Spiritual Warfare
By Gary Millar and Scott Tunmer

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He is the apprentice to Louie. Lewis. the audience will gain insight into the kind of person that poses a threat to the kingdom of darkness. against the authorities. but against the rulers. Category Comedy Audience Christians Time 10-15 Minutes Difficulty Easy Scripture Reference Ephesians 6:12 (NIV): “For our Struggle is not against flesh and blood. . by C.Spiritual Warfare By Gary Millar and Scott Tunmer Description Junior Demon and his mentor Louie receive an assignment to tempt a Christian. His voice has a slight whine to it.” Cast of Characters [2 Male] Junior Demon: A very “simple” demon. against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. We wrote this one to use as a kick-off to a sermon series on spiritual warfare and the armor of God. Through this light and comical portrayal. or what kind of job he has. In the end we find out that what matters is not whether the earthly victim attends church. He is the “brains” of the operation and generally not very patient with Junior Demon. He tries to act smarter than he really is. Additional Information This sketch is a classic straight-man-and-funny-man set up. Purpose To give an inside look at how the spiritual forces of wickedness might plot and scheme against us. This script was inspired in part by The Screwtape Letters. S. You could think of Bud Abbot playing the part of Louie and Lou Costello doing Junior Demon. Louie: The head demon. but whether his life takes on the image of Jesus Christ.

Webmasters may place the electronic version of this file on a Christian drama website as long as the file is not modified in any way and a link to www.Props Prop A small table A Table with two chairs Bible A box marked assignments An 8 x 10 envelope Sheets of paper inside envelope A small photo inside of envelope Start Location On Stage – in back On Stage – in front On top of front table On top of rear table Inside of Assignment Box Inside of Envelope Inside of Envelope Notes Costume Louie wears a jacket and a tie. All rights reserved. this is just another day at the is provided. Junior Demon is not as well dressed as Louie. or film by a charitable or non-profit organization. Copyright This script is copyright © 1997 Gary Millar and Scott Tunmer. This script may be freely copied and distributed. Scene An office setting in hell. He can dress “business casual. For performances for profit (other than for charitable causes) written permission must be obtained from the copyright holder. Lighting General stage lighting. television. The sketches may also be recorded onto sound cassette. This copyright notice must be reproduced on all copies of the script. a red tint could help create the appropriate mood. as if he were the boss working in an office setting. For these two demons. video. provided it is done so in its entirety.ChurchScripts. This sketch may be downloaded and performed without charge by any charitable or non-profit organization.” Sound Effects No sound effects are required. .

who becomes obviously intimidated as soon as he notices Louie’s sharp look.) Shut up and check the box! (Junior Demon walks over to the box again and looks inside. (Junior Demon assumes numerous positions around the box. Demon: Louie: Jr. I was thinkin’… (Slowly. but he can’t seem to figure out how to . Zondervan Publishing House is the NIV’s exclusive licensed commercial publisher for North America. isn’t it? Naw. Demon: Still nothing. copyright © 1973. (Takes a walk over to the box and looks inside.) Know thine enemy! (Louie looks at Junior Demon angrily and then slowly turns his gaze to Junior Demon’s finger.All Scripture quotations. as if to trick the box into having something inside this time.) Jr. unless otherwise noted. New International Version (North American Edition). Demon: (Continuing. are taken from The Holy Bible. (Louie stops pacing and looks at Junior Demon with disgust. See the copyright page in all Zondervan NIV Bibles for further information on proper use of the NIV trademark. I’m gonna get me a Christian. 1978.) For our struggle is not against flesh and blood. against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.) Jr. The NIV is sponsored by the International Bible Society. (He now points his finger at Louie for emphasis. Junior Demon gets the idea and pulls his finger back. I’m just gonna check the box. Script (Louie and Junior Demon are on stage when the lights come up. So. I’m studyin’. waiting for something to arrive. I was thi -(Louie stares intently at Junior Demon. He walks back toward Louie as he tries to open the envelope.) Hey! Louie! That’s us! We’re in the Bible! (Disgusted. Demon: So. Louie is pacing back and forth. but not very well.) Jr.) Jr.) What are you doing? Having your devotions again? A little late for that. sarcastic. the copyright holder. He sees nothing in the box and walks back toward Louie . 1984 by the International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. He is then startled as an 8x10 envelope “appears” in the box. emphasizing each word.) Still nothing. Louie crosses his arms and looks cynically at Junior Demon. um. uh. but against the rulers. He starts to walk back toward the front and then quickly looks into the box again. against the authorities. Louie. Demon: (Reading. while Junior Demon is sitting at the table reading the Bible.) Louie: Jr. So Louie. Demon: Louie: Shut up and check the box.

) Good! Like I was sayin’. Demon: Louie: What? What’s wrong. Louie? It says here that he’s a Christian. torture. slightly fearful. Demon: Louie: Jr. Yesssss! (With a sinister smile.) Jr. Excited once again. it gets better: He also sells life insurance on the side and he’s studying to become a lawyer! (Smiling. Junior Demon continues laughing for a moment and then realizes that something is up. uh. uh. harass.) You’re all mine. lie to. Louie has had enough and grabs the envelope from Junior Demon’s hand.) Louie: Give me that! (He opens the envelope and removes the first page. Suddenly Louie becomes very serious as he continues to read. what kind of Christian is he? What are you talking about? . Demon: Louie: Jr. he’s more qualified for this job than we are! (They both begin to laugh.) Are you.) Oh. Demon: Louie: Jr. is trying to look on.) Jr. I’ll chew you up and I’ll spi – (Hesitates again.(Hesitates for a moment.) I’ll spit you out and I’ll mash you into the ground! It seems our mister Janson is a used car salesman. Demon: So Louie… Whom do we get to tempt.) I mean. Junior Demon. studying it. Demon: Louie: Jr. Demon: Louie: Jr. Demon: (Laughing. Junior Demon laughing in a more animated. uh. (Excited again. Frederick P. a little hyperactive and somewhat annoying. torment. Freddie! I’ll chew you up and I’ll spit you -.) Are you sure he isn’t already here? (The two look at each other and snicker – they figure a man with those credentials should be easy to get into hell.) You. trying to contain his laughter. nervous again. (Continuing his thought.) Jr. have you Louie? No. haven’t heard of him. Demon: Louie: Well.) Jr. and otherwise ruin? His name is Janson. (Excited.get it opened. ridiculous way. over Louie’s shoulder. (They both shudder – a mix of disdain and fear. sure you haven’t heard of him? Positive.

Janson. (Now they both pause for a moment in nervousness and concern. They have a sinister laugh as they scheme about how they might attack Mr. Hmmm… Ah. He points to various spots. uh.) Jr. Church. then with concern and disgust. Wait! It says here that he’s a new Christian. Yes. Demon: Weaknesses… Yes. One of them. He looks at it first with shock. Demon: What? Louie? What’s wrong? . Oh yeah. (Junior Demon lifts his shirt and pant leg in order to show Louie his battle scars. Demon: Louie: Jr. (Relieved. Wait a minute. (Pauses for a second. Demon: Louie: Jr. weaknesses? (Both read further and begin to highlight areas of weakness.) Louie: Jr. smurch. Oooo. Demon: So. Now that is a good one. Or this one. But he actually reads it.) You know – the kind of Christian that gave me this scar… Or this one. yes.) That’s a big problem.) That’s not so bad. lots of people read the Bible. Louie.) Louie: Jr. But he actually listens. Demon: I hope he’s not the dangerous kind. (Glup. and what about this one? Oh. Lot’s of people have a Bible.) This could be a tough assignment. uh. anyway? (Louie reaches into the envelope and finds the photograph of Mr.Jr. It is. Demon: Louie: Jr. Oh. lots of people go to church. No big deal! But he is actually doing what it says! Oh. shmible. Janson. So. Demon: Louie: Jr. Bible. here’s one. Demon: Louie: Jr. He also has a Bible. Demon: Louie: Jr. What’s this guy look like. Demon: Louie: Jr. does it say anything about. But it says he goes to church regularly.

who looks at the picture and screams in horror. Demon: Louie: Jr.) (With an evil confidence. Why? (Louie hands the picture to Junior Demon.) . exasperated.Louie: Jr. Louie! (Sits. Louie! This guy is ugly! Look again.) Louie: Jr. Demon: This is not going to be easy. Demon: Louie: You’re right. Then he shakes his head “no” and we see that he doesn’t get it. On what. It’s too late! It’s over.) Jr. indicating that he understands.) That depends. Louie? On whether he’s ready for us. Demon: Louie: You fool! He’s already starting to look like Christ! You mean he’s already changing? Then we’re doomed. (Lights fade out. you idiot! (Junior Demon studies the picture. He nods his head “yes” thoughtfully at first. trying to see what Louie is talking about.

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