Executive summary A subsidiary organization of the ALGAE GROUP OF COMPANIES, J.R.

BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR is a leading poultry, fishery, vegetables and fruits farming complex. It is located adjacent to the metropolitan capital city of Dhaka in a historically significant town of Sonargaon, the ancient capital of Bangladesh. It has a large modern Poultry farm together with an impressive Fishery and Horticultural farming complex. The Poultry farm produces a large number of hen's eggs which is supplied to the Dhaka city wholesale market. Export of eggs to other countries is also a special feature of business activities of J.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR. A significant feature of activities of J.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR is that it conducts the initial field trials of the foreign Veterinary Products and Biologics and also some of the aquaculture products marketed by its sister company UNI VET LIMITED. The activities of J.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR is in the process of further development and expanse Market Analysis Summary Situation Analysis J.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR is a start-up business. The selected products have been well received, and marketing is now critical to its continued success and future profitability. J.R.

offers a wide range of high-quality potatoes, fish’s and broiler. J.R. also plants a wide variety of trees around the land.

The basic market need is high-quality products with flexibility in production for both the consumer and commercial market and the J.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR try to do that.

Market Summary J.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR possesses good information about the market and knows a great deal about the common attributes of our most prized and loyal customers. J.R. BOHUMUKHI 1

• • • • Behavior Factors • • Are willing to pay a premium for higher quality.R. Please note that J.R.R.R.KHAMAR will leverage this information to better understand who is served. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR has two target segment customers. Are cognizant about their health. Demographics • • Singles and families. A 50 mile geographic area is in need of the products. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR can better communicate with them. Ages 20-50. Have a household income of more than 20. Market Demographics The profile for J. There is value attributed to the more attractive presentation of quality products. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR customer consists of the following geographic. Tend to patronize higher-quality super shop and department store. Individuals: Geographic’s • • • The immediate target is the district of Munshigonj with a population of 150. demographic. 2 . their specific needs. and how J.000. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR primary surveys.000. individual consumers and business purpose customers. and behavior factors.000 monthly. Have attended all of markets and single shop. The total targeted population is 25. this segment makes up above 63% of the Munshigonj’s market according to the J.

R. 3 . Behavior factors • • • Is health conscious? Enjoy a high-quality meal without the mess of making it themselves. Accessibility: J. Demographics • • • • • Male and female.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR has a booth at the J. Tend to patronize higher-quality department store.000 monthly. • • Selection: A wide choice of different fishes with the flexibility to change mid-season. Household income over 50.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to their customers. and also delivers once to twice a week to commercial store within this area. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR Market held twice per week in Downtown Munshigonj. Single and families. Market Needs J. A 50 mile geographic area. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR provides individuals and their own department store with highquality chicken and fish. Tend to eat out at least twice a week with chickens and maximum days with fish. Make them to lead a healthy life by provide quality products.R. J.Department store: Geographic’s • • Munshigonj is the targeted population.

Within the last few years many farms that were producing general vegetables. Explanations for this trend are: • Market supply: The increase of supply has reinforced the demand. • Health consciousness: Though Bangladeshi people are not more conscious about their health but the depiction become changing day by day and people are now more health conscious than that of previous days.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR has supported this goal as fishes.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR has contribution to help to arrange the agro-based products fair and they join the fair and present their products. J.• Customer service: The client will be impressed with the level of attention that they receive. • Market Trends The market for J. • Presentation/appearance: Presentation as an element of the real experience which help to add more value in the products. Competitive pricing: All products will be priced competitive to true substitutes. establish poultry farm and cultivate fisheries have moved to production because of the increased margins and market demand. potatoes and chickens are inherently healthy. 4 . J.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR has exploded within the last five years.

and the Friendship Poultry Farm. This creates an intensely competitive environment with a large number of industry participants. Competitive threats come from three main segments: • • • Imported agro based products of lower quality. 5 . Since almost all of the produce is considered to be commodities. and large scale buyers are more consolidated than the farmers themselves. Modern technology is not easy to use.Target Market Growth Industry Analysis Munshigonj is one of the premier farming areas of the southern Bangladesh. Direct competition in the individual buyer’s market segment comes from three agro-based farms in the immediate area including the Tongibari Farm. Each of these competitors has produce stands as well as selling to local farmers' markets. Innovative Farm. overall margins are small and rivalries for wholesaler contracts are strong. Neighbors districts are much more concern about agro-based business.

SWOT Analyses The following SWOT analysis captures key strengths and weaknesses within the company and describes Strengths • • the threats and opportunity facing J. Higher than industry margins due to production efficiencies. quality.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR Flexibility in meeting Super Shop and Department Store needs. Opportunities • Growing market with a significant percentage of the target market still not aware that J. The inhabitants of Munshigonj are not much more educated. High-quality product offerings that exceed competitor’s offerings of price. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR lacks brand equity. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR exists. • Weaknesses • • • • J. • Threats 6 . The ability to develop long-term commercial contracts which should lower costs associated with production. none of the others focus on a niche market and depend heavily on federal subsidies. A limited marketing budget to develop brand awareness. and service.R.R. with the exception of Friendship Farm. The decreased degree of flexibility when near full production.However.

Large distributors: An example of this would be Food Service of Munshigonj (FSM) which buys a wide variety of products and quality of produce from farmers and distributes them to the consumer markets. The price is comparable and the quality can be comparable. Similar local farmers: These are very similar operations to J. A health scare that questions the safety of vegetables. sometimes larger or smaller. already established competitor that has decided to make customer service and flexibility their selling point. The cost is higher. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR faces: 1.R. Strategic Alliances The company has strategic alliances with: • • • • Bangladesh Krishi University Horticulture Department Rajshai Krishi University Horticulture Department Sheer E. 2. but not necessarily. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR and other similar local farmers. There are several local markets around the city and they are open many hours during the day. Their disadvantage is price and quality. MD. Local markets: These stores sell an agro-based mix to consumers.• An out of state.R.R.Bangla Krishi University Biology Department Dr. The advantage of the local market is convenience. Poor weather which will lower field yields and floods problem. The produce is not usually local and is a few days older from the field compared with the local farmers. usually 15% more. The disadvantage of a food distributor is the lack of flexibility relative to a local grower when serving local customers. There appears to be room in the market for multiple farmers as most of the farmers sell out their products each day at the farmers market. The quality is associate equality to the offerings of J. • • Competition There are three types of competitors that J. 3. Shahidullah Kaiser – Poultry Farm specialist 7 .

BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR’s main competitive advantages are: • • Efficient production utilizing nest expertise knowledge. Increase the transactions amount per customer.R. fishes and some other products also includes.R. Its critical issues are to continue to take a modest fiscal approach. Reduced overhead by fully realizing crop output potential and economies of scale through joint costs. Try to follow low cost strategy with standard quality. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR will sell potatoes. Critical Issues J. Response quickly to changing requirements and demand to the customers. chickens.R. Additionally. Innovative project of Munshigonj Competitive Edge J. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR will: • • • Generate repeat business.Horticultural Inspection of Tongibari. Fakhrul Alam.• • MD.R. expand at a reasonable rate. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR is still in the speculative stage as an agro-based firm. • • • Product Offering J. Increase the number of super hop and department store accounts. not for the sake 8 . J. Always try to be differentiation our products. Keys to Success Exceed the customer's expectations.

Experience an increase in new customers who are turned into long-term customers.R. J. Advertisements will be for J. as well as some co-branded ads with the Farmer's Market. In addition to the advertisements which will be used to drive consumer sales. but because it is economically wise to. When we adhere to this maxim. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR will leverage a networking campaign among the local restaurateurs to drive commercial sales. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers and we believe we can do it. steady growth each month. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR marketing budget is limited so the strategy will be simple. Generate brand equity at the Farmer's Market as well as within the commercial super shop and department industry market. J. 9 . BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR will advertise in both the neighbor districts as well as Munshigonj Weekly. Marketing Objectives 1.of expansion in itself. To do so. We exist in the market to attract and maintain customers. everything else will fall into place.R.R. Mission “J. Maintain positive. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR” mission is to provide the highest-quality products with standard quality.R.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR individually. Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy J. 2. Developing visibility and brand equity is key. and continue to build brand awareness to lower future marketing costs. 3.

BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR own departmental store. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR’s target market segment strategy is fairly easy. Individuals These customers will be buying J. This group of consumers is more likely to make their own meals instead of going out. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR has two distinct customers: 1. Additionally. So they are one of the large customers for our company. The individuals have access to departmental store that they set up at the center point of Munshigonj. Restaurants.R.R. there are several other smaller farmer markets that exist in outlining communities. J. J. The main one is "The Farmer's Market" held downtown twice a week in the spring and the summer. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR is going after people that appreciate healthier. 10 .R. but what you get for the fee is all of your marketing taken care of and a line of customers. tastier alternatives to the standby of their products. There obviously is a fee to set up a stand. This market gets quite a bit of traffic because there is a nice selection of different farmers and products and it is in a central location. The restaurants are a fixed customer which is helpful to balance the seasonal demand of the consumers. These are NOT the people J.R.R. fish and vegetables. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR has a long-term contract with them which helps in terms of stability. All restaurants use our products poultry. This occurs when a restaurant needs ingredients but did not have the time to order in advance. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR serves. This group of people buy products from J.R. appreciate fine dining.Target Markets J. J. restaurants will go there as well.R. Individual consumers. there is already a steady flow of interested customers. By setting up a booth in these markets. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR products from the department store located in Tongibari. In addition to individuals frequenting the farmer's market. and generally is from a higher socio/economic class. 2. Another advantage of having restaurants as a customer is that even though they get a better price. These people are typically unsophisticated or unadventurous in terms of their habits.

11 . BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR intends to approach these to form a long-term relationship.R. The number of Oriental markets and vegetable processors represent national estimates of industry participants. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR and their products to the restaurants through meetings with the buyers at each restaurant.R.R. Target Market Segment Strategy The Market Analysis Pie shown below reflects the total number of potential customers for J. whereas the number of individual buyers represents the estimated annual number of individuals that will be driving by the farm.Restaurants J.R. There are about 25-30 different restaurants in Munshigonj that use J. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR will target these customers by introducing J.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR in their menu and J.

750 361.016 364.250 315. fishes and poultry Products market Individual buyers Total Growth 3% 1% 5% 4. fishing and vegetables system and get it operational.000 330.68% Strategy and Implementation Summary The J.510 5.000 345. Relocate and expand poultry. Have the composting system in full production by early spring of the second year.628 26.000 25. Integrate products culture into the system.R. will gain a significant industry advantage. The company's goals in the first year are to: • • • • Prepare the future site.5 Positioning 12 .305 25. fishing and vegetables.00% 4.464 25. The company.00% 5.652 396.503 330.000 300. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR strategy is to profitably and efficiently utilize present and future agricultural technology in the production of poultry. by acquiring an existing profitable agro-based farm with all the necessary custom-innovated equipment.558 5.296 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 CAGR 3.68% 5.000 5. J.Market Analysis Year 1 Potential Customers Vegetables. 3.400 5.00% 1.758 347. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR hopes to consolidate considerable goodwill already created by exercising the option of not adding another highproduction facility to the present supply-demand scenario. The company's long-term plan is to phase out whichever products are least lucrative and replace them with products that are practical and cost efficient.R. Additional application and utilization of horticultural technology in the production of potato will allow double utilization of the climate controlled portion of the overhead.288 378.150 25.

This message will be communicated through a variety of methods. Reliable. J. and work toward building customer loyalty.R. Some of the advertisements will be co-branding with the Farmer's Market. The ads will be placed in both the local newspaper as well as the local art/entertainment paper and also the national daily’s newspaper. J. commanding a majority of the market within five years. High-quality producer. The message will also be communicated to the different seasonal markets through networking with owners and managers. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR will position itself as: • • • • Flexible. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR advertisements.. 3. 3.R. Other advertisements will be solely J.7 Marketing Mix 13 . BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR will communicate their message through informal gatherings and networking with department owners.R. Not only is there a Munshigonj-based market association which is a formal group of department store. develop the customer base.6 Strategies The single objective is to position J. The first method will be advertisements.J. Professional. but because Munshigonj is a fairly intimate community.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR as the finest producer of agrobased products in the Panchgaon river side. The marketing strategy will seek to first create customer awareness regarding services offered.R. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR seeks to communicate the message that they are the finest grower of high-end quality products.

BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR ' marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to price. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR has no distribution channel. J. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR 's pricing scheme is a per kg charge for each products. • Pricing: J.R. Consumers may purchase any amount of quantities. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR will send people to local competitors to gain information about their product offerings. Customer service: Obsessive customer service is the mantra. • • Marketing Research During the initial phase of the marketing plan development.R.R. Controls 14 . even at the expense of short-term profits. The last source of market research is competitive analysis. Advertising and promotion: A mixture of advertisements and networking will be used to increase visibility for J. An additional source of dynamic market research is a feedback mechanism based on a suggestion card system. several focus groups were held to gain insight into prospective customers.R. this investment will pay off with a fiercely loyal customer.R. J. J. advertising and promotion. In the long term. These focus groups provided helpful insight into the decision making processes.J. But the business purpose people’s cannot purchase less than 40 kg at a time • Distribution: J. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR’s philosophy is whatever needs to be done to make the customer happy must occur. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR will work hard to implement reasonable suggestions in order to improve their service offerings. There are also several open ended questions that allow the customer to freely offer constructive criticism or praise. The suggestion card has several statements that customers are asked to rate in terms of a given scale.R. and customer service.R. distribution. They sellout their products from their own department store. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR. as well as show its commitment to the customer that their suggestions are valued.

15 . The following areas will be monitored to gauge performance: • • • Revenue: monthly and annual.R. Having to liquidate equipment to cover liabilities. Worst case risks may include: • • Determining that the business cannot support itself on an ongoing basis. BOHUMUKHI KHAMAR ' marketing plan is to serve as a guide for the organization. Poor weather which could hamper crop yields. Tanvir Akhond is responsible for all marketing activities. Expenses: monthly and annual.The purpose of J. Contingency Planning Difficulties and risks: • • • Problems generating visibility. Repeat business. Marketing Organization Mr. An already established competitor that chooses to compete on quality and flexibility. Customer satisfaction.

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