(October 2007) Subscription Databases Lexis-Nexis - Federal Briefs, Motions & Pleadings source File Name: BRIEFS Library: CRTFLS Inclusions: From October 1993 Term to the present: includes Merit Briefs for cases granting certiorari and Special Masters. No joint appendices, only appendices to specific briefs. From January 1979 to October Term 1992: all briefs for cases granted cert., joint appendices and selected special masters. Westlaw - File Name: SCT-BRIEF
Merits and Amicus Briefs filed with the Supreme Court of the United States for cases in which certiorari has been granted or probable jurisdiction has been noted and for which oral arguments have been scheduled. From October Term 1995 to the present Amicus Briefs are included. From October Term 1993 to the present Petitioner’s, Appellant’s, Respondent’s and Appellee’s Briefs on the merits are included. For cases from October Term 1990 to October Term 1993 Petitioner’s, Respondent’s and Reply Briefs on the merits are included. Supplemental Briefs that refer directly to Merits Briefs are included as separate documents. Joint appendices are attached to corresponding Merits Briefs, and Supplemental Appendices are attached to corresponding Supplemental Briefs. Internet Sources BriefServe Address: http://www.briefserve.com Inclusions: 1984 Term to the present, briefs sent in PDF format. Cost: $25.00 per brief FindLaw Address: http://supreme.findlaw.com/supreme_court/briefs/index.html
Inclusions: For October 1999 term to the present includes petitioner,
respondent, reply and amicus briefs in multiple formats.
Cost: no charge.

Office of the Solicitor General Address: http://www.usdoj.gov/osg/briefs/search.html
Inclusions: From 7/1998 to present, all briefs filed by the Solicitor General,
except responses to IFP cases. From 1993-1996, and 1986-1990 Solicitor
General merits briefs and responses. From 1982-1985 Solicitor General
merits briefs. Please see the web site for information on omissions,
arrangement, and formats.
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