Jai jinendra, My daughter is CA and pursuing IFRS , additional course as well as working at Andheri, Mumbai.

We are impressed about educated familiy background and qualifications of Mr. Sanket Godha. and kundali / horoscope is well matching. We think that this will be good match for Mr. Sanket Godha. We got details from Mr. Nirmal pahade residing at Nashik and Dr. Pahade , Manmad discussed about it by phone to Bhokardan. So as per his instructions please find herewith attached biodata and photograph.My daughter Kshama is ready to manage good balance between home as well as job. Although taking jain diet, i.e: never eat onion, potato. she will be ready to cook with onion or potato if required. Secondly she is short period divorcee . As we got very short period after engagement we could not got details. Details are as under, After engagement on 15 th jun 2009 Kshama got married with Ankush Jain, (MBA, ) residing at Mumbai on 1-07-2009. and we immediately took action second day and brought kshama back after realizing the fact about the serious valve operation (before 7 years at Banglore) and heart problems of Mr.Ankush which disqualifies him for marital relationships. After that kshama was residing with us & within week the decision of breakage of marriage had been taken in presence of 11-12 persons including relatives and as well as mediators of both. As per sheduled programme Kshama gone to USA on 9 Sep 09 for her CPA ( USA ca course ) examination clearing two papers.and returned back on 21 Feb 010. She resided 3 months with her brother's ( son of Mama) family Anup Pahade, Mrs. Rakhi, Rohan & Sonia at Dallas and then 3 months with another brother's ( son of Mousi ) family Anupam jain , Mrs. Prachi , Ayush And Vansh at Raligh . During this period she attended her sheduled CPA exam there . We are having so many years records of social background and not cheated anybody and will never. More detail sources may satisfy you about the truth. This all just for your kind information & preventing you misunderstanding . As already discussed neither kshama nor we are thinking of hiding the details from anybody we are proposing although so called short time marriage but the fact turns her as divorcee . We will not force anybody against his will, it's upto his thinking. We request you to see our daughter and go through details . You may contact Mr. Suresh Dagade from Lasalgaon .who was one of the members witnessed. or you may contact anybody who knows about us. We are sure that you will be positive about the fact that it is good match. You are always welcomed for any communication, Please send biodata and photo. Thanks With regards CHUDIWAL G K Nashik Cont: 9021235760, 7588136382, 9423900448

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