lester had found the button.

he didn't know what it did but it was blue and distracting everyone in the room.

there was jamie and phil and his girlfriend megan.

they all were distracted.

they watched as lester held his hand above a big blue button for what seemed like forever. then he pressed the button.

It made a click sound.

lesters friends were still distracted but now they were distracted by something else. they were all in outer space.

lester was not.

lester stood looking at a blue button and an empty room.

he decided to smash the button out of frustration for what it had done. the button didn't fight back.


The city seemed asleep. That is to say it was 3am and it damn well looked asleep. Only a few cars moved about. City lights flickered off thinking it was morning. Buildings loomed in darkness. Clouds covered the sky above the cityscape and rain seemed to be close behind. Lester was sleeping in his bed dreaming. A rather large crow was pecking at some food on his roof. It did not notice it start to rain. Burial, an ambient electro band, played through Lester's laptop speakers. Just barely audible but mixing perfectly with the rain that had started outside. Lester felt his world shift around him as he dreamt. He could sense his room and the music and the clouds and the rain. He was standing in the woods. He was 10 feet tall. His hands were too big for his body and he was fighting a dragon. But then the sky lit up with a crack of lightning. It was outside his window and it was also up in the sky in his dream. He dropped his sword and thought to himself 'oh, of course. I must be dreaming. Makes sense that I was confused by this dragon bizness'. Lucid dreams were a part of Lester's vocabulary but he had only experienced them once before. Lester suddenly became aware that he was in control of the dream world around him and made the dragon disappear. He shrunk his hands back down to a normal size and decided to start creating a more interesting environment. The dream was partially in his control. What an odd and wonderful feeling. Just then he could feel the edges of his vision blurring. As if closing down a sound stage. The dream seemed to be ready to call it quits for evening. Lester's dreams didn't like this idea of someone becoming aware of their specially devised dreamworld. It was supposed to be off limits to his consciousness. They tended to fight back.

Fighting back came in the form of blurring his vision and generally making it a pain in the ass for Lester to stay in control. Lester woke up. He cursed about not being able to stay in his lucid dream. He saw the rain hit the windows and felt an epic feeling in his mind. He checked his hands to make sure they were normal size and got up to pee. When he looked in his bathroom mirror he thought he saw a dragon behind him. It turned out to be just dirty towels. While not a dragon, dirty towels were also a bother and pretty scary in their own right, he thought. He washed his hands and walked over to the window. The rain was coming down strong now and he pressed his nose against the glass. looking up into the dark cloud filled sky Lester thought about his dreams. He noticed the rain starting to slow down and get stuck in midair. The music stopped playing and his bed was gone. Just then the room seemed to flip upside down. The crow that had been pecking at something on his roof suddenly appeared in the living room. The corner of Lester’s vision became blurry. Reality stuck in place and Lester cursed about being suckered into thinking he was awake when he clearly wasn't. How else could he explain the situation before him? His hands began to grow in size and a familiar dragon showed up in his kitchen. Rain poured. Lester slept and dreamed. The crow on Lester's roof finished his meal. And the real dragon, the one outside his building, sat patiently.

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