IFB Industries Limited originally known as Indian Fine Blanks Limited started their operations in India during 1974 in collaboration with Hienrich Schmid AG of Switzerland. The product range includes Fine Blanked components, tools and related machine tools like Straighteners, Decoilers, Strip loaders and others. The Engineering divisions are located at Kolkata & Bangalore. The Bangalore unit, apart from Fine Blanked components, manufactures motors for White goods as well as Automotive applications. VISION IFB will be synonymous with Innovation & Technology in its chosen fields of business activities. IFB will excel in Quality & Services to be in consonance with Global Standards.

MISSION Continuously maximizing company's wealth by manufacturing and marketing best quality engineering products that go into daily life.


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getting the delicate bone china spotlessly clean and never having to worry about the overflowing laundry bag or even the weather for that matter. . For every decision that we make. This is so because the people who make clothes dryers believe and think that the best and fastest way of drying clothes is by using very hot air. We want our innovations in technology to reflect in your innovation in cooking. your convenience is always our top priority. Choose from the various options to get the desired washing cycle. As you browse through our existing range of products. On the other hand. Our Research and Development team has discovered that a better and environment friendly method of drying clothes is by using high air velocity. we want you to achieve new feats in your culinary skills. but have you? Washing machines Can you imagine washing your very expensive silk saree in a washing machine? The IFB washing machine has a special cycle do all the thinking for you. We'll concentrate on washing clothes and you concentrate on wearing them. Imagine how effortless it is going to be when you invite guests for dinner. you will see that the other drums have tiny holes. Clothes Dryer Take a look at the drum of an IFB clothes dryer and you'll see it's full of holes.COMMERCIAL DISH WASHER DRYER KITCHEN APPLIANCES COMMERCIAL LAUNDRY Why IFB? IFB is one of the market leaders in the home appliances brands in India and we are putting all our efforts and hard work to become the first choice when it comes to being an integral part of your household. With our engineering feats. And with all that hot air they're blowing. they don't need very big holes. just imagine how they will look in your home. On comparing our drums with other brands in the market. IFB has rethought this old-fashioned point of view. Each cycle delivers the exact water temperature at the exact point in the cycle that each garment type requires along with proper spin speed. We have already imagined all of this.

and your one-of-a-kind wardrobe is dried in a safer environment. Microwave Oven Our microwave ovens are the perfect example of a beautiful blend of performance and style. freshly washed dishes. capacity range from 90T to 800T. The company has total of nine (9) Fine Blanking Presses.well. The high air velocity also dries garments more evenly. glasses and silverware. The IFB system is completely closed. Bijon Nag. Dishwashers The flow-through heater is a strong point of IFB dishwashers. didn't you?). ranging in size from 90 to 800 T. That disgust drove us to invent a hygienic. it might only be covered with dust bunnies and old food.Excessive usage of hot air isn't required. BOARD OF DIRECTORS MR BIJON NAG CHAIRMAN MR BIKRAMJIT NAG JOINT EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN & MANAGING DIRECTOR DR.. which sanitizes dishes and heats the stainless steel wash tub walls of the IFB dishwasher. TRIDIBESH MUKHERJEE DIRECTOR MR SUDIP BANERJEE DIRECTOR IFB INDUSTRIES LIMITED was founded in Kolkata in 1974 in collaboration with Heinrich Schmid AG of Switzerland by Mr. The wash water is super-heated by our flowthrough heater (you knew we'd sneak that in somewhere. The result? Spot-free. Most dishwashers dry dishes by blowing hot air onto still-wet. Our microwave range will set you free to indulge in all the things that you have dreamed of whilst enjoying the luxury of a hassle free cooking experience. If you're merely clean. MURALIDHAR DIRECTOR DR. with which you can't wait to eat a delicious meal. The Company has excellent facilities for tool design and tool making enabling the company to meet up the expectations of all the automobile manufacturers in the . and the condensation then runs down the smooth stainless steel. Having factories in Kolkata and Bangalore. a technocrat entrepreneur. we'll leave it to your imagination. The heat from the walls condenses the moisture on the dishes. RATHINDRA NATH MITRA DIRECTOR MR RADHARAMAN BHATTACHARYA DIRECTOR MR SOMEN BAL DIRECTOR MR R. But we decided to tell you about the closed drying system instead. IFB is the Premier Fine Blanker in India having Fine Blanking Presses. sealed drying system. having practical experience in Fine Blanking in Germany and Switzerland for many years. The 2nd unit Bangalore was established in 1988. Have you looked at the floor under your dishwasher recently? If you're a super. cooking will no more be a tiring experience. it's still probably covered with. completely sanitized plates. But here's a hint: it's disgusting. Be it grilling tandoori chicken on the rotisserie or cooking a family meal on a 20SC2. Any idea where that air comes from? From the floor under your dishwasher.. since they're blown around and have more movement. borderline clinical neat-freak. We use no air at all to dry your freshly washed and perfectly clean dishes.

This Company's Mission is to be an enabler to the customer in design of the components during initial stage of product development. forming and specialized as well as some overseas customers. CNC machining. Quickest possible delivery. Support to customers on technical problem Highest level of quality control Regular monitoring of customer satisfaction. by supplying high quality fine blanking components on schedule. The company's philosophy is to deliver the parts in fully finished conditions at the customers' delivery point and thanks to the company's innovative capability in post fine blanking operations like grinding. .

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