Your colleagues talk about why they're in the Union.

"As a reporter you don't really need to make that one last phone call to yet another source - except when that call gets you the big
insight you had missed until then. You don't really need those copy editors reading over your shoulder — until they catch that glaring error you totally missed. And you don't need the Guild, either — until healthcare costs threaten to outstrip raises, or until bean-counters look hungrily at our benefits package or until layoffs loom large. In other words, until every day in our struggling industry. It's so simple: Whether you are selling ads or designing pages or writing stories, you have little power at The Post as an individual. Together, as a union, we have a fair say in our futures."


Former Guild Leader and Reporter

"The Guild gives you a voice
A Sampling of Former Guild Alumni Who Have Made Their Mark at The Washington Post Over The Years:
Peter Perl • Bob Kaiser • Len Downie • Herb Block Tom Shales • Serge Kovaleski • Bob Levy • David Broder Bob Woodward • Carl Bernstein • Royston De Souza Tom Sherwood • Henry Allen • David Remnick Marty Kady • JoAnn Armao • Terry Thornton • Scott Custin Eugene Robinson • Keith Sinzinger • Jamie Ward-Black Tony Kornheiser • Gwen RI • Michael Isikoff • Ann Gerhart

when you might not want to speak up yourself It's the Yin to the company's Yang, and is essential to the balance that lets great journalism happen here everyday. Besides, a strong Guild guarantees a 'Rick Weiss-like grilling' at all staff meetings of any note. Now why would anyone want to give that up?" DANA PRIEST
Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter


"Everyone should join the Guild. It has helped make the Washington Post a better newspaper. Also, the numbers
here in the newsroom indicate that it increases your chances of winning a Pulitzer. And if the quality and prize arguments don't persuade you, maybe guilt will: If you don't join, you are essentially sponging off your colleagues who paid their dues."

Military Reporter and Pulitzer Prize Winner

We need a strong membership tc

joining the Newspape
Or find your department'

"Here is a simple mnemonic device to use when you are trying to decide whether to join the Guild.
`Guild' is just one letter away from 'guilt'. And that's what you will feel if you don't join, because they will buttonhole you in the hall, and stuff your mailbox and haunt your subconscious and trouble your dreams day after day after day, with arguments about fairness and decency and selfishness, until you finally cave in. And you know what? You'll feel the better for it. I did. My dog was proud of me, too."

Humor Writer and Pulitzer Prize Winner

"I joined the Guild within a few months of working at The Post.
I was just a 22 hour part-timer but I was eligible for health and dental insurance, vacation leave, sick leave and other benefits. This surprised me. I felt strongly that this was due to working in a Guild-covered workplace. At that time I had also been reading about part-timers at other companies, such as Microsoft, who had been working for years without ANY benefits whatsoever. I also had recently watched a PBS documentary about the history of the union movement and the sacrifices people made to have the right to be represented. Here at The Post, whether you join the Guild or not — you receive the same Guild-fought benefits. Joining the Guild, it just was the fair' thing to do."

Advertising Consumer-To-Consumer (C2C) Classifieds

"Our collective voice
is more important than ever. Support the Guild."

Pulitzer Prize Winning Reporter

negotiate our contracts and protect our rights.

Guild is easy. Call 202-785-365o.
Guild representative at wbng.org/post

"As a photographer, much of my work includes getting to assignments by way of driving a car. I've sometimes found myself having to fill
up the gas tank every two/three days. With gas prices spiraling upward, it's started to feel like I'm paying the Washington Post for the work I do for them. Not only does the Guild help protect our salaries, raises, and health benefits, it also helps negotiate fair mileage/gas compensation for the driving I do for work purposes."

Staff Photographer, Photographer of the Year, White House News Photographers Association

"A union helps us all get benefits,
even people who don't pay dues. I pay my dues, and you barely notice it in your salary. I think it's an investment in your future. I think it's worth making the union stronger for the long run."

Inside/Outside Sales, Classified Advertising

"I remember my grandfather back in the islands corning home saying that the reason he was able to put food on the table was because of his union job, and that always stuck with me. Coming to work at the Washington Post in 2001, one of the first things I did was join the Guild because I knew that a strong union was going to be my voice before management for better wages, health benefits, protection of my rights and just plain look out for me. That's why I pay my dues and encourage others to join."
Advertising, Inside/Outside Sales

"What an honor to be a member
of the Newspaper Guild! A union that included in its ranks people like Eleanor Roosevelt and Walter Cronkite. I am a proud member for that and more: Guild membership brings benefits and dignity to our daily work."

Advertising, Account Executive

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