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Ben's guide on what to do if the ACTA got

If the ACTA gets passed it was declared from the EFF that this with be catastrophic for all Americans. This is true so I'm making a guide about what
we should do if the ACTA gets passed.

So I am gonna teach you how to digitally defend yourselfs against crooked, and corrupted political police force from taking away all fun from poor
people, which they wanna take away all are fun and turn it all into a Pay loads of money for anything copyrighted type thing and want to control
everything with patents.

So here is what I will be talking about:

Chapter1: How to keep all your PDAs, and computers DATA

So first of all theres a few options on how to do that:

•(1)Protect your hard drive with a password

•(2)Encrypt your entire hard drive including your operating system
•(3)Hide it somewhere you think nobody will find it or bury it

Well what answer would I choose: (2) Bingo now why would I not choose (1) and (3), well lets get to the basics why

For (1) Protecting your hard drive with a password alone can be bypassed very easily and if your hard drive is analyzed it won't matter whether you
use a password or not, you might as well not use one if you think a password alone will help you in the coming 'police state'. It can for example keep
your brothers/sisters from seeing what your doing on your computer/laptop, but it can't keep the 'police state' thugs out.

So for (3) hiding it somewhere is even a worser idea then (1) because things that are hidden or buried can always be found, especially now that the
police have more tools to search inside crates without even opening them, police can now also scan homes without going inside, so hiding them
would be a futile attempt and make you look more guilty then you already are, yeah Anne Frank used hidden bookcases but now the Nazis would
(1)rip the place apart, (2)use those police scanners, or (3)Use technology from Area-51 to find that you are trying to hide from the Nazis that wanna
murder, probably rape you, and torture (Like gitmo). So hiding won't be the solution either, neither is fighting.

So the reason I choose (2) is Encrypting your hard drive with the following free softwares


or trying the following paid solutions with 1/2 the Bits of military standard encryption (1024Bits)


would be a good idea on protecting your hard drive from snoopers and 'police state' thugs.

Now I will include in this guide how to exactly encrypt your hard drive using TrueCrypt:
Is what I'm talking about in my security tip
So Now it begins :) :P
Now your done

So this is my guide on using TrueCrypt

I don't have a guide on FreeOTFE, but I may work on it later, way later!

Also I won't do one on DriveCrypt either until my next version of this guide.

So hard disk encryption is the answer for protecting it, thats the end of this chapter and now onto:

Chapter2: Start using trusted VPNs for P2P sharing, and

Now in this chapter we will learn about trusted VPNs, and how we can find one, and hope it allows P2P sharing, web surfing, checking emails, and
hopefully doesn't log the users activities cause if it does you might as well not use any VPNs and just be spied on since the VPN might be your same
fate as without it.

So heres one that I really recommend you join but doesn't support web browsers yet:

Torrentprivacy, it has very friendly page, looks all cool and

makes you feel safe and someones praying on there like he thinks god will give him privacy, now lets see what this is about.

Hmm, I don't know, it could be a trap, maybe not, I'll check out some info about them before I decide to use them

ISP tracks and throttles your traffic

Everything you download can be seen by your ISP.
They can watch your every step - beware!
Some ISPs throttle Bittorrent traffic.
Your IP is seen to all trackers and peers
While you are downloading via bittorrent your IP
address is fixed by trackers and seen to all peers.
Everything you download is recorded!

You can be sued for downloading via Bittorrent

Every month hundreds of people are getting
pre-lawsuit notices and some are sued. Do you
have enough money to afford a lawyer in this case?

Using proxy is not safe and anonymous

Proxy doesn't encrypt your traffic, so your ISP
still can monitor what you're downloading and
inform an appropriate organization

Now lets see what they say:

With TorrentPrivacy we encrypt your traffic

TorrentPrivacy creates secure encrypted tunnel via
SSH protocol and all your Bittorrent traffic going
through this tunnel can't be decrypted by others.

With TorrentPrivacy your IP is concealed

Using TorrentPrivacy you're seen as the user from Holland
this is where our servers are. Nobody will be able to
identify your real IP. We do not save logs either.

TorrentPrivacy ensures no lawsuits against you

With Torrent Privacy your IP is concealed and ISP can not
monitor your traffic. Nobody will ever know what you're doing.
It is impossible to get pre-lawsuit notice.

Only encrypted connection dissembles what you're doing

With TorrentPrivacy your Bittorrent traffic is going
through SSH encrypted tunnel which is much more secure
then simple proxy.

Hmm sounds like a highly private, secure service but I'm still skeptical, hmm it may be some type of sales pitch to get money and they may still log
people, hmm I'll have to investigate some more:

Hmm this is also a good sign, supported by Torrentreactor, Bushtorrent, and Fulldls, I guess they support filesharing and care about them but I'm still

So I'll check out:

Hmm over 1,000 users and they aren't quitting, it looks like it could be a good privacy protecting service but I still like
some more information so I'll check out:

Our mission

In the last years, the sophistication of snooping methods has considerably increased and made every data transfer literally transparent to anybody
who bothers to access it. We are now at a point where using the Internet without protection is simply not an option anymore. Whatever you may be
doing online, you are not alone. You are observed or your data are conveniently recorded for later retrieval, review and analysis. We believe that in
XXI century every Internet user has the right to privacy. That is why we made service which guarantees you 100% privacy while using Bittorrent

Who are we?

TorrentPrivacy is a 100% initiative of independent individuals from Russian Federation, dedicated to clear a way out of the ever increasing
infringement of privacy in the Internet: the monitoring and storage of your data; habits, and surfing behavior by ISPs, business competitors and
governmental agencies.

We're the group of independent developers well known to you by several Bittorrent projects as: Torrentreactor.Net, Fulldls.Com, Bushtorrent.Com, You can be sure that we are on your side! We know Bittorrent well - and we are ready to solve the problems of your privacy.

About our service

Our special software creates secure tunnel via SSH protocol and all traffic which goes through this tunnel is totally encrypted the way nobody is able
to read it. We already included configured torrent client in the pack so everything you download through this client will go through secure tunnel and
will be downloaded privately. Also we provide you an access to special proxy for the most of world trackers in order not to reveal your IP address in
case the tracker is inspected. The tracker will have only our IP address; you stay protected and unidentified.

We guarantee you 100% privacy from 3rd parties while using our services. We do not keep any logs and we will never reveal any personal
information unless a serious crime is committed by TorrentPrivacy user through our service. Our dedicated servers are placed in Amsterdam, Holland
- the country well known for it's loyal laws regarding individual privacy (25 892 - Rules for the protection of personal data (Personal Data Protection
Act), Passed Upper House on July 3rd, 2000. (Stb. 2000, 302)).

Our services are fully compliant with the law. Like a phone company, TorrentPrivacy is a common carrier and we do not monitor, review, log or store
data. It is your responsibility to observe the law of your country, the same way as it is your obligation to keep within the law using a telephone or a fax
machine. TorrentPrivacy sells sophisticated electronic envelopes to people who need them. Privacy is an inalienable human right.

So it looks like they are a good privacy service and have a good faith in privacy.

So even though they don't do surfing VPN yet they allow anonymous Bittorrent so thats cool but what about my surfing habits.

So lets try this:

The problem:

Whenever you use an Internet connection in a public or publicly accessible place, you put your data at risk. The Internet connection may be a free or
commercial Wi–Fi hotspot, an Ethernet network jack in your hotel room, or a network drop in the office you’re visiting. All data you send can be
intercepted easily and quickly by persons unknown, without your knowledge. Your data may be your email usernames and passwords, your emails,
Instant Messages, web passwords, and all the web pages you visit.

The solution: iOpus Private Internet Gateway (iPIG)

Using powerful 256-bit AES encryption technology, the iOpus Private Internet Gateway (iPIG) creates a secure "tunnel" that protects your inbound
and outbound communications (Email, Web, IM, VOIP, calls, FTP, etc.) at any Wi-Fi hotspot or wired network.

iPIG shields your data from even the most sophisticated methods of online spying and snooping like the "Evil twin attacks". In addition, your sensitive
information is not only protected between your computer and the wireless access point you're using, but all the way to iOpus' secure connection
servers deep in the Internet. This ensures that your data can't be easily hijacked through the air and at the point it transitions to a "wired" Ethernet

Unlike other technologies, iPig works with any kind of Internet connection (Wifi, WLAN, 802.11 a/b/g, wired Ethernet) and requires NO configuration
of any kind. You just start your favorite web browser, email client or chat software and switch the iPig encryption on: iPig grabs all Internet traffic
before it leaves your PC and encrypts it securely! iPig also works with all major firewall software like Zonealarm or Norton Internet Security. The
software runs on Windows 2000, XP and 2003 (Sorry, Windows 98, ME are not supported).

Example of intercepting a (wireless) Yahoo Messenger conversation:

How does iPig security compare to WEP or WPA encryption?

* WEP encryption is already broken and thus not secure. WEP will stop a casual user, but freely available programs like AirSnort enable any
Cracker to break into your WLAN with little trouble. Making matters even worse, the cracking techniques most frequently used will work equally well
no matter what WEP key length you're using.
* WPA encryption itself is secure, but stops at the hotspot. Thus while it protects your data while it is "in the air", it offers no protection at all if the
hotspot itself is corrupted.
* In contrast, if the data is encrypted with iPig, the data is still encrypted while it passes through the hotspot. Thus, even an "evil twin" attack can
not compromise your security.

The cost: iPig is freeware. Click here to download iPig

For network experts:

Do you want to set up your own secure Internet endpoint? Instead of having the Pig client send all data to our secure connection servers, you can set
up your own secure connection servers. Just like the iPig client, the iPig Server is extremely easy to install. All you need is a PC or Server with a
permanent Internet connection.

Click here to download iPig Server Express Edition

The iPig Server Express Edition for up to 5 users is freeware.

Need more power? The iPig Server PRO Edition allows an unlimited number of users and connections (only limited by system resources) and is
available for only US$ 99.95. The PRO Edition also includes free upgrades and direct email support for one year. Click here to purchase the iPig
Server PRO Edition now

The full iPig source code is available. Please contact us for details.
iPIG™, is a trademark of iOpus Software in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks and tradenames belong to their respective

System Requirements

* Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Windows Vista (32bit)

* Works with all WLAN/WIFI/LAN cards and all wired Internet connections
* Compatible with all Internet software and firewall software (should you find any software that does not work with iPig, please report it)

Wow so they have VPN Clients and servers but what about VPN Services, hey I think I found something!
They do offer accounts but they are only limited to 10MB, although you can create unlimited accounts it would be a hassle to have to make 10s to
hundreds of accounts just for security.

So if you wanna avoid all the trouble try buying some bandwidth:

So you can buy about 30GB of Encrypted bandwidth for $29.95 USD and you can purchase more quantities for even more bandwidth,

Ok so your probably wondering if I'm some spammer that only shows pay services, well I'm not a spammer but it might be nearly impossible to find a
reliable free and secure VPN without paying a single cent, you can choose VPN and pay, or luckily find a free and secure VPN, or nothing at all.

So two of these are the best, you could try using iPig for surfing and TorrentPrivacy for filesharing so therefore you can be safe from data snoopers.

So now onto Chapter 3:

Chapter3: Start erasing your hard drives more

Hard Drives can be weapons that can be used against us, nope not murder but you might have done something totally moral BUT illegal (Because of
corruptive capitalism) so any of those files, whatever it is you've done, can land you in the brig, especially with the War On Drugs, War On Terror,
War on P2P, War on privacy, War on freedom, War on pornography, and other Wars since September 11, 2001. So your probably pressing the delete
button and clearing your cache, well don't think too fast because that data can be recovered by anything from cheap to free recovery solutions to
forensic scanners.

Here is a table I made of my correct or nearly correct theories on DATA recovery:

So the reason spyware can have a Good success rate even with overwriting Data is because it sends data through the Internet, and you can't erase
the Internet can you?

but if you have a anti-spyware, software and hardware firewalls, your chances of someone recording your data is nearly impossible, and the erasure
can mean permanent Destruction of your sensitive information.

So I recommend you use Eraser, BUT it only erases files, folders, free space, but not from the bootup.
So I recommend you use Active Killdisk pro if you want to destroy all data from the first sector to the last which is more secure and prevents MFT


•MFT: Master File Table; a database that stores info on all files like how many sectors, which sectors is where the data is, what type data it is, and
other important information; Not user accessible; Non Advanced users might not realize it's there
•MFM: Magnetic Force Microscope/Microscopy; A paranoia users nightmare; Magnetic force microscopy is a powerful tool for high-resolution
magnetic imaging of most data storage media. As the density of magnetic media is higher, the bit becomes smaller than the wavelength of
light, so optical techniques can not resolve it. General MFM is capable of imaging the magnetic domain of several tens of nanometers. Also,
MFM is almost simultaneous with measuring the surface characteristics of topography and roughness of the same area with sub-angstrom
vertical resolution; Magnetic force microscopy (MFM) is a recent technique for imaging magnetization patterns with high resolution and
minimal sample preparation. The technique is derived from scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and uses a sharp magnetic tip attached to a
flexible cantilever placed close to the surface to be analyzed, where it interacts with the stray field emanating from the sample. An image of
the field at the surface is formed by moving the tip across the surface and measuring the force (or force gradient) as a function of position.
The strength of the interaction is measured by monitoring the position of the cantilever using an optical interferometer or tunnelling sensor.
Magnetic force scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) is a more recent variant of this technique which uses a probe tip typically made by
plating pure nickel onto a prepatterned surface, peeling the resulting thin film from the substrate it was plated onto and plating it with a thin
layer of gold to minimise corrosion, and mounting it in a probe where it is placed at some small bias potential (typically a few tenths of a
nanoamp at a few volts DC) so that electrons from the surface under test can tunnel across the gap to the probe tip (or vice versa). The probe
is scanned across the surface to be analysed as a feedback system continuously adjusts the vertical position to maintain a constant current.
The image is then generated in the same way as for MFM [4] [5]. Other techniques which have been used in the past to analyse magnetic
media are the use of ferrofluid in combination with optical microscopes (which, with gigabit/square inch recording density is no longer feasible
as the magnetic features are smaller than the wavelength of visible light) and a number of exotic techniques which require significant sample
preparation and expensive equipment. In comparison, MFM can be performed through the protective overcoat applied to magnetic media,
requires little or no sample preparation, and can produce results in a very short time.
•Erase; Wipe slate clean; to permanently remove data; to destroy data beyond recovery

So after all of this your probably getting fearful, paranoid, scared of the FBI, scared of anybody, well don't be, think of recovery as a system to check
for true criminals and evidence for courts, and think of true erasure as 'The Honor System' where your treated as innocent and always is whether you
are or not, and if your a criminal that molests children and distributes child pornography, you may wanna turn yourself in and be a hurtful but at least a
bit honorable criminal but if not then you have no honor, and you can be caught eventually and get a higher prison sentence then if you just turned
yourself in.

So erasing Data can help criminals or hurt them, just like innocent people, it can either hurt or help people. It is not evil, it doesn't hurt children or
anybody unless you want it too, so it's a tool, it can be used for good and/or evil purposes.

Chapter4: What you need to know about TOR, JAP, and proxies
first of all we will talk about,

Tor is a great free anonymous and encryption system that uses Onion Routing; <from Wikipedia> Onion routing is a technique for pseudonymous (or
anonymous) communication over a computer network, developed by David Goldschlag, Michael Reed, and Paul Syverson. It is based on David
Chaum's mix networks, though it includes a number of advances and modifications. Among these modifications is the concept of "routing onions",
which encode routing information in a set of encrypted layers but lets learn the truth about Tor:

•Tor is not secure, and/or anonymous without using it correctly.

•Tor is vulnerable to Man in the Middle attacks, logging, IP Collecting, and hijacked servers can be detrimental to Tors network.
•The more Tor servers can increase anonymity protection but could also increase the risk of a rogue or government runned Tor Server
•Tor is perfect (even with the risks) for people under data logging, wiretapping, and packet scanning/sniffing ISPs
•Tor is perfect when having different accounts that you don't use on non-Tor networks, this can increase anonymity and security, so if a rogue Tor
server collects Data it won't have your real information
•If intelligence agencies can break encryption schemes quickly by gag ordering encryption algorithm creators then Tor might still have hope but would
become failure to protection.
•Tor is perfect for running hidden services/servers so if you wanted to share something that wouldn't degrade the Tor network, use hidden services.
•if you want to find out more check it out for yourself, do some research?

Jap is another free anonymous and encryption system that uses Onion Routing; <from Wikipedia> Onion routing is a technique for pseudonymous (or
anonymous) communication over a computer network, developed by David Goldschlag, Michael Reed, and Paul Syverson. It is based on David
Chaum's mix networks, though it includes a number of advances and modifications. Among these modifications is the concept of "routing onions",
which encode routing information in a set of encrypted layers but lets learn the truth about Jap:

•Jap is not as secure and anonymous as Tor, there are less then 5 (maybe more) Jap Relays.
•Since Jap relays are scarce don't expect much bandwidth
•Some of their relays cost so the less then 5 I'm talking about are free nodes, therefore your sacrificing privacy by giving out credit card or banking
account information to order a paid relay service
•Jap too is perfect (even with the risks) for people under data logging, wiretapping, and packet scanning/sniffing ISPs
•jap too is perfect when having different accounts that you don't use on non-Jap networks, this can increase anonymity and security, so if a rogue jap
server collects Data it won't have your real information
•If intelligence agencies can break encryption schemes quickly by gag ordering encryption algorithm creators then Jap might still have hope but
would become failure to protection.
•Jap does not offer hidden services like Tor

Proxies(Socks, HTTP, well any):

From Wikipedia(
proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application program) which services the requests of its clients by forwarding requests to other
servers. A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource, available from a
different server. The proxy server provides the resource by connecting to the specified server and requesting the service on behalf of the client. A
proxy server may optionally alter the client's request or the server's response, and sometimes it may serve the request without contacting the
specified server. In this case, it would 'cache' the first request to the remote server, so it could save the information for later, and make everything as
fast as possible.

A proxy server that passes all requests and replies unmodified is usually called a gateway or sometimes tunneling proxy.

A proxy server can be placed in the user's local computer or at specific key points between the user and the destination servers or the Internet.

•A proxy is super unreliable, hardly trustful, and can be big risks of using a honeypot proxies that are illegal to use.
•Almost any proxies don't use encryption, no HTTPS, no secure certificates, and won't make any difference in thwarting packet sniffing, but might
make a difference in host/domain logging. Proxies are often used in thwarting filters, and censorship, but now it is heavily unreliable against
packet filters.
•You can't offer hidden services on proxies, but if you could it is not the same as Tor.
•Certain proxies are runned by research agencies that like to monitor usage, some are runned by the government/NSA, some are runned by hackers,
some are runned by virus programs (so you could be accused of hacking), and some are runned by privacy supporting citizens but how do
you know which proxies are reliable.
•Proxies are good for users that are behind restrictive firewalls, and/or port filtering routers. Also if a ISP filters an application (such as yahoo
Messenger) you can use a proxy but it is ineffective with packet and port filtering ISPs.
•If HTTPS proxies are available, you can have your traffic encrypted which is good for privacy, anonymity, and security, BUT the risks of proxies can
still happen except for ISPs packet spying. You can also bypass packet filtering, and port filtering systems.
•Most proxy networks and servers contain logs of everything you visit (packet logging most unlikely because of the HDD space it would take to store
all the Data or retention periods are not long), so if you upset a police officer online (even if he was off duty) and he wanted revenge on you,
under the Patriot Act, he doesn't need a warrant to obtain information about you so he can demand the Proxy or the ISP of that proxy give the
police officer information about the user at the time specified, so then the user can be traced at ISP. Then your off to Guantanamo Bay,
prison, jail, or off to the courthouse.

So now after you learn more information about proxies, tor, and jap, heres the next chapter:

Chapter5: Starting your own safe Community-proxies,

Ok now lets take a look at some images to how a darknet actually works
So these are my tips on how to create your own Darknet: It can also be fun too :P getting to play like a secret agent

•When creating a darknet with your friends it's always good to stay quiet, even make promises, or for the super paranoid design a cute little contract
discussing what they should agree to to make their darknets more secure, super secure, or fully secure and private.
•Also with how dangerous the Internet is, that has surveillance systems, and many scares and/or truths about the Internet not being a secure place
anytime You want to create a darknet with your friends, meet in a area there are likely no cops, no parents, and nobody but your friends.
Cause really parents can sure talk about their kids a lot and some of their conversations could be "Oh look my son and his friends are
creating a secret club like a darknet", then another parent could say "I don't like them keeping secrets and I believe sharing is immoral, better
stop this darknet immediately" so no parents, and the reason I said no cops are is even if your not doing anything illegal the cop could start
budding in or spying on your darknet with the stupid assumption that (Hey as long as they aren't doing anything illegal they have nothing for
worry about me spying on them and seeing them naked and being a peeping tom) so then the cop becomes almost like a child molester or
rapist and spying could land him in trouble but you and/or your darknet as a victim. So it's better keeping your darknet between you and your
•After forming the darknet the passwords shouldn't be written down and should be kept in the brain but exchanged to your friends so they can all
connect to you without compromise therefore forming your successful darknet, also your passwords should be super secure like I-Love-
Puppetmon-The-Digimon, I-am-a-great-(name)-Digidestined, I-like-digi-mon-better-then-p0kemon, or I-am-not-watching-pr0n but easy to
remember and share with your friends.
•Always use the best encryption algorithm and bits possible (except SHA1, or reported broken hashes) such as AES 256bit making it extremely
difficult to break the darknets encrypted cypher
•If one of your friends has been caught being a mole, or has a history of being a tattle-tale then break off your friendship with him, boot him out of you
and your friends darknet and reform and change the passwords so he can't get back in or try another persons password.
•If you suspect a mole in your darknet, don't react quickly or else you might all your friends and/or lose your chance of having or creating a darknet.
So if you suspect talk about it with your suspected darknet friend and ask him to tell the truth to him for the darknets and the friendships sake.

Ok so these are the tips on how to create a darknet, now onto the next chapter:

Chapter6: Using Constitutional defenses

Our last line of defense is that if we are convicted of committing a moral crime, such as p2p, or peaceful protesting, etc etc. We can play the
constitution card and explain to the courts why you think you didn't do anything wrong and that you shouldn't have to obey any law that is
unconstitutional, and any law that is unconstitutional shall not be forced upon 'We The People'.

So say if you get convicted for running a darknet, using encryption, or if the police officer thinks he has the authority to hurt you to force you to
incriminate yourself or agree to be charged with a crime you didn't commit, tell the officer that he, all police, all people, all politicians and all court
judges have to swear under oath to uphold the constitution and the law so he has the right to sue the police officer and if he gets murdered or gets his
brain disabled the police officer should be removed from duty, and imprisoned for abuse of power, and abuse period!

So remember use the U.S Constitution as your sacred protector since it's the authorities law of the land.

Chapter7: What to do about Martial law

One thing, you can't stop it once it's here or else you will have bullet holes, or get arrested/killed/tortured, unless your a powerlord terrorist
mastermind (Which is super wrong, evil, immoral) but they kill innocent people so what do we do? what do we do when police turn into thugs?

Well we do everything the police say while we run darknets, use encryption, and remember: use the constitution as your legal arms against the police
and if they shoot you it would hurt the police state cause it will lead to a lawsuit, and/or arrest/s.

theres really not much to say about it because this is for digital stuff, not real life police state but I gave my two cents.

last and final Chapter: Think about starting a copyright-

reform revolution
So if your getting tired of all the

•Imprisonment of sharers because they accept non-forced donations
•p2p users getting their accounts terminated
•having your idea, and/or inventions stolen by corporations and now that they patented it they wanna sue you, and or you can't get your idea back
even though you have proof it's your work.
•Patent wars degrading quality of life, improving monopolies, and detonating the economy of the U.S.A
•Patents Period!

Then lets all start a revolution to start a copyright/patent reform and reform it in a constitutional way that doesn't detonate competition, and doesn't
attack non-commercial file-sharers.

So heres a good banner to start:

A Big Thanks to the P2P, thepiratebay, mininova, torrentprivacy, and P2P supporters for making the world go round instead of flat-darkened-gray!
This is Ben's special guide to protecting ACTA Victims :) Enjoy!