Quiz #1 – Investigation of Your Teacher


Directions: See how much you know about your child’s teacher. Match the question to the answer. Each answer is used only once. _____ 1. The year I was born. _____ 2. The number of miles from my house to my parent’s house. _____ 3. The total number of siblings I have (brothers, sisters, step-brothers, step-sisters, half brothers, half sisters). This does not include me. _____ 4. The year I graduated from high school. _____ 5. The year I graduated from college. ______________________ Bonus point if you can name the college _____ 6. The year I graduated with my 2nd Master’s Degree. _____ 7. The number of pets that I have.
2009 ANSWERS (not in order, duhh) 4 2000 2 11 6081 1 1978

_____ 8. The number of children I have. _____ 9. The number of years I have taught (including this year). _____ 10. My street address. _____ 11. The number of years I’ve been at this school (including this year). _____ 12. The number of cities I have lived in. _____ 13. The year my parents got married. _____ 14. The year I graduated with my 1st Master’s Degree. _____ 15. The number of Dave Matthews Band concerts I have attended.

29 13 2004 32 1996 1975

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