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Competency: Analytical Skills The ability to systematically think through a problem. It implies the ability of an individual to identify patterns in seemingly unconnected events and the ability to understand a situation by breaking it into smaller pieces and tracing the implications of a situation in a step-by-step way. It includes organizing the parts of a problem or situation in a systematic way Positive Indicator Objectively analyses the given problem Diagnoses the problem by breaking the complex task into manageable small pieces Arrives at logical conclusions & draws sound inferences Demonstrates structured thinking Solves the problem after gathering relevant data. Fast and quality decision-maker Negative Indicator Analyses problems superficially, is unable to understand the crux of the problem Is unable to diagnose the problem by breaking it into small manageable pieces Fails to produce solutions or provides illogical solutions Demonstrates haphazard thinking Attempts to solve the problem without gathering relevant data

Competency: Process Orientation The ability to provide a structured approach / plan which can be replicated independent of individuals and the results can be achieved consistently. Positive Indicator Is systematic and structured in approach Will focus on the end result and will achieve it in a systematic and organized manner Will think of the future Monitors progress against the set processes; checks to ensure that the processes are followed Creates standard operating procedures Negative Indicator Is not structured and organized in approach No focus on the end result Will not think about the future Accepts status quo Does not look at following standard operating procedures

Competency: Result Orientation Ability to pursue everything with energy, drive and a need to finish; seldom gives up before finishing, especially in the face of resistance or setbacks. Self starting and proactive than reactive; steadfastly pushes self and others for successfully achieving if not exceeding targets Positive Indicator Stays with a task until completed; overcomes obstacles to accomplish goals Sets priorities; establishes objectives and estimate times and schedules activities; can handle changes in plans Will do a cost benefit analysis by taking into account all the given facts and making reasonable assumptions Negative Indicator May give up or slow down on a task due to obstacles; may tend to waste time on pursuing non-essentials May not have the patience to establish goals and objectives; may not prioritize; tends to get disoriented when there are changes in plans Will look at the obvious Might miss out the crux of the problem and will not use the given facts correctly

Competency: Written Communication Ability to put forth ones viewpoint effectively and clearly in writing. Very clear and succinct in communication; uses visuals and other aids to enhance ease of understanding of the message Positive Indicator Is structured and organized in communicating his ideas Is clear, precise and has an influential communication style Makes use of visual clues for better understanding Displays good command over language Encourages and supports the development of good written communication skills Negative Indicator Is unstructured and haphazard in communicating his ideas Is not clear and the communication is ambiguous No visual clues are used Makes grammatical errors Does not feel the need of developing good written communication skills

Competency: Oral Communication Ability to put forth ones viewpoint effectively and clearly. Very articulate and fluent in communication; makes sure that the audience has got the right message by asking and answering questions succinctly Positive Indicator Articulates well; accurately interprets the information provided Demonstrates clarity in communication Is clear, precise and has a influential communication style Can effectively explain / put forth his viewpoints to others Displays good command over language Negative Indicator Articulates poorly; does not communicate Demonstrates lack of clarity in communication Interrupts others Throws attitude shows superiority or inferiority complex (too aggressive or too submissive) Is overly verbose; communication is inaccurate or ambiguous

Competency: Assertiveness Ability to put forth ones viewpoint confidently with assertion and conviction, not giving in to others arguments easily and not imposing ones viewpoint on others Positive Indicator Confronts others Tries to convince others by putting forth his viewpoint forcefully Is confident; will not agree to others viewpoint easily(if he is not convinced); will ask questions Does not impose his viewpoint on others Says no when required Negative Indicator Avoids confrontation Is submissive; can be dominated by others easily Lack of confidence; agrees to others without cross questioning Is aggressive and imposes his viewpoints on others Takes no for an answer without probing further

Competency: Team Building The ability to work cooperatively with others in a team as opposed to working individually to achieve the final goal; solve any kind of conflict in the team and direct the team towards the final goal; give a patient listening to others and the ability to persuade the team to a logical conclusion Positive Indicator Solicits ideas and opinions to help form specific decisions Keeps people informed and up to date about the group process & shares all relevant and useful information Expresses positive expectations of others Credits others publicly for accomplishments Is a good listener. Encourages others to put forth their viewpoints and accepts them Is able to direct the group towards the final goals and resolves conflicts Negative Indicator Is aloof. Lack of participation Will contribute only at specific intervals, if required. Fails to involve team members Does not share information Does not put forth his viewpoints and can get dominated by others in the team Will always interrupt and will not give a patient listening to others viewpoint Will not air disagreement, yet will not participate or contribute to the commonly agreed action plan

Competency: Pro activeness Anticipating potential hurdles, problems and changes in the business and Controlling such a situation by causing something to happen rather than waiting to respond to it after it happens Positive Indicator Responds to new ideas and thinks of ways to implement them Anticipates problems that can arise and develops course of action to be taken Has a broad perspective and looks for opportunities Questions the way things are being done and comes up with improved processes and systems Keeps himself updated with the market changes and acts accordingly Negative Indicator Does not act upon the new trends within the market place Is reactive in his approach and waits for things to happen Is unable to step back from current issues to identify potential opportunities and threats Is happy with the status quo Waits for instructions from others. Will not go out of his way to keep himself updated on the latest happenings

Competency: Thinking Big Ability to see existing and future patterns in the economy and inter linkages between political, regulatory and business environment and leverage business opportunities. Trace the implications of a situation and convert it into valuable propositions with an understanding of risks. Understands various aspects of business and the strategic intent Positive Indicator Has an understanding of the business and knows how to strategically invest resources Plans the actions in order to move up the value chain by introducing relevant changes according to the market needs and profitability of business Sets strategic direction by ensuring alignment with the goals, priorities, and key activities in Negative Indicator Lacks the understanding of the business Is not updated with the changes taking place in the business Does not have a broad perspective and cannot anticipate future gains and pitfalls Is content with the current processes Does not evaluate the impact of decisions on employees, the organization, customers and

the organization Develops decision criteria considering factors such as costs, benefits, risks and how it relates to the organizations vision in a long term perspective

the operating environment Cannot create strategies to respond competition or growing the business


Competency: Innovation Ability to challenge the status quo, think out of the box and come up with new & feasible solutions. Ability to leverages innovation as an opportunity to lead change and transformation Positive Indicator Initiates continuous improvements to processes & products to the organizations vision in a long term perspective Thinks out of the box and is open to trying out new things Takes calculated risks while implementing new ideas Rewards innovation Works towards a smooth transition for change Negative Indicator Is afraid and avoids change Stays in a comfort zone and follows the tried and tested Takes a short term view of solutions Refuses to accept change Unwilling to consider different points of view

Competency: Business and Environment Perspective Ability to keep oneself abreast of the happenings and the relevant trends in the economy. Awareness of the market trends; thorough knowledge of the competitors and the changes happening in the environment. Understanding the commercial aspects of business; Ability to identify viable business opportunities and convert them in to profitable business Positive Indicator Understands the political, regulatory and the business environment in which the company operates Ability to link up internal organizational dynamics with the happenings in the external environment Understands the commercial aspects of business Demonstrates business orientation, understands key issues and linkages across functions Negative Indicator Is less receptive in understanding the various aspects of business. Lacks a holistic approach Does not keep track / unaware of local trends, markets and competitors Lacks a sound commercial approach to business.Is not business savvy. He does what is been told to him. Will not go out of his way to keep himself updated on the latest happenings