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SMU ECONOMICS SOCIETY (OIKOS) 10th EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ELECTIONS ELECTIONS GUIDELINES Note: 1. This document is for electors’ viewing. 2. A softcopy must be sent to economics@sa.smu.edu.sg. Name of candidate

Gerald Ong Lin Teck
Year of matriculation 2011 Expected year of graduation 2015

About myself (max 100 words) I am just like any other econs student, with the same worries, doubts and aspirations. I would also like to contribute to the student community by helping out with their study plans, career plans and general school life, just what I would expect the Oikos committee to do. Also, I enjoy planning events and bringing them to life and I have organized a couple of events in SMU.

Agenda for 10th Executive Committee & Vision for the Society (max 100 words) My goal for the community and myself is to achieve a higher sense of school spirit within the next year. Being from a previous school that was very small and close knit, I hope to be able to be part of the team that brings that experience here.

Past contributions to the SMU Economics Society or the School of Economics (max 50 words) I am currently part of the Org Comm for Oikos Day 2012. We plan to reinvent the typical Oikos event for the econs community, giving you events that you would want to go for!


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Any plans to be away for more than a month at a time during office term (max 50 words) Nil.

Please indicate your current/future commitments and if you are intending to run for any other positions in any Executive Committees in school Nil.

Top 3 Positions that you are running for Events Director Name of Proposer President Tan Yuxuan Vice-President