A Slug

A Star Trek Raptor Chronicle
A play by

Pamela Olson
Suddenly there is the tramp of booted feet. "Klingons!" Dougg cries out in astonishment. "How many," Jim barks. "Too many," Teed replies dry. "He has company. A nasty disrupter, and we have no phaser among us.”

The Star Trek Raptor Chronicles: Episode 13 A Slug

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Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson

Color Junkie. May all your storms be weathered. Time Traveler. It’s a story. 2001 The Star Trek Raptor Chronicles: Episode 13 A Slug Page 2 of 15 pages Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson .2012 by Pamela Olson All rights reserved. Home Designer. Wife. founding board member North Bay Multimedia Association. California USA. Planet Earth. Gardener. Dedicated to my son. Semblance to anyone is not intended nor should be inferred. Real Estate Authority. Savvy mate? A graduate of College of Marin then Sonoma State University. Mama.Copyright © 1985 . Honorary Doctorate… aka opinionated. Milky Way. Swimmer. Veteran. born May 2. and all that is good get better. Author and. Friend. Ballroom Dancer. Pamela Olson is A Marin County Volunteer of the Year. All wrongs revenged. Professor. Bon vivant. Raconteur. in the middle of The American Wine Country.

Cast JAMES T. KIRK as played by Chris Pine SPOCK as played by Zachary Quinto DR. LEONARD “BONES” MCCOY as played by Karl Urban MONTGOMERY SCOTTY as played by Simon Pegg NYOTA UHURA as played by Zoe Saldana HIKARU SULU as played by John Cho PAVEL CHEKOV as played by Anton Yelchin Director DIRECTOR W. Allen Taylor Costume Designer COSTUME DESIGNER Mia Baxter The Star Trek Raptor Chronicles: Episode 13 A Slug Page 3 of 15 pages Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson .

one of a handful of Deltans at Mars Base. His father's design was chosen for Mars Base's museum. her skin has a permanent tan. she traces her ancestry back to the First Colony. considered Federation's premier expert on military strategy. Teed's hair is the color of night and he had dark brown sensual eyes. Speaks Delta. blue eyes.Guest Stars / Cameo Bridgit Mendler as RUTH: Starfleet Academy lab technician. The Star Trek Raptor Chronicles: Episode 13 A Slug Page 4 of 15 pages Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson . Soon after he married Teed's mother. born and raised on Alpha Centauri. late forty. Graduated Redwood High School. musician (trumpet). air of quiet confidence and intelligence. Rico has black hair and brown eyes. Starfleet Navigator. Deltan's brains are so much more evolved in the arts and mathematics.I. Teed is slender with a muscular chest and arms. specializing in Merchant Mediation. Her father is a Federation Independent Trader. LADY MORGHAN of ALEX and PROFESSOR JARL OLSEEN'S niece. about five foot six inches tall.D. After the project was completed. Teed's father just stayed. Stocky. Married to LADY MORGHAN of ALEX. Clive Owen as TEED A. She looks vaguely like an Earth Oriental and has a dual air of decadence and elegance about her. Rico and Jim Kirk spend many hours in the gym working out together. Senior for her Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Sonoma State University. Jacy is slender and pale skinned. SIBORT: Half human and half-Deltan. born and raised on Mars Base. Like Jim Kirk. Elijah Wood as PROFESSOR JARL OLSEEN: Starfleet Academy professor of advanced military strategy and the latest in AstroNavigation. Her mother is the Alpha Centauri Ambassador to the Federation.C. California. Deltans can sense images in other minds. Brooklyn Decker as JACY M'DOLON: human. Rico is muscular. Starfleet Cybernetics & Computer Specialist in Communications. Her eyes and hair are light brown. and a quiet demeanor. Teed's father is a Deltan architect and philosopher who briefly studied at the Vulcan Academy of Sciences where he became strongly influenced by the Vulcan idea of I. hot-tempered one moment and laughing the next. JIM KIRK'S girlfriend. Kaya Scodelario as RICO LEE CRESPIN: a born mediator and fighter. A dual Starfleet Security Officer and Engineer. He then stayed on to oversee its construction.

com/watch?v=Mv8dl9jCn58 Star Trek First Contact – Themes composed by Jerry Goldsmith performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Nic Raine http://www.com/watch? v=FxXLKs6g3Pg&feature=related The Wrath of Khan James Horner http://www. Dougg has the manner of a leader. and like Jim.performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Nic Raine http://www.com/watch?v=EWSp5ijOOfk Star Trek The Wrath of Khan James Horner http://www.com/watch? v=lihUgkYoxZo&feature=related Star Trek The Motion Picture .End Title composed by Jerry Goldsmith .Alex Pettyfer as DOUGGLASS CLAYE: Fair and muscular like Jim Kirk. As Kumara as VELDT as FEDERATION SECURITY OFFICER KARIN WINNARD Settings Tunes Jerry Goldsmith .com/watch?v=HiVIq423dP4 Acts & Scenes IN PROGRESS The Star Trek Raptor Chronicles: Episode 13 A Slug Page 5 of 15 pages Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson .youtube.youtube.youtube.youtube.youtube.youtube. Mellow-toned voice with an Earth Australian accent.com/watch? v=CXYjvrzJkl8&feature=related Star Trek Original Theme http://www. Starfleet Medical Doctor.Klingon Battle @ http://www. Has a closely cropped beard.

" Jarl replied. He was feeling like his brain and the universe was melting into each other. "They could have tried killing me. "Which is the illusion? The human female or the slug?" Ruth wondered aloud. "and what are they?" "I believe we've left Earth. The Klingons found me and offered me a deal. Jarl wasn't sure whether he’d felt space sick or reincarnated. "The intelligent life form of Lactra is telepathic. A Class-M world. Veldt displayed the flexibility of those digits in the ease in which she held the Klingon disrupter. Jarl thought them amazingly efficient for movement as he watched the slug move into their room. They're Klingons. Maybe more of a hypnotic or telepathic illusion." Ruth moaned. "I feel your amazement Professor. Veldt remarked as she moved into their room. "I believe the human female is the illusion for the slug while she's been on Earth.youtube. I don't think she's a shape-changer. They quickly recognized my worth though. "My race has classified me as mentally deficient. CURTAIN opens to At that moment. They noticed its limb that held the Klingon disrupter ended in several smaller divisions. I travel on a cushion of air.Act I Scene One Act I Scene Two - Act I Scene One .” Sin D." They startled Jarl. The Star Trek Raptor Chronicles: Episode 13 A Slug Page 6 of 15 pages Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson ." Jarl and Ruth silently registered their opinions on that comment.." "Quite right Professor. "Uncle Jarl. "By your terminology." She then laughed insanely." Jarl and Ruth listened to the slug talk. I was outlawed. Professor. Start MUSIC Jerry Goldsmith . Your race would classify me as deficient in moral fiber. Then the feeling was over. and the other.Klingon Battle @ http://www. what happened. but whatever they were. Lactra is a G Four sun near Epsilon Scorpii. which were in turn separated into smaller wiggling filaments. The atmosphere is similar to Vulcan. He realized Ruth and he were in a spaceship of some sort. Lactra is predominantly a zoo. again holding a Klingon disrupter on them. Gravity is approximately Earth normal.com/watch?v=CXYjvrzJkl8&feature=related. We can understand that. Jarl Olseen was not thinking of his wife." "Lactra?" Jarl asked in a puzzled tone. The lower limbs were hidden.

"I feel the alcoholic equivalent of mugging. "We have to escape from them. revealing chips inside. "I see no harm in you having food and drink. I need you functioning as a Starfleet officer right now. "You see. His niece and five Starfleet cadets kidnapped off Earth by a slug and a Klingon!" "Dougg." Jim said. then visually checked each of them over. and to stand. locking it behind him. criminals no." Ruth said weakly." "Kahlua and ice and some chips. the slug went on. just stunned. and a bag that he set before them. "Aye. It is not so with me. He had given up trying to fight the effects of the Klingon's stun. Dougg slowly stood. Rico was groggily getting to her feet when she heard. although seriously wondering if Uncle Jarl's method was better. ice. "What else can I do? We've no tricorders. However. Super minds yes." These were Jim Kirk's first words as they all awoke from the Klingon stun. while Jarl opened the bag. then looked around and asked." Dougg said. two glasses." Ruth was still nursing her first drink. ignoring Dougg's question. "Who's that?" Dougg asked dryly from the deck. Soon a Klingon brought them a bottle. then poured them each a hefty portion of Kahlua.Ignoring them. Jarl was thinking he needed a drink. So he drained it quickly. then left the room. Ruth handed Jarl his drink." Jarl muttered as he started eating the chips. He caught Jim's eye." Dougg said in a surprised tone. we'll do that." Jim said quietly. then poured a second glass to follow the first down to make sure his insides were still all there after that bizarre takeoff. where are we?" The Star Trek Raptor Chronicles: Episode 13 A Slug Page 7 of 15 pages Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson . "I drank too fast. It's not exactly a common occurrence for a Starfleet Academy professor." Jarl answered. "We're ok. for the moment he was content just to sit there. "Aye. a most unpleasant experience." "Uncle Jarl. "What would you like Professor?" the slug suddenly asked him. The slug left the room. He was considering a third drink to see why the first and second hadn't reported on his condition." Rico promptly growled in answer. "Doctor. or even communicators. She found her grogginess from the stun quickly replaced by rage. Rico noticed Jim was struggling to get his feet to stay under him. phasers. Ruth put ice into the glasses. when the alcohol hit him. Jarl nearly spilled his drink. They are aloof inhabitants as their desire for expansion and acquisition has faded many ghids ago. The shock of realizing him and Ruth had actually been kidnapped caused Jarl to nearly spill his drink. my race is not naturally as belligerent as I am. check that everyone's ok. I think this is a good time for me to either faint or wake up from this nightmare. "However. Lactran's ability to focus the mental output of many minds into various wavelengths can be a powerful weapon.

Jim could see a corridor about twenty feet long. A nasty disrupter and we have no phaser among us. "though a shame about the decor. but it only came out as a quick grimace. "Veldt said she wanted to see you. "Do you smell that?" Rico asked Jacy. "So do I. Rico found herself looking past him. "Too many. Rico could feel the rage boiling inside her as she noticed the other two well-armed Klingons on the bridge. They passed two closed doors." Teed replied dryly. "Affirmative. Both were walking back and forth in trying to work off the lingering stiffness from the stun. She found herself tensing up to fight. was drawn to cover them all easily. Following him. and soon came to the ladder Jim had noticed." Jacy had joined Rico. "It seems here more like some kind of mental projection though. and it reminds me of that stink at Professor Olseen's place. They walked along the corridor. Suddenly they realized the odor was only in their minds. The Klingon motioned them to climb it. "I know my skill. So had the Klingon. like it's only in our minds."A ship it seems.” he roughly asked them. His disrupter." Jim barked." Jacy answered him. "Klingons!" Dougg cried out in astonishment. will you gamble yours. Then she noticed the others had also. now entered their room. They all looked around. they immediately noticed an unfamiliar odor of an intense. The ship needed a lot. each was sure there was no odor. Out." The Klingon stepped back. set on kill Rico noticed. While the The Star Trek Raptor Chronicles: Episode 13 A Slug Page 8 of 15 pages Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson . Deep lines cut his face from his broken nose to his cruel mouth. Rico did not like what she thought she saw in his face. which they did and found themselves on the starboard side of the bridge of the Klingon ship. then a ladder." They all watched warily as a Klingon. with a creased line of an old scar slashed from his ear to his cheek." Rico mentally filed Teed's words away when she saw Jim's sharp looks in response to Teed's speculation. oppressive strength. and had an almost violent hatred of it. hard eyes. Better coverage with his disrupter. He had black eyes. "What kind of Klingon name is Veldt. Rico then noticed Jim also was staring inboard through the open passage behind the Klingon. "He has company. Suddenly there was the tramp of booted feet." Teed offered. they noticed. Yet. It was indescribably disgusting. He tried to smile. He then motioned them forward." Jacy answered. Even the bulkheads were ugly. this seems to answer your question about whom they are. They were in what looked to be an empty cabin. All of you. Dougg. "How many." Teed whispered to Jacy as Jim stepped first through the passage. the Klingon effectively covering them from behind. The humans felt themselves overcome with revulsion. Although he was staring harshly at them. The Klingon continued to direct them forward. Jacy was right.

" she suddenly shouted." They felt the hair on their neck rise as though something unclean was picking at their minds. her voice contorted with rage. There was a moment of silence. "it looks to me to be a cross between a cucumber and a slug."Veldt" the Klingon had mentioned turned out to be gray and rubbery looking." she now howled back at Jim." Jim told her in a tight voice. "Particularly since I am not at my best this moment. the humans were openly staring in astonishment at her. "Definitely not a Klingon. "but I'm not sure it's helped. you are all safe. "I. “Why have you taken us? Where are Professor Olseen and his niece?" At that last sentence Teed." Dougg whispered back. "Strange her. My mind wanted to be here but it's busy right now. wish to express my profound apology. By this time. you have acted very foolish Veldt. for my inability fully to understand what it is you're saying. Later you may have to sacrifice. To Jim. The Star Trek Raptor Chronicles: Episode 13 A Slug Page 9 of 15 pages Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson ." Jacy whispered. "In kidnapping Federation citizens and Starfleet personnel." Jim snapped. Jim. however. Veldt was looking ever more like a grey featureless hippo as he brought them before it." Veldt whispered. Jim noticed the crew looked up irritably as they came in." the slug hissed sparsely in a surprising feminine voice as they stopped before her. and dubious conclusions." Jim then said loudly. The universe is large and time is long." "You must learn to listen. Jacy and Dougg looked at Jim in puzzlement. "Unfortunate. Rico also noticed Jim just looked at them and Veldt with calm eyes. "I am James T. Kirk of Starfleet. "Strange of her to kidnap us." "Veldt. In that one word Jim got the impression she was in a wicked temper. The surrealness of the scene was cooling Jim's anger down a little." Veldt answered in a flat tone. "You seem to have a fondness for unclear sayings." "I don't give a damn what you apologize for." Jim responded after a pause as they all tried to figure her words out. "What has that to do with this?" "In war there is always danger. "A strange thing to want to tell us. "I have been listening. then muttered something among themselves." Teed announced it suddenly and flatly. "Professor Olseen and his niece?" Dougg said. For now. By Klingons led by what looked like an overgrown common Earth garden slug. and bloody dangerous. they were cadets at Starfleet Academy." Dougg said under his breath to Teed. Now he had to fight down the amazement and bewilderment mixing with his rage as he realized they had been kidnapped. It seemed inconceivable to him that just a few short hours ago." "You have insulted me.

"By your standards we are Super minds. She chose to ignore Jim's comment and thoughts. and the door opened." She paused. The atmosphere though. I travel on a cushion of air. Jim also noticed the Klingons had stirred uneasily at her last comment. My race outlawed me. I'll be simple to fit your puny minds. which startled Jim. A Class-M world. as our gravity is approximately Earth normal. Mister Kirk." Jim responded. Lactra is a G Four sun near Epsilon Scorpii. then went on. Did I mention Lactra is predominantly a zoo?" Jim had to wonder then how she got around." she then said almost in a whisper to herself. My race considers me deficient though. She found the mental image disturbing. "Quite right Mister Sibort. "I pick up your wonderment Mister Kirk. that your race would classify me as deficient in morals. I can just as easily make it so your brains are physically on fire from within. "Telepathic." she answered him. though many of them bad ones. "a powerful weapon by your standards." Teed dryly remarked." she went on." Veldt motioned to the Klingon. I am more naturally belligerent than my race. "They are safely on board. "I'm sure they did. "Lactra. He stepped over to a door on the port side of the bridge. "I wish more of my mind were here right now. but silently he registered his real opinion on that comment. That she was clearly a slug of many qualities. "You were wondering where I came from." There was a pause while Jim's roommates and he looked at each other. "Could she really do that?" Rico whispered to Dougg. While you're quite right in that thought Mister Kirk." Jim mentally agreed. "Where are Professor Olseen and his niece?" Rico was still thinking how she wanted to hear more about Veldt's methods for burning up their brains. I think it's time you joined them. In my travels round my world. He pointed with his disrupter for them to enter. is similar to Vulcan. and wondered from what piece of light from which this loony had dropped. the Klingons found me and quickly came to appreciate my skills. They walked into a briefing room. "Lactran's can focus the mental output of many minds into various wavelengths. The odor I generated in your minds as he brought you to me was just a sample of my skill. The Star Trek Raptor Chronicles: Episode 13 A Slug Page 10 of 15 pages Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson ." she answered."Dealing with lower minds is so trying. where he keyed in a code. "What?" demanded Jim.

There were only six chairs around the table. "Who else knows about this?" Jim asked. was in front of them. "Not many." Teed commented dryly. as he gently pushed Ruth out of his arms." Professor Olseen then complained. "Rico." "My wife would become worried after awhile also. "Yes. Through her." Jim answered. By now someone's asking questions." "Then my wife'll definitely be looking for us. They now both rose." Jim said. Her eyes widened with disappointment as the door closed shutting them in." "We're going to have to get ourselves out of this. the Klingons have been doing some mischief on Earth that my studies were bringing to light." Jarl sat again at the table. "In fact. Nor did he offer it to his roommates. "Probably." Jarl told us. stand watch by the door. Rico moved over to the door. Then she noticed the Klingon covering them with his disrupter from the doorway. I'm sorry the rest of you have become involved. She prefers her world so neat and tidy." Dougg groused under his breath. "was as a student of mine in my music class." Jim ordered. I sent you a copy of my data showing the pattern I saw develop of Klingon interference on Earth. Veldt seemed to have not only torn your home apart. Jarl seemed quite well shaken up to Jim. Apparently." Professor Olseen quickly said. "she probably has Federation Security already looking for us. He and Ruth then started laughing."Jim!" Ruth's voice suddenly called out gladly. in kidnapping you." "Your place was not neat and tidy when we came to see you Professor. some more ice in a bucket. "Do you know why?" "Veldt was actually only after me. The Star Trek Raptor Chronicles: Episode 13 A Slug Page 11 of 15 pages Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson . My wife. I had gotten too close. She and Professor Olseen had been sitting at a table. who put it down without pouring himself a drink. while he motioned the others also to sit. which helped to ease the tension Jim noticed. A partially filled bottle of Kahlua. She's actually a Klingon agent. "Her cover to keep an eye on me while she was on Earth. although we're overdue for checking back in at the Academy. "We're rescued Uncle Jarl." He handed the bottle of Kahlua to Jim. Earlier in the day. she also slimed it. Your roommates and Ruth were just in the wrong place at the wrong time I'm afraid. "I suppose Veldt was looking for my research into her event tampering on Earth. On it was two glasses with ice in them. "I take it they kidnapped you also?" Jarl was asking Jim. and a partially eaten bowl of chips. and Ruth rushed around to embrace Jim." Professor Olseen continued." she said as she continued to hug Jim. of course.

" Jacy said." Jim added in a reasonable tone. "Come on Rico. and maybe another two or three scattered about the ship. "Just Kirk and them. "We can't count on that. and how potentially destructive can it be to us?" "My studies show the patterns of interference have been very localized." "There's five of us. will Federation Security connect our disappearance with Professor Olseens and Ruths?" "Eventually. His disrupter was out and trained squarely on Jim Kirk. They seem to be of a type of perception distortion." Dougg mused." he continued conversationally. "We know the normal complement of this type of a Klingon Bird of Prey is under twelve. and probing hers." Jim took Ruth's hand." Jacy then said." Teed answered. "she doesn't go." Jim said quietly." "That's right." Teed said. "Three. "but effective. There was a moment of silence. "is. you and the two civilians step out. Rico did also. then stepped to the side of the door. "let's not keep the lady waiting."The question I have. I've seen no evidence of any other ability." Jim then said decisively. As Jim stepped forward. "of course. motioned Professor Olseen to step in front of him." Rico answered from the door. "Does she have a range. Jim looked at Rico for a moment. Jim watched the Klingon consider his words." Suddenly the door opened. "Kirk. "There's the one with the scar. then the two we saw with Veldt. the others would have jumped you. "we need a diversion. and the Klingon moved the muzzle of his disrupter to her." the Klingon ordered. Then Jim decided." Jim beckoned her ignoring the Klingon. There was a moment of silence." Professor Olseen then added. and then walked out the The Star Trek Raptor Chronicles: Episode 13 A Slug Page 12 of 15 pages Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson . and the Klingon with the scar was back. "How many Klingons have we seen so far on this ship?" Jim asked." he growled. Or you can stun me and carry me out. by then. Opinions people?" "Veldt uses some form of telepathy." Teed added. "But in time for us?" Dougg asked. His eyes were alert as always. "I want her along. I don't go. wisely staying on his side of it Jim noticed. "we need a plan. Remember the odor as we were walking down the hallway? It got stronger the closer we came to her. There's probably another two or three in the engine room." Jim grinned at them. "for her ability to work." "I feel Veldt must be in close proximity.

big. "our power is dropping. "Captain. He leaned over the rail and stared intently at Veldt wondering if this anomaly was a weakness he had just discovered. his disrupter disappeared from his hand. The other Klingons had drawn their weapons also. Whoever had switched the Klingon Captain's disrupter had just insulted him by taking away his weapon without a struggle. he thought. Madame Veldt. Course unaltered." The Klingon Captain was staring at the gyrating colors with a building fury. but now lowered them at the sight of the disrupter in Jim's hand. Suddenly Veldt started screaming. "I understand your Klingon saying that 'There are no civilians in war. Instead. The silence was loud. It's now exactly a hundred meters off our port bow. with intense neon coloration. instead of merely meddling. she almost seemed to be asleep. although the others heard it only in their minds' Jim realized when he saw the other's reactions. a human or a Lactran. the Klingons have no ships capable of that speed. Estimated speed." Suddenly there was a queer sight on the screen. Veldt. was very quiet. The overhead lights suddenly went out." the Klingon at what looked like the Engineering station now reported to the Klingon at their Helm. "Kirk." the voice said conversationally." the voice went on. do you know who they could be?" Jim was surprised. Jim knew Klingons hated to be without a weapon. "have rightly understood that it makes no The Star Trek Raptor Chronicles: Episode 13 A Slug Page 13 of 15 pages Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson ." the voice said conversationally. Veldt. James T. ." Veldt ordered from the Captain's chair. Jim stared intently into the screen watching the curious sight. almost silhouetting everything before him. He never got a chance. "now. estimate contact in point seven minutes. on an interception course for us. "Course and speed constant. the humans. shields will fail in thirty second at this rate of power loss. Then there was a swirl of neon colors on the bridge. Jim suspected the culprit was the voice. and the colors at the same time. on the other hand. Starboard Ten. slowing. . and I intend to supervise this job. "While you.door. I'm an officer with a sense of the aesthetic. whether the behavior is of a Klingon. She then turned to Jim." "Raise shields Captain." the Klingon Captain reported from the Helm. trying to watch their Captain. when suddenly she quit screaming. Further insults were added by giving it to an enemy. "Captain. then "Warp Twelve!?!" Jim heard the same doubt in the Klingon's voice as he continued with his report. "Madame Veldt. Rico was close on his heels and heard it shut behind them.' It encapsulates so well in one short sentence the idea of selfish and desperate behavior . Closing." Veldt was still screaming her bloody mental head off. "sensors report a vessel approaching. Kirk. Jim couldn't tell whether it was male or female. and reappeared in Jim's hand. and then the red emergency lights came on. fast. and out of it a voice. Suddenly Jim heard a Klingon call out. The Klingon Captain chose that moment to reach for his disrupter." He spoke from what Jim gauged was sitting at their helm. now stopped. "None of you really accept the distinction between self-defense and domination." there was a long pause. His two crewmembers were shifting angrily from foot to foot. Wasn't she able to lift it out of his mind. It was an amorphous mixture. "It's circling.

"I understand all too well how the Wanderers Who Play cannot actually feel the personal and internal resonance of the viewpoints of those they meddle with." Ira said patiently." "How is it your judgment is to be trusted more than mine?" the Klingon Captain suddenly roared." Jim said in a puzzled tone.” Jim interrupted. is part of her search for this reason. is what you are really asking for. "Her people consider her an abomination.difference if one or all of your friends survive. The Klingons just wanted to use her. I sense control of the situation." Ira continued. and to see a reason for this catastrophic fact in her life. For Veldt. for her. What the Klingons did not know was how much Veldt has deliberately used them. they banished her." "I'm still not sure I understand about Veldt. may know differently. as participants and witness to convey her message of the synthesis of the many interpretations of her one known. she is a mutant. went on to examine her people's choice. although another. her behavior was attempts. What are you going to do with us?" Jim pressed Ira." "I don't understand. and now your presence here. "The rest of you. while Veldt. her life will finally be laid to rest. I meddle. The Klingons found her." "I'm now concerned about us. to explain away an act that should never have happened." the voice answered. This The Star Trek Raptor Chronicles: Episode 13 A Slug Page 14 of 15 pages Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson . Yet. "I work for the Wanderers Who Play also known as Those Who Meddle. The known I have for you is this: you will blame the humans. Veldt's banishment. all of you will have your memories altered. "For now. and the humans will blame you. "Veldt will be removed. society." "What act?" Jim asked puzzled. In my case." Jim now stepped forward. we have observed. love and commitment is woven so tightly throughout Veldt's people that not one Lactran was left unaffected by Veldt's existence on their planet when she was born. and power. "What are you?" "I am what I simply do. and Veldt and the humans are my responsibility!" "I feel you are asking a very different question Captain. Captain. The interrelationship of self. that is all that is important for you to know. "you are on my ship. What matters is Veldt. such as us Wanderers Who Play. Her actions were attempts to right her people's actions. on top of being born a mutant." Ira answered. You may call me Ira. and asked. and all of you. the disrupter held loosely in his hand. "those who have had contact or knowledge of Veldt. Her life. family. "No matter. you will all be merely telling the truth as you perceived and remembered it. You will simply tell what you know to be true. Veldt's banishment was also a metaphor for her people. because it is impossible to discover what anything is in any other way. "Who are you?" Rico watched the Klingons and visualized their brains on fire. what you want is sometimes unobtainable to you. Any words you speak about Veldt will be noted as hearsay concerning a highly unlikely event from reporters whose veracity is doubtful. It will turn out that none of you will lie. albeit useless and self-centered ones.

My final point is this: Veldt’s vanity and self-interest are unavoidable facts of her existence because of Those Who Meddle." "To the Wanderers Who Play." "We have no quarrel with you. any blame will be judged by the Federation. Don't you understand Jim that Veldt and Those Who Meddle are both haunted by their mistake?" "I understand you must do your duty. Then both were gone. I offer her a life she has been incapable of previously. not us. the Wanderers Who Play tried to cover their mistake over by piquing her world's conscience. that is not the issue here Kirk. "Furthermore. Now it is my duty to correct the interference of Those Who Meddle. The End The Star Trek Raptor Chronicles: Episode 13 A Slug Page 15 of 15 pages Feed Your Head With A Play by Pamela Olson . For a moment. Veldt's defeat or feat is to be heroized. A mistake was made. they only succeeded in getting her banished. Certainly. I ask you to consider Veldt Kirk. as her presence brought social chaos to her world. Veldt did not inherit her people's true spirit. CURTAIN closes. and balanced centers of your people's attempt to return to your home." Jim said purposefully. Veldt was the result. However.youtube. I hope you understand that must so also. or the bookkeeping system I use in place of one. it enveloped her. rational. "I do understand Kirk. just remember.com/watch?v=EWSp5ijOOfk. It is the same for Those Who Meddle in the matter of Veldt. Start MUSIC Star Trek Original Theme http://www. we wish only to return to Earth.conclusion annoys my conscience." the voice said. the Klingons also must perform their duty. You are really the objective. Now they seek to correct the mistake as best as they can." The swirl of neon colors moved over to the unconscious Veldt." Jim then pointed out. "It is time.