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DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH is constantly working on further developments of its TNC Controls. It is therefore possible that details of your Control may differ slightly from those described herein. If that is the case please order a suitably revised issue of the Service Manual. Copying/Duplication This manual is provided subject to the condition that no part of it shall be reproduced in any form or by any means without our prior consent in writing. Issue: 01/87

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Diagnosis for fault-finding Flow diagrams for fault location Fault diagnosis for the complete installation Use of the integrated supervision system Testing of the VDU and associated circuitry Testing of the mains supply and the Power Supply Testing of the measuring systems and wiring
Burn-In Test

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Exchange Information Exchanoina Control units Procedure for exchanging the TNC 151 A/E Control Procedure for exchanging the TNC 151 P/V Control Procedure for exchanging the PIG I/O Board of the Board Exchange Software Exchange ReDlacement Parts, Loan/Exchange/Service Units Additional Information Block Diagram Description Block Diagram TNC 151 Wiring Diagrams Machine Parameters

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SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 2 Section 1

1. Use of the Service Manual TNC 151 In order to determine the fault condition on an NC machine, a fundamental knowledge of the machine and the drives is necessary, as well a a knowledge of their interaction with the Control and measuring system. In addition, improper use such as incorrect NC programming or incorrect of the Control, selection of machine parameters can lead to the occurrence Further information in this respect can of fault conditions. be found in: .TNC 151 OPERATING MANUAL .TNC 151 MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS AND INTERFACE CIRCUIT CONTROLMACHINE .TNC 151 PLC-DESCRIPTION

The TNC 151 Service Manual is used for the diagnosis, localisation and remedying of faults on TNC controlled machines. In chapter 2, Fault Diagnosis, a set of flowcharts enables the user to pinpoint the source of a fault from its symptoms _ An integrated built-in supervision system and a Burn-In Test Program specifically developed for testing the Control can aid in the location of faults. Important guidance for the exchange of entire Controls, individual boards, or software is given in section 3, Exchange Information. Section 4, Additional Information, contains a block diagram of the Control, a wiring diagram for each version of the Control, and a list of machine parameters with permissible entry values.

2. the machine-tool and the measuring system.1 To locate and rectify a fault that has arisen in a TNC installation. ining the complete installation. the procedure for exam2. the HEIDENHAIN TNC 151 Contouring Control includes an extensive integrated supervision system for the avoidance of entry/operator faults and for the recognition and diagnosis of technical defects in the installation (see section 2. In addition.2. SERVICE Page 3 Section MANUAL 2/2.1 shows.6).2.2) The Burn-In Test Program can be used as further fault localizing and in the dynamic testing of hardware (see section 2. support in the Control's . JOHANNES HElDENHAlN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut .1 TNC 153 Fault procedure Diagnosis for fault-finding 2.HEIDENHAIN DR.Tel. it is of foremost importance to analyse the behaviour of the system as a whole: that is. in flow diagram form. the TNC Control. (08669) 31-O Kundendienst 2.

1 TNC 151 2.2/2.2.1 Flow diagrams for for fault location Fault diagnosis (Control/Measuring the complete installation System/Machine-tool) .SERVICE Page 4 Section Kundendienst MANUAL 2.2 2.2.

.Tel. the machine-tool and the measuring system). (08669) 31-O SERVICE Page 5 Section MANUAL 2.3/A..2.2 Use of the integrated supervision system The TNC 151 incorporates an extensive integrated supervision system for the avoidance of operator-errors and the detection and diagnosis of technical faults in the TNC installation (ie the installation comprising the TNC.. The supervision system is made up and software within the TNC... and the TNC is switched on.2 TNC 151 2. JOHANNES HElDENHAlN GmbH D-8225Traunreut . or if an will be displayed... Examples of faults are measuring system faults.. . TNC 151 SYSTEM DEFECTIVE EMERGENCY Example of operator-error: a) KEY NON-FUNCTIONAL b) ENTRY VALUE INCORRECT STOP DEFECTIVE POINT WRONG REFERENCE EMERGENCY STOP PLC ERROR A/B/C/D EXCEEDED GROSS POSITIONING Example of fault with TNC internal electronics: a) TNC OPERATING TEMP.K example of X-MEASURING fault with measuring SYSTEM DEFECTIVE system: CHECK SUM ERROR XXOO. cating (in abbreviated form) the of a mixture of hardware operates continuously whilst is detected. If a fault a message operator-error occurs. TNC.Q TNC ELECTRONICS DEFECTIVE O....3/A.K TNC OPERATING TEMP. after messages is given on page 7. Flashing ASIS fault X/Y/Z/4 messages MEAS.. drive faults and faults in the TNC's internal electronics.neluelunnllu DR. in that faults are shown as flashing displays. The system distinguishes between what are considered to be harmless errors and serious faults.XXFF Example of fault GROSS POSITIONING on machine-tool: ERROR A The significance pages 8 to 13 A (non-flashing) @key on the A list of error of these fault messages is explained on error message can be cleared by pressing the which normal operation may resume. The occurrence of a fault leads to the machine being switched off via the emergency-stop contactor. ERROR IN PLC PROGRAM A.2. indinature of the problem. The fault must then be rectified before the TNC is switched on again. EXCEEDED b) EXCHANGE BUFFER BATTERY c) TNC ELECTRONICS DEFECTIVE O.

Please note that the TNC has to be switched on when exchanging the buffer batteries. special care should be taken that the polarity is correct (POS-pole of battery outwards). The battery needs to have IEC designation "LR 6" and must be of the leak-proof type. With discharged (or missing) buffer batteries.2. We especially recommend the use of VARTA Alkaline batteries type "4006".Tel. The buffer battery compartment is located behind the screw cover in the lower left-hand corner of the operating panel. When exchanging the batteries.2 Error message "MCBA?JGB BUFFER BATTBRY" Particular mention should also be made about the implications of the instruction to exchange the buffer battery: If the dialogue display indicates "EXCHANGE BUFFER BATTERY".HEIDENHAIN DR. the memory for the machine parameters and for the user-program will be supported only as long as the mains remains switched on. JOHANNES HEIDENHAN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut. the re-entry of the machine parameters and the user-program will be necessary.(08669)31-0 SERVICE Page 6 Section MANUAL TNC 151 2. .chanqe (or when the battery is discharged or missing). If a mains failure occurs during a battery. Use of the integrated supervision system. new batteries must be inserted within one week. Continued operation is still possible but the memory contents will become erased in the event of a mains failure.


Measurinq system not connected .Scanninq head damaged .Fault in the emergency stop circuit of the machine (for checking routine see Mounting Instructions and Interface Circuit Control-Machine manual TNC 151 A/TNC 151 P) .2 Fault descriptions THC 151 WJU Display (flashing) SYSTEMDEFECTIVE SYSTEM DEFECTIVE SYSTEMDEFECTIVE SYSTEM DEFECTIVE Fault cause Possible Measuring fault location X-MEASURING Y-MEASURING Z-MEASURING AXIS 4 MEAS.Glass scale dirty or damaged .Traversed-over reference point lies outside of the reference point end position (also see Mounting Instructions and Interface Circuit Control Machine TNC 151 A/TNC 151 P.HEIDENHAIN DR.C&le damaged .Defect in Control's internal Emergency Stop supervision . . (08669) 31-O Kundendienst SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 8 Section 2. .2. JOHANNES HEIDENHAN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut ‘Tel.Defect in Control/machine interface system Analoque Board (TNC 151 P) (TNC 151 P) (TMC 151 A) PIN2 151 A) EMERGENCY STOP DEFECTIVE Analoque Board PLC I/O Board PIG Interface Board SE Board Teminal Board WRONG REFERENCEPOINT Machine (cams/switches "reference end-position" pulse inhibit") PLC I/O Board PLnCInterface Board SE Board Terminal Board or "reference (TNC 151 (TNC 151 (TNC 151 VTNC 151 P) P) A) A) .Measurinq system supervision damaged .

. Adjust rapid traverse (as trailing error as possible).). (see Mounting Instructions and Interface Circuit Control-Machine manual TNC 151 A/ TNC 151 P) . measuring system. servo II amplifier " (offset (gain voltages). faulty reply from output A6 ("Lock for spindle on") to input E20 ("reply: Lock for spindle on") Fault message EMERGENCY-STOP PLC appears only when no additional PLC marker is set for the fault message ERROR A . Aid: 1.Deviation from the intended position at standstill greater than the value entered in MP 169 (see Mounting Instructions and Interface Circuit Control-Machine manual TNC 151 A/ TNC 151 P) -Exceeding the range for the continuous position supervision determined by MP 57. tacho.HEIDENHAIN DR.Relationship between output voltage and traversed distance outside of the defined tolerance. programned. If this does not help: fault in the Control hardware loop) or in the machine as small a (closed . 3. motor. ie Control hardware (CLP Processor Bra.Trailing error greater than value entered in MP 174. too low). (see Mounting Instructions and Interface Circuit Control-Machine manual TNC 151 A/ TNC 151 P) .2 VDU Display EMERGENCY-STOP (flashing) PC Pault cause Possible Terminal fault board location (TNC 151 A) With standard PLC program.2. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut'Tel. Program MP 54 (acceleration) small as possible.). Gradually increase MP 54. external forces acting inappropriate MP values on drives.Defect in the pulse counting section (Control circuitry) after the transducer signal supervision GROSS POSITIONING In the Case of Gross Positioning Errors A/B/C/D the fault could lie with any element in the closed loop servo system. 2.(08669) 31-O SERVICE Page 9 Section MANUAL TNC 151 2. n 11 (Analogue Brd.

Ambient temperature inside the TNC has exceeded +65Y .Fault in the temperature supervision see above GROSS POSITIONING ERROR D see above TX-OPERATING TEMP. calculated voltage.HEIDENHAIN DR. (08669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 10 Section 2.The analogue output voltage actually necessary to obtain a desired speed deviates from the expected.2.2 VDU Display (flashing) ERROR B Fault cause analogue error) output volis greater Possible see above fault location GROSS POSITIONING .The actual position at standstill deviates from the intended position by more than the distance programmed in MP 169 . by more than the voltage programmed in MP 234 .The Control-calculated tage (implied by than 10 V trailing GROSS POSITIONING ERROR C . ExCEeDED Ambient Analogue temperature Board of Control .Tel. JOHANNES D-8225Traunreut Kundendienst HEIDENHAIN GmbH .

40) Start Error Rapid Direction Feed Start Start Start Start Direction Direction Direction Direction Direction Direction Direction Direction Undefined release Key with traverse A B C D E F G H I J K PLC Program. safety-related key key marker Main Processor Board latch PLC positioning PLC positioning PLC positioning PIG positioning key key key key key key key key macro x+ XYi Yz+ Z- X-axis Y-axis Z-axis IV-axis L M N 0 P IV+ IVcalled-up via PLC marker Q ...2 CRT display (flashing) . . Fault origin safety-related marker manual TNC 155 A/TNC (see PLC155 P pages Possible fault location ERROR IN PLC PROGRAM Fault with Description 36 . (08669) 31-O Kundendienst SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 11 Section 2...Tel.HEIDENHAIN DR JOHANNES HElDENHAlN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut .2..

preset etc) False CRC CHECK-SUM* (machine parameters) False CRC CHECK-SUM* (user memory) Integrated Test Program execution incomplete Software error Main Processor Software error CLP Processor MID interrupt** CLP Processor CLP Processor instruction stack overflow False instruction: Main Processor -CLP PrOCessOr False instruction (display mode): Main Processor --cCLP Processor CLP Processor RAN Overflow interrupt MID interrupt Main Processor Equipped with incorrect language version FFFF Main Processor RAM E&$8. (Baud rate..HEIDENHAIN DR JOWNES HEIDENHAJN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut . Memory/Main Processor Memory/Main Processor Main Processor/Memory Board Board Board Main CLP CLP CLP CLP Processor Board Processor Board Processor/Main Processor Processor Board Processor/Main Processor Processor Board Board Board Board Board Board Board Board CLP-Processor/Main CLP Processor Main Processor Main Processor Main Processor Main Processor * CRC = Cyclic ** MID = Macro Redundancy Instruction Check Detection .2 TNC 151 VDU Display TNC-ELECTRONICS (flashing) DEFECTIVE 0 Fault cause Possible Main fault Processor/Memory location Board False CRC CHECK-SUM* of machine-related data excluding machine parameters. limitation..Tel.2. (08669) 31-O Kundendienst SERVICE MANUAL Page 12 Section 2.

D EPROM E EPROM F EPROM G Main Processor Processor Processor Processor Processor Board Board Board Board Board Board Processor Board Board Board Board Board (PLC program) (PLC dialogue) xx04 XXOA XXOB xxoc xx10 xx17 XX18 XXlA XXlC XXlF xx20 xx21 CRC CHECK-SUM CLP Processor the operating CRC CHECK-SUM CRC CHECK-SUM CLP Processor ating program Main Main Main Main with with with with with with with Memory Memory Memory Memory Memory Memory EPROM H.Tel.C.2.(O8669)31-0 SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 13 Section 2.2 VDU Display CHECK-SUM (flashing) ERROR xx00 Fault cause Possible Main fault Processor location Board CRC CHECK-SUM error with EPROM 4 XX = correct CHECK-SUM value 00 = code for faulty EPROMs CRC CHECK-SUN error with with with with with xx02 EPROM 5 EPROM 6.HEIDENHAIN DR JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH D-8225Traunreut Kundendienst .7.K EPROM K EPROM 2 CIZ Board Board error in RAN area on the Board in which a part of program is stored error with EPROM 3 CLP Processor xx22 XX23 CLP Processor CLP Processor Board Board (export (export version) version) error in the RAM area on the Board where part of the operis stored with set PLC-RAM XXFF CRC CHECK-SUM error PLC Marker 2815 is Main Processor Board .8 EPROM 9 EPROM 9 EPROM A EPROM B.

Tel. or whether it lies elsewhere.DR. JOHANNES D-8225Traunreut Kundendienst nelueluniillu HEIDENHNN GmbH .(O8669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Paae 14 Se&ion 2.2. which contains the control circuitry for the Display Unit. in which case it must be returned to DR JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN for repair. in which case the test and repair procedure continues according to section 2. with the asscociated circuitry. This is a possible source of the fault. it is likely to be due to the CLP Processor Board. If the fault still persists then must be due either to bad connections within the TNC (eg on the Connector Board). This can be verified by exchanging the board for one when is known to function correctly. . or to faults on both the VDU end the CLP Processor Board. Testing of the mains supply end the Power Supply Unit.2. procedure for Testing of the VDU and associated circuitry.3 Testing of the VDU and associated circuitry The first objective is to determine whether the fault is actually with the Display Unit. The Display Units BE 111 and BE 211 are powered by an 11V dc supply from the Power Supply Board.3 2. in which case repairs may be possible without returning the unit. If the fault is not due to a detective power supply.2.4. See the diagram opposite for a logical locating the fault in the system.

2.l.Tel.1 .lZ * not Signal used with TNC 151 for the Fuses plug and test points. (08669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL Page 15 Section 2. 6 7 9. and the respective "nominal" and "actual" test voltages under load.2. it may be necessary to test the voltages at various points on the Power Supply Board.10.4 TNC 151 2.4 Testing of the mains supply and the Power Supply Unit The procedure for testing the Power Supply Unit is shown in the flow diagram on page 16. Test Fl points and F2 not on the used Power on TNC 151 Supply Board designations . As part of that procedure. JOHANNES HEIDENHAJN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut .Blllh Kundendienst 7 HEIDENHAIN DR. . The diagram below and the table opposite show the locations of the test points (solder terminals) on the Power Supply Board.

. Where appropriate. order exchange unit.JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN for return.

Defectiw scannino head I .

the issue of the NC Software can be determined from the NC Software issue number. In this case. Both these numbers are found on the type-plate on the rear of the Control. before exchanging any board. Figs. However. and schematic representations . It is important to have the correct test program for the type of Control and for the Control's current NC Software issue. inspite tions on the control.6 Burn-111 Test of there being definite fault condiIn some casee.2. The test program cannot be loaded into the Control if the flashing error message: "TNC ELECTRONICS DEFECTIVE" is present on the VDU. The test program is stored on a digital cassette and can be loaded into the Control via magnetic tape units ME 101 B/ 102 B or ME 101 C/102 C (Program versions 212 902 05/ 212 902 07). 2 to 5 show pictorial of each individual adapter. 1. (TNC with either a standard SE interface or with an external PLC I/O Board) the appropriate adapters must be connected as shown in fig.4). it is advisable to check the output voltage from the Power Supply Unit (see section 2. the faulty board must be determined by exchanging each board in turn until the fault is eliminated.~~lUENllAlN DR. The type of Control can be determined from the identification number of the unit. 2. JOHANNES D-8225Traunreut Kundendienst HEIDENHAIN GmbH . The test programs are listed on page 20.2. However.2.6 Depending on the type of Control. the Control's electronics can be tested with the help of the Burn-In test program. TO run the Burn-In test program it is neccessary to have a set of Burn-In Test Adapters. This test program is a means of dynamically testing the Control's hardware and can be used not only for duration testing but also for fault diagnosis.Tel. error messages may not be displayed on the VDU.(O8669)31-0 SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 18 Section 2.

JOHANNES D-8225Traunreut Kundendienst HEIDENHAIN GmbH .(O8669)31-0 SERVICE MANUAL Page 19 Section 2.~~IU~NI-IAIN DR.6 TNC 151 Application of the Bum-In Test I .2.Tel.

JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH D-8225Traunreut~Tel. . 229 229 FrOUl NC Software issue .HEIDENHAIN DR.6 TNC 151 Burn-In on the Test Philips Programs miniature for TNC 151 cassette A Burn-In on the Test Philips Programs miniature for TNC 151 P cassette From NC Software issue Control TYP= TNC 151 A Control Id. . 230 602 01 134 99 134 134 134 95 99 95 01 99 95 .2. 06 GB 230 601 01 TNC 151 P 229 229 136 136 99 95 . (08669) 31-O Kundandienst SERVICE MANUAL Page 20 Section 2. . . 06 Test dialogue D Test Prog. . No. 230 600 Control Type TNC 151 P Control Id. . . NO. . . . . . . . . . 06 TNC 151 A 229 229 . . No. Id. Id. 06 GB 230 603 01 . . No. 229 136 229 136 Test dialogue D Test Prog. . .

JOHANNES HElDENHAlN GmbH D 8225Traunreut~Tel.(08669) Kundendienst 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 21 Section 2.2.r-7 HEIDENHAIN w DR.6 Fig. 1 Interconnections of Burn-In Adapters and TNC 151 150A . ter Burn-in I II / a) TNC 151 A/E b) TNC 151 P/V .-in nooprer L'TNCK5 AdditionalBurn-in AdAT apter TNC155 Zusiitzl.

No. 224 874 ZY) Xl> Ail i‘.HEIDENHAIN DR.2. (08669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 22 Section 2. JOHANNES D-8225Traunreut Kundendienst HEIDENHAN GmbH 'Tel.116 Schematic of interconnections Burn-In Adapter to the Control.6 Fig.‘ J‘il . created by connecting the TNC 150 A . 2 TNC 150 A Burn-In Adapter (Id.

224 875 ZY) ‘. (08669) 31-O Kundendienst SERVICE MANUAL Page 23 Section 2.2.Tel.r . No. 3 TNC 150 P Burn-In Adapter (Id.6 TNC 151 Fig. created by connecting the TNC 150 E . JOHANNES HElDENHAlN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut .*..HEIDENHAIN DR. ” Schematic Burn-In of interconnections Adapter to the Control.

JOHANNES D 8225Traunreut HEIDENHAIN GmbH 'Tel. switch-over.6 Fig.(O8669) 31-O Kundendienst SERVICE Page 24 Section MANUAL TNC 151 2.r m 1 HEIIJENHAIN DR.2. No. schematic: with unipolar/ . 4 PLC Adapter (Id. 224 873 ZY) Internal Additional facility circuitry circuitry schematic: for overload Internal Standard bipolar circuitry circuitry.

5 TNC 155 Additional Burn-In Adapter (Id. .2. (08669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL Page 25 Section 2.6 TNC 151 Kundendienst Fig. No. 228 881 ZY) r---- _--- -- 1 s&pin 14-pin 7-pin Internal connections.m HEIDENHAIN DR JOHMINES D 8225Traunreut HEIDENHAJN GmbH ‘Tel.

Consequently. to the Control.ME START EXTERNAL DATA INPUT" To complete the data transfer. turn over the cassette and press the START button on the ME unit. will be displayed on the MU. The VDU will again display the dialogue. by "POWER INTERRUPTED". user-programs already loaded/programmed into the Control will be unaffected by loading the Burn-In test program. "CODE NUMBER=". 6 Initialization of ME unit it automatically time the dialogue 3. Prepare the ME unit to down-load the test program to the Control by inserting the appropriate program cassette (see list. when all the data from the first track has been transferred. the following of the Burn-In dialogue will test program be displayed: from the NE "POWERINTERRUPTED EXTERNAL DATA INPUT" If necessary. ries out a memory test.2. the following dialogue will be displayed: "EXCHANGE CASSETTE . Cartape Any Fig. and then: 2. Control must now be prepared: After applying power to the Control.SERVICE MANUAL TNC Kundendienst Page 26 section 2.6 151 Loading (Burn-In the Burn-In test test program loaded) (ME 101/102) to the The necessary code number for reading in the Burn-In program is entered by pressing the following keys: Elas often as necessary to obtain the display: test program not already 1. The Burn-In test program occupies both tracks of the cassette tape. During this “MEMORY TEST" the dialogue will be replaced 5. blockwise. the MB unit will first rewind the cassette before transmitting the data. The data transfer is then initiated by pressing: by pres- E3l During the loading unit. Upon completion of this test. page 20) and pressing the following buttons: 1’ I- 1 (Errors in entering these numbers can be corrected sing cl CE )4. . Connect the Magnetic Tape Cassette Unit V-24 socket on the sear of the Control.

(08669) Kundendienst GmbH 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 27 Section 2. the ME unit cassette and the VDU will display the CONNECTED implies test ?" either program a transmission cassette. error or Any other display an incorrect/faulty Fig. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN D-6225Traunreut~Tel.2. 7 Loading and Initialization of Burn-In Test Program . After completion will rewind the question "EXTERNAL UNIT of a sucessful data transfer.HEIDENHAIN DR.6 "POWER INTERRUPTED EXTERNAL DATA INPUT" 6.

2.HEIDENHAIN DR. by pressing CONNECTED Any and other display the program implies an error in must be reloaded from the the stored cassette. (08669) 31-O Kundendienst SERVICE MANUAL Page 28 Section 2. JOHANNES HElDENHAlN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut ‘Tel. 17 sec. It is also possible that the system has been warm-booted. the dialogue will be replaced "PRESS NOENT KEY" IMPORTAIJT Only press the key if you wish to cram the normal operating To restart the Bum-In the Burn-In test system. test program Under both of to be followed The test Control takes ‘MEMORY these circumstances in order to restart carry during the following the Burn-In procedure is test program: This will automatically approx. this test. t&t priqramm program press and return to \ . In this situation the buffer batteries will maintain the program in memory until the mains is restored. during the execution of the Bum-In test.6 TNC 151 Re-initialization of a previously loaded Burn-In test program The following "EXTERNAL dialogue UNIT will then ?" be displayed: The possibility exists that the Burn-In test program has been loaded and then the power removed. which time the dialogue will Upon by be displayed completion of on the VDU. TEST" out a memory check.

. . The keys must now be pressed once in a defined sequence. . . . E . the display "REREAD-IN PROGRAM XXXX CHECK SUM ERROR" will from appear on the the ME unit. . OR 2 PC-BOARD ?" external the test. in order that the Control can check that each key is making contact and delivering the correct code to the keyboard interface. . . .. . beginning with the top row. For each correct key-push.2. key. key will following . . . . test program data has nbt been corrupted error is detected. . has been stored the sequential 4. 1. If the an The lines of dots represent the individual keys in each of the four keying fields. an external on the VDU. . each. the sequence is from left to right. by pressing the key keyboard be skipped In the case of a Control designed for PLC I/O Board. the keyboard test will start again from the beginning. cause display the test to be carried will appear on the out. VDU: in which . the . . q Any other case the . .HEIDENHAIN DR. . . VDU. . test has previously been carried out (eq failure). . . ” 2. the following text will following a successful keyboard test: "0. . out If the keyboard test an error message has error message will be for an interrupt (see 5. "*". . . Beginning "EXTERNAL of the Bum-In test initialization procedure of figure must be described 9. and the test tb ensure that in any way. . (08669) 31-O Kundendienst SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 29 Section 2. use with appear out. . ..E . . . .6 Continuation The remainder in conjunction 1. .E .. . . If the keyboard before a power is not displayed. . . . . . . . .. The keying sequence is as follows: top right set of 20 keys =I b) top left set of 10 keys middle left set of 20 keys Cl d) bottom right set of 10 keys In each case. JOHANNES HEIDENHAlN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut ‘Tel. . has previously been carried been stored from an earlier displayed and the program point 7). . A check is now automticall$ carried out. . page 31 of the initialization with the flow diagram with the display UNIT CONNECTD ?" which refers to the use of an externai operator must respond by pressing test computer. and run. the option of carrying out the test In this case. this will wait program must be reloaded 3. .E This refers to the number of nected to the Control during with the appropriate numeric PLC I/O Boards conand must be answered . . . . If an incorrect code is received. . assuming no errrx message from a previous run. . If the keyboard test has not already prior to a mains interruption) the this test will now be displayed: "JUMP The OVER KEYBOARD test can TEST ?" been option carried out of carrying (eq. the respective dot on the VUU will be replaced with a. the program jumps into tests (see page 32).

the realigned and 7. the test program can be interrupted by pressing one of a number of keys. also possible. SPEED ADJUST: 100" If necessary. JOHANNES HEIDENHAJN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut ‘Tel. initialization cause restarts routine. interruptions of the program are inhibited.BATTERY TRIGGER OVERRIDE POT ADJUST: 100 SP. and the tightened in the 100% position. to various points in the test procedure. ROT. BATTERY TRIGGER OVERRIDE POT ADJUST: 100 SP.POT. SPEED ADJUST: 100" . After completion of the initialization. (08669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 30 Section 2.6 6. the caps of the knobs securing screws slackened. ROT. These must be adjusted "TEST INT.mlh Kundendienst 7 HEIDENHAIN DR. interrupts are enabled to permit jumps. at any time.PCT. Once the interrupts have been enabled. the re-boot isl q “EXTERNAL UNIT CONNECTD ?" "JUMP OVBRKBYBOARD TEST ?" "0. OR 2 PC-BOARD ?" "TEST INT. 8 and 9. At the beginning of the initialization procedure. procedure is the on the front panel of to give the display: Other interrupts the following are section. The keys: fbr example.. as System at various points during shown in figs.2. these are described in must knobs be removed. 1. The final step of the full initialization calibration of the two potentiometers the Control.

Tel. JOHANNES HEIDENHAJN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut .2. (08669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL Page 31 Section 2.6 TNC 151 Fig. 9 Complete initialization of the Burn-In test program .llllllh Kundendienst 1 HEIDENHAIN DR.

Checks the RAM on the Main Processor "INPUT/OUTPUT TEST 1. counters etc). face socket. : "INPUT/OUTPUT TEST 1. The following tests are included: a) Key El "TEST INT. outputs. (08669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 32 Section 2. a fault condition will be displayed: eg. f) Key El "TEST STATIC RAM CLP PROCESSOR BOARD" g) Key El "PC INSTRUCT DECODER. repetitively.checks the RAM on the Memory Board. out the PLC El (after a short delay) the VDU will display the input tions when only output 0 is being driven high. + by pressing the key site in quick succession.~ INPUT 0 20 40 60 01234567890123456789 01111111111111111111 11111111111 111111111111 1111 'i El to the Main 01111111 1111111 Board BURN IN TIME: x.Checks the RAM where the PLC data is held inputs. BATTERY TRIGGER" . This repetitive mode will be indicated by a "1" at input position 31 on the VDU.Ih 7 HEIDENHAIN DR. JOHANNES HElDENHAlN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut ‘Tel. each output individually. and checking the corresponding able to deduce whether a fault is on an input or an output. check that all test adapters are including the connection to the V-24 intercorrectly connected. Each output is connected to 2 inputs.The check-sums of all EPROMs accessible Processor Board CPU are checked.6 h) Key Kundendienst sequential (duration) tests Before starting these tests.2.Front panel potentiometers must be set to 100 2 2% b) Key cl0 "EPROM TEST CPU" . q Input 31 is used to monitor a 20 ms monostable pulse generated on the Emergency Off output. PI& BOARD OUTPUT (or input) FAILURE . PC BOARD" (only TNC 151 P) The PLC I/O Board outputs are resistively loaded and connected to the inputs by means of the PC Burn-In Adapter. If a fault is detected (a "0" on an input) the input conditions are displayed on the VDU: eg. By pressing the key can be driven (markers.x HRS" always a zero d) Key El "RAMTEST MEMORY BOARD" . the Control is puts. By writing "1"s to the outinputs. This test must not be interrupted by a mains failure e) Key "TEST PC PAM" . To aid in locating an I/O fault. timers. : "MONOFLOPTIME TOO SHORT 2OMS" This pulse can be generated manually by individual PrOoEing of the key cl or. If the duration of this pulses falls outside its tolerance limits.POT. ACCU-FF TEST" The circuitry used for decoding and carrying instructions is tested. condi- . cl Key El "RAMTEST CPU BOARD .

POT. INPUTS Subsequent pressing of Key El "TEST REFERENCE IMPULSE INPUT" . or restarted at any point by pressing the appropriate key. JOHBNNES HEIDENHAIN D-8225Traunreut GmbH . begin- . Key "TEST TRANSDUCER INPUTS. are used to connect logue outputs X. to the ext. : 'INPUT01234567890123456789 0 20 40 60 ml Key tc 10000000000000000000 00000000000010000000 00000000000000000000 0001 \ (always a "1") EO. inat three j) Key El "TEST V24-INTERFACE" Key El "TEST 3D-SCANNER INTERFACE" . the anapot. IV. the fault message associated with the first fault will be stored. Y. S.Checks the effect of signals system inputs.(eg key 8 to begin with the V. E32 the key n) "SUPERVISION CIRCUIT .Checks the effect of a signal pulse inputs.24 interface test.Checks the HANDWHEEL interface INPUT" to the HE 310 Handwheel Unit This ning key with also the the sequential tests BATTERY TRIGGER".HEIDENHAIN DR. This causes a system re-boot. EXE" . on page key 30.Checks the interface to the k) Touch Probe.Tel. circuitry which moni- OUTPUT AO. 2/3 pages 22/23). applied to the reference- allows high. w. El successive outputs (in ascending or in descending order with the El be cleared a order) key to be driven o) q applied to the measuring All outputs can with the key Starting the sequential tests The test sequence can be started. 9. (08669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 33 Section 2. ANALCG OUTPUT TEST" Five external relays within the TNC 150 A/P Burn-In driven from outputs Al6 . Fault recognition The detection of a fault will be displayed on the VDU. PDT. Z. as explained All fault messages can be cleared with the El causes a restart of test "TEST INT. pu%(see figs.6 - I I Kundendienst eg.) All 15 keys associate $ with the sequential tests act as interrupts to the Burn-In test program.5v q Adapter. The test cycle will be halted and the Burn-In Time stops.2.A20. f) Key SERIAL q "TEST . in turn. If one or more faults arise during the execution of the Burn-In test program. The stored message can be retrieved at any time by pressing the key i) Key "EXT.checks the threshold tors the measuring TEST" values of the system inputs. The test is made different voltages: 2OhV.

HEIDENHAIN DR. AMP.Key . Another possible interrupt to the Burn-In test program is by means of the key El With this key the entire played on the VDU. regardless of whether a fault is detected.") . Option 2 means that the test will be run cyclically until such time as a fault is detected.Key : Battery voltage check ** ("TEST BATTERYVOLTAGE") in brackets tests are appears on not suitable VDU 0 * l text these for custmr ye. To do this.2. seouential tests can also be made to run cyclically.Tel. When one mode OT the other has been selected. * Bee follaing l xp1nNtions: . the VDU will display: "SELECT TEST" The desired test must then be selected with the appropriate key.1OV") of analogne output * ANALDG OUTPUTLINEARITY") 6 .Key 0.6 Calibration Interrupting check of the Anelogue Board ("TRIMMING ROUTINES") the Burn-In test program with the key Individual test runs Each of the individual.1ov analogne output ** ("DAC + ANALOGOUTPUT+/. : Lrnearity ("DAC + .Key .Key . JOHANNES HEIOENHAlN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut .Key cl1 : Reference amplifier ("TRANSMISSION BEHAVIOUR REF. 32 STEPS") : DAC performance * ("TRANSMISSION BEHAVIOUR DAC") : +/. the test program must be interrnpted with the key El The VDU will then display: "1 = CYCLIC 2 = STOPAT FAULT" Option 1 means that the test (still to be selected) will be run cyclically. set of ASCII characters can be dis- Within ted: the calibration mode the following tests can be selec- performance * . (08669) 31-O Kundendienst SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 34 Section 2.Key q q q q q : Analogue output voltage ** ("ANALOGVOLTAGEOUTPUT") : 32-step monotonic DAC * ("MONOTONIYDAC.

JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut ‘Tel. the Y key 3 times.: IV 24. 244mV and 2. can be sunned at at each of the analoque outputs (X. (08669) 31-O Kundendienst SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 35 Section 2. Y.2. w.s. the X key is pushed 5 times. the battery voltage is . S). if eq.44 mV) + (3.4mV.44V respecincrements of 2.4 mV) + ( 1 x 2.t. otherwise a "0" is displayed. IV.HEIDENHAIN DR. the output voltage should read: (5 x 2.24.44 V) = 2. Using the keys Jl.. output of The analogue outputs should generate +lOV. and the key once. q voltage tively z.6 Key : Analoque output voltaqe The performance of the analoque output circuitry can be checked by connecting a DVM to each of the analoque outputs (eq X-axis: pin 2) and selecting this test.44mV. pinl.5254 V of the output. The polarity can be reversed Key a: Battery voltage check A "1" will be displayed on the VDU if adequate.1ov q analogue output their maximum as in test 2.can be reversed using the key The polarity The output can be cleared using the key Key : +/.x.

EMERGENCY STOP).73 S8. Exchange Information U&e: All inputs/outputs from the TNC 151 Control can only be connected to circuits which have voltages conforming to VDE 5. Do not disconnect or connect plugs under power! NC machines also need protection and installation safety as required for manually operated machines (e. (08669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 36 Section 3 3.g. Before exchanging a Control noted or stored on magnetic the machine parameters tape! should be .m u HEIDENHAIN D? JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH D 8225 Traunreut ‘Tel. Their function should be checked during commissioning of the machine and of a new Control.

Mark the measuring system plugs (X.HEIDENHAIN DR. Install the new Control . and write them in the machine handbook. 8. 14. using a screwdriver to prise the connectors apart (Do not unscrew individual wires). 4. 3. . Remove the faulty Control.1 3. 5. 15. 1. Reprogram the machine parameters.IV. prise art screwdriver with a cable removing the fixing screws if 9.Y. Disconnect connector strips Jl-J6. Disconnect any external data devices. Obtain from the type-plate the Control's Id. Gain access to the rear of the Control. Disconnect the VDU from the Control. 7. Check the fuse-rating (see type-plate). 16. Electronic Han&heel) and remove them. not already removed in 1. 10.1 Exchanging Control Units 3.1. NC and PLC Software Nos. Disconnect the Handwheel Unit from the Control (if present). Remove the connector box cover-plate from the rear of the Control.1. (08669) 31-O Kundendienst SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 37 Section 3. 13. TNC is now ready to use. Remove the mains supply.Z..1 Procedure for exchanging the TNC 151 A/E Control. No. 12. 17.. Reconnect all cables previously removed. 6. JOHANNES HEIDENHAN GmbH D-6225 Traunreut ‘Tel. Turn on the mains voltage.check the voltage selector position. 2. 11.1/3. Refit the connector box cover-plate.

Remove the mains supply. 2. Electronic Handwheel) and remove them. 10.IV. 11.HEIDENHAIN DR. Refit the connector box cover-plate. I I I I 6113 8113 10 -. Obtain from the type-plate the Control's Id. Check the fuse-rating (see type-plate). (08669) 31-O Kundendienst 3. Disconnect the Handwheel Unit from the Control (if present).1. ..check the voltage-selector position. 8.2 SERVICE UANUAL Pago 38 Section 3. 3. 16. Disconnect any external data devices.Z. Reconnect all cables previously removed. Install the new Control . 7. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut . Disconnect connector strips Jl-J3. 6. Mark the measuring system plugs (X. 18.. and write them in the machine handbook.1. '. 15.Y. Remove the connecting cable P2 to the PL 100 B/110 B from the Controls.2 TNC 151 1. not already removed in 1. TNC is now ready to use. Turn on the mains voltage.? r. 9. Disconnect the VDU from the Control.Tel. Remove the connector box cover-plate from the rear of the Control. using a screwdriver to prise the connectors apart (Do not unscrew individual wires). Procedure for exchanging the TNC 151 P/V Control Gain access to the rear of the Control. No. 5. 14. Reprogram the machine parameters. 12. 13. 4. removing the fixing screws if Remove the faulty Control. 17. NC and PLC Software Nos.

(Do not unscrew individual wires) Remove the voltage supply (+24V and OV) Remove the fixing screws of the PL 100 B/110 B unit.1. 3. 2.lleIuel\nAllu DR. (08669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 39 Section 3. 4. 7. Disconnect the TNC 151 connecting cable.1. Procedure for exchanging the PLC I/O Board of the PL 100 B/110 B Remove the fixing screws of the heatsink cover-plate. using a screw driver to prise the connectors apart. . Disconnect connector strips Jl-J9. Install the new unit following the above procedure in reverse order. Remove the heatsink cover-plate. 5. JOHANNES HElDENHAlN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut Kundendienst ‘Tel. 6.3 3.3 1.

either SE Board TNC 151 A/E or PLC Interface Board TNC 151 P/V Power Supply Unit and Terminal 3) The backplate.267) Board Board (22: Power (227 =4/228 Supply 601) 16!)\ Board \ PLC Interface (226 761) Bwrd (with TNC 151 P/V) SE Board . assembly. 2) The housing/Connector Board assembly.Memory Board . JOHANNES HElDENHAlN GmbH D-8225 Kundendienst Traunreut . with five plug-in boards.-51 P (224~ 389/223 691) Connector (227.(O8669)31-0 SERVICE Page 40 Section MANUAL TNC 151 3.Tel. Board arrangement TNC 151 A/AR/P/PR TNC 151 E/ER/V/VR PLC 3L/O Board TNC 3 .-. namely: .HEIDENHAIN DR. (with TNC 151 A/E) Analog (222 Board 50~2/223 550) CLP :Processor (222 580/229 Board 133) / Main.CLP Processor Board .Analogue Board .Processor Board' / 1 Memory (224 Board 843/230 400) Keypad (224 Board 825) .2 3.2 Board Exchange Board Arrangement The TNC 151 consists of three main sections: 1) The frontplate/Keypad Board assembly.Main Processor Board .

service is necessary and/or servicing the 1 2 a conductive work surface a wristband that provides en electrical connection between person and conductive work surface a cable between that equalizes potential differences conductive work suface and ground 3 . on the left of the serial no. Although MOS ICs are equipped with an input protection diode network. . end work personnel must be properly grounded. The assembly no. tools. instruments. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut ‘Tel. (08669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 41 Section 3. The following requirements in the work area must be met: Prior to working with MOS components or with assemblies containing MOS elements.2 Work area requirements The TNC 151 contains sub-assemblies with MOS elements. is impressed on every board.Please observe MOS protection measures when exchanging boards. only. to eliminate the build-up of static charges care must be taken when handling these elements. A portable "MOS-HANDLING-SET" for field when exchanging the operating software TNC 151: caution: . all table coverings.llEllJENllAlN DR.Exchange boards with the same assembly no.

The connector sockets on the board are coded with coding pins. j _Insezting the boards: The connectors of the boards is therefore avoided.HEIDENHAIN DR. which means that the machine parameters and any user-programs will be lost! Before inserting the new Memory Board plug in the relevant EPROMs (EPROM IC-Pll-to IC-P18). . Press tor Board using the ejector Main Processor When exchanging IC-P19 on the Main Processor Memory are coded: incorrect the board firmly into keys tilted inwards. I . paying particular attention to their correct location and orientation. Analogue Board Before removing the Analogue/Analogue TTL Board pull off and mark the connector plugs for the measuring system inputs/ square wave signal inputs and the electronic handwheel input. insertion the Connec- and CLP Processor Board: these boards insert program CLP Processor Board and IC-P4 Board.(08669)31-0 Kundendienst GmbH SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 42 Section 3. EPROM's IC-P3 and to IC-PlO on the Board: During the exchange or removal of the Memory Board the buffered RAM will no longer be supplied with voltage. JOHANNES HElDENHAlN D-8225Traunreut. Removing the boards: Press the board ejector keys outwards and pull out the individual board form the top.2 Exchanging the pluggable boards Unscrew the 5 mounting screws and remove the housing cover.Tel.3 .

.Remove connectors J13 (feedrate-override potentiometer) and J14 (spindle-override potentiometer) from the Connector Board.HEIDENHAIN DR. . .Remove the Keypad Board. .(08669) Kundendienst GmbH 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 43 Section 3.Remove the 7 cross-head fixing screws which secure the Keypad Board to the frontplate.Remove the 6 cross-head fixing screws from the frontplate.Pull off the Keypad connectors. ensure that the keypad connecengaged in their respective sockets.Tilt the frontplate outwards. .2 Exchanging the Keypad Board: . Pl to P8 from the Keypad Board. .Tel. JOHANNES HEIDENHAN D-8225Traunreut. When rebuilding tors are firmly the LEDs project keypad housing. and that through the corresponding bored holes in the .Remove the ribbon cable connector PlO from the Keypad Board. the assembly.

6. .24 connector on the rear of the Control.Unsolder the connectors to the MU socket from the Connector Board (solder terminals 1.Remove the 4 cross-head mounting screws from the rear of the Control (2 screws are found in the connector box).Remove the back wall with the Power Supply Unit and Terminal Board.2 TNC 151 Kundendienst Exchanging the Power Supply Unit: .5. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut .8. .4. . Comector Board ‘I .Ih 7 HEIDENHAIN DR.Remove the 2 cross-head fixing screws of the V.Remove the voltage supply plug.10).7. Note the colour of the wire connected to each terminal.Tel. from the Connector Board (see diagram). . (08669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL Page 44 Section 3. PI.Pull the Connector Board from the front of the Control housing. Exchanging the Connector Board: . from the Connector Board (see diagram).24 socket through its recess in the Control housing.Push the V. . P2. .Disconnect the ribbon cable connector.

No. EPROM C position on the board (C = IC-P12.IC-Pll.. JOHANNES D-8225Traunreut Kundendienst 3.IC-P19) Id..HEIDENHAIN DR.3 HEIDENHNN GmbH 'Tel. No. is Each of the 17 progranuned specified with an 8 digit example: The Id. EPROM 227 116 primary Id.3 The dialogue language of the TNC 151 is determined by IC-PlO (located on Main Processor Board) and is discernible from the different Id..IC-P19) from the standard IC-P3. No. No.IC-P4. (prerequisite: same software issue!) Exception: IC-P9 (PLC software) The standard PLC program (EPROM position IC-P9) can be replaced with a custom PLC program for the TNC 151 P. PLC custom software or . of the other programned EPROMs are the same (for a given IC position) in all languages. No. No. example: software is specified with an 8 digit 227 001 06 complete software Id. of the Prog. IC-PlO (Main Processor Board) . NOS. characters (character (IC-P3. (IC-P9) with with TNC 151 A: Control TNC 151 P: Control o NC software and o PLC standard software o NC software and o PLC standard software. (08669)31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 45 Section 3. IC-P19 (CLP Processor Board) ..IC-P8. Following GWXllan English French Italian Spanish Swedish Finnish Dutch dialogue CD) (GB) (F) (I) (E) (S) (SF) (NL) languages are available at this time .. of the Prog.IC-P18 (Memory Board) Every operating Software No. of the programmed EPROMs. 227 001 primary software Id...IC-P3. IiEXadecimal counting llla**er) G update index software includes IC-PlO. IC-P3 The export NC Software differs NC Software in EPROMposition The dot matrix in IC-P19 227 116 CG complete Id. Software Exchange The TNC 151 operating software is stored in 17 EPROMs. is contained The operating o NC software 0 PLC software for all VDU displayed generator).. 06 update software index EPROMs (IC-P3..

4 CLP Processor Board 222 580 .. 3 Main Processor Board 222 509 .3 Kundendiemt TNC 151 Illustration Illustration left: below: Arrangement Arrangement of of PCBs in the Control EPROMs on the various boards I 2 Memory Board 224 843 230 400 ../ ...SERVICE MANUAL Paqe 46 Se&ion 3. .

the Id. (08669) 31-O Kundendienst SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 47 Section 3. EPROMs. .The EPROM package direction as the .Memory Board .PLC Software No..-Nos. remove EPROM with extraction tool and place onto MOS protection mat. ' NC Software No. observe the to last digit of the hexa-decimal counting index must point ICs on the board. . JOHANNES HElDENHAlN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut ‘Tel.Visually respective check if sockets the EPROMs are contacting after an exchange. NO. The machine parameters and any stored user-program are therefore erased! For continued operation. reentered into memory.When exchanging number (second EPROM Id. the machine parameters have to be .HEIDENHAIN DR. No. The description plate for the software numbers is found-on the rear of-the Control under the type-plate.Main Processor Board . the NC and PLC software have to be chansed.- o Push screwdriver blade carefully between EPROM and socket.3 .CLP Processor Board have to be removed~from Thereto. their . keys and press above and lay onto MOS Id.After the software exchanqe has been concluded. of Software Exchanae When exchanging the protection procedures! Control mounting software observe the MOS Caution: o The cover of the the 5 cross-head can be removed after screws (top side) the following 2 3 4 the assembled boards unscrewing o To exchange the program. o Insert Important: EPROM into appropriate socket using insertion tool. position programed manner) in the same The RAM &mory of the Memory Board is unbuffered diving the EPROM (software) exchange.. protection Control lift the board ejector pull out board from mat. outwards.

Transaction Requested loan 01 of request. The only charges to the customer in this case are for the repair of his own unit.4 Units Loan. provided that the our stock. for the duration of a repair carried out at HEIDENHAIN Traunreut or by an official HEIDENHAIN agent. 3.4 Replacement Units Replacement Parts Parts. and names of all parts available for the TNC 151. . However. unit should be returned to DR. Service Snits as possible. The list on page 49 shows the Id. These parts can be ordered from the department Kundendienst (Customer Service) at HEIDENHAIN Traunreut. Exchange units An exchange unit can be requested for a unit that is returned for repair.3). to give (i) the Id. when ordering. It is of utmost importance. in German. Nos. 14 days of receiving the exchange date unit JOHANNES unit. it is strongly recommended that all repairs and maintenance work are entrusted to an official HEIDENHAIN agency. Exchange. or the is available from A customer's faulty HEIDENRAIN within exchange units are shipped on the following day.neluelunAllu DR. Loan units Loan units are available. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH for repairs undertaken by anyone else. Telexed order should be sent to the Kundendienst Telex: 17 866 982 or Teletex 866 982. (08669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 48 Se&ion 3.Tel. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN at non-repeatable discount prices. (ii) the name. JOHANNES D-8225Traunreut Kundendienst HEIDENHAIN GmbH . The only charges to the customer are the shipping charges. and (iii) the quantity of each part required.. This exchange unit is equipped with the latest hardware and software issue and is externally in excellent condition. replacement parts are available for all sub-assemblies discernible from the wiring diagrams (see section 4. free of charge. Service units Service units are new units which are used for service purposes and can be obtained from DR. Loan/Exchange/Service TNC 151 In order to keeep machine down-time as short HEIDENHAIN offers a loan and exchange Senh3?. No responsibility can be accepted by DR. In general. No.

Regelkreisrechner Platine. .-Sinewave) (Analogue Brd. . Speicher-1260 SAtze Pl. 278 761 164 166 825 267 204 737 532 168 370 206 . Frontteil TNC GehZuse. Klemmleiste (Terminal Brd. Analogteil . . . EntstBr Board) Board) (9" VDU) (12" VDU) (Front panel) (Housing assy. 509 580 601 387 PL 100 B Leistungs-Pl. . . . . . for P/V units) Platine.. BE 111 Bildschirmeinheit BE 211 Bildschirmeinheit Gehause. . . kompl. . Tastatur-Vorsatz Pl. . . .(O8669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 49 Se&ion 3.) (PSU Board) (Mains Filter Board) 091 Platine. .. .Tel.-3160 Blk.) Halter. .) Tastenfeld kompl. NEiIE 229 134 229 134 229 135 229 229 229 229 229 223 223 212 222 212 216 225 224 230 222 223 222 222 227 212 135 136 136 137 137 836 216 300 674 282 394 037 843 400 502 SSO. . . . Speicher-3160 SAtze Pl. .. . PL 110 B Leistungs-Pl. .) Platine.. Tastatur (Keypad Board) Platine. Netzteil Platine. . . Batterie kompl. Klemmleiste (Terminal Brd. (3-way mains corm..TPL) (Main Processor Bra. . . SE (SE Board) Platine. . . .) (Analogue Brd.TPL Platine.-20 Tasten (20-key keypad assy.Sinus Pl. .) SpannungswZhler m. Analogteil . . . for A/E units) Platine. (Battery holder assy..) (Memory Brd. Si. . . .) Trafo BV 15714 (Transformer) . Stecker (Connector Board) Tastenfeld kompl. .-1280 Blk. . . TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC TNC 151 151 151 151 151 A/E mit 1280 SBtzen (with A/E mit 3160 Satzen (with AR/ER mit 1280 Satzen AR/ER mit 3160 S?&zen P/V mit 1280 SBtzen 151 P/V mit 3160 SZtzen 151 PR/VR mit 1280 SAtzen 151 PR/VR mit 3160 Satzen (PLC (PLC I/O I/O 1280 3160 blocks) blocks) 227 226 228 228 224 227 213 217 217 228 202 213 215 No.IlElUCNnAlN DR. GehSuse. .) (IS0 format keypad) (Memory Brd. . 95 99 95 99 95 99 95 99 . .1 (CLP Processor Bra.. . . PC-Interface (PLC Interface Brd. Hauptrechner Pl. Id. No. . .-10 Tasten (lo-key keypad assy. . kompl. .4 Id. . (Potentiometer assy..) Potentiometer kompl.-halterWoltage selector+fuse) Klemme N&z3 pol. . JOHANNES D~8225Traunreut Kundendienst HElDENHAlN GmbH . .

g. in simplified form.Generation of PLC program addresses * . Board Board The functional processes of two microprocessor systems. LEDs. divided screen.llellJelullAllu DR.Demand Speed Values to DAC * . it corresponds to a P(V)-Type respectively.the representation of any of the TNC 155 models (A/AR/P/PR).Input/Output system inputs.Write-Read Memory (RAMS) the control are each comprising: divided . SE Board and PLC RAM * . . keypad.Transfer of input and output states face Board.Interface with handwheel unit data transfer via CRU bus.User Program Interpreter .Provision of programming "environment" .3-30.Control of the V. the internal functional units of the control. their relationship to the various boards. . Simplified Keypad Memory Description of the TBC 155 (Block Diagram) "CLP-Processor System" . (08669) 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 50 Section 4/4.1 .Interpolation Calculations . -30.Program Memory (EPROMs) .simplified representation of functional processes Numbers functional enclosed unit.3-2obetween is IC-P4 (not mapped) IC-P5 .Terminal Board (8) * Serial Main Processor Unit board held and the memory in EPROMs: board.VDU Control * .24 interfaces etc. and their interconnections. The functions microprocessor 1. with PLC Interface (61. 4. in dashes inform about the board and its of the control are systems as follows: "Main Processor System" .. LBDs .Primarily on the main processor .Power Supply Board (7) .1 Additional Block Diagram Information Description General The TNC 155 block diagram shows. The graphic layout of the diagram and the way it is included in single sheets. .1-30. . PR(VR)-Type . without SE Board.24 interface between PLC Inter- 2.Tel.) between the two 4. measuring V.The operating system software or. positions Board (1) Board (2) Main Processor Board (3) CLP Processor/Graphic Board (4) Analogue Board/Analogue Board TTL (5) with SE Board (6) it corresponds to a A(E)-Type.IC-P18 Main Memory Proc. outputs.IC-P88 IC-PlO (dialogue language) IC-Pll. facilities analog (e. JOHANNES W3225Traunreut Kundendienst HEIDENHAIN GmbH .Ascertainment of instantaneous . .. however with PIG I/O-Board(s).Microprocessor (TMS 9995) .Keyboard..

has the keypads -32. bus is extended to 20-bit by a memory b) TNC 151 E-Versions: The inputs and outputs are loaded on external PLC I/O-board (e. JOHANNES HElDENHAlN D-8225Traunreut.ically separated inputs (EO to E23) -6O.g. programmable outputs + emergency-stop protected against overload.1- task of driving the on the front plate. . On the PLC interface board this 12V voltage is transformed in a 5V voltage for its TTL modules.or by the CLP processor -4o-.neIurlunAllu DR.2on the main processor board can be accessed either by the main processor -3O.2-. . Thus a higher noise immunity is obtained.and are converted from the TTL level (5V) to the MOS level (12V) by means of a level converter -61-.and are led to the main processor via CRUIN.1 . On the PLC interface board either CRUIN 1 or CRUIN 2 are selected -64. .Tel. machine parameters stances) the PLC program are programmed in RAMS -20. an external processor. . These RAMS also serve as register file memory for the main processor -3o-. Protective resistances should never be replaced with normal resistances! The Analogue outputs are led via LC-filter -81. programmable outputs + 5 bipolar outputs and emergency stop protected against overload. .The 16-bit address mapper -31-. The outputs (each having its own current supervision -El-) are transferred via line drivers to the machine interface. If 2 PLC I/O boards are connected the inputs from the 2nd board are multiplexed on CRUIN 2.I/O-Functions: a) TNC 151 A-Versions: 24 galvaf.(08669)31-0 Kundsndienst GmbH SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 51 Se&ion 4. The intended coordinates. The serial CRU OUT signal is converted in 31 outputs via a serial-parallel-converter -El. All lines of this bus as well as the required addresses are galvanically separated by the optocouplers -6O.l-. .and 24 floating relay contact outputs (A0 to A22 + emergency stop) -61. programmed feed. display texts etc.1-.as protection against the oscillation of analogue outputs.via the PIG interface board. This interface is used to exchange data by means of a magnetic tape unit (ME) or.mounted discretely processor board.on the SE Board. respectively.1-.The keyboard controller LEDs and scanning the -32. The input E63 is used to indicate an overloaded output to the main processor -3O-. .The PLC program contained in IC-P9 -33. On the PlC I/O board a 12V voltage is generated by an external 24V supply. .located on the PLC I/O board are multiplexed on CRUIN 1 line. The inputs and outputs are protected on the terminal board (A version) by special protective resistances 5. PL 1lOB: 26 unipolar.The main processor is connected with V.The RAMS -30.If the current supervision detects overcurrent no emergency-stop results in the standard PLC program. processed by the on the main are stored in a . PL 100B: 31 unipolar.An overloaded output only switches off during the period of the overload. can therefore be transferred.lk ohms -8O. PL 1OOB or. The input and output states 4k x 1 PLC-RAM -33. Under the control of CRU addresses 63 programmable inputs (EO to E62) -E2. PL 100B) which are driven by the main processor -3O. and (under certain circmUser programs.1is '1-bit-PLC-processor" -33. The data is serially transferred via the CRU-bus.and 47 ohms -80. respectively.24 interface -34via a (serial) CRU-bus.

the programmed intended position .the distance of the intended position (influence on deceleration ramp) . .g. The gate arrays are especially developed LSI circuits consisting of different gates and counters in which the direction of the movement and the number of pulses are calculated.the setting* of the override end feed potentiometer The calculating speed requires a wait-free RAM -40. on the CLP processor/graphic .the fast traverse rate* determined per machine parameter .1 CLP Processor/Graphic .and are also processed by the CLP processor. and Z-axis and an analog board TTL. supervised and converted in TTL signals.and -6O-.and then subdivided -5O. Y-. the on-to-off ratio and the amplitude of the system signals are constantly controlled by a supervision circuit -5O-. 90 degrees and RI signals are then led to the gate arrays -42.the programed feed rate .1.If the distance between the control and measuring system is more then 2010. subdivided. (08669) 31-O Kundendienst SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Paae 52 section 4. . The signal lines are connected with the analog board via the PLC I/O board and the PLC interface board.The symmetry. The input amplifiers and the wiring for the signal subdivision are replaced with line receivers -5O. an EXE has to be interposed. An "R" version of the control is used accordingly (e.If instead of linear position transducers incremental encoders are used to ascertain actual values a reference pulse appears once per revolution. .on this analog board whose outputs are directly connected to the gate arrays -42. The level conversion MOS/TTL as well as the galvanic decoupling is carried out on the PLC interface boards via -61. IV are inhibited on the analog board -5O-.of the CLP processor board.Operating system is contained (32k x 8).The signals from the handwheel (if present) are shaped via the functional block -53.to ascertain the actual values of the axes.as on the "normal' (sine) analog board.and transferred to the CLP processor board. Y. Since only one reference pulse is to be evaluated all other reference pulses of the axes X.by delaying (phase shifted) and combining them differently.the instantaneous actual positions .on the CLP processor board.Primarily Unit: board. The signals of the handwheel are likewise processed -53.The main task is the calculation of the instantaneously intended values of the analog output voltages dependent on: .2-.1- . The measuring signals are thus already amplified.The measuring system signals are processed on the analog board. Z. The supervision signal of the EXE is also buffered -5O. evaluated. . in EPROM IC-P3 -40. TNC 155 AR) equipped with a combined EXE connection for X-. The subdivided 0 degree. These signals are amplified at first -50.ncIlJelunAll\ DR JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut ‘Tel. . This information can then be scanned by CLP processor -4O.

1(digital-analog-converter). These must be triggered separately once every 5ms by the CLP processor -4O.g. Z-. IV. and an 11V .Tel.ll~lUEN~iilN DR.(O8669)31&0 SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 53 Section 4. respectively. (start/stop pulse e. .) .4.2so that the data are transferred to the shift register -41.The drive of the screen is another important task of the TNC 151 CLP processor. the feed potentiometer. Thus signal can be inverted by means of an exclusive-or-gate -41.On the SE-board (or the PLC interface board) the V. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH D-8225 Kundendienrt Traunreut . The digital output values calculated for all axes are multiplexed on the CRU OUT line and are converted in a 12 bit parallel format on the analog board.1 signal.On the analog board the buffer battery (-3. The X-.and S-analog values generated shortly one after the other at the output of the DAC are allocated to the single axes by means of five sample and hold circuits -52.are on the analog board.24 signals of the handwheel unit HE 310 are connected to the line drivers or. an emergency-stop signal is triggered.46V) and the internal temperature (65O) of the control are also supervised -51-. These voltages are compared with the adjusted values of the override and feed potentiometers -52.3. It only has to write the texts to be displayed into the CRT RAM -41-l-.Two "watch dog" monoflops -51.and are led to the terminal board. The five individual analog voltages are amplified and buffered subsequently -52.3. A serial interface module -43.in the right sequence. These successive digital values are then converted in analog values (voltages) by means of a DAC -52.to generate an inverse video display.2-. .and once every 2Oms by the main processor -3o-.The data of the CLP processor is transferred to the analog outputs via the serial CRU bus.and the results are transmitted to the CLP processor via CRUIN. If the monoflops are not driven within 5ms or 2Dms (error state). A special CRT controller TMS 9937 -41. signals the screen. the bright/dark . .on the CLP/graphic board stands between line receivers/drivers and the CLP processor to transfer data with the handwheel unit and to format data. The video signal. The supervision signals are led to the CLP processor via the CRUIN line.generates the necessary addresses for the CRT RAM and the character generator IC-P19 -41. supply the horizontal/vertical are used to operate sync.1.The signals of the 3D-probe are buffered via the 3Dprobe-interface on the SE-board (or the PLC interface board) -63. respectively. to the line receivers -62-.and are evaluated via the counter module -42.on the CLP processor/graphic board. The output voltages can thus be adapted to the values adjusted by the override or. . Y-.

JOHANNES D-8225Traunreut Kundendienst HEIDENHAIN GmbH . .The +12V supply voltage for the V. If U2 (+5V) exceeds if there is a failure the overvoltage recognition -73. moreover.(O8669)31-0 SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 54 Se&ion 4.is immediately effective and causes the overvoltage protection (thyristor) -73.this protective measure.+llV are generated via the forward converter -70. The flyback regulator -7O.+5V are converter coupled operation generated for the TTL modules via the forward -7O-.01and -70. The switch regulator -70. A greater damage at the subsequent electronics is thus inhibited by means of.triggering a reset signal if the power supply is interrupted or if the supply voltage drops below a predetermined minimum level (167V if set for 220V operation) for a short time. .linductively with the flow converter generates +/-15V for the amplifier.24 interface with the help of the +15V by means of a linear -70. . a voltage supervision -72.3for the TNC 151 (BE 111. start -71limits the relatively high switch-on . Thus Ul is short-circuited coming directly from the power supply transformer -74.Tel.31readjust the output voltage load controlled. BE 211) screen which in contrast to the TNC 155 (BE 411) screen does not have an own power supply unit.1to connect through.On the power supply board there is. is generated regulator .2-.via the rectifier -75-.1 Power Supply unit .The soft current.nellJel\nAll\ DR.

r B 1 nellJelunAll\ DF fOHAN”ES HElDENHAlN GmbH Kundendienst D 8725 Traunreut . (08669) 31-O SERVICE Page 55 Section MANUAL TNC 151 4.2 - 4.Tel.2 Block Block Diagram TNC 151 Drawing 4820 4820 4820 4820 4820 4820 4820 4820 4820 4820 4820 4820 4820 4820 Diagram Nmber EKD EKD EKD EKD EK!J EKD EKD EKD EKD EKD EKD EKD EKD EKD 1603300 1605100 1605200 1605000 1604800 1604900 1604700 1603400 1603700 1603800 1603600 1603500 1603900 1604000 Page 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 Arrengement PLC-I/O-Board Paver Supply Terminal Board (P-Version) Terminal Board (A-Version) PLC Interface Board SE-I/O-Baord Main Processor Board CLP Processor Board CLP Graphic Board Analog Board (TTL-1mpul6) Analog Board Memory Board Memory Board .

: Iv320EK01602500 A~nordnung der Blockschaltbilder jq .Extern Analogteil Platine - ODER ODER ODER ODER NetzteilPlatine I Klemmleisten- Stecker- Platine 0 Zeichnungs-Nr.

Nr.~.-.PLC-Em/Ausq...-.-Plntme r---. -..-~~.-~-....-. -- 1 “0” PU-Interfore-PIntIne Ein /Ausg.-. -Bus lnterfllte ..-.~~~~ CRU -Adress I..1 Parallel-C Umsetzer) ---~ CRUOUT.1 Auscjjnge (Serien.20 E KO 1604500 (Ex ternlPLC-EinIAusgang- Platine .-.-_..-Plotine ---.-y NOT AUS van #y Zclchnungs .Plut1nc CRUINZ VM der 2 PLC-: \ 63 Eingiinge El Lei tungs 31 Ausgiinge treiber und Stromiiberwachurq E 1.: G.--- ’ . I. CRUCLK IU Z.

01 I r------FlunwandlerLcistungsI scholtcr i I 1 Stholtregler ltTLL941 1 --------1 73 I - ijber spannungsrrkcnnung uv-i .l 1 Zclrhnungs .: 4820 E~0160f+600 .31 Stholtregler ITL L9f.I 72 L I I I lmit Tiefpoflfiltert “H ! J 70.Nr.74* “N Netr- 75 Glrichrichtcr lJ3 schutz I _------- transformotor - I I mit Tiefpoflfiltert A “1 “Rcf 1. lr. “2.“Ref 1 70.’ (Reset1 tflcsetl l Resetriesetiibcrwo chung ---- i .

CRU -Adress .-.: zq Klemmleisten-Platine (P-Verslonl LB20 E KD 1604400 .Nr.Bus Referenzimpuls -Sperre I n E I E I 2 CRUIN : CRUIN 2 1 CRUOUT.Aurgcinge I I /” Analog AnalogtellPlotine r. CAUCLK Reset NOT AUS Zeichnungs ..-I.) spamungs LC Filter Analog +lZV PotISctllelfel lzur Anutogtd- Plut ml ov regk 1 - < . ISV Netzted < Ausgiinge . .ex TV Vorschub I --~-..

1 i NOT AUS 23 Eingtinge .Ausgbnge - +lSV Netrteil Anoloqtell- . t 9 23 Eingiinge Schutzwiderstiinde 23x5.1 kn 80 I i.Zeichnungs-Nr. --.Ausgiinge Schutzwider stiinde 23 x 47 n 23 Ausgiinge NOT AUS 80.Vorschub ext.: ~020 E K0160&200 . 81 LC Filter Analog ) I +lZV Sp~nMWjS- - Schlcller 11111 AnrlloqtrllPlntlml ov PIIt! regler f Analog . I .

ii.l CRU .Bus z a” .: 4820 E KO 16Of.zu Anologteil-Platine /I~----- :-3 CRUIN 2 iRUIN 1 :ff (------ 4v--- NOT AUS NOT AUS “0” Analogtell Plotinc Blockschaltbild PLC-Interface TNC 1511155 -Platine Zrichnungr -Nr. “on HnuptrettlllerPlotine __----_ i Referenzimpuls-Sperm I ._.Adress .3 00 I-- 111111 l I I .-.-__--_.

zu Anoluqteil .CRU-Adress -Bus “on HouptrechnerPlot ine teferenzimpuls-Sperre .Plolin~/.: 1 I 4820 E KO 16041 00 SE-Ein /Ausgang .Platine .-----$ NOT AUS 1 1 NOT AUS 24 Ei ngtinge 24 Einghge (Optokopplerl und Parallel /Serien Umse tzer J L NOT AUS AnoloqteilPlotine ZcirhnunqsNr..

q 32.Bus I7 bi t\ I I ! Standard (16bitl-Adress-Bus ! Erweiterter (20bitt-Adress- Bus ! AS-Al5 30 “Haupt rechner” CPU TMS 9995 v.Fg .1 Blockschaltbild TNC1511155 zulvon Regelkr-Plot. usv.:g.: 8) r! IErwei ter t den AdressBus 1 Standard CRU-Daten-Bus * (TastaturZeichnungs II t-u ICRUIN. RAt I) TastenfeldConh-oller 28279-S K-P5 : K-P8 ?c-PI0 5x 8kx 8 fDDiologSpache I E K-P4 IIL ” Ia II “I\ .amll* . r/i! u Platinel . !SS.Bus CRUOUT.I” SE IPLCurn externen Computer. Hognetbondeinheit. 2: lw m I I \I -0aten .” fnicht mopbarl PLC RAM 4kx 1 zu SEIPLC-Interface-Plotine -u -Nr. 24 RS 232( jchni tt stelle Ic .3 RAM Mapper 2vx tI (1workspa ce Gkm. CRUCLK) .

::w7-’ I 7 77 7 t2- Standard .Standard 1161 (16 bit I .Oaten .Rechner-Platine .‘“’ Zeichnungs .Bus ------I\\\ 7?23 Regel- kreis - I I2k x 8 I lilf I I II.Adress .Nc: 4820 EKD16029 00 I-- I I I I I I li%lI Regelkreis ..Bus I”.‘““““.

I I L-l CRU-ootenStandard-Daten-Bus zu Spicher> Platine Zeithnungs-Nr. kreis.: LB’20 EKO 16030 00 i- I I I El I I I I I . lechne CPU MS 99s I.Bus ?egel.Standard (16 bit1 -Adress .PROt’ IC-Pi 32k xt 40 : ----f I I / b .

Nr.CRU-Adress- Bus (van Regelkreis -Platine) YO” Houptrerh ner-Plotine CRU-Adress Bus ” Referenz .N Blockschal tbi Id TNC1511155 Analogteil -PlotineITTL-Eingiinge) Zeichnunqs .Sperre 1 “0” SEIPU-lnkrf-Plotme II ‘ i \’ ’ CRU-Daten-Bus (van Regelkreis -Platine) c .impulr .: 4820 E KD 16028 00 r-1 1 1 1 I I I I .

t-.Seerre tOmr I Sms lono..&es Referenz .lmpuls .cr.- -PlatineI 1 ner.ulI .Plotine CRU-. und HolteSchnl.CRU -Adress -Bus Avon Regelkreis .....uqJ..: &820 E KO 16027 00 .4 I: Abtost.Platine CRU-OatenBUS CR&&ten-Bus (van Regelkreis -Platine t x.-.I Mono flop 1 flop I u 52.Nr.1 van Houptrechner. I Zeithnunqs . .

Bus - -< u 2 - 20 RAM 20.Bus Speicher .Platine .7 EPROM IC-PI1 IC -b1e 8xBkx8 / \ /Zeichnungs-Nr.: 4820 EKD1603100 Speicher .1 (Anwender 3160 Siitze) 32 x 2k x 8 - CRU-Daten .Adress .

Speicher .1 EPROM K-P11 IC -bl8 16x 2kx8 - RAM ( Anwender 1280 Siitze) A \ / CRU-Daten .Bus I 1 Zeichnungs -Nr.Adress .Bus - u > 20.: 4820EKD1603200 .

3 4. No. P. (08669) 31-O Kundendienst SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 70 Section 4. 229 229 229 229 129 130 131 132 00 00 00 00 P. No. No. P. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut ‘Tel.3 Wiring diagrams Wiring Wiring Wiring Wiring diagram diagram diagram diagram TNC 151 A/E TNC 151 AR/ER TNC 151 P/V TNC 151 PR/VR Drawing Drawing Drawing Drawing No. 71 12 73 74 . P.lltllJtNllAIN DR.

JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut ‘Tel.DR. (08669) 31-O Kundandienst SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Paae 11 Se&ion 4.3 .

DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut ‘Tel. (08669) 31-O Kundendienst

Page 12 section


DR. JOHANNES HElDENHAlN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut .Tel. (08669) 31-O Kundendienst

Se&ion 4.3

DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAlN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut ‘Tel. (08669) 31-O Kundendienst

SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 74 Section 4.3

i 1

neIuclunnllu DR.4 Machine Parameters . (08669) 31-O Kundendienst SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 75 Section 4.4 4. JOHANNES HEIDENHAN GmbH D-8225 Traunreut ‘Tel.

JOHANNES HElDENHAlN D~8225Traunreut.4 .Tel(O8669) Kundendienst GmbH 31-O SERVICE MANUAL TNC 151 Page 76 Section 4.neluelunnllu DR.

Tel. JOHANNES HEIDENHAN GmbH D-6225 Traunreut . (08669) 31-O Kundendienst SERVICE MANUAL Paws 71 Se&ion 4.4 TNC 151 .neluelurlnllu DR.

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