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1st Semester, AY 2012-2013

Prof. Ryan Francis Reyes A. What aspects of the film do you think reflect or depict your understanding of reality? Why do you say so? Which specific parts of the film, on the other hand, bend or distort your notion of the real and truthful? Why? One of the attractions of this particular movie is the supposed "reality" of it, quirky fantasy and romantic comedy that combines two characters’ quests, one for love, and one for meaning to life. Now, one aspect of this film that reflects or depicts my understanding about reality is the way the movie criticizes various aspects of the present modern society with surrealistically colored visuals, weird metaphors and a daring plot that can only originate from the most imaginative brain. One part of the film wherein, the movie depict the increasing pollution made by the people who use plastic in their everyday life, wherein day by day, the effects of the plastic materials transform Bangkok to an alien city but that critical distance certainly helps to convey the film about present modern society. On the other hand, there are no certain or specific part of the film that bend or distort my notion of the real and truthful, because the Director’s passion for the painterly arts is emphasized by an obviously more attuned vision and direction. I clearly understand that the movie is all about metaphors about something. The move clearly presents Metaphors for a positive change in the modern society, which are displayed no holds barred relating to the reality and the truth. Everything from a lost finger, sea of red motorcycle helmets to a mountain of recycled water bottles portrays the present society. The film also fun out of the aspirations of present modern ordinary working-class people, toiling as taxi-drivers, cleaners and factory workers,

absurd. Which parts of the film do you find sensitivity towards pressing social conditions reminiscent of the realist school? How about the surrealist penchant for the weird. more meaningful life that makes them feel special and unique through the director’s vivid imagination and entertaining cartoon like comedy B. The saturated colours and diverse textures of the film beautifully stand out. Thongchai. For me it is surreal and comical love story about Bangkok's less significant people. the walking and talking teddy bear e. The film’s major attraction is the director’s vivid imagination on overdrive.for a better. The film is replete with metaphors and symbolisms open to the viewers. unique and full of suprises. crazy. It’s like a painting in motion. humor and visual delights to make it well worth watching. absurd. I find the film weird. and irrational imagery? What about the other styles and movements? C. The taxi passenger with uncontrolled desire to lick everything b. What part or aspect of the film struck you the most? How do you find the film? Do you think it is a good movie or not? Explain your answer. interpretation. such as: a. All the crazy. Based on my understanding the movie is depicts their unending search of happiness in a rapidly . weird and absurd metaphors used presented in the movie struck me. Citizen Dog is filled with enough surprises. The recurring image and references to dogs c. Chin’s mysterious white book d. Relate the artistic movements and historical styles discussed in class with the film in terms of the discourse on reality. The eight-year old girl acting like an adult How do you interpret these details in the film? Do you find other details in the story that could symbolize something else other than their literal meaning? D.

you really need to work on your mind to pick up the metaphors. as silly as they may look. You never know what you will see on the screen next. but it will almost certainly be unique. The film This Thai film is one of strangest and sweetest romantic comedies I've seen in a long time. have an actual reason to be. It is a good movie. E.changing environment. But on some parts of the film. a world overflowing with dreams but void of love and understanding. insights. and reactions about the film? Discuss. and makes the actions of the characters. and sometimes all the answers are infront of us. surprising and vividly colourful. or joining some type of movement. Yes. we all want to be part of something that can makes us feel special. Maybe the plot would then have allowed Pod to undergo all the ups and downs of unrequited love and to create the mountain of plastic bottles only to discover that Jin is weary of being a corporate slave and that she longs for a simpler life and loves Pod for all his bungles and blunders. The basic core of the story is simple. it might sound as a very simplistic logic. it can be loving another person. my review says it all. Yet we usually search in the wrong places. Yes It is indeed a good movie. but the film gives it a sense. the movie makes your brain to work on some metaphors. as long as it makes us feel something. What are your other thoughts. And not just as a mere excuse for silly and idiotic situations. But the movie does not infuse it's enviroment and characters with such a simplistic and one-side view that the world is a big fluffy cloud of joy where nothing bad happens. Well. Or at least something that enables Pod to grow and mature in a way that still maintains his essential goodness and naive outlook . I think the film might have worked better if Pod had been the obsessive-compulsive cleaner with the neatness streak and love of causes striving for Jin’s attention and Jin a successful corporate lawyer at the firm that employs Pod. On some scenes.

oblique concept that detracts a bit from the overall enjoyment of the film. That would be sweet isn’t it? Well. Pod becomes a celebrity because he’s the only guy in Bangkok without a tail. either way the final act does feel like it stretches a big longer than necessary. It’s a confusing. Citizen Dog is a fun and very creative film. It gives you something to think about long after you’ve left the cinema.on life. Thoroughly enjoyable. one that makes you feel good without having to kill brain cells in the process. But that’s part of its appeal. There is much about Citizen Dog to recommend. Somehow. . a “citizen dog” alluded to in the title. There is a lot to enjoy in “Citizen Dog” and enough to make repeated viewing worthwhile. he’ll just be one of the crowd. If he grows one.

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