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NAME J Benton (Toomsuba) E L Bramlett Thomas Bright Estate Sarah Burns

DATE 1867 1866 1839 1864

DESCRIPTION inventory of goods Freedmen Indenture of former slaves James Keeton, Adm. Bond petition & will to probate, J O Marcy, petitioner Guardian Bond. Duncan Calhoun, Neal McLaurin, & Edward Harper, Guardians Samuel Dale, Executor. This was an adversarial proceeding. Griffin White, Guardian petition

Richmond, Mary, & Edward Calhoun, Wards Cynthia Campbell Estate



Martha Christmas, Ward (Felix Christmas, deceased) Catherine Clayton, Ward



Aaron A Boulton, W A Clayton, & John W Clayton, petitioners Isham, John, & W A Clayton, guardians John D Caldwell, Administrator John Cocke petition for minors share of the estate of James G Moon, deceased petition by N D Collins, W S Patton, & Joseph Eakin to take care of minor 9 years old appointment to maintain a road petition to perform marriages petition to administer, James Keeton guardian petition, Charles E Rushing Issac Barr & Duncan Calhoun, securities; William Lee, Administrator petition for land, dower share of the estate of Arthur Gay

Henry M Clayton, NCM Thomas Connell, Estate Mary & Ida Cocke, minors

1842 1838 1866

Eliza (colored girl) no last name, presumed Collins David P Crawley T W Duke James A Forbert, estate Joseph G Fortson George Freeland, estate


1840 1868 1839 1853 1836

Martha Gay,


John Gordon, deceased Mrs ? Gray, writ of lunacy M G Hand, E J Hand, Robert Hand, & Eden Hand, minors Vincent Harrison, minor Burwell H Hart, deceased E B Hearn & others, wards Elizabeth Hill

1836 1865 no date

appraisement & sale of estate property

petition to appoint mother, Mary Hand, as guardian

1837 1859 1859 1840

appointment of Samuel Harrison, guardian will Thomas Jarman appointed guardian warrant to appraise estate to Richard Weatherford, William Furlough, & James Hill Nancy Hodges McKinney, guardian of minor heirs of Amos Hodges John W Coats, guardian

Sarah, Delphina, & Emma Hodges, wards Parthenia, James, Virginia, & Irene Hudson, wards James Ivy, deceased




bond by Cullen Ivy, Thomas Hightower, & Ransom McElroy petition by William G Pringle to commit petition to appoint William Plummer, guardian

John P Johnson, NCM Simpson & Franklin Jones, minors, heirs of Seaborne (?) Jones Lucy Juzan, heir& daughter of William Juzan, deceased Absalom Loper, deceased (NEWTON COUNTY CASE) Amandy Jane Lee, ward James May, minor heir of William May, Marengo Co. B M Mayfield, deceased Thomas J Merritt & Mary E Suggs

1868 1854


petition to appoint Harriet Juzan & William Duncan, guardians J W Loper, administrator


1843 1839

Thomas Wilson, guardian Nathaniel Alston, guardian

1856 1856

Anne Mayfield, petition for dower share transcript of marriage performed in Sumter County, Alabama.

Arthur Moore, deceased Allen Moore, deceased

1842 1860

Nathaniel Alston, administrator petition to divide lands by S W Moore, Sarah Moore, Martha Wilkinson, Nancy Cooksey, Rebecca Davidson, & listed minors petition for sale of personal property by H A Null, administrator Bill of cost signed McRae Mosby, clk by W D Cameron, dept. clk. William P Payne, guardian, accounting filed in 1862 petition to declare a lunatic signed by local citizens guardians bond, J M Jimerson, guardian notes retained by Benjamin Meador, adm. petition for discharge of RBG Harper, adm power of attorney to James O Wiseman

G W Null, deceased


Mary D Pack, deceased

no date

Orrigon W & Joel P Payne, wards Hopkins Petty, NCM



John W Prosser (?), ward James M Ryan, deceased Mary Ryan, deceased Robert Sharpless (?) Subscribed to in Wilson County, Texas) Julia L Smith, minor, Richmond, Fort Bend Co., Texas Martha E Taylor, Benjamin W Taylor, Rebecca Ann Taylor, and Edmund, John, Nancy, Deboraugh, & Emiline Taylor, minors William B Smith, deceased Clarke Co., Miss case Gasenahoma (?), deceased Wesley Trahern, deceased

1859 1867 1854 1866


appointment of father, Benjamin E Smith, as guardian


estate of Amos Taylor, William T Roddy, gdn.


estate file, Elizabeth Smith, administratix

1837 1837

Isham Pace, adm A M Gary, administrator Gary resigned and appointment of Lucy Trahern voucher from John McDermott to William P

Thomas Walker, minor


Payne for tuition Sagey Wilkerson, deceased William Wilkinson, deceased James P Williams, deceased Richard Vashti & Nancy Womack, wards Josephine & Sarah Wood Abby Woodruff, deceased John F Wolf, deceased 1853 1832 petition & inventory of personal effects bond by James McNeil & Ransom McElroy

1863 1837

will & summons for attester to appear Estate of Richard Womack, David L Kennedy, Adm. Inventory William Brunner, guardian, petition Green C Chandler, Adm. will and petition attesting to the will

1844 1855 1858