Start the breathing exercise and do it for one minute. As you inhale fill your stomach with air like an inflated balloon; and as you exhale deplete your stomach slowly, allowing the carbon dioxide to pass out through the mouth. At this point, gently close your eyes as you slowly count from one to ten. (Palms facing outward on the lap) Your body is now starting to relax. Now, concentrate on your skull. Feel the gushing forth of energy as you let it relax. Sense it become lighter and lighter as you continue inhaling and exhaling. Be sustained by the breath of life as you notice your forehead getting relaxed. Loosen up the skin of your face, and focus on your eyebrows, eyelids and eyeballs. Permit your eyeballs to sink deep into your head and feel that all parts of your eyes are now rested. Keep on breathing in and breathing out and order your nose, left and right nostrils to relax. Be aware of your mouth, the upper lip and the lower lip, the tongue as well as your jaws and sense them relaxing now. Notice also your outer ears, inner ears, your eardrums and all inner membranes. Permit each of these to relax. Attend to your upper extremities. Your ten fingers, your wrist, hands, elbows, the upper arm, shoulders, your underarms and address them to relax. Your upper back also longs for your attention. Imagine that nerves and muscles in that area are calming down as you are enjoying your rest. Go to your middle back and shove out all tensions there. Your lower back needs a gentle caress. Soothe it now as you continue breathing in and breathing out. Tell the muscles of your buttocks and anus to ease out strain and relax. Concentrate on your lower extremities: Toes, heels, ankles, legs knees and thighs and every tendon and ligament in that area. Order them to loosen up and relax. Tell them that it is safe to let go and calm down.

ovaries and the fallopian tubes are now relaxed. arteries down to the smallest capillaries and order them to relax. Tell that life-giving muscle to take it easy and relax. Now. Pay attention to your lungs.” Continue breathing in and out. get in touch with your whole body as it is experiencing a total relaxed state. inhale…………. Start with the esophagus and bring it to a relaxed mode. Inhale. pancreas.Your internal organs as well need some comforting. It is safe to claim and tell yourself: “Enjoy this state of being completely relaxed and it is very nice and safe to linger there for some time. The uterus. (do this for one more minute). kidneys. veins. then slowly count down from ten to one opening your eyes unhurriedly. . Continue inhaling and exhaling and detect the beating of your heart.. the big intestines. Ease your stomach. gall bladder and all other vital organs internally located. small intestines and the whole digestive tract and allow them to relax. Think of your circulatory passages. the brain included to quiet down and relax. exhale.

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