………………… …………………………………… Signature:

MicroGrant Funding Applicaiton Form 2012

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GAIA Working Group

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