DI and QA 1. Given the distance as S = 3t + t3 in ‘t’ seconds. Calculate the velocity after 2 seconds.

15 20 25 10

2. My income for 30days averaged Rs.14 the average for the 1st 10 days was Rs.12 and the average for the last 18 days was Rs.16. What was the income on the 12th day. Rs.6 Rs. 2 Rs.5 Rs.10

3. 6 men P,Q,R,S,T,U agree with a seventh man V to provide a sum of money among them P,Q,R,S,T,U are to subscribe Rs.20 each and V is to pay Rs.6 more than the average of the seven. What is the whole sum to be provided Rs.147 4. 6, 12, 36,144 720 760 520 288 Rs.73 Rs.125 Rs.142

5. X has Rs.2 and B has twenty paise. How much must X gives to Y in order that he may & have just 4 times as much as Y. 24 paise 60 paise 12 paise none of these

6. Walking 4/5 of his usual speed, a man is 15 minutes late. His usual time to cover that distance is 50 min 1 hour 5 min 55 min

7. How many metres. does an ant travel in 40sec. @ 90 km/hr. 500 m 1000m 1500 m 1200 m

8. A pressure cooker is sold for Rs. 2400. Sales tax amounts for 1/5th of this and profit ½ of the remainder. Find C.P. Rs. 960 Rs.620 Rs.1440 Rs.480

9. Find the length of the longest rod that can be placed in the room 24 ft long, 18 ft broad & 16ft high. 34 ft. 32 ft 17 ft 30 ft.

1800 Rs. IF x’s speed is 5 m per sec. . 30 ways 15 ways 20 ways 25 ways. breadth and thickness of a rectangular coin are 7: 4:3 and its whole surface area is 2196 sq. Rs. The length .1200 15. 1500 Rs.07% 25% 22.cm find its breadth 12  2 cm 14 cm 3 2 none of these 11. he sells both the stock in equal quantity at RS. An FMCG company has 2 stocks of a shampoo of different cost prices.96% 18.1600 Rs. what % of boys sing. 12.10.200. In how many different ways can 5 questions of true false type be answered 15 ways 3 ways 10 ways 32 ways 13. In a class 50% of the student are boys and 70% of the girls sing. If 60% of the class sings. There are 6 men and 3 women who are eligible for being included in a team of 4 men and 2 women.10. In a 200 m race x gives y a start of 10m. Find the cost of painting an angular ring with inner radius of 3 yards and outer radius 5 yards. In how many ways can the team be formed if one woman Rakhi refuses to be in if another woman Sheetal be included. Due to a demand lag. 50 % 25% 35% 75% 14. A regular solid with 6 vertices has 2 faces. In what time does y finish the race 42 sec 30 sec 40 sec 50 sec. Increasing the speed by 30% will reduce the travelling time by 23. Find the number of edges 10 4 6 8 16.06% 28% 17. Cost of painting a circle of radius 3 feet is Rs. one at a gain of 10% and the other at a loss of 10% this overall profit/loss is gain 2% loss 1% gain 1% loss 1.

3) (-3. 483 ] 1. 10 20 14 6 25. 24 /25 27/29 25/24 29/27.19. 200 250. Find the ratio of the square of their average and the average of their squares . the course of destroyer is indicated by 2x – 27 = 20. -6) (-6 .4) 24. If a and b are non-zero rational unequal number then (a + b )2 . If 40 student are sent from B to A then the number of students in A is double that of B. 483 x .502 1.7) (4. . In solving it. On the same area. 190 190.04 23. 250 26. while Aruna made a mistake in the co-efficient of x only and obtained roots as –6 . 160 160. The point (x. Varuna and Aruna solved a quadratic equation. A and B. 21. 200. 625 x .( a – b) 2 / a2b – ab2 is equal to 1/ab 2 / (a-b) 1/ (a-b) 4/ (a-b) 22. The number of student in A and M respectively are. If 33 = 18 .. then 63 = ? 45 56 32 48 20.858 ] is : 1. For what value of K will the equations 4x + 24 y +6 = 0 and 6x + 18y + k = 0 represent coincident lines 7/2 4/7 9/2 8/7 27. 52 = 29. Varuna made a mistake in the constant term and got the roots as 3 and 4. The value of K for which the system of equations 2x + 4y-1 = 0 and 10x + ky -5 = 0 has no solution is. 625 . The course of enemy helicopter as plotted on a set of rectangular are given by the equation 4x + 6 y = 10.108 2. 46 = 52. X:Y:Z : 3:4:5.10 1.y) at which the helicopter can be destroyed is : (7. [ . There are two examination halls. If 20 student are sent from A to B then the number of student in each room is the same..

. Some good players win. Some snakes are poisonous. Only those who breathe fresh air are healthy. He multiplied it with 62 and got his answer more than the correct one by 468. All who win are good player. 28 rose plants. 56 marigold plant and 108 Shoeflower planted in rows such that each row contain the same numbers of trees of one variety only. Some who breath fresh air are healthy. . 77. All poisonous creatures are nocturnal. 3. 2. All healthy breathe fresh air. All good players win. Villagers breathe fresh so they are healthy. 1 5. 78.2 28. Ashok was asked to multiply a certain number by 26. She will win because she is a good player. is : 156 LR and VA 76. All snakes are nocturnal. 4.and –1. . All who breathe fresh air are healthy. The number of natural numbers divisible by 7 between 1 and 1000. 143 142 150 . All poisonous creatures are snakes. Directions for questions 78 to 82 : Each question contains six statements followed by four sets of combinations of three. Minimum number of rows in which the above trees may be planted is 24 48 21 56 29. The correct roots of the equation are -6 .1 7. 1. 1 14 12 13 30. -1 6. Choose the set in which the statements are logically related. Some who win are good players.

4. Some smokers are doctors. 165 236 241 235 79. Some judges are honest. All debtors are excessive drinkers.5. 1. 5.No smoker is a doctor. 3. All animals in the circus are trained.No minister is honest. Some judges are not ministers. 3. Some animals are not trained. 4. 5. No manager is an excessive drinker.All judges are honest.Some trained animals are elephants. 327 674 253 456 . 6. Some honest persons are ministers. 6. 6.All trained animals are in circus. 2. Some doctors are non-smokers. 2. 5. All doctors are smokers. All excessive drinkers are debtors. 6. 154 245 364 342 82.All doctors are non-smokers 4. 3. 2.Some excessive drinkers are managers. 3. No debtor is a manager. 162 352 235 146 80. Some elephants are in circus.Some nocturnal creatures are poisonous. 2. 165 345 135 251 81. 4. Some snakes are nocturnal creatures. 7.1. 6. No honest person is a judge. Some managers are debtors. Elephants are trained animals.1. Elephants are in circus.No non-smoker is a smoker.1. 5.

He always prefers Haydn to HIndemith and Hindemith to Mozart. and he always chooses to listen to a composer he prefers. choose the pair that bear the same relationship as the capitalized pair. He always prefers Mahler to any composer whose name begins with B.Directions for questions 83 to 87 : Given below is a capitalized pair of words which bear a certain relationship to each other. Directions for questions 88 to 91: Read the information and answer the questions given below. 83.CRICKETER : GOLFER painter : sculptor eland pugnacious : attitude emu : clairvoyant : oracular. except Beethoven. From the alternatives.FACADE : BUILDING visage : person screen : television hands : watch personage : importance 85. He always prefers Beethoven to Bartok and Mahler to Mozart. .APOCALYPSE : CATASTROPHE retroactive : aberration physiognomy : psychometry flagellate : wave firmament : sky 87.POP : EXPLODE annoyed : furious simmer : boil cold : ice freeze : thaw 86.DESIGN : ABSTRACT apple nebulous : pear rain : drizzle drink : mango swirling : 84. John adores classical music.

Mahler. John plays Mahler. Mozart. John's brother gives him ones recording by each of the composers mentioned. Directions for questions 92 to 95 :In each of the following questions one interrogative statements followed by two argument. Mozart. John prefers Bartok to Mozart. which of the following must be true? There is no record by Hindemith. John prefers Mozart to Beethoven. John's father gives him several records. if only argument 1 is forceful (b). There is no record by Bartok. one beginning with 'yes' and the other with 'no'. John plays the Haydn first. Mozart. 90. Hindemith. There is no record by Beethoven. 89. Bartok. Which of the following correctly states the order in which John must play some of the records? Beethoven. . If the first record he plays is by Berlioz. Which of the following cannot occur? John plays the Beethoven first third. if neither 1 nor 2 is forceful. Mahler. Beethoven. Hindemith. Bartok. Mark: (a). Which of the following can not be true? John prefers Mahler to Bartok. 91. John plays the Beethoven fifth. John's mother also gives him one recording by each composer mentioned. Haydn. if only argument 2 is forceful (c). John prefers Beethoven to Mozart. if both 1 and 2 are forceful (d).88. One of the records may be by Haydn.

She is free from disease. because a widow suffering will remain maladjusted. I. a b c d 95. The moon rose before the end of their voyage.92. Choose the ones which are syntactically. Should there be 1/3rd reservation for women in cabinet? 1. II. 2. because such a step would make them helpless dependents. a b c d 93. Yes. Their voyage was not ended. I. Yes. No. because nothing is a democratic country like China should be implemented by force. Yes. Should the people in China be legally forced to adopt family planning program? 1. The moon rose. a b c d 94. Is it beneficial for the national unity of India to separate religion from politics? 1. She has a disease free appearance. No. She appears to be free from disease. At least she appears to be so. No. 2. II and III II and III I and III 97. No. Their voyage carried on after sunset. Yes. because India is a secular state and it is in the interest of national unity to remain secular. 96. idiomatically and semantically correct. because population explosion is perhaps the greatest threat to China's economic development. because religion imparts a moral touch to our politics. Should widow remarriages be made obligatory? 1. I only I. . because women have been living under social constraints. a b c d Directions for questions 96 to 100: Two sentences below are joined in three different ways and the beginnings of each composite sentence are given. II. 2. because a widow suffers in various ways. III. 2. Their voyage carried on well into the night.

. I..... The stormy winds sunk the mastless . the now mastless ship could not.... The ship without a mast was sunk after the .. It could not before the wind... II. His wife encouraged him.. I and II II and III III only After the storm the ship had no mast... I only II only I and II III only 98. III.... I. Since his wife encouraged him... I... III. A tender in the newspaper aroused his interest.... His interest was aroused by a print tender. I only III only I and III only II and III 100. I and III 99. He preserved because.. She appears to be free from the least diseases. I only II only I and II III only .. His encouraging wife persevered him... II. He read an interest arousing tender in the newspaper. After the storm. He preserved.. III..III.. There was an tender in the newspaper.... His interest was much aroused. II...

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