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- Author known to God – Posted by Rev Willow Raine
Would I waste it worrying about the small things ( who slighted me on a given day, who used my coffee cup at work, who got my parking space, income taxes, the rising price of gas, ect?) Would I attempt to make amends where amends are needed, and share the love and appreciation that I feel for others? - Would I get rid of material things that have cluttered my life and pass them along to others who can use them? - Would I spend time wrapping up things that I need to do at work so that I could leave a clean and tidy desk, or would I use the time to share my thoughts with people at meetings? - Would I wear that outfit, have a special meal, ask that certain person out on a date, or play that music that I have been saving for a special occasion? - Would I review my life with this new perspective, and see how much time I wasted worrying, procrastinating, caring about what others think of me, concerned about how my hair looks, and wondering whether I am aging gracefully? - Would I sleep away that time or would I take ever opportunity to behold and experience the wonders of nature and life ( sunsets, sunrises, squirrels playing, birds singing, the scent of newly mowed grass, children playing), which I have been too busy to stop and appreciate? - Would I allow myself the luxury of taking the time to savor the experiences of my life instead of living life vicariously through others? - Would I allow myself the priviledge of some good belly laughs simply because it felt good to laugh and to hear the laughter of others? - Would I throw myself a party inviting my family, friends and acquaintances to come say goodbye, and allow me to share my memories with them? - If we choose to live our lives in a manner that allows us to say, "It has been a really good life and I have no regrets" then we may find ourselves eliminating the emotional clutter that crowds out a joy-filled life...

Lets Get Crafty....Luring Dragonflies To Your Garden
Posted by Harobred

I love my Dragons and this time of year they are flitting and dancing all over my yard.Why do I have so many?I have them because I cater to their needs.All species of dragonfly need access to water.I have two water gardens, one set up just for them.All species of dragonfly need access to water. Dragonfly larvae live underwater from six months to seven years before before emerging to land as an adult dragonfly. Dragonflies are particular about the ponds they’ll inhabit. They require shelter, sunlight, unpolluted water, emergent plants and hunting areas. My ponds are large but you dont have to go out and dig up your backyard .In the sweltering heat of the summer any source of clean water will bring them .I have a large birdbath right by my front door and since July there have been a dozen or more claim sanctuary there.And what a pleasure to watch them in the last minuets of the day dancing though out the Fey garden. Dragonflies are quick to find new water sources, so creating a water feature in your garden will attract dragonflies with fast results. This can be anything from a water garden to a child's wading pool .An old rain barrel is a great play ground for them and its deep enough for the nymphs also. Deep water is important for dragonfly nymphs. It offers them a protected place to hide from predators such as raccoons. Having varied depths in your dragonfly pond is also important because it will allow a variety of different vegetation. The vegetation isn't for feeding .Dragonflies like their namesakes are carnivorous, plants provide the nymphs a play to hide from predators ,and as adults a place to perch and hunt. Dragonflies don’t rely on specific host plants to nourish their young the way butterflies do, but some species of dragonfly use water plants as nurseries. They insert their eggs into the soft stems of plants. Pond vegetation is also critical for dragonflies because the nymphs crawl up the water plants when they emerge and make the transformation from water creatures to free-flying adult dragonflies. Dragonflies are quite fierce in appearance ,but believe me the nymphs look much stranger.I took this next picture a month or so ago ,mainly because you dont often get to see a dragon in this form.Really the only reason I got this picture was because I was cleaning out my pond.

When I happened upon this ugly little critter I dashed for the camera and got a shot before putting it back in the water. So try to remember no matter how strange or alien a bug looks ...dont stomp it just because you dont like its looks!The plants you put around your pond /water feature are as important as the water plants in it. Never mow the border of your dragonfly pond. Let the grasses and rushes grow. Plant some shrubs within a few feet of the water to provide more perching sites. Since it can take some time for pond plants to get established, you can place some perching sticks in the middle of your pond while you are waiting for your vegetation to grow above the surface of the water. Ordinary bamboo stakes, like the the kind used to stake tomato plants, work very well.This is also a way to give them what they need if their kingdom at your home is a birdbath or such a thing that dosnt lend to growing plants in it.The important thing is to provide them the water if its not a suitable place for them to lay eggs they will simply go elsewhere for that.Attracting the Dragons and setting up a place they want to lay eggs are two entirely different things dears.I breed them because I have ponds so for me it just happens. lol the only real effort Ive ever had to give this project was a few years back I made a small shallow pond with one deep (2ft) spot in the middle,this pond is solely for them and the frogs I didn't add fish since it was intended as a nursery. (fish eat the nymphs and eggs)Plants c,shrubs ,flowers they were already there and because of my obsessive hoarding of the wood I prune during gardening there's always a perch. And when its mating time Oh My They are getting it on everywhere even my tomatoes were considered the proper place for some Dragon nookie!
Below you'll find a few pointers for those you wish to lure some to your realm.Also keep watch for my post "Dragonflies As Portents And Totems ;)

1 > If you want breeding populations of dragonflies in your pond, do not add fish. They will prey on the nymphs and eggs. 2 > Add some light colored flat stones around their water source,the color lures them in and the stone gives them a warm place to sun. 3 > Most dragonflies wont use polluted ponds. Make sure you dont spray herbicides or fertilizers near or upwind from your pond. To replace fertilizer, try making your own compost. 4 > Make sure that less than 30 per cent of your pond is shade covered. Dragonfly larvae are cold blooded, so they need sunlight. Without enough heat, they are inactive and stop breeding, eating or escaping from predators. Adult dragonflies are solar-powered and need to reach a certain temperature before they can fly. 5 > Provide great hunting ground for your dragonflies by building a small wildflower grassland close to your pond to attract small insects. 6 > Please remember, if you are attracting dragonflies to your backyard to control the mosquito population, be sure that you do not also use bug zappers. These will zap your dragonflies, but they are ineffective for zapping mosquitoes.If you want rid of the mosquitoes build a bat house ;p So there you have it .....a peek at my fierce babies ,I hope you've enjoyed it!

Showing up for Life!
Posted by Lady Moonheart
If you show up for yourself in your life, the universe will show up for you. The way we walk into a room says a lot about the way we live our lives. When we walk into a room curious about what s happening, willing to engage, and perceiving ourselves as an active participant with something to offer, then we have really shown up to the party. When we walk into a room with our eyes down, or nervously smiling, we are holding ourselves back for one reason or another. We may be hurting inside and in need of healing, or we may lack the confidence required to really be present in the room. Still, just noticing that we re not really showing up, and having a vision of what it will look and feel like when we do, can give us the inspiration we need to recover ourselves. Even if we are suffering, we can show up to that experience ready to fully engage in it and learn what it has to offer. When we show up for our life, we are actively participating in being a happy person, achieving our goals, and generally living the life our soul really wants. If we need healing, we begin the process of seeking out those who can help us heal. If we need experience, we find the places and opportunities that can give us the experience we need in order to do the work we want to do in the world. Whatever we need, we look for it, and when we find it, we engage in the process of letting ourselves have it. When we do this kind of work, we become lively, confident, and passionate individuals. There is almost nothing better in the world than the feeling of showing up for our own lives. When we can do this, we become people that are more alive and who have the ability to make things happen in our lives and the lives of the people around us. We walk through the world with the knowledge that we have a lot to offer and the desire to share it.

Domestic cats can be left or right-handed, scientists find
posted by Onecrow Domestic cats can be left or right-handed in a similar way to their owners, scientists have found.

Paws for thought: being a cat-lover is a stupid affliction, as these animals rarely return your affection Photo: GETTY By John Bingham

Psychologists found that females are much more likely to prefer their right paw while tom cats have a strong tendency to use their left when faced with difficult tasks.Dr Deborah Wells and Sarah Millsopp of Queen's University Belfast recruited 42 pet cats for the study, which followed research showing similar traits in animals such as chimpanzees and even horses.Although the animals could use either paw for simple tasks they reverted to their favoured side for more complex tasks, the researchers found.In one particularly difficult task – fishing a piece of tuna out of a small jar – all 21 females used their right paw. But 20 of the 21 tom cats used their left while one of the males appeared to be ambidextrous.In simpler games, involving grasping a toy mouse being dragged along on a string, they showed equal preference for either paw.The researchers likened the pattern to the way in which humans would use either hand for a simple task such as opening a door but one or the other for writing."The more complex and challenging (the task), the more likely we're going to see true handedness," Dr Wells was quoted in New Scientist as saying.Studies of wild chimpanzees have found that individuals have distinct preference for one hand than the other when using told.Among the human population left handedness is also more common in men than in women.from: The Telegraph News

Lets Get Crafty ... How To Make Witch Wreathes
posted by Harobred

Hedge Witches are a different breed of mystic.Harvest basket in hand she wades through thorns and poison ivy on the hunt for Mug wort and Mandrake.Always on her knees in her garden with her hands dirty ,her domain tends to be part jungle ,part thicket.Her home is filled with drying herbs ,blossoms any all things of the woodlands and meadows.One of the favored venues for our spells are wreathes. Now wreaths can be made in the ancient way where everything is hand tied these are wonderful but a bit daunting for beginners. For those of you who want to make your this way its very rewarding but quite time consuming so bear that in mind if you make yours within a sacred circle.However if you don't have that kind of time or experience Im here to tell you there is no shame in using a glue gun ,I love mine!The one rule I as a hedge witch hold as most important is "Know Your Materials"before you start your wreath research the things you plan on using.You need to know what attributes and influences you are combining.Every wreath a witch makes needs to be prepared with a wise eye towards the materials she uses ,and the intent she pours into it.Each ingredient will be another layer that brings complexity and depth to her spell.Every knot she ties,each blossom, herb or stone she adds will strengthen her spell. The end result will honor her deity,her mother earth and will radiate her intent outward to the universe. Once you've done your homework, researched your materials (if you need notes make them!) and decided on what your using ,gather your materials together ,notes included and get started.First decide if you want something in the center such as a pentacle or dream catcher, if you do that comes first.Once that's done you can turn your attention to adding other threads of influence to the work.I harvest all of my herbs and flowers from my garden so I have the luxury of plenty to pick from.Its best to start with the bigger things first and establish a base point from which your wreath can flow.A lush wreath is multi -dimensional not flat so layer it on!After that you just follow your muse ,fill in the blanks and watch your creation evolve.There are no rules or rites that have to be observed in this process just listen to your inner voice and let your creativity flow! Its all up to you.I urge you all guy or gal to try your hand at this ,one of the oldest of "witch" crafts .There's nothing more satisfying than a spell you can see!

Wreaths Can honor your chosen path such as the Kitchen Witch wreath pictured below.

They can be made into a wall hung altars such as this...

They can involve elements……. Or be a ward of protection for your home

“The Craft”
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Lets Get Crafty ....A Hedge Witch's Take On Wards And Talismen
posted by Harobred

On the topic of building a ward or talisman almost every walk has a different take on the

subject .This is a peek at how I craft them and use them in my Hedge Witchy realm. There are many different "definitions or interpretations " of these two words all of which ring true. For me the distinction between the two is this......If I'm making it to wear or carry its a talisman.A talisman can be something that invokes upon touch , protection ,luck , a deity , element or spirit (such as someone you love that's passed over.In these modern times most people choose a piece of jewelery with a crystal/stone that invokes their chosen purpose.Such as a frequent flyer/traveler might choose Labradorite the travelers stone or Golden Tiger Eye which is favored for protection during travels. Below is a shot of a Talisman I made for a friend that was having it rough on all levels.The large stone is a polished Agate....agates bring strength and courage to the wearer ,it also balances and stabilizes your aura .The beads are Carnelian....Wearing Carnelian directs the will power , increases your perceptiveness, creates inspiration and dispels apathy and sorrow. I added Amber to dissolve energy blockages and relieve depression ,because she needed help in those areas .Since she was starting classes the skulls are Howlite which facilitates memory, knowledge, and progress.Last I included a piece of Moss Agate.... considered the most powerful of the agates, it balances emotional energy ,and helps the wearer to let go of anger and bitterness.Altogether a powerful talisman that she could wear daily as she sorted through the many challenges she was facing I know I preach this loud and often but your most powerful aid when creating a talisman /ward /spell is your knowledge of the materials you use and the focus you have on imprinting intent . Now for those of you who are thinking I cant make something like this....yes you can! They don't need to be elaborate like this one ,bear in mind Ive done this for years, start simple.

Nor do you need stones to make one below is a sweet little Pentacle (2" x2.5" ) I made to be worn on a cord ,it was easy and invokes a powerful protection upon the wearer. Its made from Bay Berry known for its protective nature ,Hemp twine to invoke divination and reclaimed Copper to conduct intent and the energies of the bay & hemp.

In my realm if its not really portable and its used for defense its a ward ,and I made tons of them.First off I make a lot of wards in the form of might wonder why.Well for me and this is my preference I like my wards large ,in charge and highly visible.

As with any spell the more you focus on it the quicker and better the spell works.Wreathes give you something your eyes fall on often during the day giving you the opportunity to impress your intent often without interfering with your everyday routine.I personally have found that my biggest asset in the crafting of my spell is that I live with them.If you incorporate your magical workings into your everyday life you live them and breath them both on a conscious and subconscious therefore they take on the life and power you intend. The wreath pictured below is a huge thing I made for a friend that had the specific task of keeping a really negative jerk away from her realm.Unfortunately because this person was a relative she didn't have the luxury of just saying go and stay away so we opted for a more lol "subtle witchy solution". The wreath form was one she already had and loved ,this made it perfect for my spell weaving because she was already imprinted on it. Once it was finished she took it home and hung it in a prominent place which brings us back to it was incorporated into her daily routine. At last report it was working like a champ and when they did show up their visit was shot lived ;)

Wheee ! As you can see I threw myself at the task and this baby came fully loaded to bear. As how ever as with the case of building a talisman , simple is just as powerful .Its always about knowing your materials and being able to impress your intent upon it.

Easily grown Rosemary is a wonderful herb to work with when making a ward. It acts as a cleanser and purifier of energy. For centuries pagans have placed wreathes and pentacles of this herb over their doorway for protection .Placed under ones bed either prevents nightmares and negative energy away as you sleep. Another wonderful herb that's easily grown for this use is Lavender.Although most think of this as one of the "love herbs" it too invokes protection . Unlike the bold "you shall not pass" protective energy of Rosemary , Lavender brings a subtle peaceful protection .As the energy wards away the negative it nurtures a lovely calm for the owner.Either of the wards pictured below can be used the same as the Rosemary wards and all were quite easy to make :)

As with all things Witchy you have to make it yours ,to make it work. If you arnt crafty at all then be creative! A container with some salt in the bottom , filled with thorns and placed where needed will pretty much ward off anything.A pot of Cactus or yucca at your door will do the same.Pictured below is one of my favorite wards. I spied this groovy little guy at a friends yard sale and knew he was mine. I keep him oiled with my "Tangle The Bane" oil and his sole purpose is to ward off people who pluck my nerves.He is there to let everyone know go away.Yes he's irreverent but he is just what I need from time to time and he serves my purpose well ,here is why........ He's cool ,he works and since he makes me smile when I see him it dissipates my negative ,rather than give me a focus for them!

Chats with Susun Weed ~ Third Monday of every month ~ Please join us with Susun Weed every month as she discusses different Herbal topics. Very informative and helpful to all. Check the dates below and time sand hope you can come by and visit and check out some of Susun’s classes September 17 - Elder October 15 - Cinnamon November 19 - Saw palmetto December 17 - Chaste tree

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Trees and Their Power of Centering and Grounding
posted by Johanna

Trees offer comfort and compassion just by their presence. When I walk under trees, I feel their warmth, even in the middle of winter, when they are all spindly and bare. But it's under the rich leafy green that I "feel" their subtle vibrations of serenity and good will, simply because it's there to be absorbed, to be felt and nurtured. No matter what the season, trees always offer this comfort, simply through their power to center and ground. On the path to my destination, I'm not alone. There is a sense of accompaniment, of being taken by the hand and welcomed, for all I'm worth. Trees don't judge; they aren't concerned about your physical appearance, size, color or abilities or disabilities. They themselves aren't perfect, and they know it, as shown by their knobs, occasional leafless branch and acceptance of "foreign objects" such as mistletoe which are mostly hidden during the summer months but very present in winter. Lifting their "arms" up to their Father Creator they rejoice with their Mother Earth, and sway as they dance with Brother Wind. Under the cleansing rain of Sister Water they are refreshed and nurtured. Trees invite reflection and contemplation; they don't interrupt, remaining silently by our sides. The keep watch as the sentinels of our consciousness. Let's accept the invitation of the trees and always remember we are never really alone. When we are burdened with worries or frustrations, we need only stand by under the trees (they are everywhere) and feel a wonderful cleansing sensation. As we unburden ourselves, this exchange not only relieves the weight off our shoulders it also opens the door to a revelation: that no matter how burdened we are the trees are there to help us, to take over. The burden of years of troubled passers-by walking under them have permitted them to use their very special gift, one of which they are specialists par excellence. The secret of the trees is that they are able to release these burdens, being grounded in the depths of Mother Earth. Being centered and grounded means knowing how to release negativity and burdens; it allows the formulation of growth and new ideas, coming freely and without restraint. One of the most positive ways to find tranquility and peace is to walk under trees. Year in and year out, as the wheel of the seasons turns, trees stand guard and watch over passers-by as they walk underneath, never realizing that the overall sensation of serenity proffered from above originates from the trees. It's there and free for the taking, simply because of the trees' natural power of centering and grounding. This powerful gift has accompanied humanity for millennia, it's now up to humanity to learn the lesson in the presence of their guardians the trees. ©Joanne Pons 12 August 2012

A Sparrow's Thoughts....
The man at peace with himself accepts the other person as they are... without trying to change them, without trying to make them conform without trying to make them a clone of narrow perceptions.... walk with respect, live from respect, act out of respect... dare to be silent, to listen, and to learn!
author unknown

Posted by Breeze

Straight From The Heart
Posted by Amenti Violet
Spirituality as I understand it, is far beyond sacred songs or scriptures. Your connection to the Goddess is a bond that forms straight from the heart. Now you can sing songs or read stories from scared books or scriptures, but if you just happen to not memorize the words of a spell or carry a tune, you intent is all that matters. Your thoughts alone, carry the vibrations of love, there is no expectation for you to give up your ways, all that matters is that you are true to the heart. The Goddess is the heart and she is love. For me, the best way to be in contact with her is through the heart, because then you are the most raw version of yourself, you are once again in the original state of being you were when she made you. It doesn't matter if you are imperfect, we were created like this for a reason. There is no need to fix your hair or wear a certain dress if you don't want to. Just dance, meditate or even cook as your are, as long as it's from the heart, everything is perfect as it is.

Lets Get Crafty .........Scrying With Water ,Smoke And Flame
posted by Harobred

The definition of scry is "to make out dimly" or "to reveal." Scrying is a time honored means of divination used by the ancient Celts, probably acquired knowledge via early Germanic invasions.Legend holds that Druids scryed using water as did the Egyptians. A lot of people will tell you that you will need scrying mirrors ,crystals , sacred vessel and rituals to scry. That may very well hold true for them. But these are only metaphysical aids to help you focus at the task at hand.Once mastered you can scry in many different ways without anything than your minds eye and something to focus on. This time Im talking to you about the three oldest and in my opinion, easiest ways to learn to scry. So lets start with Hydromancy . (just a big word for scrying with water)

Hydromancy is the practice of using properties of the water to divine........ it's color, the ebb and flow of the tides, ripples produced by the breeze or pebbles dropped in a pool are all used to divine images. This is truly a test of focus and your ability to clear your mind and allow the water to "show you the vision". Pisces are particularly good at Hydomancy as are the other water signs !This for most , is truly the easiest of ways to learn to scry . The flow of the water lulls your mind into a suspension similar to when you were still in the womb , granting you easier access to your third eye. And when it comes to practice spending some time gazing at the water while your mind drifts is hardly tedious!

Having said that ,being a Hedge Witch my herbs always come into play no matter the spell. So lets start ..... Most of you already know that Mugwort is a wonderful herb for divination.Mugwort can be used in many forms including a lovely tea. But this time Ive brewed a potion to scry into.

******Please bear in mind this is toxic and is not to drink ! ******** First off any water will do...However the very best water for this type of spell is what I call "live water" ,water harvested from nature ,rain ,ocean, spring or stump water. I generally use either stump water Ive collected or rain .In times of drought I'll pop down to the river and nab some river water. This time I used stump water from an old rotten Elm. Mugwort was the first of my herbs to be tossed into the pot. Next came a bit of Polk Root ,some ground bark from a graveyard Oak ,a piece of Hemp twine and some snake skin.Last of all into my pot went some Yarrow and a slice of fresh Iris root.Now is a great time for me to make this mix because its time to divide my Iris so I had some already dug. Once everything was in I set my cauldron over hot charcoal and left it to cook .Its done when my brew has turned black.Once cooled it will have a surface that's shiny and opaque as pictured above. At this point you can ladle some into your preferred container or do as I do and scry into the cauldron. Before attempting to scry for the first time anything "legal " that will induce a state of altered awareness should be done. *****Please no fake pot that stuff turns your head to jelly and you end up eating faces.Dont be a face eating zombie! *****Nor does this mean its time to get your drunk on! For beginners I recommend trying dim lighting ,incense (your choice),candles and some nice meditation music or soft Jazz. All or any of these will help you relax and allow your mind to drift as your inner eye opens.

If you are trying to divine future events you have to keep your mind a blank ,gaze into the pot and allow the images to emerge .You may perceive a mist form before images surface or you may just have them pop out at you clear as a bell.Pay attention to what you are seeing ,they may seem random and the images will sometimes come in symbolic form. Scrying is a deeply personal experience and each person will scry differently.After I am done scrying ,I'll strain my "pot juice" and bottle it. I get 3-4 quarts from my little cauldron and I use it for various witchy chores that pertain to divination.For instance I soak wand wood and crystals in it ,reuse it for scrying at a later date or have a bit for friends in need. The dregs I bury so they are returned to the earth and not laying out for a furbaby to get into.

Flame gazing or Lychnomancy is the practice of scrying using flame ,a candle , fire or the light of an oil lamp.This practice is also called by some Lamp gazing and is practiced quite a bit in amongst the Mountain families in West Virginia and Kentucky. Any form of scrying works the same way, it always comes down to the same three basics , focus ,the ability to clear your mind and practice.When flame gazing your images will appear in the flame, or close to the flames providing you messages and guidance. The picture above is of a flame I created with Sage ,Willow ,Hydrangea , Mugwort and Wild Cherry. I was peering into a health matter for someone hence the fire was built with Willow & Sage for healing. Mugwort and Cherry for divination and Hydrangea to invoke magic.Samhain is the perfect day for divination of this sort because most witches that can have a fire have one.Its also a wonderful winter "crafting " to practice if you have a fireplace. After all an evening peacefully gazing into your crackling fire as winter howls outside is not a hardship !

This brings me to one of my personal favorites scrying with smoke. Some form of smoke scrying has been used by Native Americans ,tribes in Africa ,Voo Doo practitioners and Witches since the dawn of time . It is the practice of watching the rising smoke from a flame and divining images held within the smoke stream. now there's a good reason that I love this one so much.I'm really good at it and its one of the few "spells" that you can capture on film working.I have captured amazing images when doing this. A good camera can preserve images of the divination for you future reference far better than notes .However I don't recommend using one from the very beginning . You need to learn to scry with as few aids as possible.But once you have done so ,bring your camera into your circle and take a few shots .I think you'll find as I have that the magic is there for all to see.The picture above was taken while I was smudging a divination wand with Snake's blood / Polk berry oil ,look and you will clearly see the face rising in the smoke.This was present in all the pics snapped that evening. The last picture was taken when I fired up my cauldron to send my best friend's Momma safely through the veil. She had been ill for 3 years and in a coma for several days.The purpose to this cauldron wasn't really divination it was to ease her way .As my cauldron smoldered and gave up we got the call she was gone.A week later I finally pulled the pictures taken that day off of my camera. There I saw my proof that she was escorted safely beyond my realm .I wonder if any of will see what I did.

Elm is a feminine energy and relative to both the elements Earth and Air. It adds grounding and focus to any spell working. I use it a lot when working spells that involve horticulture, passage thru death, rebirth, or the invocation of the Goddess. I included Elm in this list because I used Elm stump water for the base liquid in my scrying pot .Know your adjuncts ..... you have to consider the aspects of everything added in a spell. Oak has a strong masculine energy and is alined with Earth ,Water and Spirit.In all spells unless they are for a specific gender to need to balance the male/female aspect .Oak is my choice in this matter. It centers your mind, permitting you to ignore distractions and focus on your task at hand.Oak promotes observation and intuition.Both of which are important components to successful scrying. Willow is to me ,is the most feminine of trees.She brings to your spells a strong alignment to both water and spirit .willow deals with death ,rebirth and easing the souls of those recently passed. It strenghtens the third eye , promotes spells of healing and will align itself to your inner will. All of the remaining adjuncts are an even mix of male/female and bring to spells strong properties of divination ,protection and invokcation of magic ............... Hemp Hydangea Yarrow Mugwort Polk Berry Iris I used the Snake Skin /blood for its properties of transmutation

Posted by Marjabella le Fey

From the moment we are born, the world tends to have a container already built for us to fit inside: A social security number, a gender, a race, a profession or an I.Q. I ponder if we are more defined by the container we are in, rather than what we are inside. Would we recognize ourselves if we could expand beyond our bodies? Would we still be able to exist if we were authentically 'un-contained'? ~Paige Bradley~

Earth Teach me to remember

Posted by Marjabella Le Fey

Earth teach me stillness as the grasses are stilled with light. Earth teach me suffering as old stones suffer with memory. Earth teach me humility as blossoms are humble with beginning. Earth Teach me caring as the mother who secures her young. Earth teach me courage as the tree which stands alone. Earth teach me limitation as the ant which crawls on the ground. Earth teach me freedom as the eagle which soars in the sky. Earth teach me resignation as the leaves which die in the fall. Earth teach me regeneration as the seed which rises in the spring. Earth teach me to forget myself as melted snow forgets its life. Earth teach me to remember kindness as dry fields weep in the rain. by John Yellow Lark Ute, North American.


Understanding what CHANNELING really is
posted by Rev Willow Raine
About Channelling... I want to take this opportunity to speak of channelling in general. It is often misunderstood as something spooky and weird and I'll bet you have certain friends that you would never tell.. that you were looking at this web page! Some feel it is evil, and many don't want anything to do with it. They would rather stick to other information that isn't channelled (they think). Channelling Definition: The divine, inspired words (or energy) of God as imparted to Humans by Humans. The above definition is what channelling actually IS. That means that not only were most of the sacred scriptures of the planet (all religions) channelled originally, but also much artwork and music too! It is absolutely commonplace, but like so many other re-emerging processes in the New Age, it has a stigma about it that is strange. God did not write the Bible... Humans did, while divinely inspired. We have been used to having "authorized and sanctioned" men and women of God passing information to us... not the common folks. Therefore in this New Age, where the actual basic intent of the New Age Master of Love is beginning to surface (that of self enablement for those other than the priests of the land), we are seeing more and more "common folk" passing on the information of God. Even in our own culture, we accept the letters from a common man to his friends in several cities in the Holy Land... as the sacred words of God! (This is how much of the New Testament of the Holy Bible was written.) Think about it. That's channelling! We believe that God did not stop speaking to humans 2,000 years ago. To think that God stopped communicating is to deny your own divinity, or to assign some special sacredness to the past, not feeling worthy to consider yourself part of God's continued plan for an enlightened Earth. You are worthy of a continued communication with God... which I teach is actually a part of YOU! But there is something that comes with channelling.... Responsibility! Anyone can channel, and Spirit is not proprietary in this regard. It's for all Humans, and not just a few. Therefore the ability and potential exists for this attribute for us all. Like so many other things, INTENT of the human means everything. Not all channelling is given with PURE INTENT. Therefore, some is real, and some is not... and YOU should be able to tell the difference when you HEAR or READ it. Is it really from Spirit?

Many men and women are spouting verbiage these days, calling it inspired... some on web pages just like this. How can you tell if it's real or not, since there is no organization telling you who is "OK" and who is not? (Aren't you glad?) The responsibility of a REAL channel is AWESOME. Sacred, anointed information can change lives! Self-serving egocentric and fearful information can be confusing and actually halt a persons spiritual growth. How can you know the difference? Kryon tells us that we have the power of discernment to know, and that we will even be able to "feel" the difference. For those of you who are still learning what that feeling is, I have some information that may help. It was published originally in New Realities magazine, July 1987... two years before I began channelling (how appropriate). The article is called "Guidelines for Spiritual Discernment." Twelve (12) guidelines are shown in the article for the reader to watch for, both negative and positive. I believe this information is accurate, and was developed by enlightened Humans to teach other Humans. Below I present Seven (7) of the twelve (as also presented in Kryon Book Six, "Partnering With God"). The next time you sit before a channel or read a transcription, consider these seven items presented below. As you listen to or read the words of a channeller, also try to ask, "what is the intent of the human speaking?" Is there any ego or Human agenda? If you detect it... then stop. There cannot be Human ego present for the information to be accurate and true. Spirit demands this of the channeller... I know. I also know from over twelve years of live channeling experience that the message will ALWAYS be filled with love, and not fear. Watch for this! Do you "recognize" the energy as familiar and feeling like "home?" This is another key. If you don't, and you can't identify with the entity or entities that are channelling through the Human, then perhaps you should pass on the message for now. Not all channelling is from an entity. Much of it comes form your own spiritual center. Don't always try to determine "who" it is, asking for a name or trying to put skin and bones to it. Consider that your core is the Love of God... and is also able to give YOU messages for YOU. IMPORTANT: Please take a moment to read the "four attributes of love" as presented in chapter one of the Kryon Book - Partnering with God. It will help you to understand an egoless state... and some of the attributes of pure sacred energy. Discern for yourself. What is happening? Messages from a human? ... or messages from a loving and wise God? I expect and welcome this test for everything I write and speak as a channel for Kryon. It absolutely must stand up every time.

__________________________________________________________ GUIDELINES FOR DISCERNMENT - New Realities Magazine - July 1987 __________________________________________________________

Paraphrased... 1. There will always be useful information for everyone. Beware of the channel that gives you useful information for only a few, or tells you that it's only for a special group or a sequestered number. It must be useful for ALL humanity, every single Human. This is an area of discernment allowing you to know you are hearing the truth. 2. The message should be uplifting. Watch for an empowering message - NOT ONE OF FEAR, not one that drags you down - not one that makes you want to take fearful action or hide - but an enabling message! This is a staple of God energy. It must be there. It should inspire the listener and reader. Every recorded angel appearance before a Human Being has begun with "Fear not!" 3. Spirit (God) will never, ever channel a message that asks you to give up your free will. Never! For your free will is what your experience on Earth is all about as you sit in your "chairs of gold" (a metaphor created in Kryon Book Six). Free will! FREE CHOICE is what drives your future. 4. Spirit will never give you a message - ever - that asks you to violate the integrity of what you believe. You are honored in your thought processes. Spirit will never trick you or "talk you" into anything. The message must never violate your integrity. You must feel comfortable with it, and it must ring true to your heart. 5. Spirit will never represent a channeller as being the only source. Watch for this, for there are many channels of Spirit and they all coordinate their information to create a bigger picture, especially in this New Age. They will NEVER represent themselves as the ONLY source of information. 6. Watch for the fact that the information is normally new information. Beware of the channel that simply re-hashes the old, for they are not channelling anything but the ego of the Human Being. New information is necessary. It is the entire reason for the channel. Think about it. 7. Watch for the fact that channelled information should have spiritual solutions presented. Solutions to life challenges on Earth, via new information, is the purpose of channelling. Offered in Love

Invocation and Evocation
Posted by Rev. Carol A. Ingle (Raven)
Invocation and Evocation One of the most confused aspects of occultism is the basic difference bewteen invocation and evocation. When one 'invokes', he calls in, or summons a form of universal energy into himself or the ceremonial circle within which he operates. This may be a 'God', an 'Archangel' or the raw power of one of the Kabbalistic sephiroth. When one 'evokes' on calls something forth, often forcibly. This is the form of magick dealt with in such famous books as Clavicula Salamonis (the Key of Solomon), the Black Pullet, the Grand Grimoire and the Red Dragon. Both invocation and evocation shall be explored fiurther below. Invocation In one of the most ancient magickal texts of the Western Mystery Tradition we may read what has become a fundamental piece of magickal lore, 'That which is above is like unto that which is below, and that which is below is like unto that which is above,' usually shortened to 'as above, so below'. What this means, simply, is that man is a smaller, self-contained mirror image of the Universe as a whole. Every force that exists in the Universe exists also in the soul of man. For example, that force which the Kabbalists call 'Geburah' and the Astrologers call 'Mars' also exists in man, as anger, strength, power, passion and several other manifestations, all of which are in essence the same force. When we step forth into our Circle and prepare to invoke, we are actually preparing to open ourselves to the force we wish to call upon, allowing that macrocosmic (Universal) force to flood and fill the microcosm (our soul). Generally, we call these macrocosmic forces 'Gods', since as humans we need an image to relate to in order to easily deal with them. For example, if I wish to invoke the force of emotion, Love for instance, it is much easier for me as a human being to construct a ritual invoking Aphrodite than one invoking a nameless energy. Aphrodite has a long tradition of worship, and her image has been built up by this worship for millenia, thus creating a powerful conduit for the force she represents. All I need do to access that force is utilize the correct symbolism and ritual. A quick look in a book on mythology will reveal that Aphrodite has connections with the ocean and doves; these will give me a few things to start with. Examining a book such as Crowley's '777' will give me more correspondences. I now see that other items attuned to the nature of this love goddess include roses and emeralds. So, in constructing a ritual to invoke her, I could decorate my altar with fresh roses, and a seashell perhaps. Knowing as well that the colours of Netzach (the Kabbalistic sephira Aphrodite is associated with) are generally emerald green and amber, I may use candles of these colours on my altar as well. I also might burn rose incense. If I am a ceremonial magician, my circle will surround a seven-pointed star, since Netzach is the seventh sephira.

Now, one of the great uses of invocation by the Ceremonial Magician is as an aid to evocation. When an invocation has been performed successfully, the force represented by the invoked god rushes throughout the magician or witch. In some paths, like the Western Mysteries, this takes the form of a sharing of the body with the God, allowing the Divine a conduit to the material world and giving the invoker a measure of force to employ. When the ceremonial Magician evokes a spirit, this heightened state produced by invocation is paramount to his success. Other cultures though, notably that of the Haitian Voudun and South American Candomble and Santeria allow the invoked God total possession of the physical body, giving the Loa (spirit) freedom to enjoy the pleasures of the material world. The Voudun call this 'being ridden', the reference being obviously equestrian. The author (Amphion) once invoked Aphrodite upon a lady in his younger and less experienced days, and found that he had placed her in a state where she was 'ridden' by the Greek Goddess rather than sharing herself. Once the effects had faded, she remembered nothing about the time Aphrodite inhabited her, but was aware that hours had passed. She found great delight in hearing of her actions and exploits as the goddess of love. Many methods of invocation exist and every culture possesses some form of this Art. Common themes include trance induction, chants and offerings. An example of invocation can be found in the Esbat ritual of the modern witches. The ceremonial method of invocation generally follows a set, workable formula. To keep it basic, firstly the attributes of the God being invoked are praised, his powers named and lauded. The invocation is then repeated with a greater force as the magician visualizes the form of the God around him, identifying with it and endeavouring to feel that he is the God. Finally, the invocation is repeated a third time, this time reworded as if the God himself spoke the words, for the magician must now BE the God. If he is successful he will know it; for a time he will move and act as that God. Aleister Crowley has much to say concerning this method of evocation in his writings. The curious reader is referred to 'Magick in Theory and Practice' for futher details. Evocation Evocation is truly a sister science to invocation, for they are inextricably linked in their very natures. Whereas the art on invocation calls a force into the magician or witch, the art of evocation calls forth. One invokes a god, or an angel, inviting them and imploring them to manifest, but one evokes a spirit--call it demon, deva, shedu or whatever--forcing it to appear before the magus in the Triangle of Art. Whereas invocation causes the microcosm of the human soul to be flooded with the macrocosm of the Divine, evocation reverses this. The microcosm becomes a macrocosm and in turn temporarily creates a microcosm. To the demon evoked by the magician, the magus is God. Evocation is truly a potent manifestation of the Art Magickal in which any aspect of the unconscious may be called forth and given a visble physical form for a while. What is meant by this is simple.

If I choose to ritually evoke Asmodeus, whom the grimoires name as a spirit of lechery and lust, what I am actually doing is giving a form to the dark, lecherous qualities of my own subconscious that I may reorder or command them. All the power tied up within my unconscious mind dealing in any way with lust or lechery may then be bent to serve my purposes. The methods given by the grimoires are often long and tedious rituals, with elaborate instructions governing a prodigious number of tools and items all crucial to the success of the ritual that must be made and consecrated. Modern ceremonial magicians claim that the rituals of the grimoires, such as the Key of Solomon and the Black Pullet, work very effectively even today, but that the nature of the rituals as psychological tools are such that they must truly be followed to prevent danger from coming up and harming the aspiring magician. Also common in the grimoires are the sigils, or seals of spirits. These are sometimes smooth, linear symbols created through the Kabbalistic method of Aiq Bakar, the Planetary Kameas, or the Rose Cross Lamen of the Order of the Golden Dawn. They are constructed rather simply, actually, once the method of their construction is understood. Sometimes, however, as is the case with the Book of Ceremonial Magic (formerly titled 'The Book of Black Magic and Pacts') the symbols are strange drawings, more akin to the scrawlings of a child than the graceful artistic sigils of the Kabbalah. In this case, the sigils were often 'recieved' in visions or meditiation, sometimes even via astral journeys of the magician. They represent the idea of the spirit in a strange drawing that may mean nothing to the conscious mind but a great deal to the unconscious. In order for any evocation to be successful, a period of purification is undertaken by the magician. This often involves a fast, abstaining from sexual intercourse, works of piety and even social isolation. Then, when all is prepared, the magician begins his invocations. Yes, invocations, for before a spirit may be successfully evoked the mage must be filled with the power of a God. Otherwise, as a mere human, how may he act with any authority towards that which he has called forth? Most ceremonial magick is based around a Judeo-Christian belief system, and therefore the god invoked is naturally enough the YHVH of the Bible. However, in much modern magick, especially the system of the Golden Dawn, a god from world mythology is chosen. For example, let us assume that I wish to evoke Kedemel, the spirit of Venus, for a magickal purpose involving the Venusian in my life. I would therefore likely choose a god associated with the sephira Netzach on the Tree of Life, for Netzach is the sphere of Venus. I could perhaps choose Aphrodite, or Eros. Perhaps even the Vodoun loa Erzulie, or the Babylonian Ishtar. Now, if I truly wish my rite to be effective, I must also follow the correct chain of command, invoking not only the god of Netzach, but then the Archangel and Angel of the same sphere as well. In keeping with the above example, I would beseech YHVH Tzabaoth (God of Armies, and godname of Netzach in Kabbalistic magick) to send his Archangel, the beautiful Haniel unto me.

I would then humbly request that Haniel send forth the angelic legion of Netzach, the Elohim, unto me, and then ask Haniel, the angel of Venus, to send unto me Hagiel, the Intelligence (or good spirit) of Venus. I would then command Hagiel to assist me in my summoning of Kedemel. All this is time consuming, but has a purpose. It allows a greater magickal and psychological force to be built up, and also assures that my evocation does not upset the 'balance' of the universe, meaning my my own psychological well-being. There are no shortcuts in evocation. Some of the rituals are quite disturbing to the modern mind, involving even the blood sacrifice of an animal. It must be remembered however that when these magickal rites were developed blood sacrifice was part of religion. The Old Testament requires it of the followers of God to atone for sins, as set forth in the Mosaic Laws of the Pentateuch. If you are planning on evoking a demonic force, plan on facing the demons of your own humanity, including the ugly fact that life feeds on death, and if you wish to give even temporary life to an aspect of your mind in the Triangle it too must be fed. Certainly, incense may be used, but to a poorer effect. Ideally, the blood of the magician may be used, for this sacrifice is freely given and therefore sheds great power. I will not elaborate further on the topic of evocation here; many books are in print that describe the methods and rituals of the practice. The interested party may consult the Key of Solomon, the Legemeton, the Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage or a number of others.

I have a little story to tell
Posted by OneCrow

First I'll begin by saying that the Medicine of the totem 'Lizard' is 'Dreamtime.' And with that in mind I will start my story. I have a set of animal totem pendants, and sometimes I just feel that i need to wear a certain one. I woke yesterday morning, and while dressing, and preparing for my day, I thought of the pendants. I went to my jewelry box, and picked up a few, 'put them back,' then picked up the Lizard, and placed around my neck for the day. Before bedtime, I was in the main room of the house, and on the outside of the window was a Lizard. He comes there from time to time to get the moths that fly to the light. He is huge . I sit in awe watching him with the moon in the background so amazingly beautiful. Then I went to bed. Before waking I had this dream. I was in a circle of people all holding hands, and holding them up to the sky, I was in the midst of the circle but not holding hands yet. A man, said to me, "come on and don't be afraid." "You know you are a soldier." So, I took the hands of the persons to my right and left, and held mine up in the air towards the sky as well. The man that had spoken to me, started to talk about the earth, and what a blessings it is, what must be done to protect, and restore her, and all which dwell on her, people, plants, animal, the water, everything. Then we all knelt down and felt the vibration of Mother Earth, I myself kissed the ground. Then we all stood. My dream went from that to me driving a car, 'my favorite antique car, a convertable mustang.'But in the color of red, which I never had one in that color , but blue. As I was driving, by myself on a beautiful road... no other traffic, I looked up, and on a power line directly above me were two pigeons with their necks touching Not doves or love birds as one would expect to see in that position. I woke at that moment. In my window seal, I have many replicas of totems. And on my window screen 'which is inside not outside,' I have some attached that appear to be crawling down the window, Snake, Spider, and Lizard. All very life like. Immediately upon waking I look to the left of my bed, and there is the Lizard on the night stand. It had fallen off of the window during the night. These events are not coincidental. All totems, come to us for a reason, when we need them. Their unique Medicine, is a gift being offered to us. It's up to us to take the messages, and use them. Thank you for reading my little story. I thank the Great Spirit, and Lizard for my dreams, and for their presence in my life today, as I needed them to be. OneCrow <*)


Lizard… will you dream with me? Travel across the stars? Beyond the place of time and space, There live visions from afar.

Lizard sat lolling in the shadow of a big rock, shading himself from the desert sun. Snake crawled by, looking for some shadow to coil up in and rest. Snake watched Lizard for awhile as Lizard’s eyeballs went side to side behind his enormous closed lids. Snake hissed to get Lizard’s attention. Slowly Lizard’s dreaming eyes opened and he saw snake. “Snake! You scared me! What do you want?” Lizard cried. Snake spit his answer from his forked tongue. “Lizard, you are always getting the best shadow spots in the heat of the day. This is the only big rock for miles. Why don’t you share your shade with me?” Lizard thought for a moment, then agreed. “Snake, you can share my shade spot, but you have to go to the other side of the rock and you must promise not to interrupt me.”

Snake was getting annoyed. He hissed, “How could I bother you Lizard? All you are doing is sleeping.” Lizard smiled knowingly. “Oh Snake, you are such a silly serpent. I’m not sleeping. I’m dreaming.” Snake wanted to know what the difference was, so Lizard explained. “Dreaming is going into the future, Snake. I go to where future lives. You see, that is why I know you won’t eat me today. I dreamed you and I know you’re full of mouse.” Snake was taken aback. “Why Lizard, you’re exactly right. I wondered why you said you should share your rock.” Lizard laughed to himself. “Snake,” he said, “you are looking for shade and I am looking for shadow. Shadow is where the dreams live.” Lizard medicine is the shadow side of reality where your dreams are reviewed before you decide to manifest them physically. Lizard could have created geting eaten by Snake if he had so desired. Lizard is the medicine of dreamers. Whether dreamers smoke you or dream you, dreamers can always help you see the shadow. This shadow can be your fears, your hopes, or the very thing you are resisting, but it is always following you around like an obedient dog. If Lizard dreamed appears to you or draws your attention, it may be time to look and see what is following along behind you. Is it your fears, your future trying to catch up to you, or is it the part of you that wants to ignore your weaknesses and humanness? Lizard may be telling you to pay attention to your dreams and their symbols. Make a dream log and record all that you remember. Be sure to pay attention to each individual symbol or recurring pattern. If you do not remember your dreams, you could try setting a music alarm for 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. Or you could try drinking a lot of water before bedtime and allow your bladder to wake you up. Dreams are very important. Pay attention to them.
From: Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson

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What is Deeksha?
Posted by Willow Raine
What is Deeksha (Oneness Blessing)? I am thinking about performing this to address a number of issues that aflict people I know. If anything its a total spiritual tune-up! Deeksha or oneness blessing is given in the spirit and compassion of the Deeksha giver. Deeksha in sanskrit means initiation or benediction. Everything that the physical world embodies, when perceived by the five senses, testifies to the fact we are in constant state of separation with self. The physical world represents a sacrifice of oneness. Everything simply is what it is. There are so many different states of experiencing this as there are people. By: Bryan J. Johnson Deeksha or oneness blessing is given in the spirit and compassion of the Deeksha giver. Deeksha in sanskrit means initiation or benediction. Everything that the physical world embodies, when perceived by the five senses, testifies to the fact we are in constant state of separation with self. The physical world represents a sacrifice of oneness. Everything simply is what it is. There are so many different states of experiencing this as there are people. Deeksha results in the activation of certain centers and de-activation of parts of the brain that brings about a shift in consciousness. A Deeksha blessing is the transfer of divine energy. The giver places there hands on the head of the recipient for about three minutes. There is a powerful transmission of divine energy to the receiver. This transmission accelerates the evolution of consciousness. This energy assists in creating access to the divine grace and an experience of oneness. Deeksha does not belong to any spiritual or religious tradition and it seems to further your growth on whatever path you are on. When you become more present in the now, other practices such as prayer, meditation and yoga seem to become more enhanced. Deeksha removes stress, fear and separation. It is the next great lesson of this world and spirituality. Deeksha is not new. Many ancient civilizations have known it as a basic component of human existence. Oneness is an inner perception that defies outer evidence. It is a gentle process of awakening and a deep experience of connection with ourselves and the world around us. Human beings are the only form of life that has lost their attunement of these fields of life and unity. Deeksha allows us to re-attune to the higher consciousness and oneness with the divine. The experience you might feel are a tingling sensation in the head or energy flowing through the body. Sometimes it is strong, sometimes it is subtle and sometimes it can be delayed for some days later or you might not feel anything at all. Repeatedly receiving the blessing over a period of time leads to a direct awakening with the oneness that is all divine.

Unity with God or your higher power if you prefer can be found through this process. The oneness blessing is embracing in that each person experiences his or her own concepts of God, source or spirit. Whatever the experience it is definite that the process of awakening has begun. The process is a custom design for each person which will lead to a full awakening into oneness. It is normal for a person to feel inner peace, relaxation and well being. Some people report feeling lighter more empowered and refreshed. The blessing will bring about a complete shift in consciousness. People also report more harmony in relationships and more success in all areas of there life. When the senses are aligned with the divine grace the constant chatter of the mind slows and we open up to love, joy and peace of mind. Negativity in your life will begin to dissolve and deep emotional and physical healing will begin. Awakening is a process in my experience is a necessity. To think we can do it without the help of an enlightened presence is long and hard journey we do not have to put ourselves through. Everyone should seek out a deeksha giver and let them help with the awakening process.

Posted by Rev. Carol A. Ingle (Raven)
In the physical much attention especially in your culture is given to negative actions. The emphasis in its intention to create awareness, often results in creating more of the same. If you believe in the concept of thought creates reality, then it is important to regard yours as a canvas of your creation. Knee deep in the muck and mire of a negative reality does make it complicated. Be focused on finding the good actions of others and demonstrate your ability to recognize them. By doing so you help to create a contrary position to all the negativity. Of course it would be wonderful if all this could be created with a snap of the fingers. It is a fact that the emphasis on the negative gets much more attention. Therefore, it is imperative to be patient, while continuing to appreciate all the positive moments, people, and actions you can find. You may feel all alone in the endeavor. You may become despondent at the density of the mountain of negativity. However, realize that spirit is right there with you. Since we are not of solid existence at the moment, we depend upon your physical presence to enact the recognition from your viewpoint. We are there supporting you, guiding you, and loving you. Together there is probability of a new perspective and energy. A positive moment to be appreciated by all.

Magical names, Community names and Mundane names
Posted by Foxxy

Almost every day, shortly after rising, I sign into EF and head into chat. I see the populist change as people pop on to check out some mail, or post something.. In the last year or so something has become increasingly prevalent, and I don't 'get' it. Use of mundane names. not first names and an initial, or nicknames, but full names. A decade ago, the pagan community was filled with pseudonyms. If someone showed up with a mundane screen name, it was because they didn't have anything else. Usually, within a week, most had come up with their own 'alias.' Sometimes they used that alias as their magical name, but more often it was their 'community name,' a reflection of with whom or what they connected. Getting that new screen name was often a publicly discussed process, since most of the time these were seekers -aka newbies- who had no idea of why or how such names came into being. If and when they chose their Magical name, it was more likely to be in conference with and elder than publicly discussed. But then both community names and magical names do change over time. just as our nicknames matures as we do. Of course, at that point, the vast majority of us were still in the closet "in real life." Sure some were 'out' to select friends, family or co-workers. A few of use were completely out. But the majority kept their pagan leanings 'off of the public record.' It was a safety net, a level of anonymity that was almost required for personal safety in too many cases. People were still being fired, divorced, fighting custody battles, or being harassed because the concept of "Pagan' still meant "devil worship" to most people. Technically you can't be fired for religion, but bosses are really good at finding other stuff to 'show cause.' Technically religion has no bearing in custody cases either, but the accusation of "witch" was not an uncommon precursor to loosing custody of one's kids. So the anonymity was very necessary for a lot of people. Additionally, because how screen names came into being,* a screen name at least hinted at your path, Patron, Matron, or some other aspect of your belief system -- really helpful information when one is requesting help. Flash forward to the last few years. Paganism is gaining acceptance. We may never have the acceptance that the Abrahamic religions do, but so what - we don't have their dogma or (much of) their hypocrisy either.

It is less likely that belonging to a pagan organization or online site will bring your world crashing down around you. Plus we have Facebook and its clones where mundane names are the norm, and Google requiring them. Flip side: we also have rampant identity theft. While most of EF's members are not the sort to take something so personally they will act out against another. the possibility exists. Playgans** exist, and love to harvest the under-trained for their personal enjoyment. Thus,there is a level of Risk in plastering your whole name all over the web, particularly if you are not "Publicly Pagan." I'm sure its easier to jump from Facebook to the Forest than it would be to sign on to EF directly, But is it worth the risk? With your name on a social site like Facebook, plus your location, schools and other identifying markers, it really isn't all that difficult to figure out who you are and where you live - whether you list your location as part of your EF info, or not. All of which still leaves you open to harassment, if nothing worse. Granted, having 35 Carols with no last initial or even 2 "wolfs" in a class or chat is challenging. Yes, it does happen, but we deal with it. Granted there are only so many ways you can spell Keltik, L8y, or Vvolph, but alt least those tell something about your Pantheon, gender, or totem. It isn't as if no one is able or willing to help you sort out a community name one uniquely yours.* On the other hand, its nice, reassuring even helpful to find other local pagans because people feel safe enough to list their location - even if its only by state, province or some less precise designation. I list central Ohio: most people know that that means somewhere close to Columbus if not in it. It also means if they hear someone call out Foxxy, they can ID me as a "friendly and safe" face in the crowd. It helps build local community! So, can someone explain why the majority of members are using mundane names rather than 'community" aliases? Blessings, Foxxy * help for choosing magical name/s can be searched on site, or ask in chat.

** plagan= Someone who plays at being pagan, usually for sexual or power 'benefits"

Frogs And Toads.....The Hedge Witch's Companion
Posted by Harobed

All season I've chased critters with my camera and posted about my garden minions. With summer almost gone I still have a post or two left........ I love my frogs and toads!!! They eat the nasty buggers that chew on me and my plants.They immediately let me know if there are toxins in my realm. On top of that they sing to me every night .They bring their own special magic to my garden be it night or day. Frogs and Toads are amphibian creatures of the order ‘Anura’, meaning ‘without a tail’and they are common on all continents except Antarctica. They have associations with witchcraft, medicine, weather, birth,and death. In some cultures the frog symbolized a higher stage of spiritual awakening. In the creation myths of the Hindus, a Great Frog supports the universe and represents the matter from which all is created. The Egyptians believed frogs to have been formed from mud and water.They were most often associated with the goddess Heket,who assisted Isis in her ritual to resurrect Osiris.Heket is depicted as a frog-shaped goddess, whose priestesses trained as midwives. In China the toad was a trickster and a magician, a master of escapes and spells,however he was also the keeper of powerful secrets. Japanese legends tell of Kosensei,a wiseman,who wanders with his toad companion. The toad teaches him the secret powers of herbs, including the secret of immortality. Members of the Olmec tribes created images of a toad as the ‘God of rebirth’, reborn after consuming itself.

As much as the frog is seen as a symbol of life and birth, it is also seen as a symbol of death. Some European myths tell that it was bad luck to kill a frog because they were souls of dead children. In the Middle Ages the frog was given a horrible reputation via the church.The frog went from being a symbol of creation to a manifestation of evil. Thanks for picking on small defenseless animals!The frog was quickly associated with Witches,they were thought to be their familiar used to carry out all sorts of misdeeds. Other myths tell of witches extracting toad sweat or collecting toad spit for use in flying potions and invisibility spells. In many Shaman traditions hallucinogenic compounds derived from toads are used in rituals for communion with the spirit world . Although I doubt they harvest from denizens this tiny!

The frog is the totem of metamorphosis,they symbolize coming into your personal power. The Frog reminds us not to become bogged down with day-to-day living.Born of water their voice calls forth the rains. In spell work they can be used to invoke rainy weather.Emotions are associated with water.If you have recently had a frog come into your life it may be telling you to get in touch with your feelings. Frog energy teaches us about the value of environmentalism.As with Butterflies these are among the first to leave an area that's grown toxic.They teach us that small changes in how we live can have a positive impact on our environment.In this way the Frog teaches us about the concept of illness and wellness Frog energy actively seeks solutions to imbalance and ill-health.Listen well to Frog he teaches us the secrets of the land , and how to cleanse negativity from an environment.. Since Frogs occupy the dark places and are most active at night ,frog energy is a great energy for working night rituals and spells.When the frog jumps into your life it may indicate now is a time to find opportunities in transition.

Frogs And Toads.....The Hedge Witch's Companion picks
Posted by Harobed

Mythical Creatures Types and Classes
Posted by Marjabella Le Fey
There are many types of mythical creatures: here is a listing of main classes of these wonderous and mysterious beings... Birds and serpents Basilisk Most often depicted as a reptile, the basilisk is reputed to be king of serpents. One of the most feared of all mythological beasts, a basilisk is said to have the power to cause death with a single glance. In this aspect it bears similarity to the Gorgons of Greek mythology. Chinese dragon Also appearing in other East Asian cultures, it is also sometimes called the Oriental (or Eastern) dragon. The Chinese dragon is easily recognizable for its long serpentine body that is generally wingless, and its anthropomorphic face, complete with beard. The oriental dragon is generally considered a supernatural or spiritual symbol of heavenly power. Dragon Typically depicted as a large and powerful Serpent or other reptile it has magical or spiritual qualities, the most famous being the ability to breathe fire from their mouths. More often than not dragons were considered malevolent, associated with evil supernatural forces and the natural enemy of humanity. Feng-huang Sometimes called the Chinese Phoenix, the feng-huang is a symbol of summer and spiritual balance, and along with the dragon, qilin and tortoise, is one of the most high revered creatures in Chinese tradition. Its appearance is said to indicate some great event, or to bear testimony to the greatness of a ruler. It is often viewed as the sacred union of male and female, Feng being male and Huang female, but also the Feng-Huang can be regarded as a female entity in relation with the male dragon. Firebird In Slavic folklore, the Firebird is a magical glowing bird from a faraway land. Usually described as a large bird with majestic plumage that glows brightly emitting red, orange, and yellow light, the Firebird is both a blessing and a bringer of doom to its captor. The feathers of the Firebird continue glowing when removed, and are able to provide light for a large room. Thus, the Firebird is much prized and often the object of a difficult quest in fairy tales.

Phoenix Characterized as a bird with brightly colored plumage, after a long life the phoenix dies in a fire of its own making only to rise again from the ashes. Ziz A giant bird in Jewish mythology, the ziz is the counterpart in the air of the Behemoth (giant creature of land) and Leviathan (giant creature of water). The Ziz is said to be large enough to be able to block out the sun with its wingspan. Lake monsters Lake monster or loch monster is the name given to large unknown animals which have purportedly been sighted in, and/or are believed to dwell in freshwaters, although their existence has never been confirmed scientifically. They are generally believed not to exist by conventional zoology and allied sciences, and are principally the subject of investigations by followers of cryptozoology. Sightings are often similar to some sea monsters. Of these, Nessie of Loch Ness is almost certainly the most famous, and is promoted heavily in the area's tourist industry. Other well known lake monsters include: Champ of Lake Champlain in North America Bessie of Lake Erie in the United States Chessie of Chesapeake Bay in the United States Ogopogo of Lake Okanagan in Canada Nahuelito of Nahuel Huapi Lake in Argentina Lake Tianchi Monster of Heaven Lake (known as Tianchi (天池) in Chinese and Chonji (천지) in Korean) on the border of China and North Korea Isshii of Lake Ikeda in Japan Brosno dragon of Lake Brosno in Russia Mokele-mbembe of the Congo River in Congo. Monstrous creatures Behemoth Behemoth is the primal unconquerable monster of the land, as Leviathan is the primal monster of the waters of the sea and Ziz the primordial monster of the sky. There is a legend that the Leviathan and the Behemoth shall hold a battle at the end of the world. The two will finally kill each other, and the surviving men will feast on their meat. Leviathan Leviathan is a Biblical sea monster, referred to in sections of the Old Testament. It is regarded as the monster of the waters, while the Behemoth and the Ziz are regarded as monsters of the earth and the air, respectively.

Chimeras and hybrids In Greek mythology, the Chimera is a monstrous creature that was composed of several different animals. Other hybrids exist as combinations of human beings with animals and/or birds, as well as a variety of humanoid creatures Animals Catoblepas The catoblepas is a legendary creature from Ethiopia, described first by Pliny the Elder and later by Claudius Aelianus. Its head is always pointing downwards, hence its name which means "to look downwards" in Greek. The creature is said to have the head of a hog and the body of a buffalo with scales on its back. Its stare or breath could either turn people into stone, or kill them. The catoblepas is often thought to be based on real-life encounters with wildebeest. Griffin The griffin has the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. Seen as guardians of secretly buried wealth, the griffin evolved from a ferocious animal of antiquity to become a symbol of strength and valor. Hippogriff A Hippogriff is a chimeric legendary creature, supposedly the offspring of a griffin and a horse, specifically a male griffin and a mare (female horse). Pegasus Pegasus is the famous winged horse of Greek mythology. Riding on Pegasus Bellerophon was able to defeat the chimera. However, Bellerophon tried to fly to Mount Olympus, the realm of the Gods, on Pegasus' back. Pegasus threw Bellerophon from his back for such blasphemous behavior, and was awarded his own place in Mount Olympus. Unicorn The unicorn, usually depicted with the body of a horse, but with a single—usually spiral—horn growing out of its forehead, is one of the most revered mythical beasts of all time. Appearing in numerous cultures, the unicorn has come to be a symbol of purity and beauty, and is one of the few mythical creatures not associated with violence, danger, and fear. Vegetable Lamb of Tartary The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary (Agnus scythicus or Planta Tartarica Barometz) is a mythical plant of central Asia, believed to grow sheep as its fruit. The sheep were connected to the plant by an umbilical cord and grazed the land around the plant. When all the grazing material was gone, both the plant and sheep died. In the medieval period, the plant was said to explain the existence of cotton.

Part-human Adlet The Adlet (or Erqigdlet) in the Inuit mythology are a race of fabulous creatures with dogs' legs and human bodies. The lower part of the body is like that of a dog, the upper part is like a man's. Inuit in Labrador and Hudson Bay also use this term to refer to inland native American tribes, but the Inuit from Greenland and Baffin Land, who have no such neighbors, regard Adlet as part-human part-dog. Centaur In Greek mythology, the centaurs are a race of mythical creatures that are half human and half horse. They are depicted as the head and torso of a man with his waist joined to the horse's withers, where the horse's neck would be. Faun In Greek and Roman mythology fauns are forest spirits that may help or hinder humans. They are half human - half goat, human from the head to the waist, apart from the addition of goat's horns, and with the lower body of a goat. They are often associated with the Greek god Pan and satyrs. Gorgon In Greek mythology, the Gorgons were three vicious female mythical creatures that lived on an island and possessed the ability to turn a person to stone by looking at them. They possessed both beautiful and hideous traits, the most famous being their head of coiled snakes instead of hair. Of the three, Medusa is perhaps the most famous of the Gorgons, being the only one of the three who was mortal. She, like many such creatures, met her doom at the hands of a hero aided by the gods. Harpy Harpies in Greek mythology were winged-beasts that were sent down by Zeus to punish, most famously the prophet Phineus. Like many other second-tier Greek creatures, the Harpies were more prominent in art works than in mythological literature, and while they may occasionally be used in popular culture today, they are most widely remembered for their part in the legendary adventures of Jason and the Argonauts. Manticore The manticore of Central Asia is a kind of chimera, that is sometimes said to be related to the Sphinx. It was often feared as being violent and feral, but it was not until the manticore was incorporated into European mythology during the Middle Ages that it came to be regarded as an omen of evil. Mermaid (mer is the French word meaning "sea.") A mermaid is an aquatic creature with the head and torso of human female and a fish-like tail. The male version of a mermaid is known as a "merman," and the gender-neutral plural is merfolk or merpeople. Merfolk appear in a plethora of cultures worldwide—legends often tell of mermaids singing to sailors, enchanting them, and luring them to their death.

Minotaur In Greek mythology, the Minotaur was part man and part bull. It was kept by King Minos of Crete in the center of a "labyrinth," an elaborate maze-like construction designed by the architect Daedalus specifically to hold the Minotaur. According to legend, the Minotaur required human sacrifices on a regular basis. Theseus volunteered to be sacrificed, and with the help of Daedalus, was able to slay the Minotaur and escape the maze. Siren In Greek mythology the Sirens were creatures who lived on a remote island surrounded by rocky cliffs. The Sirens lured passing sailors by their singing, which would enchant any sailor listening to the point that he would lose all will-power, and crash his ship upon the Sirens' rocky shore and cliffs, killing all the men aboard. Sphinx The sphinx has had a long history of secrecy and intrigue, being viewed by many cultures as guardians of knowledge and as speaking in riddles. The sphinx varies in physical features, but is almost always a composite of two or more animals, and some versions are part-human partanimal. Whatever the form, the sphinx embodies paradox, beautiful and alluring, she is also dangerous even deadly; encountering a sphinx is described as confusing and destructive and requires great caution when approaching. Tengu Tengu ("heavenly dogs") are a class of supernatural creatures found in Japanese folklore, art, theater, literature, and religious mythology. These Japanese spirits were originally thought to take the forms of birds of prey, such that they are traditionally depicted with both human and avian characteristics. In the earliest sources, tengu were actually pictured with beaks, but, in later depictions, these features have often been anthropomorphized into unnaturally long noses. These crafty (oftentimes dangerous) bird-men were long held to be disruptive demons and harbingers of war (much like their Chinese prototypes). Over time, this overtly negative evaluation was softened somewhat, as the Buddhists came to acknowledge the popular conception of these spirits as morally-ambivalent protectors of the mountains and forests, who were as likely to bring windfalls as calamities to humans intruding upon their domains. Humanoid creatures Banshee A banshee is one of many spirits of Irish and Scottish folklore. Banshees are omens of death and messengers from the afterlife who would appear and wail under the windows of a house where a person was about to die. Brownie A brownie is a legendary household spirit popular in folklore around Scotland and Northern England. They are said to inhabit houses and aid in tasks around the house. However, they do not like to be seen and will only work at night, traditionally in exchange for small gifts or food. They usually abandon the house if their gifts are called payments, or if the owners of the house misuse them.

Dwarf A dwarf, appearing most frequently in Norse mythology, is humanoid in form, but short and stocky. They are connected with the Earth and are often said to be miners, engineers, and craftsmen. Elf The elf is found in Norse mythology and still survives in northern European folklore. Elves can be depicted as youthful-seeming men and women of great beauty living in forests and other natural places, or as small trickster creatures. In early folklore, elves were generally possessed of supernatural abilities, often related to disease, which they could use for good (healing) or ill (sickening) depending on their relationship toward the person they were affecting. They also had some power over time, in that they could entrap human beings with their music and dance. Some elves were small, fairy-like creatures, possibly invisible, whereas others appeared human-sized. Generally they are long-lived, if not immortal. At that moment she was changed by magic to a wonderful little fairy by John BauerFairy A fairy is a spirit or supernatural being, based on the fae of medieval Western European folklore and romance. Sometimes the term is used to describe any mystical creature of humanoid appearance, including goblins or gnomes, and at other times only to describe a specific type of more ethereal creature. Many folktales are told of fairies, and they appear as characters in stories from medieval tales of chivalry, to Victorian fairy tales, and up to the present day in modern literature. Gnome The gnome is a class of creatures that has taken on many different meanings, but most generally refers to very small people, often men, that live in dark places, especially underground, in the depths of forests, or more recently in gardens. Most European ethnic groups have had some kind of gnome legends with local variations, some helping plants and animals, some helping humans, some reclusive ones staying underground or in dark forests, perhaps hoarding treasure, and others interacting mischievously or even harmfully with humans. Modern traditions portray gnomes as small, old men wearing pointed hats and living in forests and gardens. Despite varying forms, gnomes have the common attribute of being able to move through the earth as easily as humans move atop it. Goblin The goblin is of Germanic and British folklore, often believed to be the evil or merely mischievous opposite of the more benevolent faeries and spirits of lore. There is no single version of a goblin; the term is more generic for those small creatures that live in dark places and cause trouble, but in more recent years the term has come to refer to creatures that live in caves and terrorize children. Despite local variations, goblins have almost universally been described as troublemakers. They are either simply tricksters and mischievous, like immature children, or actually malevolent, evil-doers, dangerous to human beings.

Gremlin A gremlin is an English folkloric creature, commonly depicted as mischievous and mechanically oriented, with a specific interest in aircraft. Legends concerning gremlins arose from airmen who claimed that failures in their craft were due to sabotage by gremlins. Leprechaun The most famous, recognizable, and misrepresented symbol of Irish mythology is the leprechaun. They have origins stretching back to before the arrival of the Celts. The leprechaun has evolved in popular conception from a species of faerie to an almost cartoonish caricature of Irish culture that can both celebrate and belittle the Irish. Nix The Nix is the most popular term for the shapeshifting water spirits of Germanic and Nordic folklore. Often times they appear as humans, and are sometimes linked with such similar creatures as the Greek Sirens or the European Mermaids; however, more often than not they are closer to nymphs or sprites in both demeanor and appearance. The Nix may take different forms, but their message is one of warning of impending death by drowning. Nymph In Greek mythology, a nymph is any member of a large class of female nature entities, either bound to a particular location or land form, such as mountains, groves, springs, rivers, valleys, and cool grottos, or joining the retinue of a god, such as Dionysus, Hermes, or Pan, or a goddess, generally Artemis. Nymphs were the frequent target of lusty satyrs, their male counterpart. Worshipped by the ancient Greeks and said to come from the earth, they were seen to be care givers of the land and life in general. Although not immortal, they lived extremely long lives. Ogre An ogre is a large and hideous humanoid monster often found in fairy tales and folklore. While commonly depicted as an unintelligent and clumsy enemy, it is dangerous in that it feeds on its human victims. The idea of the ogre has been used as a method of instilling good behavior in children by suggesting that bad behavior attracted and excited ogres, who would then attack, kidnap, or even eat the perpetrator. Orc Orc refers to various tough and warlike humanoids in various fantasy settings, particularly in the stories of Middle-earth written by J. R. R. Tolkien and derivative fictions. Often barbaric and unintelligent, Orcs are usually seen as the most war-mongering and violent of all mythical creatures. Pixie Pixies are creatures of English folklore. They are considered to be particularly concentrated in the areas the downs and moors of Devon and Cornwall. Like sprites and other different types of English faeries, pixies are often considered mischievous, but not overtly malevolent creatures of nature. Their most commonly depicted image is a wingless and pointy-eared fairy-esque creature dressed in green.

Sasquatch Sasquatch, colloquially known as "Bigfoot," is a primate-like animal believed to inhabit the forests of North America, although people claim to have sighted the creature in every part of the United States and most of Canada. Akin to the infamous Yeti of the Himalayan Mountains, Sasquatch lore dates back to the earliest Native American tribes. Troll The troll is of Scandinavian origin but has international popularity in the realms of legend, folklore, and fantasy. One of the most anthropomorphic fantasy creatures, trolls have been depicted in vastly different ways. Generally considered somewhat dangerous, whether through their larger than human size and strength or through more magical means, trolls are recognizably similar to human beings. Valkyrie In Norse mythology the valkyries are a host of female figures who decide who will die in battle. The valkyries bring their chosen warriors to the afterlife hall of the slain, Valhalla, which is ruled over by the god Odin. There they become the deathless einherjar ("lone fighters") prepared to fight at Odin's side during the eschaton (Ragnarök). Vampire Vampires are folkloric beings that subsist on the life force of a human being and/or animal. In most cases, vampires are represented as reanimated corpses who feed by draining and consuming the blood of living beings. Bram Stoker's Dracula has arguably been the definitive version of the vampire in popular fiction. Werewolf A werewolf in folklore is a person who shape-shifts into a Gray Wolf or wolf-like creature, either purposely, by using magic, or after being placed under a curse, often at the time of a full moon. Given that they were a threat to people, tales often focus on methods of revealing werewolves, protecting oneself from them, and killing them. Wendigo The Wendigo is a malevolent cannibalistic spirit into which humans could transform, or which could possess humans, appearing in Algonquian mythology. Humans who indulged in cannibalism were at particular risk, and the legend appears to reinforce this practice as taboo. Yeti The yeti, also known as the "Abominable Snowman," is an alleged ape-like animal said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. Most mainstream scientists, explorers, and writers consider current evidence of the yeti's existence to be weak and better explained as a hoax, legend, or misidentification of known species. Other Cerberus Cerberus is a multi-headed (usually three-headed) dog. In Greek and Roman mythology it guards the gates of Hades, to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping.

Chupacabra The chupacabra (from the Spanish chupar "to suck" and cabra "goat", literally "goat sucker"), is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. The name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats. It is supposedly a heavy creature, the size of a small bear, with a row of spines reaching from the neck to the base of the tail Kelpie The kelpie is a supernatural shape-shifting water horse from Celtic folklore that is believed to haunt the rivers and lochs of Scotland and Ireland. It generally has grayish black fur, and will appear to be a lost pony, but can be identified by its constantly dripping mane. Its skin is like that of a seal but is deathly cold to the touch.

Practicing Mind Focus Meditation
Posted by Marjabella Le Fey

There are many different foci for meditation, and incense is a very effective option. This type of meditation involves focusing on something intently as a way of staying in the present moment and turning off your internal dialogue. Many people find this type of meditation easier to practice than classic meditation where you focus on nothing to quiet your mind. With focused meditation, you can choose to focus on almost anything that involves the senses, including sounds, visual pieces, tactile sensations, tastes and smells, and even the your own breathing! Here’s how: Difficulty: Easy Time Required: 5 to 30 Minutes Here's How: 1.Choose a target for your focus. The sound of a metronome, the smell of incense, or a pleasing picture are all popular choices. (If you need more ideas, here’s a list of things you can turn your attention to.) 2.Get into a comfortable position, and relax your body. 3.Turn your attention to your chosen target, and take in the sensation it provides. Focus on the sound, smell, sight, etc. and simply experience what it has to offer. The idea is not to think about it, but simply to experience it, being fully present in the moment. 4.If your internal voice starts to analyze it, or begins to rehash stressful situations of the day, worry about the future, make a list for grocery shopping, or anything else, gently turn your attention back to your chosen target and the sensation it provides. Let your mind stay quiet and clear. 5.If you find your mind engaging you and realize that you’re not being fully present with the sensations of your chosen target, don’t let your inner perfectionist beat you up for ‘doing it wrong’; simply congratulate yourself for noticing, and return back to the present moment and the sensations it has to offer. 6.That’s it. It may sound a little strange or difficult to understand as you’re reading this, but as you practice this type of meditation, it will become easier and make more sense. The more you practice, the more benefits you will experience. Enjoy! Tips: 1.Give it time. Meditation often takes practice. If you’re expecting to do it ‘perfectly’, you may actually create more stress for yourself than you relieve, and you won’t want to stick with it. 2.Start with shorter sessions—like five minutes—and work your way up to longer sessions—like 30. With practice, this type of meditation becomes easier and more effective. 3.If the experience is frustrating for you and you don’t really want to continue, you may find more success with other types of meditation like the Karate Breathing Meditation. What You Need •Some quiet, private time. •Comfortable clothes. •A willing attitude and an open mind.

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